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Beatles Classic, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Gets 50th Anniversary Treatment

It’s been a while that the rumors of a SUPER Deluxe package of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the universally acknowledged Beatles album that helped to change Rock and Roll in scope and direction, was being released. As of yesterday (04/04/17), that confirmed bit of news literally exploded across the internet with the flash of an incoming comet. And with good reason. Folks just seem to revere this album with the tenacity of a newfound love. And so:

On May 26, Parlophone will offer several editions of this time-honored classic that includes a pricey 6-disc ‘must have’ Box, a 2LP vinyl set, a 2CD edition, and a single CD for those that only need the original in its newly remixed form. While it’s going to be difficult even for uber-fans to jump into the costly multi-disc set, I’ve no doubt that it will sell well. But I’m reasonably sure the sales marks will hit astronomically for the 2CD set.

The original album will be reintroduced with a brand new remix of the essential classic. That’s the best news of all. But, when you need more, there will be:

CD – The original tracks, remixed.

2CD – The original album along with a CD of bonus sessions tracks that include multiple takes of songs that you’re familiar with and which might be great fun to hear against the chosen takes.

CD 1 -Original Album 2017 Stereo Mix

CD 2 – Bonus Tracks
01. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – Take 9
02. With A Little Help From My Friends -Take 1 with false start, Take 2 instrumental
03. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds – Take 1
04. Getting Better – Take 1
05. Fixing A Hole – Take 3
06. She’s Leaving Home – Take 1
07. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! -Take 4
08. Within You Without You – Take 1
09. When I’m Sixty-Four – Take 2
10.  Lovely Rita – Take 9
11.  Good Morning Good Morning – Take 8
12.  Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) – Take 8
13.  A Day In The Life – Take 1
14.  Strawberry Fields Forever – Take 7
15.  Strawberry Fields Forever – Take 26
16.  Strawberry Fields Forever – 2015 Stereo Mix
17.  Penny Lane – Take 6
18.  Penny Lane –  2017 Stereo Mix

6Disc Box – This will include the two CD found on the 2CD set PLUS another CD of more takes, a CD of MONO mixes of the first two CDs, a BD (Blu-ray), and a DVD. The BD, and DVD both contain 5.1 Surround mixes with the BD adding in a Surround mix for DTS Master Audio HD. For the Stereo tracks, the BD adds 96kHz/24-bit files. Both DVD and BD will provide The Making of Sgt Pepper (1992, restored), and 4k Promo videos of “A Day In The Life”, “Strawberry Fields Forever”, and “Penny Lane”.

2LP – Original Album, and Tracks from CD2 on 180g-weight vinyl.

You can expect great books within each packages. The 2CD set offers a 50-page booklet, while the Super Deluxe Box provides a 144-page hardbound book.

Have fun!


TAPSheet: Vinyl Release Notes – 06/25/2014 (US Report)

Zappa Records will reissue Apostrophe (‘) (1974) by Frank Zappa, on September 2.

Zappa Apostrophe

Separate Mono versions of Beatles albums will be sold individually from Please, Please Me (1963) through The Beatles White Album (1968), and including the newer Mono Masters. As with the Boxed set, these are expected on September 9.

Smithsonian Folkways will release vinyl LP versions of Union Train (1975), Garbage And Other Songs Of Our Times (1980), and Old Folks Ain’t All the Same (1987), all by Joe Glazer, on August 12.

Joe Glazer Union Train

Alternative Distribution Alliance will release a 2014 re-recording of the 1974 classic Journey To The Centre Of The Earth by Rick Wakeman, on July 15. It will be a 40th Anniversary issue of the title.

Kscope will reissue Stupid Dream (2009) by Porcupine Tree on vinyl, slated for July 8.

Ghostly International is releasing a 2LP set of In Decay, the 2012 electronic music set from Com Truise. It’s planned for August 19.

Com Truise In Decay

Geffen Records have The Eels‘ 1996 classic Beautiful Freak, ready for 180g-weight vinyl, and scheduled for August 19. “Novocaine For The Soul” came from this album.

Milan Records will release an LP version of the soundtrack for Chef on August 26.

Merge Records have Shadows (2010), and Man-Made (2005) by Teenage Fanclub planned for vinyl LP on August 5. These reissues include download cards, and will also include bonus download tracks (“Secret Heart”, “Dark And Lonely” with Shadows, and “Please Stay”, “Falling Leaf” with Man-Made).

Teenage Fanclub ManMade   Teenage Fanclub Shadows

Knitting Factory Records have three classic Fela Kuti albums slated for vinyl LP on August 19. The titles included will be Teacher, Don’t Teach Me Nonsense (1986), Confusion (1975), and Sorrow, Tears and Blood (1977).

Epitaph Records will release a 20th Anniversary LP Edition of Smash by Offspring on August 19. The remastered LP will be released in a die-cut box, and will contain a CD of the full album inside.

Offspring Smash

Friday Music will reissue Inner Secrets, the 1978 Columbia set by Santana. It is slated for remastered 180g reissue on August 19.

Plastic Head Records have two Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe sets scheduled for LP issue on September 23. Those will be An Evening Of Yes Music, Volume 1, and An Evening Of Yes Music, Volume 2.

Aida/Surfdog Records will release a vinyl LP set of the latest by Brian Setzer (CD too) called Rockabilly Riot! All Original, on August 12. The LP set will also feature a DD rights card.

Setzer Rockabilly Riot

Highnote Records have three jazz offerings in 180g remastered vinyl LP with Monk, Trane, Miles & Me (1999) by Larry Coryell, Joey Defrancesco Plays Sinatra His Way (2004) by Joey Defrancesco, and Special Requests (and Other Favorites) (2013) from Kenny Burrell. These are planned for August 12.

The classic John Lennon ‘best of’ from 1975, Shaved Fish, is set for vinyl LP reissue on August 19.

Lennon Shaved Fish

Elektra Records will reissue Hejira (1976) from Joni Mitchell on vinyl LP slated for July 22.

Inner Wound Recordings have High Road by Night Ranger arriving on vinyl LP, scheduled for August 5.