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First Four Alison Moyet Albums Reissued On Vinyl LP

If you’re an Alison Moyet fan , and sill collect vinyl, then this bit of obscure news is definitely for you. As you’re aware, the ’80s was a time of media transition. The CD was punching in, and the LP was fading. Some rising artists go caught within that transition and never saw their new music released on vinyl.  One such artist was the emergent Alison Moyet, who was coming from Yazoo. Her great voice made it easy to go solo.

On October 27, BMG will reissue the first four Moyet titles (Alf – 1984, Raindancing – 1987, Hoodoo – 1991, Essex – 1994) on high grade 180g-weight black vinyl. Each album will contain a printed lyric sheet.

That’s very good news for us!




New Alison Moyet Album, Other, Planned For June

The early ’80s brought us Yazoo, the combined talent of Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode), and the super talented Alison Moyet. After only two albums inside of a year’s time, the pair split. This, of course, proved to be a good thing as Alison Moyet embarked on a solo career that created her two big sellers, Alf (1984), and Raindancing (1987). Both albums produced seven singles between them. Although primarily a UK star, her music was embraced in a smaller fashion in other countries including the US. Over time, Alison Moyet released eight studio sets: four with Columbia Records (Alf – 1984, Raindancing – 1987, Hoodoo – 1991, Essex – 1994), two with UK’s Sanctuary Records (Hometime – 2002, Voice – 2004), one with W14 (The Turn – 2007), and her last with Cooking Vinyl (The Minutes – 2013). In the UK, interest remained throughout her solo career to this day, although not to the degree her first two albums had. But not bad either. Her last album, The Minutes, reached #5 in the UK charts. And I highly respect the UK audience for their diversity.

The good news is that Alison Moyet is back with a new album. It’s being called Other, and is expected to be released on June 16, also by Cooking Vinyl. It will host ten new Moyet tracks. Currently, the title track is available for purchase and streaming (see YouTube video below). Other is being issued on CD, vinyl LP, DD, and Cassette. Other is also bundled with a series of items including prints, signed editions, and numbered vinyl. there are several all-inclusive Super Deluxe bundles as well. You can see all of them (and pre-order) here.

Alison Moyet will be undertaking a world tour in support of Other. Her Chicago date is at Park West on September 19, which may just find me in the audience!! Dates here.


More Alison Moyet 2CD Deluxe Editions Coming (Raindancing, Hoodoo, Essex)

With the recent news that the US market would reissue the debut solo album from Alison Moyet, there has come to light that not just Alf that will be remastered and reissued but her other three Columbia albums would also be reissued. Those will include Raindancing (1987), Hoodoo (1991), and Essex (1994). All of thee mentioned albums will be newly remastered and will include a treasure of bonus tracks that include live cuts, B-sides, 12″ single mixes, demos, and different versions. All albums are being reissued via BMG.

All extended booklets include rare photos, new notes, new interviews with Alison Moyet, and other goodies.

All four Alison Moyet Deluxe Editions can be acquired via the UK Amazon portal or by the Alison Moyet page that leads to Pledge Music (all links inside) accessed here. If missed, my original post on Alf can be read here. It may also be that the US marketplace will soon release these three other Moyet classics.

Raindancing will add in sixteen bonus tracks on the 2CD Deluxe Edition:

alison-moyet-raindancingCD1 (2016 Remaster of Original 1987 Album):
01. Weak in the Presence of Beauty
02. Ordinary Girl
03. You Got Me Wrong
04. Without You
05. Sleep Like Breathing
06. Is This Love?
07. Blow Wind Blow
08. Glorious Love
09. When I Say (No Giveaway)
10. Stay

CD2 (Bonus Tracks):
01. Is This Love? (L.A. Mix)
02. Blow Wind Blow (Long Version)
03. Weak In The Presence of Beauty (Extended Mix)
04. To Work On You
05. Take My Imagination To Bed
06. Ordinary Girl (Remix)
07. Palm Of Your Hand (Cloak & Dagger)
08. Ordinary Girl (Dance Mix)
09. Love Letters
10. This House (Original Mix) (B-side of ‘Love Letters’)
11. Love Letters (Extended Version)
12. The Coventry Carol (From Olympics benefit album ‘A Very Special Christmas’, 1987)
13. Love Resurrection (Live At Wembley Arena, 13th May 1987) (B-side of ‘Sleep Like Breathing’)
14. Ne Me Quitte Pas (Live At Wembley Arena, 13th May 1987) (B-side of 12 inch of ‘Sleep Like Breathing’)
15. You And Me (Previously Unreleased Demo)
16. Let’s Get Personal (With James Brown)

Hoodoo will be bolstered with fourteen bonus tracks that include live sets, demos, 12″ single remixes, and other various pieces:

alison-moyet-hoodooCD1 (2016 Remaster of Original 1991 album):
01. Footsteps
02. It Won’t Be Long
03. This House
04. Rise
05. Wishing You Were Here
06. Hoodoo
07. (Meeting With My) Main Man
08. Back Where I Belong
09. My Right A.R.M.
10. Never Too Late
11. Find Me

