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Two Classic Todd Rundgren Titles, Something/Anything and A Wizard, A True Star Planned For SACD/CD Set Updates

SACDs are certainly winding down in the industry. Once a hoped for sizable niche, the marketplace for them has diminished considerably given the practicality of DVDs (DVD-Audio), and BDs (BD-Audio). With necessary additional hardware needed to play them back, the marketplace now only has legacy owners of SACD units and pricey SACD-enabled multi-players. Because of that dwindling number, we hear of less and less. But that doesn’t mean they no longer issue. With a wealth of desirable titles out there still not converted to superior (in my estimation) SACD hi-res, it’s nice to see them trickle out. One of them is a favorite of mine, Todd Rundgren‘s excellent Something/Anything.

On January 12 of 2018, Analog Spark, a division of Concord/Universal, will reissue Something/Anything as a 2-disc package with an SACD and a CD included within a Stoughton gatefold jacket.

This will be a necessary add title for those fans of the album who still enjoy the sound quality afforded by SACD playback within your much beloved music listening arena. And of course, hearing massive radio hits “I Saw The Light”, and “Hello, It’s Me” in Super Audio splendor, as well as FM favorites, “Couldn’t I Just Tell You”, and “Wolfman Jack”.

Something/Anything is listed in Rolling Stone’s Greatest 500 Rock Albums of All Time at number 173.

Also from Analog Spark will be an SACD Hybrid reissue of A Wizard, A True Star, which is being released the same date as Something/Anything.


Blood, Sweat & Tears’ Box Remasters, Bloodlines, on Vinyl and SACD

Blood, Sweat & Tears gained their status as a highly revered Rock band back in the ’60s with issued singles like “Lucretia Mac Evil”, “And When I Die”, “Spinning Wheel”, “You’ve Made Me So Very Happy”, and others. With the early addition of vocalist, David Clayton-Thomas, whose rich and powerful voice elevated the music of the jazz-rock of B,S & T, the band became a strong seller of music and an essential live attraction. With over ten albums, recorded between the years of 1968 through 1980, the band made its commanding presence well-known.

On May 5, Analogue Productions will re-release the first four Blood, Sweat & Tears albums (Child Is Father To The Man / Blood, Sweat & Tears / Blood, Sweat & Tears 3 / B,S & T 4) as remastered albums with the original music (no bonus tracks) on three various sets. Those sets include an 8LP Box cut at 45RPM, a 4LP Box cut at 33 1/3RPM, and a 4SACD Box, all available separately.

The two vinyl Box sets include 200g-weight black vinyl housed in top of the line Stoughton gatefold jackets. All albums will be contained in a custom designed deluxe hinged box.

The SACDs for that box will feature two titles as Hybrid multi-channel mixes (Child Is Father To The Man – 5.1 Surround Mix by Al Kooper; Blood, Sweat & Tears – 4.0 Quadrophonic Mix), and two titles as Hybrid Stereo (Blood, Sweat & Tears 3, B, S & T 4).

All boxes will contain a booklet with photos, notes, and an in-depth essay by David Clayton-Thomas recounting the grand history of the band.

The Boxes will be known as Bloodlines.


Grand Funk’s Shinin’ On Album Releasing As SACD via Audio Fidelity

I have absolutely no idea how many of you have the capability to playback SACD-encoded CDs, but with the impending arrival of Grand Funk’s Shinin’ On (1974) on an all-machines-playable SACD Hybrid, I thought it cool to bring up. The reasoning is that the SACD can be played on all CD players. And it is possible that SACD capability shows up in new BD player that you might eventually purchase, so you’d be ready. In fact, there are several units that already incorporate the SACD, DVD-Audio, BD-Audio capabilities (and others). And…it’d be a new remaster of the title.

My thrill is this…with the release of Shinin’ On (which contained the title cut, as well as the hit Goffin/King cover, “The Locomotion”), there is a hope that the earlier classics will be given the same treatment! And that would be a great thing.

On January 27, Audio Fidelity will reissue Shinin’ On by Grand Funk complete with 3D glasses with which to view the original cover art. And although there was a Quadrophonic release of this album back in the ’70s, this is a strictly Stereo release.

I’m excited about this issue!


Cowboy Junkies’ The Trinity Session Planned For October

cowboy-junkies-the-trinity-sessionsIn very late 1988, a syndicated column appeared in my local newspaper which was re-printed from the Los Angeles Times. The column was written by Robert Hilburn and it was geared towards what he felt were the top albums of 1988. In it, a band from Canada called Cowboy Junkies made the list with an album of theirs called The Trinity Session. There are those moments when a writer imparts thoughts to you in just the right words and descriptions that sets off alarm bells in one’s head. Once that curiosity button gets pushed, the bell can only be turned off once one gets a hold of the album to find out if it was worth the hype it got in the press-especially from a writer of the stature of Hilburn. Once I and many others got the album and listened to it for the first time, it was obvious. We were listening to a 5-star album of roots music and realism-traditional American music idioms combined with the needed splash of Velvet Underground influence. For many of us, this album was our jumping-in point at which we took notice and kept with us a band of magnificent musical integrity. They have continued their high standards of excellence to this very day.

