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Real Gone Music to Issue The Epic Archive, Vol. 2 (1980-1983) With Cheap Trick Rarities

A year ago, Real Gone Music collected Cheap Trick rarities into a volume called The Epic Archives, Vol 1 (1975-1979) (here). Needless to say, it was a hot issue and copies sold through. No surprise there. But as a ‘volume x’ inclusion will hint, there has to be a follow-up.

On June 1, the folks at Real Gone Music will revisit Cheap Trick with a second volume of The Epic Archive. The previous volume represented the band from periods 1975-1979. This second volume will represent the band from periods 1980-1983. There will be sixteen tracks doing the heavy lifting in The Epic Archive, Vol 2 (1980-1983). In those sixteen tracks, there will be three from the 1980 Found All The Parts EP, and gifting a collection of live performance tracks, demos, singles, a B-side, pulls from soundtracks, a remix, and others (see list below). One of the songs, “Loser”, recorded in 1980 but written in 1976, is included here in its previously released form as is “If You Want My Love”.

This collection is newly remastered and will include a booklet with rare photos, track by track commentaries, and notes by Carlos, Nielsen, and Petersson. Ken Sharp will add notes as well.

The Epic Archive, Vol 2 (1980-1983) will slot nicely next to the first RGM-issued Volume 1 of the continuing series.

The Epic Archive Vol 2 (1980-1983)Cheap Trick

01. Day Tripper (Live) (EP Version)
02. Such a Good Girl (EP Version)
03. Take Me I’m Yours (EP Version)
04. Oh Boy (Vocal Version)
05. Loser (Demo)
06. The House Is Rockin’ (With
Domestic Problems) (Live at the LA Forum)
07. Way of the World (Live at the LA Forum)
08. World’s Greatest Lover (Single Version)
09. Everything Works If You Let It (Single Version)
10. Reach Out (From Heavy Metal Music from the Motion Picture)
11. I Must Be Dreamin’ (From Heavy Metal Music from the Motion
12. If You Want My Love (Demo)
13. Saturday at Midnight (Super New Dance Re-Mix)
14. Dancing the Night Away (Short Version)
15. Spring Break (From Spring Break Original Soundtrack)
16. Get Ready (B-side)


Mondo Deco, Underappreciated 1976 The Quick Release To Be Remastered and Expanded

Here’s a great piece of news for music obscurists!

When Kim Fowley introduced what would soon become a hit and legends in their own right, The Runaways, it was only a simplistic crossover to do the same with a young boy band. That’s when Fowley assembled The Quick.

The Quick were five talented LA-based lads with an ear to the ground, able to create catchy Pop/Rock tunes. Their only album, Mondo Deco, was released by Mercury Records back in 1976. And while it generated a fair excitement, it wasn’t enough to keep the band going past a three year existence. Nevertheless, through the years, Mondo Deco was an album easily revisited for its good music. And still is.

On June 1, Real Gone Music will release a newly remastered and expanded edition of Mondo Deco. This anticipated reissue represents several things. First and foremost, it is the FIRST time Mondo Deco is being released on CD. Secondly, this reissue of Mondo Deco will contain ten Mercury demos, as well as a bonus previously unreleased outtake from the Mondo Deco sessions.

The welcomed booklet will provide photos, an essay, new notes, and other grand things to cap off of one 2018’s exciting releases.

Thanks, Real Gone Music! I’m vastly excited!

Mondo Deco (Expanded and Remastered) – The Quick

Original Album
01. It Won’t Be Long
02. No No Girl
03. Playtime
04. Hillary
05. Anybody
06. Hi Lo
07. Rag Doll
08. Last In Line
09. My Purgatory Years
10. Don’t You Want It
Mercury Demos
11. No No Girl
12. Teacher’s Pet
13. Hi-Lo
14. Hillary
15. Rag Doll
16. My Purgatory Years
17. It Won’t Be Long
18. Heaven On Earth
19. Born Free
20. Don’t You Want It
Bonus Unreleased Track
21. Anybody (Outtake)

2CD The Essential Eric Anderson Honors The Folk Artist

Eric Anderson is a Folk singer-songwriter who crossed over into the Rock market back in the ’70s by touring with prominent Folk/Rock artists including Bob Dylan. Even so, his start in recorded music is with Vanguard Records back in the mid ’60s. He was a part of the strong and influential Greenwich Village (NYC) back in the ’60s when it was a burgeoning presence. His catalog is extensive with over twenty albums including his popular Columbia classic, Blue River (1972).

