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Tom Waits Asylum Classics To Be Remastered For CD, DD, and LP

On December 1 of 2017, Anti Records reissued Tom Waits’  2004 classic Real Gone album for CD and LP. We also learned then that Anti would be re-releasing Wait’s first four albums on vinyl LP. But now I’m  getting classic news concerning early Tom Waits titles eliciting a HUGE YESSsss(!) from me. The remastered LPs were originally planned for December 21 (at the time). But things change.

On March 23, Anti Records will reissue classic Tom Waits titles from the ’70s during his Asylum Records years. There will be no bonus tracks, etc but the albums to be listed will feature newly remastered tracks.


Watch for CD and DD of Closing Time (1973) on the date announced, with a 180g-weight vinyl LP planned for March 9.

Other titles are slated for CD and DD reissue that include The Heart Of Saturday Night (1974), Nighthawks At The Diner (1975, Live), Small Change (1976), Foreign Affairs (1977), Blue Valentine (1978), and Heartattack and Vine (1980). Each CD pre-order will provide eventual DD links for the same album.

It appears that the remastered LP editions (with the exception of Closing Time) will follow soon enough.

Planned for 180g-weight remastered vinyl LP later in 2018 is Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards. No date has been given for it.


Tom Waits Classic, Real Gone, Remastered and Remixed For CD and LP…And 4 Asylum LP Reissues

Tom Waits, although a notable name among fans, is little known to the masses. And even if they’re aware of his name, most know little to nothing about his recorded legacy. But then again, the unique voice of Tom Waits is certainly not for every music taste. That’s why the news of a Tom Waits reissue is largely ignored by most sites. But not this one.

Tom Waits has a nice collection of studio classics. Beginning with Closing Time from 1973 to his last album, Bad As Me, released in 2011, Tom Waits has sixteen studio albums in his catalog.

On December 1, Anti Records, a subsidiary of Epitaph Records, will revisit their original issue of Real Gone. Real Gone was originally released in 2004. One of the more amazing thing about Real Gone is that it found a greater US audience than Waits had previously.  The album was a high seller.

For the new reissue of Real Gone, Anti will present a remastered and remixed edition which Tom Waits has had a hand in (along with  Kathleen Brennan, his long-time wife). This should be a real treat for fans!

Real Gone will be reissued on CD, DD, and vinyl 2LP

As a bonus notation, Rhino will be reissuing 180g-weight vinyl LP editions of Tom Waits’ first four Asylum albums (Closing Time – 1973, The Heart of Saturday Night – 1974, Nighthawks At The Diner (Live) – 1975, Small Change – 1976). These are scheduled by Rhino for reissue on December 21.


New West To Release New John Hiatt Album, Terms Of My Surrender, In July

JohnHiattTermsOfMySurrenderFrom the strange marketing as a viable alternative to Elvis Costello with MCA’s release of Slug Line (1979), to his most notable song, “Have A Little Faith In Me”, John Hiatt has crossed over an awful lot of barbed wire in his career. Of course, Slug Line is a fine John Hiatt album. It’s actually how I first came into contact with him. (I bought the LP in the now defunct Columbus, OH department store, Lazarus.) But Slug Line was not about John Hiatt, much as John Cougar was not about John Mellencamp. And so, over time, the real John Hiatt emerged giving us the classic talent that we have since grown to love.

Last time we mentioned John Hiatt, he was on the verge of releasing Dirty Jeans And Mudslide Hymns back in 2011. Since, he has released the excellent Mystic Pinball, a collection of bluesy Americana, a style more closely aligned to John Hiatt’s true style of music.

On July 15, New West Records will release the new John Hiatt album, Terms Of My Surrender. The pre-release of the title track, “Terms Of My Surrender”, brings to mind the echos of Tom Waits, but with a decidedly pure Hiatt feel. If the song has any indication to what the new album will bring, then I would easily say that we’re in for a brilliant treat, Hiatt fans!

Terms Of My Surrender will be released on CD, LP, and DD.