To those of you who want to relive that magic moment in the late ’80s when you discovered this landmark album, marvelous news has come down the pike. Along with a 200-gram vinyl release of the album which is arriving on October 21st, Analogue Productions will also be releasing an SACD hybrid version of the album for a December release.

For those of you who may be a little cynical about the possibility of an upgrade in sound for an album which was recorded only with a single microphone, the sound on this upcoming reissue will be noticeably better. I would ask that people refer to what happened when Mike Timmins allowed the Whites Off Earth Now disc to have been worked on by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs. People wondered how much better the sound could have been. When it came out, the sound was much improved. You can expect the same for the classic Trinity Session album. Mike is not the type who would allow audiophile labels to do reissues of their albums if he didn’t think significant upgrading in sound could not be achieved. I’ve spoken to him before and I know this to be true.

The album cover will also be getting an upgrade too. It now has the original red typescript that Mike had originally wanted on the album as well as a clearer front cover photo. The old RCA Record label was the one responsible for the dulling of the cover. When I got wind that this title was about to be officially announced, I was able to get a hold of Mike. He confirmed that it was coming out. People, this one will definitely be worth it!

–Steve Talia


TAPSheet: Release Notes – 08/23/16

For fans of Steve Earle, there will be a 2CD 30th Anniversary Edition of his 1986 set, Guitar Town. That will be expected to release on October 14 via MCA Nashville.

Steve Earle Guitar Town


Concord Records will re-release The Traveling Wilburys, Vol 1, and The Traveling Wilburys, Vol 3. Both CDs – AND vinyl LPs –  are expected on October 14.

Analog Spark will be releasing a 3LP set as well as an SACD edition of Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Cole Porter Songbook. Both sets will be issued on September 23.

Speaking of SACDs, Mobile Fidelity (Mo-Fi) have several in the works that include two Jefferson Airplane titles, Surrealistic Pillow, and Volunteers. It will be joined by SACD issues, Cheap Thrills by Big Brother & The Holding Company, and Pearl by Janis Joplin. All four are planned for September 30.

Jefferson Airplane Surrealistic Pillow   Big Brother Cheap Thrills

Virgin Records have the vinyl LP editions of two 30 Seconds To Mars titles planned for release on September 23. The first is a 2LP set of the band’s 2002 debut, and the single LP edition of A Beautiful Lie (2006).

ThirtyS_30Secon_CoverAr_500DPI300RGB1000188519   ThirtyS_ABeauti_CoverAr_500DPI300RGB1000188520

Sony Classical has the next Joshua Bell album with him as the conductor of The Academy Of St Martin In the Field. It’s presents Steven Isserlis as the performing cellist.This album is expected on September 30. The album is being called For The Love Of Brahms and will feature eight tracks.

Joshua Bell Steven Isserlis For The Love Of Brahms

ELP‘s third album, Trilogy, will be released on vinyl LP with new remaster on October 21.

The 6LP set of Jane’s Addiction material, Sterling Spoon, will be made available on October 21. The sides will feature studio tracks, demos, outtakes, remixes, and live performances from 1990. All LPs will be pressed on 180g-weight vinyl.

Janes Addiction Sterling Spoon

XL Recordings will reissue Amnesiac, the 2001 Radiohead classic, and Kid A (2000) as 2LP vinyl sets, both planned for October 14.

Mute Records will release a series of 180g-weight vinyl LP editions from the Erasure catalog on October 7. Those will be Union Street (2006), Other People’s Songs (2003), and Light At The End  Of The World (2007).

The classic that is Angelo Badalamenti‘s 1990 soundtrack to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks series will be reissued on vinyl LP that includes a brand new remaster and a press in “damn fine coffee”-colored vinyl. The vinyl will be 180g-weight, and housed in a new art gatefold sleeve. It’s scheduled for September 9.

Twin Peaks OMPS Badalamenti

Twin Peaks Gatefold


Damn Fine Coffee Vinyl


New SACD Edition Of Bat Out Of Hell Soon

Meat Loaf Bat Out Of Hell SACDSACD – or Super Audio CD – arrived in 1999. At one time, labels threw their weight into the format alongside a competing high resolution competitor, DVD-Audio. As time – and consumer intent – would have it, SACD production shrunk to extreely low levels of production after seeing a wide range of classic being made available. In fact, there are several legendary no-shows from the Columbia vaults that include Rocks by Aerosmith (although one escaped into the wild for record transference of money), and 5D by The Byrds.

