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New Wye Oak Album Planned For April

It’s been some years since Wye Oak, a duo (Andy Stack, Jenn Wasner) from Baltimore, MD, released their last album. Even then, Shriek (2014) is an engaging departure from their previous three album releases (If Children – 2007, The Knot – 2009, Civilian – 2011). Wye Oak did release an outtakes collection, Tween, in 2016, bringing together unused – and repurposed –  songs from their Civilian, and Shriek periods. But we want to completely focus on fresh album releases from the band. Therefore:

On April 6, Merge Records will release the next set from Wye Oak, called The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs. This new album will feature twelve new tracks. Judging from the pre-release single available for streaming and YouTube presentation, Wye Oak doesn’t stray far from their adopted Shriek sound, although there is evident change in the sound. Personally, I preferred the pre-Shriek Wye Oak, even though I appreciated their progression on Shriek. The new itle track (hear below) makes me profoundly interested for the rest of the new album!

The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs will be released on CD, DD, and for vinyl, on several editions that include standard issue black vinyl, and a limited edition split opague beige/transparent blue (sand and sky) color vinyl. 12″ x 12″ lyric sheet and download card are included with LP purchases.  There are included tee bundles as well as an all-inclusive set (CD, LP, Tee).

Wye Oak is supporting their new album with a 34-date world tour.

Exclusive Wye Oak 7″ Vinyl Single of Spiral In September

For fans of Wye Oak, and as a matter of interest for collectors of their music, Merge Records will be issuing a limited run of 1000 7″ vinyl singles that will feature previously released “Spiral“, backed with the newer 2017 track of “Wave Is Not The Water“. The 7″ will be pressed on translucent red vinyl and will include a download card for digital versions of the two songs.

This 7” vinyl single will be released on September 22.

An interesting note for fans of Wye Oak is that they will be touring the US during September and October of 2017.

Wye Oak Releases A Fine Collection Of Previously Unused Tracks Album, Tween

Wye Oak TweenHere at MusicTAP, we not only appreciate the classic stuff, we also get into plenty of new stuff. ‘Round here, there’s always music from somebody playing. Today’s post is about a band that you’ve heard me rave about before. That band is Wye Oak, a two-member group that has been around since 2007 with the release of their first album, If Children. That album established their hybrid of Folk Rock with forays into electronics, dream pop, and other areas that they are influenced by. With four albums in circulation (If Children, The Knot, Civilian, Shriek), all via Merge Records, they have a nice collection of music to peruse and enjoy.

Their biggest album, Civilian (2011), rightfully yields the most payoff. With the title track heard universally on several television series, that album is the logical starting point for this band. However, Wye Oak is a restless band. On their last album, Shriek (2014), the duo explored the magic of pop electronica, blending their usual style to create an interesting set of tracks that were too good to not listen to.

Yesterday (06/09/2016), Merge Records digitally released a curio set from the band that assembles a package featuring unused – and revisited – music from their sessions on Civilian, and Shriek. It can be heard easily enough from several digital streaming locations but I’d direct you to Spotify if you have that installed.

The new album has eight tracks. I’ve listened to them and like what I hear. Definitely a collector’s set for the fan of Wye Oak. As stated by Merge Records (and agreed with by me), “Tween is full of gorgeous Wye Oak songs whose only crime was timing and context, made by two people at the height of their game. One minute Jenn and Andy are embracing their floatiest Cocteau Twins instinct (“If You Should See”), the next they’re back in Civilian territory a bit (“No Dreaming”), and later they’re slinky and electronic and gorgeously ‘80s (“On Luxury”).

Merge recording artists Wye Oak. Andy Stack & Jenn Wasner. Photo by Dan Stack
Merge recording artists Wye Oak. Andy Stack & Jenn Wasner. Photo by Dan Stack

Tween (which I assume stands for being be’tween’ projects) will be released physically on CD and vinyl LP on August 5. And yes, it IS worth your acquisition.

If you’re unaware of Wye Oak, well…now’s the opportune time to remedy that. I’ll start you out below with one of their best.