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30th Anniversary CD Edition Of Santana Classic, Marathon, To Be Reissued In March

Santana MarathonSantana embodies the very essence of Rock and Roll since their arrival on the music frontier some fifty years ago. Since their debut, they have delivered a string of great guitar-based Rock throughout the flows of that time-frame (from then to now), sometimes as experimental solo efforts from Carlos Santana himself. Nevertheless, the classic Columbia albums recorded during Santana’s most influential periods are classic treasures.

Marathon is the band’s tenth studio release. It was released back in 1979. The single, “You Know That I Love You” reached Top40 status, even though it’s not as well remembered by most (unless you were a die-hard Santana fan). It subscribes to the changing elements of radio stability with the release of the single mentioned. Still, despite the few radio-destined songs that were specifically crafted for the media, Marathon also gave us great tracks like “Aqua Marine”, the short title song, and the underrated “Stand Up”.

On March 25, Friday Music will reissue a 30th Anniversary CD edition of Marathon that will be newly remastered for this milestone. There is no expansion of the album with bonus tracks, etc. A vinyl LP edition of  has already been released by Friday Music back in 2014.


New Santana Album With Classic Early Lineup For April

SANTANA IV reunites legendary band lineup - new studio album out April 15, 2016 (PRNewsFoto/SANTANA)
SANTANA IV reunites legendary band lineup – new studio album out April 15, 2016 (PRNewsFoto/SANTANA)

When the band Santana made their debut into the stream of Rock and Roll, still in its infancy, back in 1969, they gave us “Evil Ways” from their magnificent first album. In short time, the band, named after Carlos Santana, delivered another album, Abraxas (1970), that provided “Oye Como Va”, the cover of Peter Green’s “Black Magic Woman”, and an FM favorite, “Samba Pa Ti”. By 1971, the band had added the incredible guitar of Neal Schon (Journey), and released III. That album gave us “No One To Depend On”. And thus began the legend of Santana.

Now, I’m a big fan of III’s follow-up, Caravanserai (1972), and other subsequent albums from Santana. But with Caravanserai, a huge change in musical style had given us quite a different band than the first three albums would hint at. The rest is history.

Recently, we’ve been given great news that the band that helped make III will be reunited to make IV. IV is the next chapter in what can be called an expansive Santana career. It brings back Gregg Rolie (keyboards), Neal Schon (guitar), Michael Schrieve (drums), and Michael Carabello (percussion). Joining them will be current Santana band members, Karl Perazzo (percussion), and Benny Rietveld (bass). Vocalist Ronny Isley will guest on two tracks.

The new album, titled IV, to align itself with the classic three albums period, will be filled with sixteen new tracks. The first song from the album, “Anywhere You Want To Go” will be issued as a prelude to IV’s release, on February 5. The album itself is scheduled to be issued on April 15.

Here’s to waiting for what might become a classic! Here’s to IV!

IV – Santana

01 – Yambu
02 – Shake It
03 – Anywhere You Want To Go
04 – Fillmore East
05 – Love Makes The World Go Round (Feat: Ronald Isley)
06 – Freedom In Your Mind (Feat: Ronald Isley)
07 – Choo Choo
08 – All Aboard
09 – Suenos
10 – Caminando
11 – Blues Magic
12 – Echizo
13 – Leave Me Alone
14 – You And I
15 – Come as You Are
16 – Forgiveness


TAPSheet: Release Notes – 02/24/2015

Cleopatra Records will release an unreleased live set featuring the classic band, Renaissance. This show, being issued as Academy Of Music 1974 is a show from a stand in the theater in New York. This 2CD set is on the calendar for March 31.

Renaissance Academy Of Music 1974

Capitol Records promises the new Brian Wilson album, No Pier Pressure, on April 7. The album is also planned for Deluxe Edition CD, vinyl LP, and DD.

Sanctuary Records will release Live in ’99, a live set featuring George Thorogood & The Destroyers. It’s set for CD, DD release on April 21.

Nuclear Blast USA plan the release of the latest Nightwish album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, on March 31, the issues will be CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Nightwish Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Watch for a 2CD set featuring Bing Crosby, and Rosemary Clooney, on April 9. The set is called Bing & Rosie: The Crosby – Clooney Radio Sessions.


J&R Adventures plan the 2CD release of Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks. This live set features Joe Bonamassa playing tribute to the music of Muddy Waters. It’s planned on CD, DD, and Blu-ray video.

Joe Bonamassa Muddy wolf At Red Rocks

Atlantic Records will release new Death Cab for Cutie on March 31 with the issue of Kintsugi. It is planned for CD, DD, vinyl LP, and Cassette (yes, cassette).

Geffen Records will release a remastered vinyl LP edition of Who’s Next by The Who, planned for March 24.

The Who Who's Next

Entertainment One has a new album coming from Richie Furay, called Hand In Hand. It is scheduled for release on March 31.

Richie Furay Hand In Hand

Blow Up The Moon is the latest by Blues Traveler. This collaborative set features the band with a wide range of artists and a wider ranger of musical styles that includes Hip Hop. It is set for release on April 7 via Loud & Proud Records.

