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YES Album, Fly From Here Remixed With New Vocals

Ever quick to erase a past, it would appear that the Howe-led version of YES (now that there’s two legitimate claims as YES), have remixed their 2011 album, Fly From Here. Fly From Here featured the vocals of then member, Benoit David. David has since left the band.

The announcement arrives that Fly From Here has been newly remixed with the purpose of replacing Benoit David’s vocals with new vocals from Trevor Horn, who performed with YES during the Drama period.

The newly remixed album will be made available to buyers (whomever they may be) on March 24 during the YES 50th Anniversary Fan Convention at the London Palladium. As a bonus, an additional track will be provided.

But color me surprised.


Steven Wilson Remix Updates (Yes, Jethro Tull, Roxy Music, Tears For Fears, XTC)

Yes Tales From Topographic OceansThere has been a slight date change for the upcoming Steven Wilson remix of YESTales From Topographic Oceans that was originally scheduled for September 26. The new date is now October 6. If you were anxiously awaiting this bliss, you’ll have to wait a week longer. His other project works in release planning are King Crimson 40th Anniversary of the Adrian Belew-era titles (Discipline, Beat, Three Of A Perfect Pair) are still scheduled for October 20, XTC‘s Skylarking, which is on the calendar for October 13, and the upcoming Jethro Tull remix of Stand Up, planned for November 18.

Of interest are the finished but unreleased remixes of the Roxy Music debut, and Tears For FearsSeeds Of Love. It’s crazy that the Roxy Music debut has been finished since 2012!

Of even more interest is the discovery of another set of XTC tapes from the Virgin era. Speculation of which title it is is anyone’s game.

Steven Wilson has also stated in a post that he intends to continue work on he extensive Jethro Tull library, and mentioned This Was, Songs From The Wood, Heavy Horses, and Stormwatch in particular. ‘he also states that he’s not interested in ’80s Tull output so it looks like Stormwatch may be the end.

Finally, he obviously is very interested in doing up Kate Bush titles. Keep your fingers crossed.

Personally, I DARE him to consider (then do) Wishbone Ash‘s Argus. OF course, I’d like to see others but if anyone of these might get his attention, it will be Argus.


Release Date and Contents For Upcoming Steven Wilson Remix Of Yes’ Tales From Topographic Oceans

Yes Tales From Topographic OceansBack in early May, TAP let it be known that Steven Wilson was ready to release the remixed and generously expanded edition of YES‘ late 1973 classic, Tales From Topographic Oceans (read here). The scheduled date and the contents were not yet available. But they are now:

On October 6, Steven Wilson’s remix of Tales From Topographic Oceans will be made available to fans. And there’s a lot to enjoy in this edition, which will be made available as a 3CD/1BD-Audio (Blu-ray) set, and a 2CD/2DVD-Audio set.

The general outline of inclusion will be richer in the Blu-ray Audio set than the DVD-Audio sets. But otherwise, the main attractions and some bonuses including hi-rez versions of Stereo and 5.1 Surround, and several remixed 5.1 inclusions will be the same in both. Here’s what’s in the both packages:

  • The SW mix of the original 2-disc album by Yes
  • An unedited and extended version of “Dance Of The Dawn”
  • Five new single edits that bring greater clarity to unique parts within the larger pieces.
  • 5.1 Surround Mixes in both PCM and DTS HD, both at 96kHz att 24 bits.
  • A 24-bit/96kHz Stereo mix
  • An hi-rez (24-bit/96kHz) flat transfer of the original mix of the album (possibly the earliest master of the original mix in digital).

What will separate the BD-Audio from the two DVD-Audio discs will be the following:

  • The BD-Audio will include the previously mentioned “Dance Of The Dawn” track in full blown 5.1 along with the five singles extractions.
  • The BD-Audio will include instrumental-only mixes of the album like those found on previous SW YES remixes.
  • The BD-Audio will add a FULL alternate album that includes sides one and three from the 2003 remaster of the album, as well as a previously unreleased run-through of side two, and a previously unreleased live set of side four.
  • Full needle-drops of the original UK vinyl release, and the US promo pressing of the album.
  • Expanded and restored original Roger Dean art for the album.
  • The BD-Audio set with the extra CD will contain a complete alternate version of Tales From Topographic Oceans in live settings and studio run-throughs. The live “Ritual” (Zurich, 1974), and the studio run-through of “High The Memory” are both previously unreleased.

Both packages will be presented in fancy digipaks with slip-casing, a booklet with new liner notes (Sid Smith), new interview segments with Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, and Alan White, rare photos, memorabilia, and expanded credits and other information.

There is no doubt that downloadable tracks will be made available.