On March 30, Real Gone Music will release a 33-track, 2CD The Essential Eric Anderson set. The collection is being drawn from eighteen albums from multiple label affiliations that include Vanguard, Warner Brothers, Columbia, Arista, Appleseed, and others, and will span a period of forty-five years! This set is a collaborative effort with Legacy Recordings. It’s quite nice to see Essential titles returning with classic artists.

All of the songs have been newly remastered. There are new liner notes, and great photos (from Eric Anderson’s collection) for the included booklet.  The song, “Mama Tried” is an unreleased cover take of the Merle Haggard classic, recorded with David Bromberg.

Later in 2018, watch for an Eric Anderson documentary film, The Songpoet.

01. Everything Ain’t Been Said
02. Dusty Box Car Wall
03. (We Were) Foolish Like the Flowers (featuring Bruce Langhorne)
04. Dream to Rimbaud
05. Secrets
06. I Will Wait
07. Waves of Freedom
08. Mama Tried (featuring David Bromberg—previously unreleased)
09. Is It Really Love at All
10. Florentine
11. Blue River (featuring Joni Mitchell)
12. Pearl’s Goodtime Blues
13. Woman, She Was Gentle (featuring Joan Baez and Leon Russell)
14. Moonchild River Song (featuring Dan Fogelberg, Debbie Green
Andersen and Pete Drake)
15. Time Run Like a Freight Train (featuring Dan Fogelberg)
16. Wild Crow Blues (featuring Leon Russell and Pete Drake)

01. The Blues Keep Fallin’ Like the Rain
(featuring Tom Scott and Maria Muldaur)
02. Thirsty Boots (Live at the Bitter End)
03. Close the Door Lightly When You Go
04. Violets of Dawn (Live at the Bitter End)
05. Messiah
06. Belgian Bar
07. Trouble in Paris
08. Hills of Tuscany (featuring Richard Thompson and
Robert Aaron)
09. You Can’t Relive the Past (featuring Lou Reed)
10. Rain Falls Down in Amsterdam
11. Keep This Love Alive
12. Driftin’ Away (featuring Rick Danko)
13. Foghorn
14. Salt on Your Skin (featuring Inge Andersen and
Michele Gakich)
15. Don’t It Make You Wanna Sing the Blues
(Live featuring the Spoonful of Blues Band)
16. Under the Shadows (featuring a duet with Sari Andersen)
17. Plains of Nebrasky-O (Duet with Phil Ochs)


First Two Laura Nyro Albums To Be Reissued In 2CD Mono Set – A Little Magic, A Little Kindness

One of my favorite female singers from the ’60s and ’70s was Laura Nyro. A creator of great music that found more chart action with other bands and singers’ versions than her own, Laura Nyro still commanded a genuine high respect. It always irked me that few knew of her genius. In fact, it is the love I had for Laura Nyro that consistently leads me to female singers like Marissa Nadler, who bears a striking visual resemblance to Ms Laura Nyro.

When labels return to her music, I’m always a bit overjoyed. The news that Real Gone Music will revisit Laura Nyro via Second Disc Records is a great bit of news. It also helps that Second Disc Records is helmed by highly respected friends of mine, Joe Marchese, and Mike Duquette, both who also run The Second Disc website.

The new 2CD album is called A Little Magic, A Little Kindness – The Complete Mono Albums Collection. It will feature two of Nyro’s early albums, More Than A New Discovery (1967), and Eli And the Thirteenth Confession (1968), a distributed promo Mono set. In addition to the original music, there are three bonus tracks which include the uncensored “Stoney End”, and “Eli’s Coming” as the album’s single, and “Save The Country”, the non-LP single.

A Little Magic, A Little Kindness – The Complete Mono Albums Collection is newly remastered for this release. This set will include a 24-page booklet with photos, credits, and a liner notes penned by Joe Marchese.

A Little Magic, A Little Kindness – The Complete Mono Albums CollectionLaura Nyro

CD1 (More Than A New Discovery, Laura Nyro, The First Songs)
1. Goodbye Joe
2. Billy’s Blues
3. And When I Die
4. Stoney End
5. Lazy Susan
6. Hands Off the Man (Flim Flam Man)
7. Wedding Bell Blues
8. Buy and Sell
9. He’s a Runner
10. Blowin’ Away
11. I Never Meant to Hurt You
12. California Shoeshine Boys
Bonus Track
13. Stoney End (Original Single Version with Alternate Lyrics)