After the consumer refusal to participate (you had to have a dedicated machine, and that was an expenditure that was being resisted by the masses, much like its predecessor, Quad 4-channel was resisted), all the major labels saw SACD and DVD-Audio as formats to be abandoned for lack of interest. However, to this day, both formats do well enough in a niche market. As a result, several labels have picked up the torch. One of them is Analog Spark, who’s main interest is in grand audio restorations on SACD and vinyl 180g-weight vinyl reissues.

On July 22, Analog Spark will reissue the classic Bat Out Of Hell album by Meat Loaf on a Stereo Hybrid SACD disc. The set is specially housed in what are Stoughton old style tip-on gatefold jacket – essentially a high-grade chipboard gate-fold jacket manufactured by Stoughton Printing. The DSD mix is a remastered one by Kevin Gray of Cohearent Audio. Simply put, this should improve upon the original DSD mix released in early 2001. (Good luck finding one of those anyway. Try Discogs!)


Four Carly Simon Classics To Be Reissued As Stereo SACD By MoFi

Carly Simon SACD MoFiIf you’re one of those die-hard Carly Simon fans (like someone I know), and you’re all about SACDs, then this piece of news is right up your alley. It’s not enough that we have duplicates of our favorite artists in several formats (which to play, which to play), but we need to hear it as pristine as humanly possible. That’s what helps to drive the small niche market of superior sound. This time around, the tireless Mobile Fidelity gives Carly Simon’s exemplary eponymous debut an audio cleaning.

This debut was home to Carly’s breakout single, “That’s the Way I Always Heard It Should Be”. The song rose to the Top10 on the charts. In additoon, the album was nominated for two Grammys, winning one of them for Best New Artist.

Carly Simon (the album) will be released on January 12 (today) and will be issued as a Stereo Hybrid SACD.

No Secrets has been released as SACD as an issue by noted high-quality Audio Fidelity. However, it is being remastered as a Stereo Hybrid SACD by MoFi as well as Anticipation (1971), and Hotcakes (1974). Those will be reissued soon as a date has been assigned to them. I will be sure to let you know when they do.

The SACDs (which can be played in standard CD players due to their Hybrid assembly, but will need SACD capability to decode the higher quality audio), can be pre-ordered by MoFi, Music Direct, and maybe even Amazon (if not Amazon, then shortly).

I’m all in!

Carly Simon Anticipation SACD

Carly Simon No Secrets SACD

Carly Simon Hotcakes SACD



TAPSheet: Release Notes – 10/13/2015

XL Recordings will offer two different LP sets for the Badly Drawn Boy debut, The Hour Of Bewilderbeast (2000). The label will present a 3LP Deluxe Edition, as well as a 2LP standard set. Both are slotted for release on December 11.

Elektra Records, in anticipation of the upcoming autobiography (Nov 24) by Carly Simon, will release a companion CD, Songs From The Trees. This CD is slated for November 20. My speculation is that it will be a fresh collection of Simon classics, not necessarily a ‘best of’.

It’s good to see The Innocence Mission back with a new album. Hello I Feel The Same is being released October 16 via Korda Records.

The Innocence Mission Hello I Feel The Same

The new album from Trey Anastasio is on the calendar for release on October 30 via ATO Records. The new album, called Paper Wheels, is expected to issue on CD, LP, and DD.

Trey Anastasio Paper Wheels

Merge Records plan to reissue Gimme Fiction, the 2005 classic from Spoon. The reissue will be offered in a 2CD Deluxe Edition, and a 2LP Deluxe Edition on December 11.

Spoon Gimme Fiction 10th Anniversary Deluxe

UDR Records will release the new Europe album (See, there WAS a reason for their Geico commercial appearance) on December 4. the new album is called War Of Kings, and will be offered on a CD/DVD Special Edition, a CD/BD Special Edition, and Special SPECIAL Edition with CD/DVD/BD, along with a photobook.

War Of Kings - Europe

Reprise Records will reissue Noel, the XMas album from Josh Groban, on vinyl 2LP. It’s penciled in for December 4.

Soulfood Records will present a solo effort from Candice Night (Blackmore’s Night), Starlight, Starbright. This new set is expected on November 20.

Candice Night Starlight Starbright

Warner Brothers will release a new Enya album, Dark Sky Island, on CD and Deluxe Edition CD, both on November 30.

Enya Dark Sky Island

Jagjaguwar Records will reissue a 10th Anniversary Edition of Black Sheep Boy (2005) by Okkervil River. It will be issued on a 3LP and a 3CD set. Bonus to this album is the previously unreleased full-length album, There Swims A Swan, recorded six months prior to Black Sheep Boy). It is scheduled for reissue on December 4.

