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Sia To Issue A New Album Of Holiday Originals, Everyday Is Christmas

Well, the holidays are running toward us…or we to them (which all depends on your personal viewpoints, I guess). But holidays are certainly not as much fun without holiday music to accompany them. For many of us, the traditional songs done up by contemporary artists are pretty cool. But when you look back at some artists who have created solidly entrenched songs (like Lennon’s “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)” , or Joni Mitchell’s “River”, you realize that originals can become traditional.

Every year, recording artists try hard to become one of the next to become immortalized. This year, we have a new attempt by Sia, who will release her holiday album with a collection of ten original songs. And although it’d have been nice to hear a singer like Sia make a traditional song her own, I’m still excited to get something from the singer.

Sia has released a single from Everyday Is Christmas. The single is “Santa’s Coming For Us” (watch and listen below).

Everyday Is Christmas arrives on November 17 via Atlantic Records.  If you visit Sia’s webstore (here), you have opportunity to purchase Everyday Is Chrismas with a variety of bonus-filled ways. There’s wrapping paper, Santa hats, ornaments, stockings, toppers, gloves, and scarves. Why, there’s even a Sia-inspired wig colored green and red. Or, of course, you can just get the CD.

If you want vinyl, Everyday Is Christmas will be released on December 15 in that format.


Pay Attention To Emily West And To Her New Album, All For You, Planned For March

Emily WestI’ve not been a fan of ANY TV talent shows beginning way back in the early ’80s with the Ed McMahon-hosted Star Search. This is ESPECIALLY true of the American Idol display. However, I have been amazed at some of the talent that came from America’s Got Talent. My first amazement came from Jackie Evancho. The second one (and I’m coming in AFTER the fact here) is Emily West.

Interestingly, Emily West is billed as a Country singer. I can’t think of a genre that she seems furthest from other than as a belting Rock n Roll singer. Nevertheless, that is what most of the info I’m digging up on her states. But never mind all of that. The fact remains, Emily West is in possession of a voice and the talent to use it in the best way that you can imagine.

In this day and age, where talent flashes past you so fast, you barely have time to register any of it. We work, we engage with families, and when we do get a chance to listen to music, it is often on the fly with a radio station, or just chilling with our favorites. That’s why I continually try to give you things that catch my attention out of all the notes that are crafted these days. That’s why I’m bringing your attention to Emily West.

Emily West All For You

I have listened to her last album, True North, released in 2013. To call it a Country offering is what I would call a mistake. In fact, I would even attach a bit of the Kate Bush mystique to her songs, which sound more folk than anything. “Boom Boom Boom”is no joke. It’s pure Kate Bush. “Kite” is a beautiful guitar composition that also carries a bit of the Kate Bush style to it. Her “Moonbeam” song has a Roberta Flack flavor to it (not unusual given her competition version of “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”). If I had a complaint, it would be that the songs are not variant enough to make up a completely captivating listen throughout. But each song has its own magic that deserves to be heard.

On March 31, Portrait Records will release her new album, All For You. In the hopes that it doesn’t deviate too much from the stripped down beauty of the songs on True North, there is great promise with the unveiling of her cover of Sia’s “Chandelier”.

TAPSheet: Release Notes – 05/29/2014 (US Report)

Rhino Records plan a 3CD collection for Herbie Hancock called The Warner Brothers Years (1969-1972). The set is scheduled for July 22.


CD 1:
01  Wiggle Waggle
02  Fat Mama
03  Tell Me A Bedtime Story
04  Oh! Oh! Here He Comes
05  Jessica
06  Fat Albert Rotunda
07  Lil’ Brother
08  Wiggle Waggle (Mono)
09  Fat Mama (Mono)

CD 2:
01  Ostinato (Suite For Angela) 04 Ostinato (Suite For Angela) [Special Edit]
02  You’ll Know When You Get There
03  Wandering Spirit Song
04  Ostinato (Suite For Angela) [special Edit]
05 You’ll Know When You Get There (Special Edit)

CD 3:
01  Sleeping Giant
02  Quasar
03  Water Torture
04  Crossings
05 Water Torture (Stereo – Warner Bros. single 7598)

RCA Records will release new Sia with 1000 Forms Of Fear, scheduled for July 8, CD, DD, and LP.


