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Two Wishbone Ash Album Sets Remastered and Expanded For 2018

Wishbone Ash had enjoyed a strong UK following all the way through their Twin Barrels Burning album, which was issued in 1982. It was followed up by 1985’s  Raw To The Bone. Both albums were released on independent labels as MCA had finished with the band after their Number The Brave album from 1981. For many, the band was still hitting on all cylinders even though they had adopted a familiar and saving ’80s metal sound to stay relevant for Raw To The Bone. Twin Barrels Burning still carried the evolved sounds from Number The Brave and is more reminiscent of the earlier band than Raw To The Bone is. Regardless, Wishbone Ash, admirably helmed by Andy Powell, eventually struggled to maintain an existence with multiple lineups that included the original four for IRS Records (Nouveau Calls – 1987, Hear To Hear – 1989).

Twin Barrels Burning, and Raw To The Bone both disappeared to relative obscurity, forgotten to time, if not for devoted fans, then to the changing times.

On the 19th of December, PledgeMusic will release in limited numbers both classic Wishbone Ash albums in newly remastered and amply expanded editions. After this, Cherry Red Records will be releasing these to the marketplace on wider release, planned for February 2 of 2018. All issues are from the UK and will need importation to the US.

Twin Barrels Burning will be issued in a 2CD package. Not only is the original music remastered, there will be inclusion of three sessions outtakes (“Cat And Dog Fight”, “Go For The Gold”, “Night Hawker”), and the desired American remixes of the original UK album in re-sequenced manner.

Raw To The Bone will also be issued in a 2CD package. The original CD will include the original ten-track album, with the add of five bonus tracks, one from the original 1985 sessions (“She’s Still Alive”), and four from a subsequent 1986 recording session (“Apocalypso”, “Valley of Tears”, “Nkomo”, “Talk To Me”). The added CD will include eight live performance tracks, four from The Friday Rock Show (“Long Live The Night”, “Cell of Fame”, “Love In Blue”, “People In Motion”), and four Live At Hammersmith broadcast from BBC radio (“Living Proof”, “Cell of Fame”, “The King Will Come”, “Blowin’ Free”).

Both titles will also be made available on picture disc vinyl, and two 2CD set bundles via Pledge Music (here).

Suzi Quatro To Release New Remastering Of Hits With The Best Of Suzi Quatro: Legend

Suzi Quatro is a kind of interesting success story. Being unable to find a success in the US, she went in search of it within the birders of the UK. It was there where she found the elusive goal. Her professional ‘discovery’ was with Mickie Most, whose work with The Animals and Herman’s Hermits produced excellent results. From there, it was a short but wild ride for the singer. Her single with Chris Norman (Smokie), “Stumblin’ In” gave her her widest hit. Of course, Suzi was full of great pop/rock tunes since her first UK hit, “Can The Can”.

Over time, Suzi released over ten studio efforts. Of those, seven were in her glory years of fame. Afterwards, Suzi went into an envied legacy where she exists today. Music fans from back then still like what she created and played. It’s why she features in over fifteen compilation sets. If you’re a Quatro fan, then it’s no doubt you that you own at least one of them.

On September 22, Suzi Quatro, in conjunction with Chrysalis Records, and PledgeMusic, will release a 20-track compilation selected by Suzi Quatro herself. In addition to the personalized choices of the set, the music will be newly remastered. The remastering is done from the original 1/4″ stereo tapes. The extensive ‘best of’ will be called The Best Of Suzi Quatro: Legend.

The offerings include CD in a six-panel digipak, both MP3 and WAV DD availability, a signed 2LP vinyl set with DD rights, and (unsigned) 2LP vinyl set with Digital Download rights. The vinyl LPs will be pressed on Gold-colored vinyl.

If you choose to order directly from the PledgeMusic site, here’s the access link. There are still 70 days before the project closes.

The Best Of Suzi Quatro: Legend – Suzi Quatro

01. Can The Can
02. Shine My Machine
03. 48 Crash
04. Skin Tight Skin
05. Daytona Demon
06. Devil Gate Drive
07. The Wild One (Single Version)
08. Cat Size
09. Too Big
10. Michael
11. Half As Much As Me
12. Stumblin’ In
13. If You Can’t Give Me Love
14. Suicide
15. Wiser Than You
16. She’s In Love With You
17. Hollywood
18. 15 Minutes Of Fame
19. Free The Butterfly
20. Dancing In The Wind


New Cheap Trick Album, We’re All Alright, To Be Released In June

Cheap Trick has never been one to rest musically. They are relentless in their dedication to their original intent. Make the best music, put on the best shows, and enjoy the best effects. And they’re still doing it all these years later. I will admit to only being super fond of their debut album, with the rest interesting. But it is the debut I always replay. Nevertheless…

Cheap Trick, like many artists these days, have gone to Pledge Music as the monetizing means to produce and release new albums. They have a brand new album coming down the road. The album is called We’re All Alright. It follows up last year’s Bang Zoom Crazy Hello (released early April, 2016). We’re All Alright will be distributed via Big Machine Records.

