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New Ray LaMontagne Album Arriving, Part Of The Light

Two years ago, Ray LaMontagne released his sixth album, Ouroboros to critics acclaim. His vocal style and musical presentation is a unique one as his voice and music is heavily reminiscent of a musical era gone by. That is to say that his fame would have been higher in the era of the late ’60s, and early ’70s. His last album displayed a style update and is still a haunting pleasure to listen to.

On May 18, RCA Records will release the latest  Ray LaMontagne album, Part Of The Light. It will offer a list of nine new tracks and if we can judge by the already released song, “Such A Simple Thing”, then it’s pretty easy to say that the acoustic talent and unique voice of Ray LaMontagne will be in full dress for this album.

Part Of The Light will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Part Of The LightRay LaMontagne

01. To the Sea
02. Paper Man
03. Part of the Light
04. It’s Always Been You
05. Let’s Make It Last
06. As Black As Blood Is Blue
07. Such A Simple Thing
08. No Answer Arrives
09. Goodbye Blue Sky

New Ray LaMontagne Album, Ouroboros, Planned For March

Ray LaMontagne arrived in 2004 with the release of his debut album, Trouble. That album provided a jukebox of songs often heard on various television shows. You know, the song you heard and liked without knowing who it was. His wise lyrics and his music to carry them with earned him a fandom that learned to thrive on the songs he created.

Ray LaMontagne OuroborosOver time, Ray LaMontagne released four more excellent studio works that include Til The Sun Turns Black (2006), Gossip In the Grain (2008), God Willin’ And the Creek Don’t Rise (2010), and his last one, Supernova (2014).

On March 4, RCA Records will release his next album, his sixth. The new album is being called Ouroboros. In literature, the term Ouroboros is a Greek entry that means tail devourer. Philosophically, it’s seen as a devouring of self to renew. It has the appearance of being never-ending, a constant in the world of change. In the hands of Ray LaMontagne, the Greek term, its potential meanings, and the concepts it will no doubt have inspired in Ray as he wrote the eight tracks for the album, will provide something that demands to be heard. And with Ray LaMontagne, that’s not a hard thing to do…at all.

Ouroboros is scheduled to arrive on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Ouroboros already has a front-running track available. The song is “Part One – Hey, No Pressure”. The music is great, as expected. I hope you enjoy this song, and its late ’60s Hendrix-styled guitar.