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Todd Rundgren’s Utopia Years Expanded and Remastered For 7CD Box

While I love Todd Rundgren, I have a special love for Utopia. I count it among my good moments that I’ve seen them live during their prime, creative years. It pleases me that a label is assembling a Box collection for Utopia.

On April 20, Friday Music will release a 7CD Box bringing together the band’s classic Bearsville issues that include their live set, Another Live (1975). The box is titled The Road To Utopia: The Complete Recordings 1974-1982.

Every album here will be newly remastered. Each disc is in digipak gatefold jackets, with original artwork and rare inner sleeve artwork. The included book will feature notes and discussion from the classic lineup of Todd Rundgren, Roger Powell, Kasim Sulton, and Willie Wilcox. Even better are a collection of bonus tracks, fifteen in all that are included in the albums they originate from. They will be live performance tracks, B-sides, and radio edits.

Of course, after Bearsville, Utopia did not stop recording. They actually released three more studio sets (Utopia – 1982, Oblivion – 1984, P.O.V. – 1985). But those are for another time (but they should have been included here). For now, I’m pleased to have these classics!

The Road To Utopia: The Complete Recordings 1974-1982 – Rundgren/Utopia

CD1 (Todd Rundgren’s Utopia – 1974)

02-Freak Parade
03-Freedom Fighters
04-The Ikon
Bonus track:
05-Do Ya (live at St. Louis, MI 11-9-74)

CD2 (Another Live  – 1975):

01-Another Life
02-The Wheel
03-The Seven Rays
04-Intro / Mister Triscuits
05-Something’s Coming
06-Heavy Metal Kids
07-Do Ya
08-Just One Victory
Bonus Track:
09-Open My Eyes (live in Cape Cod, MA 8-23-75)

CD3 (Ra – 1977):

01-Overture (Instrumental)
02-Communion With The Sun
03-Magic Dragon Theatre
05-Eternal Love
06-Sunburst Finish
08-Singring And The Glass Guitar (An Electrified Fairytale)
Bonus Track:
09-Communion With The Sun (promo single mix)

CD4  (Oops! Wrong Planet – 1977):

03-Love In Action
04-Crazy Lady Blue
05-Back On The Street
06-The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
07-The Martyr
08-Abandon City
10-My Angel
11-Rape Of The Young
12-Love Is The Answer
Bonus Track:
13-Love Is The Answer (promo single mix)

CD5 (Adventures In Utopia – 1979):

01-The Road To Utopia
02-You Make Me Crazy
03-Second Nature
04-Set Me Free
06-The Last Of The New Wave Riders
07-Shot In The Dark
08-The Very Last Time
09-Love Alone
10-Rock Love
Bonus Tracks:
11-Umbrella Man (B-side of Set Me Free)
12- Set Me Free (promo single mix)
13-Second Nature (promo single mix)
14-The Very Last Time (promo single mix)
15-Anyhow Anyway Anywhere (live in Syracuse, NY 11-16-79)
16-96 Tears (live in Syracuse, NY 11-16-79)
17-Just One Victory (live in Syracuse, NY 11-16-79)

CD6 (Deface The Music – 1980):

01-I Just Want To Touch You
02-Crystal Ball
03-Where Does The World Go To Hide
04-Silly Boy
06-That’s Not Right
07-Take It Home
08-Hoi Poloi
09-Life Goes On
10-Feel Too Good
11-Always Late
12-All Smiles
13-Everybody Else Is Wrong
Bonus Track:
14-I Just Want To Touch You (promo single mix)

CD7 (Swing To The Right –  1982)

01-Swing To The Right
03-The Up
04-Junk Rock (Million Monkeys)
06-For The Love Of Money
07-Last Dollar On Earth
08-Fahrenheit 451
09-Only Human
10-One World
Bonus Tracks:
11-Special Interest (B-side of “One World”)
12-Lysistrata (promo single mix)
13-One World (promo single mix)


Todd Rundgren Roxy Show Expanded In 3CD Set, All Sides Of The Roxy

Todd Rundgren has carved out a magnificent career for himself as solo artist, band member, and as producer for some of history’s greatest albums. His long and storied career has provided a large avenue for fans to traverse as they enjoy his every involvement.

