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Wild Winter By Smoke Fairies Gets Wider CD Release In November

Layout 1For fans of Smoke Fairies, sometimes there isn’t just enough news to keep us happy. Last year, Smoke Fairies released a Limited Edition Christmas album, available by mail-order only. The album is called Wild Winter and featured ten brand new winter/Christmas-themed songs from the duo. It was released last year (read our announcement here). I’m not even sure if any remaining copies of its limited run of 1500 copies (CD), and 1000 copies (LP) are available to be had. But not to worry. Here’s why:

On November 20, the band’s label will make the album available on a wider scale. Full Time Hobby Records will reissue Wild Winter on CD for those of us who were unable to procure a copy. And let me tell you, the set is completely worth it. After all, it is Smoke Fairies.

You can read my review of the album from last year here.

Here’s the very edgy first song (“Christmas Without A Kiss”) to stream:

Wild Winter – Smoke Fairies

01 – Christmas Without A Kiss
02 – Steal Softly Thru Snow
03 – Three Kings
04 – Give And Receive
05 – Circles In The Snow
06 – Bad Good
07 – Wild Winter
08 – Snowglobe Blizzard
09 – So Much Wine
10 – All Up In The Air

Smoke Fairies Live Set To Release On LP In July

Smoke Fairies Live At St Pancras Old ChurchSmoke Fairies have a vinyl LP set coming that will offer the final night of an October 2013 tour of small churches and halls. The band was joined by two members of Rasputina, along with a noted multi-instrumentalist, Neil Walsh. The LP will contain ten songs recorded on the tour’s final night. The show was played at St Pancras Old Church in London.

The live album is being pressed on 180g-weight vinyl. It was originally planned for June 2015 release but production delays at the plant have pushed the LP to a July 6 date. The LP is titled Live at Pancras Old Church 24/10/13 – Featuring Rasputina, and will be a limited edition LP issue. There is no word whether this will find itself on CD and/or as digital downloads.

Live at Pancras Old Church 24/10/13 – Featuring Rasputina – Track-list:

01 – Fences
02 – The Water Waits
03 – Morning Light
04 – Living With Ghosts
05 – Troubles

01 – Sunshine
02 – When You Grown Old
03 – We Had Lost Our Minds
04 – Summer Fades
05 – Blood Speaks

If you’re a Smoke Fairies fan and like collection their music, don’t hesitate because limited edition presses often sell out quickly. You can order via this UK link.


Review: Wild Winter – Smoke Fairies

Layout 1With just mere days until the holidays, I can’t let the latest from Smoke Fairies go without a notice. Their new album, Wild Winter, is a holiday album set with one small difference than most holiday sets. The difference is that the whole album are freshly crafted Smoke Fairies tunes rather than even a mix of traditional tunes. All of the album’s ten songs are completely new tracks.

Wild Winter holds true to the sound honed by the duo. As I go through the entire album, one thing stands out is that these  songs feel great. And while each song is locked behind the veneer of being a holiday tune, they end up doing much more than that. That’s fine with me as we never have a shortage of holiday tracks from many other artists.

With this in mind, it’s joyous to appreciate Wild Winter as if it were an intended new set and NOT holiday motivated. Nevertheless, great tracks like “Circles In The Snow” showcase the beauty of the holidays in a laid-back folk setting. It is haunting in the usual Smoke Fairies way. The same can be said about the title track, and one further sequenced down, “Snowglobe Blizzard”.

What Wild Winter is showing us is that Smoke Fairies are maturing further as a band.  The songs are tidy, strong, beautiful, and quite easy to listen to. So, instead of me thinking that this is an intended holiday set, I simply view it as a gift from a band that is too good for you not to notice.

Release Date: December 09, 2014
Label: Rough Trade Records
Website – Official
Availability: (CD, DD)

–Matt Rowe

Smoke Fairies To Release Holiday Themed New Album, Wild Winter, In December

Layout 1With the hint of Christmas and the associated holidays with the season near nigh upon us, it’s time to bring up music that is coming soon. I like a great holiday song, and so, I’m always vested in the music. What’s better is when a band or artist you’re fond of provides an album of holiday classics to add to a burgeoning list. Even better when those artists create new holiday tracks to stay with their intended style and provide something unique.

Smoke Fairies, the female duo from London (and other locations) have planned a full-bodied seasonal set of complete originals designed around the holidays. On December 8, via Rough Trade Records, Jessica Davies, and Katherine Blamire, best known as Smoke Fairies, will release Wild Winter.