Okkervil River Black Sheep Boy 10th Anniversary

Warner Brothers Records will release a 20th Anniversary reissue of A Boy Named Goo by The Goo Goo Dolls. This set is planned for vinyl LP (with download card), and CD. The sets will feature seven previously unreleased live tracks. These are planned for November 27.

A Boy Named Goo The Goo Goo Dolls 20th Anniversary

Epitaph Records will reissue …And Out Come The Wolves, the 1995 release by Rancid, on 180g-weight vinyl LP. This limited Edition vinyl set will include a download card. It is expected on November 27.

Elektra Records has a ‘best of’ coming for Tracy Chapman on November 20. The collection, Tracy Chapman – Greatest Hits, will draw from six Elektra sets.

As if you’ll care (I know I don’t), Time/Life will release a 9DVD Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame set on November 17.  In it are reported to be 125 performances, over 24 hours of rare footage, and nine hours of bonus features. This set covers the first 24 years of the Hall.


On November 13, Reprise Records (Neil Young’s long standing label) will release Bluenote Café. The live set features various recorded captures on the Bluenote tour during 1988. The set contains 23 live performance tracks including seven previously unreleased tracks. Included is a wild 19+ minute version of “Tonight’s The Night”. I have seen Neil Young live during his peak years. I have to say that he can get inspired with a song or two. I was lucky to hear an extended version of “Like A Hurricane” at the old Chicago Stadium. Bluenote Café will be released on 2CD and 4LP sets. This set is considered Volume 11 in his Neil Young Archives Performance Series.

Neil Young Bluenote Cafe

Rock Ridge Music will release a new Steve Forbert album with Compromised, which is scheduled for a CD release on November 6. This new album features 15 tracks with three of them bonus Americana versions of songs on the album. In addition, the album will give you download rights to two more songs (“Rain And Sleet And Snow”, “Katherine”).

Steve Forbert Compromised

As a reminder, Warner Brothers, and Rhino Records will release a new 2CD collection of Faces tracks, Stay With Me: Faces Anthology. This 2CD set will include 36 classic tracks and will feature remastering from 2006.

Faces Anthology Stay With Me

Rounder Records will release R40 Live featuring Rush on 3CD, Deluxe Edition 3CD/1BD, and a Deluxe Edition 3CD/2DVD set, all scheduled for November 20. There will also be a 2DVD set, and a single Blu-ray (BD) set as well.

Rush R40 Live

Republic Records will release The Collection featuring the music of Amy Winehouse. This is planned for November 20.

On November 20, S-Curve Records will release Magazines Or Novels, by Andy Grammer.

Audio Fidelity will release a 4-channel Quad SACD of Muscle Of Love, the underrated 1973 Alice Cooper final album (as an original band) on December 11.

Alice Cooper Muscle Of Love SACD

Real Gone Music will reissue The Dictators (with Handsome Dick Manitoba) Go Girl Crazy! in a 40th Anniversary Edition. This set will feature the original album remastered along with additional bonus material that will add in nine extra tracks. This is on schedule for December 4. YAY! I’m in!

The Dictators Go Girl Crazy

And finally, Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings will release 2CD, 180g 3LP, and DD of The Wall by Roger Waters, scheduled for November 20.

Roger Waters The Wall


So What (Joe Walsh), Riding With The King (Clapton/King) Are Next SACD Issues By Audio Fidelity

Audio Fidelity has announced the new entries into the SACD market. The two new additions include So What, the 1974 solo release by Joe Walsh. This was a heavily attended solo party that included the talents of Dan Fogelberg, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Russ Kunkel, JD Souther, and many more.

This SACD will be a Stereo-only version, mastered by Kevin Grey.

Joe Walsh So What SACD

The other SACD is pegged to be a timely Eric Clapton classic, Riding With The King, a 2000 collaborative set with both B.B. King and Eric Clapton.

This Stereo-only SACD was mastered by Steve Hoffman.


Both sets do not yet have a set date but are next in the Audio Fidelity line of SACD reissues.


New SACD Title Reissues Forthcoming Via Audio Fidelity (Doors, Joe Cocker)

Audio Fidelity, the remastering label run by industry veteran, Marshall Blonstein, has announced its next two Hybrid SACD title, both planned for reissue on June 2. In this case, one is a previously released Quad 4-channel mix enhanced for SACD playback!

The titles include The Best Of The Doors (1973), originally released as only a Quadrophonic title, featuring eleven Doors classics, and With A Little Help From My Friends, the 1969 Joe Cocker debut. It would appear that the Joe Cocker title will be Stereo only.

Best Of The Doors SACD

Joe Cocker  A Little Help SACD