CD2 (Eli and the Thirteenth Confession):
1. Luckie
2. Lu
3. Sweet Blindness
4. Poverty Train
5. Lonely Women
6. Eli’s Coming
7. Timer
8. Stoned Soul Picnic
9. Emmie
10. Woman’s Blues
11. Once It Was Alright Now (Farmer Joe)
12. December’s Boudoir
13. The Confession
Bonus Tracks
14. Eli’s Coming (Mono Single Version)
15. Save the Country (Non-LP Single Version)


The Epic Archives Vol. 1 (1975-1979) With Cheap Trick Rarities Expected In April

In the late ’70s, Rock produced a quartet of unusual rockers in Cheap Trick. By the time of their second album, the band had appealed to a fast growing fanbase, which would  get exponentially larger by their live release of At Budokan. In fact, their rise to popularity was world-wide rather than the usual one country fixation that happens to many bands regardless of their country of origin. Also, in a nice twist to the usual stories of premature dismantling, Cheap Trick is STILL touring, STILL recording.

Over the years, Bun E Carlos (currently the one element of the original band that is at odds with the entire unit) had accumulated a treasure chest of recordings and live tapes. Much of the recordings he has archived include outtakes, live tracks, alternate versions of well-known songs, and a collection of demos, all of which show up in an upcoming volume of Cheap Trick essentials.

On April 28, Real Gone Music will release the first volume of collected rarities in The Epic Archives Vol. 1 (1975-1979) for Cheap Trick. And with the track list, it’s readily apparent that it is an essential for Cheap Trick fans. There’s a lot on here, folks. And with a potential following volume, more that we’d be delighted to have.

The album will feature 18 rarities. These include three demos before their Epic Records deal (“Come On, Come On”, “Southern Girls”, and “Taxman, Mr Thief”), two live Whisky performance tracks (“You’re All Talk”, “Goodnight”), and a wealth of excellent treasure pieces (see track-list). The booklet will feature rare photos from the period, while the music found on this Epic Archives set will be newly remastered (Vic Anesini). This will be issued on CD.

Thanks, Real Gone Music!

The Epic Archives Vol. 1 (1975-1979) – Cheap Trick

01. Come On, Come On (Ardent Studios Demo)
02. Southern Girls (Ardent Studios Demo)
03. Taxman, Mr. Thief (Ardent Studios Demo)
04. You’re All Talk (Early Studio Version)
05. I Want You to Want Me (Early Studio Version)
06. Lookout (Studio Version)
07. I Dig Go-Go Girls (Outtake)
08. Oh Boy (Instrumental Version)
09. You’re All Talk (Live at The Whiskey)
10. Goodnight (Live at The Whiskey)
11. Stiff Competition (Alternate Version)
12. Surrender (Alternate Version)
13. Ain’t That a Shame (Live Single Edit)
14. Lookout (previously unreleased alternate version)
15. Dream Police (No Strings Version)
16. Stiff Competition (Live at Budokan
17. How Are You (Live at Budokan
18. Top of the World (Live at Budokan)


Real Gone Music To Release 2CD Collection Of Eddie Money, The Complete Hits And More!

Eddie Money - The Complete Hits And More!Can you imagine the thrill of leaving behind a job for the chase of Rock and Roll fame? And getting it? That’s the pursuit story of Eddie Money, who left behind a job with the police department of NYC for the unlikely dream of becoming a Rock star. And not just any Rock start either. Out of the gate, he achieved multi-platinum success with his debut Columbia Records. He established his career with three strong singles from that 1977 self-titled first album, (“Two Tickets To Paradise”, “Baby, Hold On”, “You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me”). That album was followed up by his equally strong 1978 release, Life For The Taking, which generated “Can’t Keep A Good Man Down”, and “Maybe I’m A Fool” as high charting singles.

Eddie Money began to lose his influence with the release of his third album, Playing For Keeps (1980) but still charted some singles. From his debut through his 1999 studio set, Ready Eddie (he released an album of covers in 2007 amusingly titled Wanna Go Back – don’t we all?!), Eddie Money kept our interest in one level or another of his long career.

On October 7, Real Gone Music will release The Complete Hits And More! It will contain 35 newly remastered tracks that explore the trail of charting songs released by Eddie Money, including the live tracks from his promo-only Livin’ It Up EP. The collection will provide new notes, and added photos in the set’s new booklet.

