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Led Zeppelin Furthers 50th Anniversary With RSD Issue of 7″ Mix Single of “Rock And Roll”

Led Zeppelin has been in the news quite a bit lately. So much so, I would NOT be surprised if they officially announced a tour, maybe even record another album. And while the album might be far-fetched, the tour thing might not be. Jason Bonham has been asked to quit using the name ‘The Led Zeppelin Experience‘. And with Jimmy Page going off on a secretive series of upcoming releases, but starting with a new version of How The West Was Won, and hinting at another valued live set. And then this:

On Record Store Day (April 21), Atlantic Records will be releasing a I’m sure to be sold out and become a collector’s item 7″ vinyl single of “Rock and Roll” in a Sunset Sound mix, backed with an Olympic Studios mix of “Friends“.

The “Rock and Roll” Sunset Sound mix was recorded during the IV period while the “Friends” Olympic Studios mix was recorded during the Led Zeppelin III sessions in 1970. The 7″ vinyl single will be pressed on yellow color vinyl.

Rounder Records To Release First Take Remix Of George Thorogood Debut On CD

George Thorogood And The Delaware DestroyersOn Record Store Day (April 18), Rounder Records offered a remaster of the first mix of the debut album by George Thorogood on blue vinyl. The first mix was a three-piece band, then known as George Thorogood and The Delaware Destroyers before being truncated to just The Destroyers for the remixed official release back in 1977. Not long after the tracks were recorded, the band invited bassist, Bill Blough into the fold. His contributions were so good that the band remixed the debut with Blough’s new bass track incorporated.

On June 16, Rounder Records will release a CD version of the remixed Record Store Day vinyl release. This first-take issue will also include the rare bonus track from the original sessions, “Goodbye Baby”, not included on the eventual release of the official debut issue.

The Darjeeling Limited ST Released On Black Vinyl In May

VA The Darjeeling Limited LPFor many years, I’ve been an obsessive Wes Anderson fan. Yes, he makes films. But he fills them with so much cool stuff including music that his movies can easily keep you interested on several levels. If you were to ask Wes Anderson fans which movies were their favorites, you’d likely get a wide assortment of choices. For me, it’s The Darjeeling Limited. The subject matter, the quirky way it was presented, and the music were what gained my attention.

So, if you’re not only a Wes Anderson junkie but also a vinyl enthusiast, then this news of the LP release of the soundtrack of The Darjeeling Limited should be of good news to you.

On the recent Record Store Day event, Abkco Records released a limited edition green vinyl LP. If you were unable to acquire one of those gems, then it’s equally great news to find that Abkco Records will release the album on black vinyl, scheduling for nearby May 19.

The ST album will contain three Kinks tracks as well as a Rolling Stones tune. Those, in addition to the other fine tunes collected for the album (see track-list below) makes for great listening away from the film.

The Darjeeling Limited

01) “Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)” – Peter Sarstedt
02) Title Music from Satyajit Ray’s film Jalsaghar – Ustad Vilayat Khan
03) “This Time Tomorrow” – The Kinks
04) Title Music from Satyajit Ray’s film Teen Kanya – Satyajit Ray
05) Title Music from Merchant-Ivory’s film The Householder – Jyotitindra Moitra
06) “Ruku’s Room” from Satyajit Ray’s film Joi Baba Felunath – Satyajit Ray
07) “Charu’s Theme” from Satyajit Ray’s film Charulata – Satyajit Ray
08) Title Music from Merchant-Ivory’s film Bombay Talkie – Shankar/Jaikishan
09) “Montage” from Nityananda Datta’s film Baksa Badal – Satyajit Ray
10) “Prayer” – Jodphur Sikh Temple Congregation
11) “Farewell To Earnest” from Merchant-Ivory’s film The Householder – Jyotitindra Moitra
12) “The Deserted Ballroom” from Merchant-Ivory’s film Shakespeare Wallah – Satyajit Ray
13) Suite Bergamasque: 3. “Clair de Lune” – Alexis Weissenberg

01) “Typewriter Tip, Tip, Tip” from Merchant-Ivory’s film Bombay Talkie (sung by Kishore Kumar & Asha Bhosle) – Shankar/Jaikishan
02) “Memorial” – Narlai Village Troubador
03) “Strangers” – The Kinks
04) “Praise Him” – Udaipur Convent School Nuns and Students
05) Symphony No. 7 in A (Op 92) Allegro con brio – Fritz Reiner, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
06) “Play With Fire” – The Rolling Stones
07) “Arrival in Benaras” from Merchant-Ivory’s film The Guru – Ustad Vilayat Khan
08) “Powerman” – The Kinks
09) “Les Champs-Élysées” – Joe Dassin


The Black Angels Record Store Day Exclusive, Clear Lake Forest, To Get Re-Released

Black Angels Clear Lake ForestRecord Store Day can be quite a frenzy especially if there is a title that you’re wanting. But if you get there even a minute after the suggested time for lineup, forget that you might still be two hours before opening, you WILL miss out on the title you wanted And will have wasted two hours finding out the title is sold out.  So, it’s refreshing to see that some labels and bands wait a short period after the initial release before actually putting it back onto the market for the rest of us sorry saps.

This is true of one of my favorite bands of the moment, The Black Angels. For Record Store Day, they released a 7-track vinyl EP called Clear Lake Forest. As an interim release catering to the hipster aspect of Record Store Day, the EP was gone as soon as any 20 people stepped through the doors of their closest Record Store. (Trust me. I know!) there was no need to venture to the next store because the EP would not be there (like the Mike Duquette-produced glow-tastic Ghostbusters vinyl single, which, like Clear Lake Forest, was sold out almost instantly.

On July 22, The Black Angels will release not only a vinyl EP version of Clear Lake Forest. but will also release a CD edition as well, both via Blue Horizon Records.

Personally, I consider myself quite lucky that this is going to be re-released to the general public at large. If you’re just as pleased, here’s two links (CD, LP) for you to get your copy.

CD                                     EP (Vinyl)


Clear Lake Forest EP Tracklist:

01. Sunday Evening
02. Tired Eyes
03. Diamond Eyes
04. The Flop
05. An Occurrence at 4507 South Third Street
06. The Executioner
07. Linda’s Gone


The Black Angels To Release New EP

result-312Last April, just around this time, Psychedelic Rock band, The Black Angels released their 4th long-player, Indigo Meadow. And pleased with it we were. As the highly successful annual event of Record Store Day again approaches, it warms my heart to know that The Black Angels will have an offering in that mix of titles being offered.

This year, the band will release an EP of seven brand new tracks to be acquired (for now) on that special day. The EP is being called Clear Lake Forest, and will provide a great interim release as we anxiously await their next album. With actual release date set for April 19, the latest batch from The Black Angels is planned for a limited edition clear vinjyl album.

If you’re a fan of psychedelic blues rock, then Clear Lake Forest can be yours, especially if you are a vinyl fan. Be there or be square.

Clear Lake Forest EP Tracklist:
01. Sunday Evening
02. Tired Eyes
03. Diamond Eyes
04. The Flop
05. An Occurrence at 4507 South Third Street
06. The Executioner
07. Linda’s Gone