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Black Mountain Celebrate 10th Anniversary Of Debut With Deluxe Edition In June

Black Mountain Black Mountain 10th Anniversary Deluxe EditionBlack Mountain, a Vancouver, BC band with a brilliant retro sound not unlike the heavy rock of the late ’60s, early ’70s, formed back in 2004. Formed with Stephen McBean, the excellent vocals of Amber Webber, and admirably rounded out by Matt Camarind, Jeremy Schmidt, and Joshua Wells, Black Mountain gave us an updated stoner rock sound that satisfied the music lover in a lot of us. (In the off times, Stephen McBean records with Pink Mountaintops, while Amber Webber and Joshua Wells create with Lightning Dust.) Their first album was the excellent self-titled Black Mountain album. Before it, the band offered up Druganaut, an EP of four tracks that featured an extended version of the title track, “Druganaut”, a modified version of which is found on the first full-length album.

Since the release of that first album, Black Mountain has gained a sizable fanbase. Their debut was followed up by the even more memorable, In The Future, in 2008, and book-ended by their equally memorable Wilderness Heart, issued in 2010. With 2015 well under way, I’d say that we’re anxiously awaiting a new Black Mountain album. However…

In our wait, it has been announced that their label, Jagjaguwar Records, will reissue the Black Mountain debut as a 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition. Planned for June 23, this 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition will come lavishly expanded with eight bonus tracks from the original sessions. That efficiently reels me in!

Planned is the inclusion of the Druganaut EP with three of its original tracks, a UK Radio Edit of “No Satisfaction”, and four previously unreleased tunes that include “Behind The Fall”, “It Wasn’t Arson”, and two demo tracks, “Set Us Free”, and “Black Mountain” (see complete track list below).

In its release, Black Mountain – 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition will be issued on 2CD, DD, and a Limited Edition 2LP set with standard black vinyl, and a limited edition grey vinyl. The gatefold jacket of the 2LP will contain foil printing, as will the 2CD set.

Black Mountain LP

Black Mountain – Black Mountain
(10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) 2LP Track-List
(The 2CD follows the same sequence order)
1. Modern Music (2:45)
2. Don’t Run Our Hearts Around (6:04)
3. Druganaut (3:48)
4. No Satisfaction (3:48)
5. Set Us Free (6:46)
6. No Hits (6:45)
7. Heart Of Snow (8:00)
8. Faulty Times (8:35)
9. Druganaut (Extended Remix) (8:15)
10. Buffalo Swan (9:08)
11. Bicycle Man (3:21)
12. Behind The Fall (3:01)
13. Set Us Free (Demo) (5:56)
14. Black Mountain (Demo) (3:27)
15. No Satisfaction (UK Radio) (4:25)
16. It Wasn’t Arson (4:42)

The band has a tour schedule up with US stops in Chicago, and Bellingham (WA). Complete tour stops below:

[All tickets at http://bit.ly/blackmountain_tour]
5/30 Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle
6/04 Bellingham, WA – The Shakedown w/ Elephant Stone
6/06 Vancouver, BC- Levitation Vancouver – Malkin Bowl
6/10 London, UK – 100 Club
6/11 Paris, FR – Maroquinerie
6/12 Brussels, BE – Botanique
6/13 Luzern, CH – B-Sides Festival
6/14 Vienna, AT – Arena
6/15 Zagreb, HR – KSET
6/16 Ljubljana, SI – Menzi Pri Koritu
6/17 Milano, IT – Magnolia Summer Festival
6/19 Vitoria-Gasteiz, ES – Azkena Rock Festival
6/21 Hilvarenbeek, NL – Best Kept Secret
7/15 Ottawa, ON – Ottawa Blues fest

Review: Get Back – Pink Mountaintops

These days, it’s hard to tell which band of his Stephen McBean favors most.  While the more appropriate answer would likely be “none and all”, it is interesting that it has been more than three years since the release of Wilderness Heart, the 2010 album from his Black Mountain band.  However, to be fair, it had been almost five years since his Pink Mountaintops released their latest, Get Back. And while many of us wait patiently for a new Black MountainPinkMountaintops Get Back album, as many of us are pleased to have Get Back.

For the uninitiated, Stephen McBean is the primary individual behind both projects. It is his song-writing and interests that fuels both bands. And while Black Mountain is largely a solid group of core musicians (that Amber Webber…what a voice!), Pink Mountaintops is the “side?” project that allows him much more control to explore his music, that which is in his best interests at  the time. And certainly Get Back gives us that.

Get Back can best be explained as a smorgasbord of songs that range in styles. From the strange and frenetic “North Hollywood Microwaves”, a song that centers in on unusual elements of sex, to the fascinating Black Mountain-like “Sell Your Soul”, a song that lights up the sky with its own set of fireworks, to the psychedelic rock style of “The Last Dance”, it’s clear that Get Back is an album of a solid Rock and Roll base, reminiscent of decades past. The fact that it is McBean’s work put to quality songs by a long list of  invitees makes it just that much more fun to enjoy.

Of course, some songs may take you a bit longer to attach to, while others are instant loves from the first play. The fact remains, not only is Steve McBean an important part of our current musical landscape (and should be more appreciated), but with Pink Mountaintops to allow his more creative side, Black Mountain may have the longevity it requires.  I just hope that we get more frequent releases from both sides.

Truth is, Stephen McBean, in the guises of Black Mountain, and his more personal Pink Mountaintops project, is the real deal.

–Matt Rowe

Release Date: April 29, 2014
Label: Jagjaguwar Records

Availability: CD, DD, LP

[Note: If you haven’t the single notion of who Black Mountain is, let me direct you to In the Future (2008). If you are equally unaware of Pink Mountaintops, start with this new album.]

New Pink Mountaintops Album, Get Back, To Release In April

PinkMountaintops Get BackIf you like psych band, Black Mountain, who hails from Vancouver, then you may already be aware that it has side projects galore.  One of them involves the always beautiful, and vocally gorgeous Amber Webber, as well as Joshua Wells, both mainstays in Black Mountain.  Their band is called Lightning Dust.  Recently in 2013, they release an album called after a few previous issues dating back to their debut in 2007. That album, Fantasy, was an excellent set with the band’s “Diamond” kicking off a new style of music adopted for the new album.

But Black Mountain also has, at its core, a talented musician by the name of Sean McBean.  When he’s not driving the main vehicle, he has a side project himself by the name of Pink Mountaintops. And I have to say, that band is no slouch either when it comes to challenging songs.  And much like Black Mountain (who is due for a new release over the next year or so), Pink Mountaintops can create great music.

On April 29th, Jagjaguwar Records (an awesome label…really!) will release the new Pink Mountaintops album.  The new album is called Get Back.  Already, it has released a forerunner song with “Ambulance City”, which can be viewed below in their video for the track.

If you haven’t heard of Black Mountain, Pink Mountaintops, or even Lightning Dust, I beg you to remedy that so that you can make your own decisions on whether or not they will suit you.  Bear in mind that there are differences in all three bands.  Lightning Dust is synth-oriented, Black Mountain employs a psychedelic-era stoner sound, and Pink Mountaintops is more straight forward rock and roll.

The new album will issue on CD, DD, and LP.  The vinyl will offer DD rights with its purchase.  There will also be a bundle packaging their CD and LP that will include an 11″x17″ poster, and a custom limited edition embroidered patch featuring the Pink Mountaintops logo.  If you pre-order the CD. LP, or the bundle, you will get access to the entire album in a zip file containing 320kbps mp3s of the entire album. Better yet, the files will be distributed a full two weeks (April 15) before the actual release date of the ten track album.

I really have April 29th on my calendar!