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New U2 Album, Songs Of Experience

For quite some time, the public has waited to see what U2 can come up with musically. After the release of Songs of Innocence, which hasn’t exactly become he band’s next Joshua Tree, the band has teased the upcoming Songs of Experience. While U2 has long passed the time of expiration for me, this isn’t the forum to express any subjective assessments of a band that many still love. Therefore:

On December 1, Island Records will release the next U2 album, Songs of Experience. The band has released two singles from the new album tha are easy track down and listen to.

Interestingly, it appears that Songs of Experience was financed through Pledge Music. It is there that there are several packages available that should prove exciting pick-ups for the fan. There will be a Box Set Deluxe, featuring a 12″ x 12″ rigid casing. Inside there are 2LP, pressed on 180g-weight vinyl in cyan blue color. The 2LPs will contain 16 tracks. Inside the gatefold jacket, a six-panel oversized book is included. A 17-track Deluxe Edition CD is inside along with a poster, a Songs of Experience newspaper, and a download card for the digital tracks.

The album will issue individually on CD, 2LP, a Deluxe Edition, and DD.

U2 has a 15-date tour ready to promote this new album.

Songs of ExperienceU2

01. Love Is All We Have Left
02. Lights of Home
03. You’re The Best Thing About Me
04. Get out of Your Own Way
05. American Soul
06. Summer of love
07. Red Flag Day
08. The Showman (Little More Better)
09. The Little Things That Give You Away
10. Landlady
11. Blackout
12. Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way
13. 13 (There is a Light)
Bonus Tracks
14. Ordinary Love (Extraordinary Mix)
15. Book Of Your Heart
16. Lights of Home (St Peter’s String Version)
17. You’re The Best Thing About Me (U2 vs Kygo) [This song is NOT included on the 2LP set]




Physical Release Of Songs Of Innocence By U2 Expected in October

U2 Songs Of Innocense DDAfter the deluge of press, good and bad (and sometimes unmerited overkill; see David Fricke’s loving eval of Songs Of Innocence), we may all be on U2 fatigue right now. But whether you were among the supporters, or among the angry hordes, there is little doubt the Apple-financed ($100M) five-week windowed giveaway of Songs Of Innocence, the brand new album by U2 did not affect your behavior in one way or another. But, this is not a forum for that discussion. (You may, however, say what you will in the comments section!)

On October 14, Island Records will officially release physical product of Songs Of Innocence. The album is planned for CD, a CD Deluxe Edition (with four new tracks not received in the free digital download blitz), and a 2LP version. There is no word on whether the band will replace the drab cover used for the digital download.

U2 is expected to follow-up Songs Of Innocence with Songs of Experience (the possibly prophetic title that might mean they will forgo the free download to avoid another possible round of bad press).

U2 Songs Of Innocence