CD2 (Bonus Tracks):
01. Take Of Me
02. Back Where I Belong (Polite Mix)
03. Back Where I Belong” (Soft Mix)
04. Come Back Home
05. Hoodoo (Extended Version)
06. Hoodoo (Starlight Dub)
07. Hoodoo (Single Version)
08. Hoodoo (Instrumental)
09. It Won’t Be Long (Live At The Town & Country Club, London, 17th July, 1991)
10. Wishing You Were Here (Live At The Town & Country Club, London, 17th July, 1991)
11. Never Too Late (Live At The Town & Country Club, London, 17th July, 1991)
12. Find Me (Live At The Town & Country Club, London, 17th July, 1991)
13. (Meeting With My) Main Man (Live At The Town & Country Club, London, 17th July, 1991)
14. Dig A Hole (Previously Unreleased Demo)

Finally, Essex will have a its own batch of eighteen bonus tracks that include 12″ remixes, demos, live cuts, single versions, and acoustic versions:

alison-moyet-essexCD1 (2016 Remaster of Original 1994 album):

01. Falling
02. And I Know
03. Whispering Your Name
04. Getting into Something
05. So Am I
06. Satellite
07. Ode to Boy
08. Dorothy
09. Another Living Day
10. Boys Own
11. Take of Me
12. Ode to Boy II
13. Whispering Your Name (Single Mix)
14. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Single Mix)
15. Blue
16. Solid Wood (Single Mix)
17. My Best Day – The Lightning Seeds
18. Make a Change (feat. Alison Moyet) – Nearly God
19. Our Colander Eyes (Single Mix)

CD2 (Bonus Tracks):
01. Falling (Infinitie Dub)
02. It Won’t Be Long (Acoustic)
03. Whispering Your Name (Extended Remix)
04. Whispering Your Name (Remix)
05. Getting Into Something (Midnight Mix)
06. Dorothy (Acoustic)
07. Ne Me Quitte Pas (Acoustic)
08. Never Too Late (Remix) (This one isn’t actually called remix)
09. Never Too Late (Extended Remix)
10. Life In A Hole
11. Rock And Roll (Live At The Mean Fiddler, London, 3rd April, 1992)
12. Sunderland Glynn
13. Beautiful (Previously Unreleased)
14. How Long (Previously Unreleased)
15. Blue (The Essential Mix)This is just the version of Blue on the Essential Alison Moyet album
16. Our Colander Eyes (Pete Glenister Demo) (Previously Unreleased)
17. Blue (Playing The Field Edit)
18. There Are Worse Things I Could Do

(Thanks to Craig J for the heads up!)

Alison Moyet 1985 Debut, Alf, Remastered and Expanded 2CD Edition Planned For December

alison-moyet-alf-2cdAlison Moyet lit the synth-pop world up with her extraordinary 1984 album, Alf. With her strong voice, she once helped Yazoo to achieve a rich connection with the dance-oriented synth audience. After Yazoo gave up the ghost after just a few albums. But as she refused to just lay back, she began a solo career that provided her the right platform to gain her own audience. In 1984, she released her solo debut, Alf. It immediately propelled her to stardom in the UK generating three hit singles. Over the course of her career, she delivered eight solo albums. Her follow-up to Alf, Raindancing, also soared high on the charts and provided her with another multi-platinum album.

On December 2, BMG will reissue Alf as a remastered and expanded 2CD Deluxe Edition. It will add in a CD of bonus tracks that include extended tracks for the dance audience, a form of single that was popular at the time. Other inclusions are remixes, new versions, and two live tracks, fifteen bonus tracks in all. There will also be a DD edition, but no vinyl LP has been mentioned.

The included booklet features photos, a new interview with Alison Moyet, lyrics, notes for each of the album’s original tracks, Alf is a great album from the ’80s! I’m quite excited for this.

Alf – Alison Moyet

CD1 (Original 1985 Album Remastered):
01. Love Resurrection
02. Honey for the Bees
03. For You Only
04. Invisible
05. Steal Me Blind
06. All Cried Out
07. Money Mile
08. Twisting the Knife
09. Where Hides Sleep

CD2 (Bonus Tracks):
01. Love Resurrection (U.S. Long Version; 2016 – Remaster)
02. All Cried Out (The Remix; 2016 – Remaster)
03. Invisible (Extended Version; 2016 – Remaster)
04. For You Only (Extended New Version; 2016 – Remaster)
05. Love Resurrection (Love Injected Mix; 2016 – Remaster)
06. Baby I Do (2016 – Remaster)
07. Invisible (Transparent Mix; 2016 – Remaster)
08. Hitch Hike
09. For You Only (New Version)
10. That Ole Devil Called Love (Remastered Version)
11. Don’t Burn Down the Bridge (2016 – Remaster)
12. That Ole Devil Called Love (Jazz Version; 2016 – Remaster)
13. Don’t Burn Down the Bridge (Extended Version; 2016 – Remaster)
14. Twisting the Knife (Recorded Live at the Dominion Theatre, London, 1985)
15. That Ole Devil Called Love (Recorded Live at the Dominion Theatre, London, 1985)