Audio Fidelity expands their SACD multi-channel offerings with the 5.1 Surround SACD reissue of Homecoming by America, as well as a 4-channel Quad Surround SACD of Open Our Eyes by Earth, Wind & Fire. Both SACDs do not have a current release date. Also planned by the label is a 180g vinyl LP reissue of Virgin Killer from Scorpions.


Sire Records plan the release of After It All, the new album from Delta Rae. It’s planned for April 7. I’m COMPLETELY anxious for this one.

Delta Rae After It All

Merge Records have the latest Mountain Goats album, Beat The Champ, out on April 7.

Cleopatra Records will release Retro Rocket by legendary guitarist, Pat Travers, on March 17. Cleopatra Records also have a live set coming on the same March 17 date featuring Santana. The album is being called 1968 San Francisco, and will feature eight live tracks.

Parlophone Records will release Saturns Pattern, a new album by legend The Jam/Style Council/Solo performer, Paul Weller. It’s scheduled for May 12.

Paul Weller Saturns Pattern

Video Music will release a CD version of Sausalito ’73, a live set featuring Linda Ronstadt. It is set for release on April 7.

Steamhammer SPV will release the new UFO album, their first in…well, forever. UFO is currently original members Phil Mogg, Paul Raymond, and Andy Parker, with two newer additions. The new album is called A Conspiracy Of Stars, and will be released in several styles and formats that include CD (both digi-pak and jewel case, with the digi-pak CD adding in a bonus track, “King Of The Hill”), and 180g 2LP (also with bonus track), and blue-colored vinyl. The new album is already available in Japan, Scandanavia (Feb 18), Germany (Feb 20), Europe/UK (February 23), and is set for US/Canada release on March 3.

UFO A Conspiracy Of Stars

UFO Conspiracy Of Stars Product shot

Idlewild Records is releasing the culmination of weekly single releases by They Might Be Giants in a set being called Glean. This collection of NEW music is being released on CD, and vinyl LP.

And finally, Rhino Records will release a 2CD collection set featuring the music of George Benson. The set is being called The Ultimate Collection, and is planned for release on April 21.


TAPSheet: Vinyl Release Notes – 06/25/2014 (US Report)

Zappa Records will reissue Apostrophe (‘) (1974) by Frank Zappa, on September 2.

Zappa Apostrophe

Separate Mono versions of Beatles albums will be sold individually from Please, Please Me (1963) through The Beatles White Album (1968), and including the newer Mono Masters. As with the Boxed set, these are expected on September 9.

Smithsonian Folkways will release vinyl LP versions of Union Train (1975), Garbage And Other Songs Of Our Times (1980), and Old Folks Ain’t All the Same (1987), all by Joe Glazer, on August 12.

Joe Glazer Union Train

Alternative Distribution Alliance will release a 2014 re-recording of the 1974 classic Journey To The Centre Of The Earth by Rick Wakeman, on July 15. It will be a 40th Anniversary issue of the title.

Kscope will reissue Stupid Dream (2009) by Porcupine Tree on vinyl, slated for July 8.

Ghostly International is releasing a 2LP set of In Decay, the 2012 electronic music set from Com Truise. It’s planned for August 19.

Com Truise In Decay

Geffen Records have The Eels‘ 1996 classic Beautiful Freak, ready for 180g-weight vinyl, and scheduled for August 19. “Novocaine For The Soul” came from this album.

Milan Records will release an LP version of the soundtrack for Chef on August 26.

Merge Records have Shadows (2010), and Man-Made (2005) by Teenage Fanclub planned for vinyl LP on August 5. These reissues include download cards, and will also include bonus download tracks (“Secret Heart”, “Dark And Lonely” with Shadows, and “Please Stay”, “Falling Leaf” with Man-Made).

Teenage Fanclub ManMade   Teenage Fanclub Shadows

Knitting Factory Records have three classic Fela Kuti albums slated for vinyl LP on August 19. The titles included will be Teacher, Don’t Teach Me Nonsense (1986), Confusion (1975), and Sorrow, Tears and Blood (1977).

Epitaph Records will release a 20th Anniversary LP Edition of Smash by Offspring on August 19. The remastered LP will be released in a die-cut box, and will contain a CD of the full album inside.

Offspring Smash

Friday Music will reissue Inner Secrets, the 1978 Columbia set by Santana. It is slated for remastered 180g reissue on August 19.

Plastic Head Records have two Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe sets scheduled for LP issue on September 23. Those will be An Evening Of Yes Music, Volume 1, and An Evening Of Yes Music, Volume 2.

Aida/Surfdog Records will release a vinyl LP set of the latest by Brian Setzer (CD too) called Rockabilly Riot! All Original, on August 12. The LP set will also feature a DD rights card.

Setzer Rockabilly Riot

Highnote Records have three jazz offerings in 180g remastered vinyl LP with Monk, Trane, Miles & Me (1999) by Larry Coryell, Joey Defrancesco Plays Sinatra His Way (2004) by Joey Defrancesco, and Special Requests (and Other Favorites) (2013) from Kenny Burrell. These are planned for August 12.

The classic John Lennon ‘best of’ from 1975, Shaved Fish, is set for vinyl LP reissue on August 19.

Lennon Shaved Fish

Elektra Records will reissue Hejira (1976) from Joni Mitchell on vinyl LP slated for July 22.

Inner Wound Recordings have High Road by Night Ranger arriving on vinyl LP, scheduled for August 5.