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TAPSheet: Release Notes – July 18, 2017

UFO, whose greatest period came during the middle to late ’70s with what are considered classic albums, namely Phenomenon (1974), Force It (1975), No Heavy Petting (1976), Lights Out (1977), and Obsession (1978). Of course, the band continued with fourteen more studio issues, but the band had changed by then. Phenomenon brought in 19-year old super guitarist, Michael Schenker. while Obsession saw his departure. Nevertheless, for die-hard fans of this classic era, i was he previously mentioned albums that are the best received.

On September 8, Chrysalis Records will reissue Phenomenon, No Heavy Petting, and Force It, as well post-Schenker sets, Mechanix (1982), and Making Contact (1983).  These albums are just re-releases from their last incarnation as remasters along with their respective extra tracks. In that, there is nothing special other than if you don’t have these, here they are again.

Chrysalis Records will also re-release previous reissues of Bridge of Sighs by Robin Trower, as well as Day Of The Eagle: The Best Of Robin Trower. Both of these previously released titles are expected on September 8.

It also appears that Chrysalis wishes to re-release three The Specials sets, Specials,  More Specials, and In The Studio. All are remastered as of 2015.They are also scheduled for September 9.

Real Gone Music plans the release of Guitar Star: The Complete RCA Singles A’s and B’s featuring the music of Duane Eddy. This 22-track CD is planned for September 8.

EPSON scanner image

Rhino and Parlophone will release the Steven Wilson 40th Anniversary reissue of Songs From The Wood by Jethro Tull on vinyl LP. The LP will be pressed on 180g-weight vinyl.


New Robin Trower Album, Time And Emotion, Set For May

Robin Trower is a guitarist extraordinaire who has roots in Rock by his affiliation with the influential Procol Harum, and his own magnificent solo career, which has exceeded his time with Procol Harum. To date, Robin Trower has provided fans with a consistent and fairly timely flow of new music. His last, Where You Are Going To was released in 2016. It is a bluesy work that keeps us rockin’ to the music that is definitively Robin Trower. Good for us!

On May 5, his long-time record label, V-12, will release the next up Robin Trower set, Time And Emotion. The new album will feature twelve new Trower songs, songs that will no doubt keep us well entrenched Trower fans.

“…no one asks where you came from, and where it is you’re going to.”

New Robin Trower Album, Where You Are Going To, Planned For March


Robin Trower Where Are You Going ToRobin Trower has left quite a legacy behind with his stints as guitarist. One of those are his years with Procol Harum. The other is his extraordinary solo years. Trower hit almost immediate paydirt with his solo sets that started with Twice Removed From Yesterday (1973). It was his phenomenal Bridge of Sighs that turned the page for him and his two bandmates (James Dewar – Bass/Vocalist, Reg Isidore – Drums). That album put him on the fast circuit, a must to see.

Over the years, Robin Trower has released a string of albums up to 2015’s Something’s About To Change. Including that, Trower’s solo output stands at 20, not including his incredible 1976 Live album.

On March 25, Robin Trower will release his 21st solo effort, Where You Are Going To. This new album will contain ten new tracks (see track list below).The new album currently has no plans (that I’m aware of) of vinyl LP, but nevertheless, new Trower is always welcomed.

Where You Are Going To – Robin Trower
01 – When Will The Next Blow Fall
02 -Where You Are Going to
03- Back Where You Belong
04 – Jigsaw
05 – The Fruits of Your Desire
06 – We Will Be Together Someday
07 – Ain’t No Use To Worry
08 – In Too Deep
09 – I’m Holding On To You
10 – Delusion Sweet Delusion


New Robin Trower Album, Something’s About To Change, In February (US), March (UK)

Robin Trower Something's About To ChangeWhen Robin Trower was at his peak back in the ’70s, there was little he could do wrong musically. His albums were all ‘must have’ affairs with Bridge Of Sighs perhaps his most recognizable release. His guitar playing is among the best, and, if you were to ask me, I’d say criminally underrated. With the super hitters like Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, and others, you rarely hear someone say, “Well, what about Robin Trower?” And yes, that’s equally true with unheralded talent like Rory Gallagher, so Trower isn’t alone in the ‘barely mentioned’ category.

On February 10 (US), March 9 (UK), Trower’s own label, V-12 Records, will release his 20th solo effort (not including his work with Procol Harum, and his many live sets), Something’s About To Change. The more amazing thing is that this new album coincides with Robin Trower’s 70th year of being alive. What better way to celebrate life than with a new album by Robin Trower with twelve new tracks?

I’m anxious to hear some new riffs by one of the masters of guitar!

Friday Music To Reissue Four Classic Titles In 180g Vinyl

If you’re one to update aging versions of old favored classics, particularly with the popular 180g-weight audiophile class, then I’m providing a short list of four upcoming classics that you might want to consider.

On April 29, the Warner-distributed Friday Music label will offer these four classic titles in their respected remastered Audiophile Vinyl Series. In all cases, the limited edition vinyl jackets are complete with original art, just as they were first issued.

Robin TrowerLive!: This was Robin Trower’s fourth Chrysalis release, riding high on his immense stardom at the time.  Released in 1976, the album charted well, and is considered by some as a live album not to be missed. For this release, the album was remastered by Joe Reagoso. It’s one I’ll be picking up!

RobinTrower Live

Ray Charles Ray Charles: With his fusion of gospel, jazz, and blues, Ray Charles gave his Atlantic Records debut the best that he could.  And everyone reveres it much as they revere much of his existing catalog.  It’s just that this is one special album.  It is planned for reissue here on 180g-grade audiophile vinyl weight, with Joe Reagoso remastering of the Mono original tapes. This album will feature original artwork from the classic 1957 debut.


ChicagoChicago VII: This 2LP set contained their massive Top20 hits, “Wishing You Were Here”, and “(I’ve Been) Searching So Long”, as well as thirteen other Chicago tracks continuing on in the familiar, and much loved Chicago jazz/rock style fusion. Released in 1974, the album didn’t disappoint any Chicago fans one bit. It is remastered by Joe Reagoso, and Lee Loughnane from Chicago. The album is presented in orignial full artwork in the original gatefold jacket.


The Moody BluesA Question Of Balance: Featuring “Question”, A Question Of Balance went on to sell more than a million units, something that Moody blues fans are not surprised of.  This 1970 album of ten classic tracks gave fans more of what they wanted with the beautifully laid out and searching songs that explored more than the usual love themes that make up most songs.  A Question of Balance, for this limited edition 180g vinyl reissue has been remastered by Joe Reagoso from the original Threshold tapes.


Looking to upgrade these titles? Now’s the time to do it!