Rhino and Parlophone will explore live Deep Purple with the release of In Concert ’72 on CD planned for July 1.

Rhino Records will release a 8CD collection for Frankie Valli called Selected Solo Works. This is slotted for July 1. Similarly, the label will re-explore the works of The Four Seasons in an 18CD Box called The Classic Albums. Hey…Jersey Boys is a success.

Astralwerks will release new Deadmau5 with While (1<2) on June 24.

Frontiers Records will release new Ted Nugent with Shutup & Jam, expected on July 8.

Ted Nugent ShutupAnd Jam

The Midnight Ramble Sessions, Volume Three featuring The Levon Helm Band is slated for July 1, CD and LP.

ATO Records will release Garcia Live, Volume 4: March 22nd, 1978 Veteran’s featuring Jerry Garcia Band. The set will be released on 2CD on July 8.

KScope Records will release Cover Version by Steven Wilson on July 8. The newly remastered 2LP album collects the six 7″ cover singles by Steven Wilson with their original Wilson tracks that were B-sides to the cover tunes. A CD edition is said to be following.

Cover Version Wilson

Lightning Rod Records have Long In the Tooth by Billy Joe Shaver slated for release on August 5.

Beeswing Records will release Acoustic Classics from Richard Thompson on July 22.

TAPSheet: Release Notes – 05/20/2014 (US Report)

Frontiers Records have a few on the calendar for August 26 that include Adrenaline Rush by Adrenaline Rush, High Voltage from Asia, More Is More by M.I.M., Get Your Rock On by XDrive, and All The Way from State Of Salazar.

Frontiers Records have slated Heaven And Earth, the new album from YES, for July 8.

Yes Heaven And Earth

AAO Music will release a Dr. John title with Blues Biography, planned for July 8.

AAO Music has also scheduled Ray Charles Juke Box featuring Ray Charles, planning the set for July 15.

Monkey Puzzle Records plan the new Sia album, 1000 Forms Of Fear, for release on July 8.

Thump Records have The Best Of Mary Wells joining their Old School Gold Series. It’s scheduled for July 1.

Mary Wells The Best OF

Nettwerk Records have announced the release of a new John Hiatt album, Terms Of Surrender, which is planned for July 15.

Phoenix Phonograph will release a new Peter Frampton album, Hummingbird In A Box, with a planned date of June 23.

JEMP Records will release a new Phish title, Fuego, the band’s first in around five years. Fuego is planned for CD, DD, and vinyl LP, all on June 24.


Avenue Records have a reissue of All Day Music (1971) by WAR planned for CD release on August 12.

Atlantic Records have slated new Jason Mraz music for July 15, with the scheduled release of Yes!.

UDR Records will release multiple versions of Last Tangle In Paris – Live 2012 DeFiBrilLaTouR  featuring Ministry. The sets will include a 2LP set, a 2CD/BD, 2CD/DVD, and 2CD. All of these are slated for July 8.


Snapper UK will reissue a classic Small Faces album, There Are But Four Small Faces (1967), on June 24.

Real Gone Music will continue to reissue catalog X titles with the arrival of More Fun In The New World (1983), planned for July 1.

Bushbranch Records will release an Eric Clapton & Friends album, The Breeze (An Appreciation of JJ Cale), on both CD and LP, and slated for July 29.


Maybe you’ll remember Robert Gordon, or maybe you won’t. Doesn’t matter, for those that do remember the Rockabilly artist from the ’70s, may be pleased to know that Lanark Records will release a new album from the singer with twelve new tracks, scheduling I’m Coming Home for June 24.

The newest Judas Priest album, their 17th, is called Redeemer Of Souls, and is scheduled for release on July 15.

Judas Priest Redeemer Of Souls

Frontiers Records have High Road by Night Ranger on CD/DVD Deluxe Edition planned for release on June 10.