The Complete Hits And More! – Eddie Money

01 – Two Tickets to Paradise
02 – Baby Hold On
03 – Wanna Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
04 – You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me
05 – Maybe I’m a Fool
06 – Can’t Keep a Good Man Down
07 – Maureen (Livin’ It Up EP – Live)
08 – Rock and Roll the Place (Livin’ It Up EP – Live)
09 – Love The Way You Love Me (Livin’ It Up EP – Live)
10 – Gimme Some Water (Livin’ It Up EP – Live)
11 – Get a Move On (Radio Edit)
12 – Open Up Your Heart
13 – Trinidad
14 – Running Back
15 – Let’s Be Lovers Again
16 – Think I’m in Love
17 – Shakin’
18 – No Control

01 – Where’s the Party?
02 – The Big Crash
03 – Club Michelle
04 – Take Me Home Tonight
05 – I Wanna Go Back
06 – Endless Nights
07 – We Should Be Sleeping
08 – Walk on Water
09 – The Love in Your Eyes
10 – Let Me In
11 – Peace in Our Time
12 – Heaven in the Back Seat
13 – Another Nice Day in L.A.
14 – Fall In Love Again
15 – I’ll Get By
16 – She Takes My Breath Away (Acoustic)
17 – Save a Little Room in Your Heart for Me (Acoustic)


TAPSheet: Release Notes – 04/15/2016

It’s been a while. S0…

Mute Records have a Mick Harvey (Nick Cave) album arriving on June 10. It’s called Delirium Tremens and will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. This album is third in Harvey’s artful interpretations of Serge Gainsbourg. Previously, Harvey had done Intoxicated Man (1995), and Pink Elephants (1997).

Mick Harvey Delirium Tremens

The legendary Alligator Records will release 45th Anniversary Collection featuring 37 songs across 2CDs. On them, you will find Mavis Staples, Koko Taylor, James Cotton, Lee Rocker, Albert Collins, Jimmy Johnson, Elvin Bishop, and a whole lot more. This set will be made available on June 10.

ALCD 127/28
ALCD 127/28

Rhino Records will reissue three The Smiths sets on vinyl 2LP sets scheduling the re-releases for June 7. The titles are The World Won’t Listen (1987, compilation) on 2LPs, Rank (1988, live), and Louder Than Bombs (1987, compilation). These LPs wil featured remastered tracks and will be released on June 7.

The Smiths The World Won't Listen  The Smiths Louder Than Bombs  The Smiths Rank

Eagle Rock Entertainment will release a 2BD edition of Totally Stripped featuring The Rolling Stones. This set features Live From Toshiba-EMI Studio’s, Tokyo, Japan / The Paradiso, Amsterdam / Live From The L’Olympia Bru. It’s on the calendar for June 3. There will also be a DVD set as well as a DVD/CD set.

Concord Records will release a 3-disc set called The Traveling Wilburys Collection on June 3. This Deluxe Edition will offer 2CDs and a DVD. there will also be a 3LP vinyl set.

Real Gone Music have several 2CD sets arriving on June 3. Those will be The New Sounds Of Maynard Fergusen / Come Blow Your Horn – The Complete Cameo Recordings; Air Supply: The Columbia and Arista Years – The Definitive Collection, and Edgar Winter – The Definitive Collection. They also have several other album sets and collections on the calendar for June 3. Those include Loudon Wainwright III – The Atlantic Recordings, Fairport Convention – Live In Finland 1971, Petula Clark: Natural Love – The Scotti Brothers Recordings, and a Paul Butterfield Blues Band live set, Got A Mind To Give Up Living – Live 1966.

  Loudon Wainwright The Atlantic Recordings  Maynard Ferguson Come Blow Your Horn  Petula Clark - Natural Love

Real Gone Music will release several Dick’s Picks volumes from the Grateful Dead vaults. These are Picks Volume 31 – 8/4-5/74 Philadelphia Civic Center and 8/6/78 Roosevelt Stadium, and Volume 25 – 5/10/78 New Haven and 5/11/78 Springfield, MA. Both sets are 4CDs. They are available on June 3.

Grateful Dead - Dicks Picks 25  Grateful Dead Dicks Picks 31

Varese Sarabande will offer The Very Best Of The Happenings on CD for June 3.

Reprise Records will release two Neil Young live concert tour films, Rust Never Sleeps, and Human Highway (The Director’s Cut), both on May 27. Each title will see both DVD and BD (Blu-ray) issues.

Mercury Records have an ICON title coming for Saliva on June 10.

BMG will release the brand new Band Of Skulls album, By Default. This new set is scheduled to street on May 27. It will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Band Of Skulls By Default

Maranatha! Music will release Father’s Heart – Good Good Father on CD and planned for June 3. In addition, the label will offer a 3CD Box on June 3 called Maranatha Praise Band. It will bundle Praise Band 8, 9, and 10.