YES’ Tales From Topographic Oceans On 180g 2LP Vinyl Arrives In July

Tales From Topographic Oceans - YES CoverRecently, Steven Wilson mentioned that his expansive remix work on the divisive Tales Of Topographic Oceans would be forthcoming later in 2016. While we all anxiously await that no doubt brilliant reintroduction of the 1973 YES gem, there is a new vinyl set coming from the historic halls of Atlantic Records.

On July 29, Rhino and Atlantic will reissue Tales From Topographic Oceans in a new desirable 180g-weight pressing featuring two vinyl discs. This vinyl set replicates the original production in every way.

Tales From Topographic Oceans has had its share of fans and detractors. I believe the album has weathered criticisms well. In fact, I think the album has aged quite well musically. But if you’re a fan and want what should easily be a beautiful reproduction of the original classic, then this Atlantic repress of the title should be a no-brainer to acquire. It follows on the heels of Fragile (re-released in May of 2016), and Drama (re-released in April of 2016) as Rhino and Atlantic cover the gradual reintroduction of YES vinyl for aficionados.

Wonder which title is next? I’m guessing…Going For The One!


Steven Wilson Remixed YES Classic, Tales From Topographic Oceans, Is Coming In 2016

Tales From Topographic Oceans - YES CoverI’m sure that many YES fans knew that Steven Wilson was in no way finished with is remixes of YES classics. Thus far, we have The Yes Album, Close To The Edge, Fragile, and Relayer. All of those were well done and definitely worth the re-acquisition of those titles. With many other YES albums still available to be given the blessed Steven Wilson treatment, there are those of us with specific titles in our variable wishlists. (For me, I want Going For The One, too!) But there is one title that we can now scratch off our wishlists. That’s Tales From Topographic Oceans.

Tales of Topographic Oceans was a polarizing album for many YES fans. It came a year after the brilliance of  Close to The Edge, long a favorite of most YES fans. Close To The Edge was/is a rich exploration of music, lyrics, thought, and reflection. Immediately, the hopes are high for its follow-up. When Tales From Topographic Oceans arrived, it was dismissed by some as being excessive and too far out to be accepted as a Rock album. To complicate matters, it was released as a double LP. Wakeman seemed to be displeased with the direction taken and left the band after the album’s release to pursue his own solo career.

Despite what fans feel about Tales Of Topographic Oceans, it is still a clear snapshot of the progression of YES at that time. Personally, I enjoyed the direction. Relayer (with Patrick Moraz) would follow up Tales Of Topographic Oceans, going back to a more Close To The Edge style of Rock.

Steven Wilson announced today that he has completed a THREE YEAR effort to remix Tales From Topographic Oceans. His promise is that it will be released at a point this year. Yes, we don’t have a date yet. Or any other info concerning the content aside form the original album. Of course, I’m sure we’ll get the usual UK vinyl needle drop, the new Stereo and 5.1 mixes, as well as the content found on the Rhino remasters. But with Wilson, I’m sure he’s found some other gems to include.




Steven Wilson Remixed YES Classic, Fragile, Due In October

YES FragileNo sooner had I posted the information about the XTC Oranges and Lemons remix done by Steven Wilson than it gets announced which YES project he was working on. And it happens to be Fragile. While the previously released DVD-Audio of the title was pretty sweet, I’m quite anxious to hear what Steven does with this set. The beautiful thing is that the Blu-ray Audio version will be laden with richness. The release date is scheduled to be October 30. Here’s what’s on this new remix (both BD-Audio and DVD-Audio releases):


The Definitive Edition Blu-Ray Disc features:

– Album mixed in 24-96 5.1 PCM Surround Sound & in DTS-HD MA 5.1 from original multi-track sources.
– New Album mix in High Resolution Stereo
– Original Album mix (flat transfer) in High Resolution Stereo
– Six additional tracks

– Original Roger Dean artwork expanded & restored with material from the Roger Dean archive & with full approval of the artist.
– Presented as a 2 x digi-pack format in a slipcase with new sleeve notes by writer Sid Smith along with rare photos & archive material.

Blu-Ray exclusives

– Full album instrumental mixes by Steven Wilson
– Two additional alternate takes
– A full album needle-drop of an original UK vinyl pressing
– US promo singles edits as needle-drops.


