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Gary Wright’s Wonderwheel Shelved Album, Ring Of Changes, To Get First Release

Wonderwheel Ring Of ChangesAnyone that remembers Gary Wright, either for his tenure with Spooky Tooth, or his high-charting solo efforts, Dreamweaver (1975), The Light Of Smiles (1977), or even his work on George Harrison albums, will likely remember his affiliation with Wonderwheel. That band was set up to cover space after the dissolution of Spooky Tooth. However, the recorded album, Ring Of Changes, was not released by the label, after which, Gary Wright went back to Spooky Tooth for the extraordinary (my thought) You Broke My Heart So…I Busted Your Jaw (1973).

As a result of label disinterest, Ring Of Changes sat on a shelf for lo these many years. Recently, the tapes were relocated and remastered by Gary Wright. Now, with a first-time release imminent, not only will we get to hear this legendary non-release in full, we’ll also get the chance to hear three ‘bonus’ tracks. The bonus tracks include the released A-side single edit of “I Know”, “What We Can Do” outtake, and “Somebody”, the B-side of “I Know”.

This first release of Ring Of Changes is being handled by the respected Cherry Red group subsidiary label, Esoteric. A new booklet is being included that will feature an interview with Gary Wright concerning the album. If you have curiosity, you can hear “I Know” from a search on YouTube easily enough.

Ring Of Changes will be released in the UK on CD on July 29.


The Island Years 1967-1974 Celebrate Spooky Tooth With Complete Album Box

Sppoky Tooth BoxSpooky Tooth is a UK band that underwent multiple line-up changes during its peak years. With such members as Gary Wright (who went on to solo fame with Dream Weaver – 1975), Luthor Grosvenor (also known as Ariel Bender in Widowmaker / Mott The Hoople), Mike Harrison, Mick Jones (Foreigner), Greg Ridley, and Mike Kellie. During their peak years, their classic material arrived under the umbrella of Island Records including their pre-Spooky Tooth iteration as Art.

Spooky Tooth enjoyed a small but loyal fan-base all the way through their career, which typically ended with the release of The Mirror (1974). all in all, there were eight Island Records releases that include the Art issue of Supernatural Fairy Tales (1967).

On April 27, the UK location of Universal will release The Island Years 1967-1974 as a 9CD Box. The box is expected to contain all albums by Spooky Tooth that released under Island Records, including Supernatural Fairy Tales. In addition to Supernatural Fairy Tales, Tobacco Road, Spooky Two, Ceremony, The Last Puff, You Broke My Heart So I Busted Your Jaw, Witness, and The Mirror, there will be Live In Oldenburg 1973, a full live set. In addition, there are selected rare and previously unreleased bonus cuts. There will also be a magnificent booklet tucked into the solid, lidded cardboard box.

Spooky Tooth The Island Years Box

Hopefully, this release will see a US issue.