Maranatha! Music Father's Heart

And finally, Foghat is releasing a new album on June 24. And while I have mixed feelings about this, especially this one, I can understand that this is not a matter of people not getting along. Rather, it is a continuation of an impossible situation. I don’t have to like it. Personally, I’d rather they just had recorded brand new songs instead of re-recording classics for whatever reason was needed to do so. Nevertheless, for those fans who continue on regardless, Under The Influence is on the way. Get the full scoop here.

Foghat Under The Influence



Edgar Winter Career Celebrated With 2CD Collection In June

Edgar Winter The Definitive CollectionReal Gone Music have given us many reasons to appreciate their profound love of music and is about to do it again.

On June 3rd, the label will provide a 2CD collection of selected tracks from the full career of Edgar Winter. From his White Trash band through his Edgar Winter Group phases and including his album with Johnny Winter, they’re all covered here. Those incljude music from all of his album releases with Epic Records and Blue Sky Records. They epitomize the richness of Edgar Winter’s crowd that included Johnny Winter, Dan Hartman, Rick Derringer, and Ronnie Montrose, all stars in their own rights.

The 2CD collection is called The Definitive Collection. All 30 of the songs included are newly remastered. The set will add in a full booklet with new and insightful liner notes, tons of photos and memorabilia, and a complete crediting of all songs. The songs are important as they describe the career of Edgar Winter during the time of his ascendancy…AND, in newly remastered form!

It’ll be in my library, that’s for sure.

The Definitive Collection – Edgar Winter

01 Tobacco Road
02 Entrance
03 Hung Up
04 Where Have You Gone
05 Give It Everything You Got
06 Dying to Live
07 Keep Playin’ That Rock ‘n’ Roll
08 Fly Away
09 You Were My Light
10 Save the Planet (Live)
11 Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo
12 Free Ride
13 Round & Round
14 Alta Mira
15 We All Had a Real Good Time

01 Frankenstein
02 Some Kinda Animal
03 Someone Take My Heart Away
04 Easy Street
05 Animal
06 River’s Risin’
07 Chainsaw
08 Good Shot
09 Hello Mellow
10 Keep On Burnin’
11 Solar Strut Feelin’
12 Rock & Roll Medley (Live)
13 Stickin’ It Out
14 It’s Your Life to Live
15 Tomorrowland


Review: Dave Mason: The Columbia Years – The Definitive Anthology

Dave Mason The Columbia Years The Definitive AnthologyAfter Dave Mason‘s sporadic tenure with Traffic, he gave fans of his voice and songwriting talents a reason to hang around with his solo works. Beginning with his first solo album, he was to gradually build upon his fan base with increasingly popular albums like his debut on Blue Thumb Records. After a time, Mason signed with Columbia Records and recorded seven albums for the label. One of those was the highly successful Let It Flow album, originally issued in 1977. That album provided three hit singles (“Let It Flow”, “So High (Rock Me Baby And Roll Me Away)”, “We Just Disagree”) as well as popular FM favorites (“Seasons”, “Mystic Traveler”).

To consider the greatness of Dave Mason outside his career with Traffic, one would have to take into strong account his works with Columbia Records. To that end, Real Gone Music, a popular compiler of classic songs and albums by neglected artists, has compiled a 30-track anthology of Dave Mason’s work as found on the Columbia label.

What stands out about The Columbia Years – The Definitive Anthology is the excellent selection of every album released on that label. Of course, the hits weren’t ignored, especially from the Let It Flow gem. But I was pleasantly surprised to see “Seasons” included simply because it was a superb track. And those kinds of under appreciated gems tend to get left off such compilations as this one. However, Real Gone has found it right to not ignore the obvious.

Every Columbia album is represented with carefully extracted songs. From the beginning of the Columbia era with It’s Like You Never Left (1973) all the way through the end of it with Old Crest On A New Wave (1980), the archivists at Real Gone Music selected a brilliant collection for inclusion into their 2CD Anthology. For me, there really isn’t a bad Dave Mason track. There may be some that I listen to less than others. I actually even enjoyed his one album tenure with Fleetwood Mac on their 1995 Time album.

Apart from the excellent selection of tracks, there is a rich 24-page booklet. The booklet is of heavy gloss paper giving it a sturdy construction to last a long, long time. In side the booklet is a parade of full-page album covers, an essay that explores each Columbia album in close detail, and two pages of track-listings and full credits. The CDs are stamped with the classic era red Columbia label that featured the circle of the Columbia logo at the outside of the label. Inside the jewel case that houses both CDs, there is a montage of each album and their respective red Columbia labels.

