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The Ambient Series: New Tangerine Dream Album Scheduled For September

Before Edgar Froese passed on to the ‘great gig in the sky’, he began to work on a new iteration of his lifelong band, Tangerine Dream. He refused to let the band that he headed grow stagnant. As a result, the band went though several classic phases that are easily divided up into specific periods. Edgar Froese was at the early but productive stages of a new project called The Quantum Years, so named because of our growing advancement into Quantum physics, a science that will dramatically change our perception of the universe. This firstfruit of that phase is being called Quantum Gate, representing an entrance.

The intent of The Quantum Years was to take the band’s ’70s style, update the sound, and sprinkle in their sequencer sounds of the ’80s to produce a worthy hybrid of music for the already aging millennium.

The band members, headed by the management of Edgar Froese’s wife, have used the fan-funding power of PledgeMusic to help make this vision a reality. On September 29, coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of the birth of the band, Tangerine Dream will release Quantum Gate. It will be made available in a number of ways including several poster and tee bundles. Some of those will also bundle in the EP of Quantum Key, a previously released 4-track introductory set issued back in September of 2016.

Quantum Gate will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl 2LP. Investigate further here!


Review: Spiral Revelation – Steve Roach

It’s sometimes hard to find the words that accurately bring justice to an ambient work. With a band like Tangerine Dream, you almost only have to mention their name for fans to understand the potential for a good to great album of music. Ambient artist, Steve Roach, should be at that level for many fans of the genre. With more than 60 creations within his catalogue, not to mention his many collaborations, Steve Roach is (or should be) an instantly recognizable name within the ambient world of sound. His latest album, Spiral Revelation, is a classic album in the making. And I do not say this lightly.

Spiral Revelation is a newly released set with six lengthy tracks (yes, you want these tracks lengthy). Beginning with the eleven minute first track, “We Continue”, there is a beautiful and repetitive piece that is bathed in a wash of sound. Occasionally filled in with other sounds, this opening track easily sets the quality of music tone for the rest of Spiral Revelation. As the first track glides into the second, you barely notice a transition has occurred, it’s that well orchestrated. Your mind is completely in tune it simply does not recognize a change.

There are two tracks over the ten minute mark, and deservedly so. The rest ease between six and ten minutes with two of them quite near ten minutes in length. All in all, this ambient work is an otherworldly masterpiece, beautifully composed by one of our ambient masters. With just over a full hour of transitional tunes, Spiral Revelation should be heard by all fans of ambient music.

The album itself is noted as being “The Sound of Life, Interconnected and Unfurling”. Under the disc, within the plastic well that holds the CD, the four (North, East, South West) corners have -appropriately – the words ‘Feeling’, Sensation’, ‘Thought’, ‘Intuition’.

I’m infatuated with Spiral Revelation. And I wanted you to know about it. As a note for hi-resolution fans, Spotted Peccary Music will be releasing Spiral Revelation in 96kHz/24-bit downloadable files (here). Projekt Records handles the CD and standard digital downloads via Bandcamp. You can hear streams at both locations.


The Ambient Series: New Tangerine Dream EP, Quantum Key

Tangerine Dream Quantum KeyIt’s now been 17 months since the sudden passing of Edgar Froese, the headliner behind Tangerine Dream and its more than 45 years of existence. Although the band was at its height during the ’70s, their on-going vision has never waned to this day. For me, it’s Stratosfear that represents their greatest moment. For others, those peak moments vary. but no matter your stance on the band, Tangerine Dream is one of those rarities that takes ideas and turn them into sonic touchstones.

One would feel that with the passing of Edgar Froese, the band that is still known as Tangerine Dream would be merely an experiment in nostalgia, or a means of making money for those that are left. But with the upcoming project of The Quantum Years series, it may be that we get to meditate with the master of ambient music himself. The concept of Quantum Physics has long kept Froese in awe of the universe that we live in. Leading up to his “change of cosmic address”, Edgar has worked hard at turning those thoughts into the familiar Tangerine Dream sound. the first fruit of that conceptualized series was Mala Kunia, which was released as an EP in 2014.

The next step is the upcoming 4-track EP named Quantum Key.The four songs (“Genesis Of Precious Thoughts”, Electron Bonfire”, “Drowning In Universes”, “Mirage Of Reality”) were composed as a collaboration with Edgar Froese. Each title still have the hauntingly familiar style of titling as only Edgar Froese could imagine.

Quantum Key is scheduled for release on September 23. It will be issued on CD with cardboard sleeve. DD forms will also be made available. Quantum Key is part of a larger realization of music from Tangerine Dream that is planned for later. The full-length album will be called Quantum Gate.

