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Porcupine Tree Reissues Arriving Somewhere on 2CD/BD Deluxe Edition

Steve Wilson started the Porcupine Tree band back in the late ’80s to help further his vast musical mindsets.  By the ’90s, Porcupine Tree was more fully realized as a band with members helping to collectively create the music that we, as fans, have come to fervently enjoy. Signing to Lava Records, a division of Atlantic Records, Porcupine Tree released 5.1 versions of In Absentia (2002), and Deadwing (2005).

In 2005, Porcupine Tree toured the release of Deadwing to an adoring audience. It was their Park West show (October 11, 12, 2005) in Chicago that was filmed for the eventual DVD release. This became known as Arriving Somewhere. It was made available in downloadable audio formats as well but was never released outside the confines of the DVD and DD realms.

On March 23, KSCOPE will reissue a 2CD/BD edition of Arriving Somewhere. This will be the title’s first appearance on CD AND Blu-ray (BD). And it’s quite a package sure to please all fans of Porcupine Tree. In addition to the audio and film, a 24-page booklet will be included. The discs and booklet (along with a postcard until depleted) will be housed in a media book package.

The BD will provide the filmed set in 5.1 Surround, and will be the same show as previously seen on the DVD, just better quality. The adds to the Blu-ray will include live performances from Rockpalast of “Radioactive Toy” and “Futile”, projections of “Start of Something Beautiful”, “Halo”, and “Mother and Child Divided”, a video of “”Lazarus”, Gavin Harrison’s “Cymbal Song” video, and a photo gallery. Again, this is the same content as provided on the DVD package originally.

As an additional bonus to the BD, the audio will be provided as DTS-HD Master Audio, PCM Surround, and the 2006 Stereo PCM master mixed by Darcy Proper.

Arriving SomewherePorcupine Tree

CD1 (Live at Park West, Chicago, October 2005):
01. Revenant
02. Open Car
03. Blackest Eyes
04. Lazarus 05. Hatesong
06. Don’t Hate Me
07. Mother And Child Divided
08. Buying New Soul
09. So Called Friend

CD2 (Live at Park West, Chicago, October 2005):
01. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
02. Heartattack In A Layby
03. Start Of Something Beautiful
04. Halo
05. The Sound Of Muzak
06. Even Less
07. Trains
08. End Credits (Mother And Child Divided)

BD (Live at Park West, Chicago, October 2005 5.1 Surround Mix):
01. Revenant
02. Open Car
03. Blackest Eyes
04. Lazarus
05. Hatesong
06. Don’t Hate Me
07. Mother And Child Divided
08. Buying New Soul
09. So Called Friend
10. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
11. Heartattack In A Layby
12. Start Of Something Beautiful
13. Halo
14. The Sound Of Muzak
15. Even Less
16. Trains
17. End Credits (Mother And Child Divided)

Bonus Materials (see body of text for details)


Stand Up, Jethro Tull Second Album Gets Remix Magic by Steven Wilson

Jethro Tull - Stand UpThe finely tuned folks over at the Steve Hoffman Forums have uncovered the next Jethro Tull remix as done by Steven Wilson. The selected album is Stand Up, the band’s second album, which was released in 1969.  It looks to be quite a rich reissue with plenty of added goodness as we’ve come to expect by Steven Wilson.

On November 18, Stand Up – The Elevated Edition will present with a wealth of bonus goodies that will please fans (see complete list below). Stand Up, under the trusted watch of Steven Wilson will offer the original album remixed, as well as provide higher resolution Stereo remixes, 5.1 Surround mixes in Dolby Digital and DTS. As the mouth-watering track list reveals, there will be a collection of other good things that include Stereo and Mono mixed singles, promo issues, Mono BBC Sessions tracks, a second CD filled with a live show from a January 9, 1969 set, The Stockholm Konserthuset. As if that weren’t enough, there are audio radio spots, and two video footage segments from the Stockholm show.

