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The Cranberries To Soon Release 25th Anniversary Edition of Debut Album, and A New Album

While this doesn’t have a specific date, it’s still quite nice to know that a 25th Anniversary Edition of Everyone Else Is Doing It So Why Can’ We? by The Cranberries is around the corner and planned for “later this year”. The tragic death of Cranberries vocalist, Delores O’Riordan had threatened to derail the project but the band members have decided to go ahead with it to honor their singer.

The 25th Anniversary edition is said to include a remastered edition of Everyone Else Is Doing It So Why Can’ We, as well as an inclusion of previously unreleased materials from the sessions for this now classic album. It’s one we will patiently look forward to until it’s released.

Additionally, Delores O’Riordan had finished vocals for the band’s newest album. This was another album that had threatened to fall due to immense sadness over the high-profile singer’s death. But with a newfound resolve to honor the legacy of Delores O’Riordan, the new album will be finished and released “early next year”.

We still mourn the loss of Delores O’Riordan but I’m heartened to know that she will live on in her music. The 25th Anniversary Edition is a welcome start to that honor. The new album is icing!

When I get word that a date has been affixed to both sets, I will be sure to inform you.


New Cranberries Set, Something Else, Planned For April

It’s been more than a few years since the height of The Cranberries. With the distinctive voice of Delores O’Riordon, the band rode a nice wave of popularity back in the 1990s. Their first four albums were platinum-level classics in most parts of the world (the US interest waned after the third album). With a total of six studio efforts, they chose to let the times pass them on. In 2014, they were asked to perform a New Year’s Eve gig. It was there that they realized that they were far from passé. With a few other issues in play, the band decided it was time to reintroduce themselves to the fans, and possibly a new generation of them. With this in mind, they recorded an acoustic collection of their hits (much like the recent brilliant set by Simple Minds). In addition to those, they recorded three brand new tracks (“The Glory”, “Rupture”, “Why”). All of the songs were blended with the power of orchestra with The Irish Chamber Orchestra.

On April 28, a new signing with BMG will see the release of the anticipated Something Else album. The album will contain thirteen tracks in total (see track-list below). I’m excited to hear these new, fresh arrangements of old familiar classics as much as I’m anxious to hear what they have in store for us now with the new songs. Here’s hoping for a proper resurrection of a great band in The Cranberries.

If you pre-order the new album via the band’s website store (here), you can get yourself a signed CD copy!

Something Else – The Cranberries

01 – Linger
02 – The Glory
03 – Dreams
04 – When You’re Gone
05 – Zombie
06 – Ridiculous Thoughts
07 – Rupture
08 – Ode to My Family
09 – Free to Decide
10 – Just My Imagination
11 – Animal Instinct
12 – You & Me
13 – Why


Where Are The Sundays And The Cranberries?

Over the weekend, I went on a kick that included listening to two bands I have a special love for. Both, ironically, are products of the ’90s, a period I’m particularly mean to. I don’t intend to be unfair to that period because some good stuff came from it. Nevertheless, the two bands I’m referring to are The Cranberries, whose last album came in 2012, and The Sundays, whose last album was in 1997.

The basic premise of this particularly nostalgic article is simply, a question asking why we don’t see much anymore from these people.

The Cranberries are the easier of the two bands. Since Roses released in 2012, there’s a high probability that we will hear more from them. Bit it did take a long, long time to get Roses from this very talented, and original band. Before Roses, there is Wake Up And Smell The Coffee (a terrible title, an excellent album) released in 2001. Then that horribly long wait before Roses.  Was Roses worth it? Yes, it was!  But while it gave me hope for continuation, I’m fearful that the long period of abstention may have done damage, not to the band, but to a weakening fan base, which, in turn, may discourage them from more.



The Sundays is the problem here.  With only three albums that include their perfect Reading, Writing & Arithmetic (1990), their equally perfect Blind (1992), and then the long hiatus leading to Static & Silence from 1997, we’re left in the lurch hoping against hope that the sixteen plus years since the last might bring new music. And I miss Harriet Wheeler’s angelic voice!

The Sundays

Perhaps I’m too sentimental about these things.  Maybe I don’t know how to put things to bed. But I do know that when the music (art) is quite good, it leaves you wanting more. Sometimes (especially for me) I’m left with a sadness for a long, long, LONG time.

My question to these bands (and many more) is just this: When you can create as well as you do, why not stay at it until it becomes impossible!

Forgive this hastily written, incoherent article.