All four tracks can be heard with a visit to YouTube. “Genesis Of Precious Thoughts” can be heard below.


Two Peter Baumann Classics TO Get CD Reissues

A while back, we mentioned that two Peter Baumann classics, Romance ’76, and Trans Harmonic Nights were getting new remasters and being released as digital only downloads (read that here).  The DD reissue actually precedes the CD reissues by having been released on February 19 via virgin Records in the US. Today, I find that while those digital downloads are definitely worthy, there will now be physical CD reissues as well. Now this is superior news.

Peter Baumann Romance 76

Peter Baumann, for those that may not know, is one of the chief architects of the popular Virgin Records era Tangerine Dream. His involvement led to Rubycon, Phaedra, Stratosfear, and more.

The news is this:

Esoteric Recordings (via their Reactive imprint) will reissue these two early Peter Baumann gems on May 27.  Both sets will be newly remastered , with restoration of the original artwork, and a new booklet with a new essay included. There will be no bonus tracks. That’s OK with me because these two early era Baumann classics have been unavailable on CD for well over two decades.

Peter Baumann Trans Harmonic Nights

Romance ’76 was released originally in 1976, while Trans Harmonic Nights was released in 1979.

It’s also important to remind Peter Baumann fans that his brand new album, Machines Of Desire, will be released on May 20. You can read about that release here.


The Ambient Series: Peter Baumann Returns With Machines Of Desire

Peter Baumann Machines Of DesirePeter Baumann left Tangerine Dream back in the late ’70s to do other things. He started a label (Private Music), and did other things to bring more meaning to a very short life span. There were several excellent solo works after the 1971-1977 period with Tangerine Dream, a period that created several enduring classics including Stratosfear.

In early 2015, Peter Baumann approached Edgar Froese with the idea of a classic reunion. Unfortunately, Edgar Froese passed away before anything could come to fruition over the desire to rejoin. It’s obvious that Peter Baumann had some incredible music ideas in his head. Well, needless to say that we didn’t get that. But what we’re getting is quite a treat in and of itself.

Peter_Baumann_Credit_BureauBOn May 20, Peter Baumann will release an eight-track album of brand new compositions, one of which you can hear below! The new album is being called Machines Of Desire and will be released via Bureau B Records. When you hear the track below, you’ll immediately be enticed by its incredible familiarity.

Peter Baumann had this to say about the influence that helped create Machines of Desire:

“The title, Machines of Desire, reflects my belief that as human beings we’re driven relentlessly by our deepest desires: the desire to experience life and love, to be heard and seen, to connect with others, to be safe, to find meaning and purpose… and countless more. We find ourselves in the drama of everyday life with uncertainty at every step, with fear of loss and existential loneliness, and only occasionally interrupted by the fundamental joy of being alive.”

Machines of Desire – Peter Baumann

01 – The Blue Dream 5:53
02 – Searching in Vain 5:37
03 – Valley of the Gods 4:13
04 – Echoes in the Cave 3:55
05 – Ordinary Wonder 6:00
06 – Crossing the Abyss 5:58
07 – Dancing in the Dark 4:57
08 – Dust to Dust 6:24

Machines Of Desire will be released on CD, vinyl LP (with bonus CD included), and as DD. That’s quite a nice piece of news for today, I’d say!


The Ambient Series – Two Peter Baumann (Tangerine Dream) Classics To Be Released On DD

Peter Baumann Romance 76This is a small piece that should not be passed up for ambient fans.

The most popular phase of Tangerine Dream is the Froese, Franke, Baumann iteration of the electronic band. That line-up held sway from 1971 through 1977 producing Zeit (1972), and Atem (1973) before being signed to the new and exciting Virgin Records. On Virgin, the band climbed even higher creating Phaedra (1974), Rubycon (1975), and the magnificent Stratosfear (1976). In addition, there is the excellent Sorcerer soundtrack from With that lineup, there were two excellent live sets that include Ricochet (1975), and the 2LP Encore (1977).

At the end of this extraordinary Tangerine Dream cycle, Peter Baumann left the band. He recorded a solo effort before leaving the band, Romance ’76.  He followed up that gem with Trans Harmonic Nights (1979).

On February 19, Virgin Records will reissue those two classic as digital download format only. While I normally do not bring up digital downloads on their own, I felt this bit of news important enough to ambient fans who have grown up with this core group who may desire a fresh copy of these two important solo efforts.