We’re All Alright will offer ten tracks, but throw in three bonus tunes on the Deluxe Edition CD. If you hit the PledgeMusic website (here), you can get in on a lot of various bundles for this new album including vinyl mats. tees, and other assorted goodies. You can preview a track of the new album below.

There will be an LP edition that will be delayed until August 18. The CD and DD Editions (all of ’em) will be released on June 16.


New Marillion Album, FEAR, Set For September

Marillion FEARMarillion has been a solid fixture in music since the early ’80s. From their first album, Script For A Jester’s Tear (1983) until their last, Sounds That Can’t Be Made (2012), the band has produced a stunning array of music over their eighteen studio sets, including the two volume Happiness Is The Road from 2008. But, for a fan, even four years is too long a wait for new music.

On September 23, Marillion will release their next album entitled FEAR (or Fuck Everyone And Run or F*** Everyone And Run), As in usual Marillion manner, the album, and the songs contained therein, look closely at the world and its present brand of grief including the modern day attack of capitalism (“New Kings”), and politics (“El Dorado”). The new album will feature five new tracks, three in multi-parts (“The New Kings”, “El Dorado”, “The Leavers”, “White Paper”, “Living In FEAR”).

FEAR was financed though the PledgeMusic platform that has become a de facto standard for many established bands to avoid a contracted situation with a major label. With finished music, they merely need to contract for sales muscle from any established label. In this case, it’s earMUSIC, who will oversee the distribution of the finished album.

The album will be available as CD, DD, a first edition only SACD, and vinyl LP. (But you should see what was available during their financing run with PledgeMusic!)

Currently, the band is involved in a massive supporting tour that will take them to many places.

FEAR – Marillion

01. El Dorado (i) Long – Shadowed Sun
02. El Dorado (ii) The Gold
03. El Dorado (iii) Demolished Lives
04. El Dorado (iv) FEAR
05. El Dorado (v) The Grandchildren of Apes
06. Living in FEAR
07. The Leavers (i) Wake Up in Music
08. The Leavers (ii) The Remainers
09. The Leavers (iii) Vapour Trails in the Sky
10. The Leavers (iv) The Jumble of Days
11. The Leavers (v) One Tonight
12. White Paper
13. The New Kings (i) Fuck Everyone and Run
14. The New Kings (ii) Russia’s Locked Doors
15. The New Kings (iii) A Scary Sky
16. The New Kings (iv) Why Is Nothing Ever True?
17. The Leavers (vi) Tomorrow’s New Country


Slade Vinyl Set, When Slade Rocked the World 1971-1975, In November

Slade When Slade Rocked The WorldSlade rocked the ’70s like nobody’s fool. Of course, they weren’t everybody’s cup of tea (but who was?). Needless to say, much of the UK were fans, helping to propel Slade singles right to the top of the UK charts, one right after the other. In the US, they were enjoyed by a dedicated group of fans. I was one of them. So, my ears always perk up when I read about a Slade reissue or box.

This particular boxed set is a little different than just being underwritten by labels. This Box is a fan-financed project being organized by Salvo Records in the UK. As such, fans of the US, Canada, and Japan are unable to acquire a box, largely due to original label licensing and requirements (what a muddied water licensing is). HOWEVER, there seems to be alternatives as SpinCD (UK) has listed them as an accessible set to pre-order on their website (here).

On November 27, Salvo Records will make their When Slade Rocked The World 1971-1975 vinyl Box available. Here’s what to expect for the set (and it looks great):

• 4 x vinyl LPs (Slade Alive!, Slayed?, Old New Borrowed and Blue,(Stomp Your Hands, Clap Your Feet in the US) and Slade In Flame) reproduced in their original sleeves, remastered for optimum sound and pressed on 180g-weight colored vinyl (see track listings below)

• 4 x double sided picture sleeve singles covering the key hits released outside of the key albums –

‘Coz I Love You’ / ‘Look Wot You Dun’
‘Take Me Bak ‘Ome‘ / ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’
‘Skweeze Me Pleeze Me’ / ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’
‘The Bangin’ Man’ / ‘Thanks For The Memory’

• 2 CD collection of the audio on the four vinyl LPs (Slade Alive!, Slayed?, Old New Borrowed and Blue and Slade In Flame)

• Reproduction of an original vinyl flexidisc, Slade Talk To ‘19’ Readers

• 10” annual style hardback book featuring reviews, features and memorabilia from each of the key years along with an introduction by Mark Ellen

• Reproduction of George Tremlett’s excellent 1975 Slade book The Slade Story including period interviews with all four band members and a chronology of tour and release dates up to the time of its publication.

• All presented in a sturdy 12” box with foam fitment

Fans, keep your fingers tightly crossed that you’re able to secure a set for your own library.

Slade When Slade Rocked The World Box