Wild Winter is a ten-track collection that will be released on CD, LP, and DD, with a concert bundle being offered for their three in-store shows in the UK (Bristol – December 9, Nottingham – December 10, London – December 12). The bundle is available only as a wrist-band lottery.

Disparagingly, the CD and LP are both limited offerings with the CD being limited to only 1500 copies, and the LP limited to only 1000 copies. Needless to say, if you want one, do not hesitate too long.

You can hear a track (“Christmas Without A Kiss”) from the embedded YouTube link below:

As always, thanks to Bob Metcalf for the heads up.


Review: Smoke Fairies – Smoke Fairies

SmokeFairiesSmokeFairiesAfter the release of the Blood Speaks album by Smoke Fairies in 2012, the anticipation for the next album by the pair (Jessica Davies, Katherine Blamire), has been at an all-time high.  In March of 2014, the duo pre-released a single from their then upcoming album, the self-titled Smoke Fairies. The song, “Eclipse Them All” revealed a strength in song-craft that was a little different from anything they have previously done.

Smoke Fairies have an underlying element of blues, rock, and sometimes a little bit of ’60s-styled folk, all carried on their able engine of contemporary Folk music. With two albums now firmly within their growing catalog, they provide a new one with splendid results.  In my review of Blood Speaks (2012), I ended with a belief that their next album of music would be more excellent than the already excellent subject. Now that their eponymous album is released, that prophetic line has validity to it.

Smoke Fairies (the album) contains twelve songs of varying styles. Their evolution as a vocal band has grown exponentially with a noticeable grand essence in the music.  Each song feels like old friends before they’re finished.  “We’ve Seen Birds”, the album’s brilliant opener hints immediately at the musical road map you’re about to follow (see video below). It’s followed by the pair’s most effective Pop offering, “Eclipse Them All”.  “Want It Forever” also becomes a delightful Pop offering.

The duo’s affinity for psychedelia emerges on their “Shadow Inversions” song. “Waiting For Something To Begin” dips its feet into a fairy pool of haunting melodies with gorgeous harmonizing that demands a replay right away. “Misty Versions” is a bluesy tune with a rock and roll heart. Even so, with all the musical venturing outside the gates, their love for pure Folk is well represented in many of the tunes here.

The album is a blend of styles that lets us know that we have a growing band, one that we can follow, anticipate, and be pleased as every album comes to the marketplace. The new Smoke Fairies album is a great album, easily the better of any previous by them. And that’s saying a hell of a lot.

By visiting their website (link below), you can download a song (“Strange Moon Rising”) from their 2010 album, Through Low Light And Trees, for free by joining their email list.


Feel free to buy Smoke Fairies without thinking. It’s near perfection.

Release Date: May 19, 2014
Label: 10 Spot
Availability: CD, DD, LP                                                     

–Matt Rowe

New Smoke Fairies Album Coming In April

SmokeFairiesSmokeFairiesEarly last year, I came into contact with an incredible band by the name of Smoke Fairies.  For those that do not remember, here’s the brief rundown.  Smoke Fairies are a gifted UK folk duo who met in high school in Sussex.  Since, the girls (Katherine Blamire/Jessica Davies) have created some intriguing music, especially on their last album. their music is a cook mix of folk, blues, and other elements that can entice you to listen to more than you’re presented with. Their voices add elegance to their songs.

They released their last album, Blood Speaks, in May of 2012.  It was an incredible album that has lots of return juice to it.  In fact, after posting my review of the album (read here), my inbox  literally overflowed with discussion.  Including one from a President of a popular record label. Yes, Smoke Fairies are that good. they not only deliver on their folk music leanings, but they add significantly to a feel of time as well.  There are songs that feel anchored to the ’60s.  And the occasional psychedelic sound makes them all the more interesting.

For those that know of them, then you are already privy to what I’m talking about.  But the good news awaits, fan or possible new fan.

On April 14, the UK band will release their next album, a self-titled effort on Full Time Hobby Records (in the UK).  You’ll likely have to import the title, but what’s that for some great music.  As a matter of fact, many of you already import anyway.

Smoke Fairies (the album) and its twelve new songs will be issued on CD in a cardboard mini-LP sleeve, a 180g vinyl LP (with download rights), any format of digital download, and a very limited issue of a Deluxe Edition Box (details yet to come).


You can listen to the lead-off single from the album below (via YouTube).  The song, “Eclipse Them All“, has a psychedelic folk element going on. It’s a very cool song.  If you find it not to your taste, I suggest going backward and getting to know them that way.