Peter Baumann Trans Harmonic Nights




New 5CD Kronos Quartet Box Celebrating Terry Riley Set for June

Kronos One EarthFor over forty years, The Kronos Quartet from Washington/San Francisco has produced an amazing array of music. The quartet (David Harrington – violin, John Sherba – violin, Hank Dutt – viola, Sunny Lang – cello. Sunny Yang is the band’s fourth replacement at cello. Kronos began with Joan Jeanrenaud, who was with them from their inception in 1973 until 1999.) has become a popular collective with well over 850 commissioned works and more than three times that in live performances. From a recorded standpoint, the Kronos Quartet have released more than sixty albums.

On June 16, Nonesuch Records (their longtime label) will release a 5CD set by Kronos Quartet called One Earth, One People, One Love – Kronos Plays Terry Riley. The music found on this set feature compositions by American composer, Terry Riley.  Terry Riley is a California-based minimalist of Western classical music. This innovative composer has a wide collection of recorded works spanning from 1963. To give you the scope of influence that Terry Riley has, it is said that the minimalist electronic organ work in “Baba O’Riley” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again” are Townshend’s inspired work drawn from Riley’s “A Rainbow In Curved Air”. (Check it out; it’s there!)

Of the four titles included in this set, three are previously released Nonesuch issues (the Grammy-nominated Salome Dances for Peace – 1989, 2CD; Requiem For Adam – 2001, The Cusp Of Magic – 2008). The other album, Sunrise Of The Planetary Dream Collector: Music of Terry Riley is a brand new offering by Kronos recorded to celebrate the 80th birthday of Terry Riley.

For Kronos Quartet fans not wanting the entire box, or who may already be in possession of the previously released albums, Nonesuch will be making the new title, Sunrise Of the Planetary Dream Collector: Music Of Terry Riley, available separate of the box. It will share the Box release date of June 16.

Kronos Quartet Dream

I have been a fan of Kronos Quartet since their Steve Reich collaboration, Different Trains/Electric Counterpoint. As an admission, it was Tangerine Dream who opened the many doors I willingly walked through after them to become aware of artists like the Classical masters (Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Grofé, Debussy, Holst, etc), the developing classicists like Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Vangelis, etc. The list goes on and on, so thank-you, Tangerine Dream!)

If you’re an adventurous music fan, I can highly recommend the ambient classical gems like Isao Tomita (who no longer records), Philip Glass, and others like Terry Riley, whom this entire new set is based upon. I recognize that Kronos Quartet, or even Terry Riley won’t be for everyone. But if you’re that kind of fan, I hope this news brings you joy!


In Memorium: Edgar Froese

Tangerine Dream StratosfearSo many years ago that we can count them as decades, Tangerine Dream released Electronic Meditation. That was in 1969, just a mere set of years after the birth of Rock and Roll. I personally wasn’t aware of them until Phaedra was released back in 1973, and that was because of a strong promotional push as Phaedra was the first for Virgin Records. That’s when I backtracked to experience the first four (before Phaedra). By the time Stratosfear was released in 1976, I had become a strong fan. Stratosfear simply strengthened that appreciation more than I would have thought possible.

There are many periods of Tangerine Dream to explore, all of them with a different style of ambient textures than the period before each. And when Tangerine Dream went into soundtracks. One of those is the excellent Sorcerer soundtrack. It is as much an important part of the film as the film is itself.

At the head of Tangerine Dream was Edge Froese. And all through their long running tenure, Edgar Froese was at the core of the band. And now, some 45 years, the heart of the band has dissolved into the ambient stream that he so loved. It’s appropriate that we use the titles of his compositions to reference his passing.

With so many albums to his credit over the time he headed Tangerine Dream, we have more than usual to experience his thinking mind. But with the news of his death , it feels like music breaking away from a composition, and expelling into space.

Edgar Froese, thank you for the wonderful music yo have sound-tracked my life, and the lives of so many others, with. We will miss your existence on this planet, in this sphere.

Edgar Froese

Edgar Froese


Four Tangerine Dream Titles To Be Reissued On SHM-SACD In February

Tangerine Dream StratosfearIf Japanese-produced SHM-SACDs are your thing despite their high cost, then this piece of news should thrill the Tangerine Dream fan somewhat. (I say somewhat because I myself am not fully convinced of the sound quality. For me, these tracks being transferred to SACD need a special kind of love.)

On February 25, Japan will reissue four classic Tangerine Dream titles from the beginning of their Virgin Years that include Phaedra (1974), Rubycon (1975), Ricochet (Live) (1975), and my favorite, Stratosfear (1976). These reissues are SHM-SACDs and are currently available for pre-order.  They will be issued in mini-LP cardboard, and will most assuredly be in Stereo only.