The Definitive Edition DVD-A Disc features:

– Album mixed in 24-96 5.1 DTS vLossless Surround from original multi-track sources.
– New Album mix in High Resolution Stereo
– Original Album mix (flat transfer) in High Resolution Stereo
– Six additional tracks

– Original Roger Dean artwork expanded & restored with material from the Roger Dean archive & with full approval of the artist.
– Presented as a 2 x digi-pack format in a slipcase with new sleeve notes by writer Sid Smith along with rare photos & archive material

Additional Tracks

10 We Have Heaven (full mix)
11 South Side of the Sky (early version)
12 All Fighters Past (previously unheard)
13 We Have Heaven (acapella) mixed by Steven Wilson
14 Roundabout (rehearsal take/early mix)
15 Mood for Another Day (alternate take of Mood for a Day)

Here’s the piece on Steven Wilson’s website that explains the bonus finds and inclusions:

“In addition to the main album, Steven unearthed a virtual treasure trove on the multi-track tapes, allowing him to mix full length & acapella versions of “We Have Heaven”, an earlier take of “South Side of the Sky” & – in perhaps the most exciting discovery of this series to date – a previously unheard segment of a piece now called “All Fighters Past” which incorporates ideas that would later form parts of “The Revealing Science of God” (Tales from Topographic Oceans) & “Siberian Khatru” (Close to The Edge) performed in the style of Roundabout! With a further two additional tracks – alternate takes of “Roundabout” & “Mood for a Day” & numerous exclusive to Blu-Ray edition features, including the complete album in instrumental form mixed by Steven Wilson, this is the definitive edition of Fragile.”


UK’s Esoteric Records To Reissue GTR Album

GTR low_WEBGTR, a band formed by Steve Howe, and Steve Hackett back in 1985, didn’t have much of a life other than to provide fans of Progressive Rock with a single album. The band’s 1986 self-titled debut showed promise with decent charting in both the US, and the UK. It sold to Gold status , giving the band a sense of hope and acceptance. GTR was received with various levels of appreciation. Their decided non-use of keyboards in the framework of their music was one that intrigued fans, and alienated others. Despite the attempts to keep it at the forefront of several agendas, GTR faltered, and the band dissolved.

Their only album is being revisited by UK reissue label, Esoteric Records. The label will remaster the album, and expand it with an additional CD of material that highlights the band’s live setting with a 1986 set from LA. The live CD will feature fourteen performance tracks. Further, the 2CD Deluxe Edition will offer three bonus tracks that include a special 12″ GTR Mix of “The Hunter”, the single edit of “When The Heart Rules The Mind”, and a single edit of “The Hunter”. Also, there will be a booklet that restores artwork and content, as well as providing a new essay on the band.

Sounds like a good deal to me.

Track List: GTR – GTR (1986)


01. When The Heart Rules The Mind
02. The Hunter
03. Here I Wait
04. Sketches In The Sun
05. Jekyll And Hyde
06. You Can Still Get Through
07. Reach Out (Never Say No)
08. Toe The Line
09. Hackett To Bits
10. Imagining

11. The Hunter (Special GTR Mix)
12. When The Heart Rules The Mind (Single Version)
13. The Hunter (Single Version)

GTR: Live in Los Angeles – July 1986

01. Jekyll And Hyde
02. Here I Wait
03. Prizefighters
04. Imagining
05. Hackett To Bits
06. Spectral Mornings
07. I Know What You Like (In Your Wardrobe)
08. Sketches In The Sun
09. Pennants
10. Roundabout
11. The Hunter
12. You Can Still Get Through
13. Reach Out (Never Say No)
14. When The Heart Rules The Mind


Next Live Set By YES, Live At The Mesa Arts Center, Planned For July

YES Like It Is Live At The Mesa Arts CenterFans of YES can now pre-order a well-received show with the current line-up of the band (Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Alan White, Geoff Downes, Jon Davidson). The video features a show from August 12, performed at the Ikeda Theater at the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, AZ. This is from the tour that showcased the two classic YES albums, Close To The Edge, and Fragile.

On July 10, the band will continue their Frontiers Records released Like It Is series of live sets with Live At The Mesa Arts Center. This new release follows the 2CD/1DVD Deluxe Edition, YES At The Bristol Hippodrome (December, 2014). But where the Hippodrome set focused on a large display of YES classics, this new Mesa Arts Center set will focus exclusively on their presentation of the previously mentioned Fragile, and Close To The Edge. (See the “Heart of the Sunrise” video below.)

Live At The Mesa Arts Center will be available a single disc BD (Blu-ray Disc), a Deluxe Edition 2CD/1DVD, and vinyl 2LP.

Live At The Mesa Arts Center – YES

CD1 (LP1):

01 – Close To The Edge
02 – And You And I
03 – Siberian Khatru.

CD2 (LP2):

01 – Roundabout
02 – Cans And Brahms
03 – We Have Heaven
04 – South Side Of The Sky
05 – Five Per Cent For Nothing
06 – Long Distance Runaround
07 – The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)
08 – Mood For A Day
09 – Heart Of The Sunrise.