Over the period of May 17 through the 22nd of 1978, Todd Rundgren performed two shows a night at the legendary Roxy Theatre in LA. Over the years, some performance selections were used on several Rundgren sets including Back To The Bars (1978), which contained songs from the LA club, and an expanded set for the Roxy shows in a 2001 release of Another Side of The Roxy.

On March 2 (US), and February 22 (UK), Esoteric Records will revisit the Roxy shows with a remastered set that will include the previously broadcast Rundgren show at The Roxy on May 23, 1978. On that simulcast, home-based via Wolfman Jack’s high-powered XERB, it was beamed to a multitude of FM stations resulting in one of the largest concert broadcast of the time.  The new 3CD set will be called All Sides Of The Roxy.

The first two CDs will be the original simulcast, while the third CD will be the original Another Side Of The Roxy, as a reissued annex to a greater – more complete – packaged set.

The set will come in a clam shell box and will be packed with a 12-page booklet with photos, and new notes of the event.

Currently, Todd Rundgren is touring with a reunited Utopia. (I saw Utopia in Chicago at Park West in 1979.)

Two Classic Todd Rundgren Titles, Something/Anything and A Wizard, A True Star Planned For SACD/CD Set Updates

SACDs are certainly winding down in the industry. Once a hoped for sizable niche, the marketplace for them has diminished considerably given the practicality of DVDs (DVD-Audio), and BDs (BD-Audio). With necessary additional hardware needed to play them back, the marketplace now only has legacy owners of SACD units and pricey SACD-enabled multi-players. Because of that dwindling number, we hear of less and less. But that doesn’t mean they no longer issue. With a wealth of desirable titles out there still not converted to superior (in my estimation) SACD hi-res, it’s nice to see them trickle out. One of them is a favorite of mine, Todd Rundgren‘s excellent Something/Anything.

On January 12 of 2018, Analog Spark, a division of Concord/Universal, will reissue Something/Anything as a 2-disc package with an SACD and a CD included within a Stoughton gatefold jacket.

This will be a necessary add title for those fans of the album who still enjoy the sound quality afforded by SACD playback within your much beloved music listening arena. And of course, hearing massive radio hits “I Saw The Light”, and “Hello, It’s Me” in Super Audio splendor, as well as FM favorites, “Couldn’t I Just Tell You”, and “Wolfman Jack”.

Something/Anything is listed in Rolling Stone’s Greatest 500 Rock Albums of All Time at number 173.

Also from Analog Spark will be an SACD Hybrid reissue of A Wizard, A True Star, which is being released the same date as Something/Anything.


13CD Todd Rundgren Solo Box Of Bearsville Releases To Be Issued In February

Todd Rundgren Complete Bearsvill Records Collection.If you’re a fan of Todd Rundgren, and do not have a complete collection of his Bearsville solo issues, then this post is definitely for you.

There has been a wealth of excellent Todd Rundgren albums beginning with his necessary 1970 Runt debut, which contains his “We Gotta Get You A Woman” hit. Since, Todd has provided a fantastic selection including his 2LP masterpiece, Something/Anything? from 1972. That high-charting set offered “I Saw The Light”, and (I’m not kidding you!) the perfect Pop track, “Hello, It’s Me”. Of course, none of these account for the fun set of albumss provided by his band, Utopia.

On February 26, Bearsville Records (now defunct except for archival purposes) will release a CD, eleven-title Rundgren collection in a boxed setting. The collection, called Todd Rundgren: The Complete Bearsville Albums Collection, will be issued to offer a full set for those that have need of this.

This Boxed set will contain 13 CDs. The collected titles include Runt (1970), The Ballad Of Todd Rundgren (1971), Something/Anything? (1972), A Wizard/ A True Star (1973), Todd (1974), Initiation (1975), Faithful (1976), Hermit Of Mink Hollow (1978), Healing (1981), and The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect (1982). Each CD will be housed in the standardized mini-LP cardboard style.