Simply put, this is a welcome anthology for the serious Dave Mason fan. You will not only get the more popular tunes from each album, but you also get the obvious great ones, the ones that were not as anointed as the others. And that what makes me appreciate the work that Real Gone Music does as they reissue excellent albums and anthologize forgotten artist. I have quite a list of my own that I’d love to see them revisit.

Dave Mason: The Columbia Years – The Definitive Anthology is indeed a remastered must have. Pure goodness!


TAPSheet: Vinyl LP Release Notes – 03/29/2016

There are a flurry of upcoming vinyl editions of not only new works but also old classics. With this edition of TAPSheet, I’ll run through a few of the upcoming vinyl editions that are being planned for the upcoming months. While not a complete list, it should help to surprise you on a few that you might have been unaware of that are being prepped for vinyl re-release.

Nonesuch Records plan the 2LP release of The Bright Mississippi, the 2009 release by Allen Toussaint. The vinyl is planned to be reissued on 140g-weight black vinyl. It’s scheduled for June 10. (Note: Rhino Records will be releasing a 2CD set featuring the works of Allen Toussaint called The Complete Warner Recordings. It’s on the calendar for May 13.)

Allen Toussaint The Bright Mississippi

As previously noted, the 6LP (180g-weight color vinyl) Box of The Elektra Years 1978-1987 featuring the classic albums of The Cars , is planned for June 7.

CARS The Elektra Years 1978-1987

The 2005 Regina Spektor set, Soviet Kitsch, is slated for vinyl reissue on May 6. It will contain thirteen tracks.

Regina Spektor Soviet Kitsch

Warner Brothers Music will reissue three Linkin Park titles on vinyl LP scheduling them for May 6. The titles include Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes (2008) on a 2LP set; Reanimation (2002), a remix that will fill 2LPs; and a single LP version of Living Things (2013).

The brand new Beth Orton album, Kidsticks, will be released not only on the expected CD and DD formats, but also vinyl LP scheduled for May 27.

Beth Orton Kidsticks

Warner Brothers will release vinyl LPs for Prince. The first is For You (1978), which is planned for April 26, with the second being Prince (1979), planned for May 24.

Prince For You

Eric Clapton‘s upcoming new album, I Still Do will be released on 2LP in 180g-weight vinyl, cut at 45RPM speed. The LP will offer DD rights via a download card with exclusive passcode. I Still Do is planned for May 20.

Eric Clapton I Still Do

JEMP Records will reissue Hoist, the 1994 classic Phish album, on 180g-weight black vinyl 2LP. It is being scheduled for May 20.

Phish Hoist

Elektra Records will re-release the 2013 remastered vinyl edition 2LP of Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (1987) by The Cure that was exclusive to Record Store Day 2013. This version will differ in that it will be pressed on 180g-weight black vinyl and available without the long line hassles. It’s scheduled for May 13.

Cure Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

Warner Brothers will revisit the 1988 Enya classic, Watermark, along with Shepherd Moons from 1991, and her 1995 set, The Memory Of Trees, with vinyl LP reissues of the best-selling titles.

Enya Watermark

Atlantic Records will release the new album by Adia Victoria on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. The album is called Beyond The Bloodhounds.  The LP edition will include DD rights. It’s planned for May 13. Yes, she’s pretty good.

Adia Victoria Beyond The Bloodhounds

Real Gone Music will offer a remastered translucent green vinyl Limited Edition of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to The Return Of The Living Dead from 1985. This film was a hilarious send-up of zombies that continued on for multiple sequels. “Send More Cops”. But a word of warning to delayers: There will only be 750 available copies. It’s on the market on May 6.

Return Of The Living Dead OMPS

Also from Real Gone Music, a Limited Edition 180g-weight black vinyl press of Cactus, the 1970 debut from Cactus. It’s destined for May 6. There will only be 700 copies made.

Cactus Cactus

Justin Time Records will offer a repress of the 1993 classic debut from Diana Krall of Stepping Out. It’s planned as a 180g-weight 2LP Essentials Collection and will come with a DD download card. It’s planned for May 6.


And finally: For May 3, Elektra will reissue two 10,000 Maniacs titles on vinyl LPs. Those will be Our Time In Eden (1992), and In My Tribe (1987).

10000 Maniacs Our Time In Eden