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Two Keane Albums, Under The Iron Sea, Perfect Symmetry, To Be Reissued On Vinyl LP

Keane has been in the public eye for some time beginning in 2004 with the release of their debut set, Hopes and Fears. The debut broke with “Everybody’s Changing” in the UK. For the US market, it was “Somewhere Only We Know” that gave them their US exposure.  And as with every sophomore release, the fear is immediate with potential detachment after a promising first album.

For Keane, the proof was in the pudding, as they say.  Under The Iron Sea  gave the band a few more singles with “Is It Any Wonder?”, “Crystal Ball”, and “Nothing In My Way”. They again followed that album up with Perfect Symmetry (2008). Both albums, like the debut, and like their final studio set, Strangeland (2012), reached number one in the UK and other parts of the world, and performed well in the US marketplace.

On March 16, Island Records, assisted by PledgeMusic, will reissue Under The Iron Sea, as well as Perfect Symmetry as remastered vinyl LP packages. The two LPs will be cut on 180g-weight black vinyl.

Both titles on vinyl LP follow the Hopes And Fears LP reissue back on August 4, 2017. We’ll await Strangeland!


Two Cocteau Twins Titles – Head Over Heels, Treasure – Remastered For Vinyl LP

When Cocteau Twins arrived in the Post-Punk New Wave trend back in the waning days of the ’70s, it was with an original form that, while attempted, even today, could never be fully and satisfyingly replicated. This is fine for hard-core Cocteau Twins fans who pine for the thrillingly ethereal vocals of Elizabeth Fraser, and the otherworldy guitars of Robin Guthrie, all rounded by, first Will Heggie (for Garland – 1982), then more fully by Simon Raymonde for the rest of the Cocteau Twins catalog. There are no disappointing Cocteau Twins releases. Not in my estimation, at least.

On March 16, the unique and expressive 4AD label will reissue two extraordinary CT titles on vinyl LP, both wih brand new remasters for better sonic purity. And for Cocteau Twins, that can only be appreciated and embraced.

The two CT albums being reissued on vinyl are Treasure (1984), and Head Over Heels (1983).  Both albums will be repressed on 180g-weigh black vinyl. Both will supply download DD codes. As a bonus, both titles will be made available as HD Audio DD for separate purchase.

You’re welcome CT fans.


Do Vinyl LPs Make Our New Music Better?

Vinyl GroovesIn listening to the new Lily & Madeleine album, with its excellent collection of ten tracks, has made me possibly realize something about vinyl production that benefits EVERYBODY, regardless of whether you are a vinyl enthusiast or not. This is not a new topic, but one that I feel has worth, especially now.

In the past, we have been getting CDs filled to the limit with songs whether they were good or not. In my own estimation, and with a few exceptions, the CDs of 15 or 15 tracks probably did its own fair share of devaluing music because, well, a bad song is a bad song. Put too many half-baked tracks in your album because you could, and that entire album begins to sound a little mediocre despite the possibility that a few of those tracks may be pretty damn good.

Now, with the popularity of vinyl, most everyone is getting on the vinyl bandwagon. With one noticeable problem. Length. If you have 15 songs, then either you have to figure out which songs do not make the cut, or you have to press double the vinyl to house the extra tracks. Which, the way I see it, pans out pretty good for music in general.If a band has to keep costs down, and therefore has to pare the tracks down to ten to guarantee greater fidelity, we, as listeners, gets the best that band truly has to offer. If the songs are bad, then you know that they have no future. Just like the old days. But if an album becomes more listenable because the lesser tracks couldn’t be included, then not only do we win, so does the band.

So, whether you’re a vinyl fan or not, you get to participate in this bettering of our available music. Less bad apples on a tree makes that tree look great!