01 – Close To The Edge
02 – And You And I
03 – Siberian Khatru
04 – Roundabout
05 – Cans And Brahms
06 – We Have Heaven
07 – South Side Of The Sky
08 – Five Per Cent For Nothing
09 – Long Distance Runaround
10 – The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)
11 – Mood For A Day
12 – Heart Of The Sunrise.

TAPSheet: Release Notes – 04/23/2015

There are a series of interesting things being released on both vinyl LP and CD, enough that they bear mentioning in a post.

On the LP side there will be:

Apple Records will release a John Lennon vinyl LP box that will include all eight albums. The entire collection has been remastered for vinyl and cut to 180-weight. All artwork will adhere to the original UK releases. The Box, Lennon, will release on June 9, with each album being made available individually on August 21.

Lennon Vinyl Box


Friday Music, who creates spectacular vinyl LP reissues, with plans for Limited Edition gatefold , 180g-weight gems for Hotcakes (1974) by Carly Simon, and the St Elmo’s Fire sounstrack (1985). Both are scheduled for June 23.

Carly Simon - Hotcakes

Also scheduled for June 23 is a reissued vinyl LP for Americana (1998) by The Offspring, coming via ORG Music.

Beggar’s Banquet will reissue The Fall titles on vinyl LP with This Nation’s Saving Grace (1985), The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall (1984), The Wonderful And Frightening Escape Route To The Fall, and Schtick – Yarbles Revisited. These titles are planned for June 16.

On June 16, Atlantic Records will re-release an LP edition of 4 by Foreigner.

Foreigner 4

Rhino and Parlophone will re-release two vinyl 180g LP sets for Beth Orton, of Comfort Of Strangers (2006), and Daybreakers (2002). these are on the calendar for June 9.

Also scheduled for June 9, via Friday Music, is a vinyl LP edition of Always On My Mind (1982) by Willie Nelson.

Reprise Records will re-release Crack The Skye (2009) by Mastodon, on Baby Blue colored vinyl. It is planned for June 2.

Mastodon Crack The Skye

Friday Music will reissue Two For The Show, the 1978 live set by Kansas scheduling for May 26.

Friday Music will revisit The Yes Album (1971) in a unique way that includes 180g vinyl in a 2LP box set with the album remixed to 45RPM. It’s planned for May 26. The label will also add Sweetnighter (1973) by Weather Report to the list of their titles coming back to LP, same date.

Also on May 26, Rhino Vinyl plans a 2LP Deluxe Edition of Tutu (1986) by Miles Davis.

Miles Davis Tutu

Rhino plans two LP re-releases on May 26, both for a-ha. The titles include Scoundrel Days (1986), and Hunting High and Low (1984). Hunting High And Low, of course, contained the band’s big hit, “Take On Me”.

Atlantic Records will re-release Loaded by The Velvet Underground on vinyl LP planning for My 26.

On May 19, Rhino will re-release This Is The Sea by The Waterboys on 180g-weight vinyl.

Waterboys This Is the Sea

Now…since you made it through the vinyl, here’s the CD pay-off for those that waited for it:

On May 26, Rhino and Parlophone will offer the Steven Wilson remix of Aqualung by Jethro Tull, on both a standard issue CD (all by its lonesome), and a vinyl LP edition.  Also planned for CD only release is the Steven Wilson remix of Benefit, by Jethro Tull.

Aqualung Jethro Tull

Fantasy Records will deliver a 3CD collection for Little Richard, highlighting Specialty Records, and Vee-Jay Records. The set is called Directly From My Heart: The Best Of The Specialty and Vee-Jay Years. It’s scheduled for My 26.


Massive 14CD Live Yes Box, Progeny, Expected For May

2CD Progeny YESIf you ever thought there may not ever be enough YES music in your lifetime, then think again. Recently, as is likely to be experienced more and more, old tapes of soundboards from the classic era of YES are being discovered. And, of course, it’s not just YES, but a multitude of classic bands.

Atlantic Records has announced the release of a monstrous YES box that explores seven of their live shows from their 1972 World Tour. The new Box, called Progeny: Seven Shows From Seventy-Two, is a huge 14CD box that will find unreleased music surprises in the discs. The shows within this Box are shows that led up to the ones recorded and heard on Yessongs (1973).

Progeny: Seven Shows From Seventy-Two is expected for release on May 19. as is the 2CD Highlights From Seventy-Two.

Progeny features new remastering to create the best experience that can be had from listening to these performances of classic songs from the time when those songs were new. Each show is contained in its own fold-out digipak.

For those that are not apt to splurge on the massive set, there will be a 2CD distillation of the 14CD Box. The 2CD set will offer selected performance tracks from the full set.

Progeny Seven Shows Box Yes