Stand Up – Jethro Tull (2CD/1DVD)
The Elevated Edition

CD1: (Stereo remixes – Steven Wilson)
01- A New Day Yesterday
02- Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square
03- Bouree
04- Back To The Family
05- Look Into The Sun
06- Nothing Is Easy
07- Fat Man
08- We Used To Know
09- Reasons For Waiting
10- For A Thousand Mothers

Associated Recordings
11- Living In The Past
12- Driving Song
13- Bouree (Morgan version)
14- Living In The Past (Original 1969 Stereo single mix – Only released in Japan and on a US FM radio promo -Previously unreleased)
15- Driving Song (Original 1969 Stereo single mix – Only released in Japan and on a US FM radio promo -Previously unreleased)
16- A New Day Yesterday (BBC Sessions – Mono, previously released on the 2010 Collector’s Edition)
17- Fat Man (BBC Sessions – Mono, previously released on the 2010 Collector’s Edition)
18- Nothing Is Easy (BBC Sessions – Mono, previously released on the 2010 Collector’s Edition)
19- Bouree (BBC Sessions – Mono, previously released on the 2010 Collector’s Edition)

Live at The Stockholm Konserthuset 9th January 1969
01- Introduction
02- My Sunday Feeling
03- Martin’s Tune
04- To Be Sad Is A Mad Way To Be
05- Back To The Family
06- Dharma For One
07- Nothing Is Easy
08- A Song For Jeffrey
09- To Be Sad Is A Mad Way To Be (First show version)
10- Living In The Past (Original 1969 mono single mix)
11- Driving Song (Original 1969 mono single mix)
12- Stand Up Radio spot # 1 (Previously released on the 2010 Collector’s Edition)
13- Stand Up Radio spot # 2 (Previously released on the 2010 Collector’s Edition)

DVD (Audio & Video)
1- Steven Wilson remixes in 96/24 PCM stereo and DD/DTS 5.1 surround
2- 96/24 flat transfer of Stand Up original stereo master tapes from 5th June 1969
3- 96/24 flat transfer of original 1969 mono & stereo mixes of Living In The Past & Driving Song

Video footage from Stockholm 1969
01 – To Be Sad Is A Mad Way To Be
02 – Back To The Family


Steve Wilson Remix Of YES Classic, Relayer, Scheduled For November

YesRelayerThe Steve Wilson website is confirming the swirling rumors and rampant speculation that his next remix project will be Relayer, the late 1974 Yes classic. Relayer has been a beloved album for many years among Yes fans. Relayer is the first  – and only – album to feature Patrick Moraz, the able successor to Rick Wakeman, who had departed after Tales Of Topographic Oceans, the misunderstood 1973 2LP Yes album.

Relayer contained just three songs, one of them (“The Gates Of Delirium”) over 21-minutes in length. Atlantic Records attempted to edit “To Be Over” and release it as a single. While a beautiful edit, it failed to capture fans as “Roundabout” had a few years earlier. But Yes fans didn’t need the single. They were good with the entire album.

The upcoming Wilson remix of Relayer will find the album being released in 5.1 surround, as well as high resolution stereo. According to the Wilson website, Relayer will be reissued as a CD/DVD-Audio digitpak, and a CD/BD-Audio (Blu-ray-Audio) mini-LP gatefold edition. Each album will contain the original artwork restored, a booklet with new notes, photos, and other assorted goodies, and bonus materials not announced at this time (although I’m sure the radio-edit of “To Be Over”, and other cool things are to be in there).

Relayer will be reissued on November 3.  This new release celebrates the album’s 40th Anniversary.

The newly remixed Relayer can be pre-ordered (CD/BD-Audio here), and (CD/DVD-Audio here).

Relayer Gatefold Art

[Thanks, Bill!]

King Crimson’s Starless And Bible Black To Be Reissued As Massive Box (Forget 2011)

KingCrimsonStarlessAs reported by DGMLive.com, and brought to my attention by Jim B (thanks, buddy!), the King Crimson camp will be reissuing Starless And Bible Black (forget about that 2011 40th Anniversary Edition).  What makes this one so special?

The newest edition of Starless And Bible Black will be reissued in a Box set that will feature some pretty important elements including CD, DVD-Audio, and BD-Audio discs. Those discs, of course, will feature new remastering. Of course, one of the major emphasis here will be on the Blu-ray Audio disc considering the 2011 40th Anniversary has DVD-Audio with 5.1 Surround already available.

Further setting apart this new Box set will be the inclusion of the complete “blue tapes”, a set of live recordings that are reel to reel direct to stereo/soundboard and of excellent quality. Many of the live concert performance tracks will be making their debut on disc for this set. In fact, the camp is asking for any photos, tapes, even memories of King Crimson during this period.

As of now, there are no further details but I’m betting when they’re released, we’ll be there in droves for the set. And when further information concerning this new reissue, I’ll be sure to update the news.

To sweeten the entire deal (and yes, it does get even sweeter!), DGM will be reissuing a ‘can’t do no wrong’ Steve Wilson Stereo/5.1 Surround remix of Beat to celebrate its 40th Anniversary. And yes, I’m doubly excited about that bit of news, even though I relegated it to the bottom of this piece.


Exciting times for King Crimson fans!