These titles were released just after the Pink Years (so-called because of the label’s pink logo), which included Electronic Mediation, Alpha Centauri, Zeit, and Atem. The Virgin Years led Tangerine Dream to their widest level of peak acceptance.

While I’m not a full-blown SHM-SACD fan because I feel they miss the mark without the love for the music needed to remaster, I’m still going to opt for the Stratosfear reissue just in case the engineer loved the music and wanted to make it shine.

I hope this makes a happy Friday note for many of you.

Tangerine Dream Phaedra  Tangerine Dream Rubycon  Tangerine Dream Ricochet

Links to the CDJapan website for pre-order is at each album name: Phaedra, Rubycon, Ricochet, and Stratosfear.


TAPSheet: Release Notes – 04/10/2014 (US Report)

A few brief notes before we dig into what little there is to notate as upcoming releases:

Johnny Winter has a new album in the works to be named Step Back. Joe Perry of Aerosmith fame will be in some of the songs.  No word on actual release date as of yet.

Jackson Browne will release Late For The Sky on a 180g LP issue in addition to the expected CD remaster expected earlier (thanks, Simon). No release date for the LP as of yet.

Classic German ambient band, Tangerine Dream, will release a 2014 “live” studio version of the Sorcerer soundtrack with a few songs found on the original soundtrack not there, but augmented with additional songs that were not used in the original album.  All in all, this makes the entire set a near “must have” (a MUST HAVE for serious fans).  With the upcoming remaster of the film on Blu-ray, this is a good time to explore further.


The Sorcerer 2014 album will be two CDs.  The first album will contain ten tracks (the original had twelve), which means that “Main Title”, and “Rain Forest” will be excluded. the second disc will contain the previously mentioned unreleased material in new recording form. The original music had been lost, with only notes surviving.  It is these notes that Froese uses to recreate them in a 2014 setting.  Nevertheless, Sorcerer 2014 should be extraordinary. I’m really looking forward to it myself.

Tracklist: CD1 01. Search 02. The Call 03. Creation 04. Vengeance 05. The Journey 06. Grind 07. Abyss 08. Mountain Road 09. Impression Of Sorcerer 10. Sorcerer Theme CD2 01. Approaching The Danger 02. Servant Of Misery 03. Rain And Thunder 04. In The Mist Of The Night 05. Nebulous Jungle Path 06. Distance And Hope 07. Jungle On Fire 08. Crash At Dawn 09. Fast Ride To Disaster

Sorcerer 2014 is shipping on April 15.

Sony Music/Legacy will reissue the major label debut album from The The on July 1 in an LP only package. Soul Mining, originally released in 1983, will be remastered, repackaged, and expanded with a series of 12″ versions of songs off the album plus two 12″ mixes of “Perfect”. In addition, there will be the inclusion of “Fruit Of The Heart”, a cassette tape song from the period.

TheThe Soul

The LPs will be stored in a 12″ Box, with the vinyl of 180g-weight quality.

LP 1 – SOUL MINING: 1. I’ve Been Waitin’ For Tomorrow (All Of My Life) 2. This Is The Day 3. The Sinking Feeling 4. Uncertain Smile 5. The Twilight Hour 6. Soul Mining 7. Giant LP2 – SOUL MINING RECOLLECTED 1. Uncertain Smile (New York 12” version) 2. Perfect (New York 12” version) 3. This Is The Day (12” version) 4. Fruit Of The Heart 5. Perfect (London 12” version) 6. I’ve Been Waitin’ For Tomorrow (All My Life) (12” mix)

Island Def Jam will release new The Roots music with the issue of And Then You Shoot Your Cousin, planned for May 19, CD, LP.

Show Dog Universal will release 5.0 from Toby Keith on June 10.

Shout! Factory have Live In Nashville featuring Steve Earle, on June 24.

Fantasy Records will re-release Green River from Creedence Clearwater Revival on vinyl LP on August 5.


Capitol Records will release several versions of The Extraordinary featuring Nat King Cole. The new release will be issued in a standard single CD, as well as a 2CD Deluxe Edition. Both sets are expected on May 27.

Concord Records have an as yet untitled album coming from James Taylor in August, planned for CD, DD, and LP.

Nettwerk Records wills release Whispers from Passenger on both CD and LP. The Deluxe version will add in bonus acoustic tracks of the songs. Whispers is slated for June 10.

Passenger Whispers

Roadrunner Records will release the new Opeth album, Pale Communion, on June 17 (thanks, RJD).

The 10CD retrospective Box featuring Nils Lofgren called Face the Music is slated for release on May 27. YES!


And finally, MRI Records will release a new album from John Mayall called A Special Life.  This album is expected on May 13.

MayallAspecial Life