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Squeezing Out Sparks Classic By Graham Parker Remastered With Bonus Live

With little arriving product information coming out in this usually slow month of December (and this month has been better than years past), I discovered something that even I got excited about even though it was released a few days previous.

On December 15, an independent label by the name of Quake Records, released a reissue of Squeezing Out Sparks, the magnificent and brilliant 1979 Graham Parker classic that is on the Rolling Stone Best 500 Rock Albums of All time list. The tracks here have been remastered for better sound although, by their own admission, it just does slightly better than the Arista reissue from 1996 that includes a collection of live versions of the album’s tracks. However, it’s said that the audio improvement is significant over the UK reissue from Vertigo/Mercury (2001).

This Quake Records reissue is not only remastered but will feature previously unheard live tracks from the band’s June 24, 1979 support show at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, WA (see list below). The cover has been re-imagined as well.

Squeezing Out Sparks can be ordered here.

Squeezing Out Sparks (Original Album Remastered) – Graham Parker

01 – Discovering Japan
02 – Local Girls
03 – Nobody Hurts You
04 – You Can’t Be Too Strong
05 – Passion Is No Ordinary Word
06 – Saturday Nite Is Dead
07 – Love Gets You Twisted
08 – Protection
09 – Waiting For The UFO’s
10 – Don’t Get Excited

Squeezing Out Sparks Live (Paramount Theatre – Seattle, WA June 24, 1979)

11 – Discovering Japan
12 – Local Girls
13 – Nobody Hurts You
14 – You Can’t Be Too Strong
15 – Passion Is No Ordinary Word
16 – Saturday Nite Is Dead
17 – Protection
18 – Mercury Poisoning
19 – I Want You Back (Alive)
20 – Pourin’ It All Out

New 6CD/1DVD Box For Graham Parker Coming, These Dreams Will Never Sleep: The Best Of Graham Parker 1976-2015

These Dreams Will Never Sleep GP Box CoverRock in the late ’70s and into the early ’80s was an incredible phenomena. It was growing up so fast, we barely had time to get it all into our systems. Part of that magic was Graham Parker & The Rumour. From his debut in 1976 of Howlin’ Wind to his peak set, The Up Escalator in 1980 through his last album, Mystery Glue in 2015, Graham Parker has delivered a varied collection of great albums, 22 of them in all. Seven of them were with The Rumour, one with The Shot, and one with The Figgs. The rest were solo offerings. Consistently released, Graham Parker has covered a lot of years, and a lot of musical ground in his catalog.

On September 30, Universal UK will release a 6CD/1DVD career spanning Box called These Dreams Will Never Sleep: The Best Of Graham Parker 1976-2015 that will provide three anthology CDs, a CD with BBC sessions, and a 2CD set that contains the entire show of Graham Parker & The Rumour’s last set in 2015 that supported Mystery Glue. This live show is previously unreleased.

The DVD adds a collection of performances from Top Of The Pops, and The Old Grey Whistle Test from the ’70s, and an unreleased live concert with The Rumour at The Brook in Southampton (UK). As if these inclusions weren’t enough, a 36-page hardcover book is included filled with photos and notes, an essay, and a new interview with Graham Parker. To make the set even more attractive, a poster, and three postcards will complete the essential Box set.

As of now, there isn’t a track-list available. But when one is displayed, I’ll update this page with it.

These Dreams Will Never Sleep Inside Shot