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Ignored Albums: Thoughts On Patti Smith Post-Horses Classics

It is as if Patti Smith never made an album beyond Horses. In 2005, Legacy produced a newly remastered Legacy Edition of Horses for the fans of the punk poetess. And there it ended.

Radio Ethiopia followed Horses in 1976. Critics were fairly united in their (unfair) criticism of the album. For me, I appreciated her trying to expand on Horses with excellent tunes like “Ask the Angels”, “Pissing In A River”, and the long but enjoyable title track. Nevertheless, the album didn’t do as well as it was hoped it would. She followed it up with the commercially appreciated Easter. It was filled with excellence like the shared authorship of “Because The Night” (Springsteen), and the album’s other classic songs.

In 1979, Patti Smith released another classic, Wave. It had a great version of “So You Wanna Be A Rock N Roll Star”, as well as “Frederick”, “Dancing Barefoot”, “Wave”, “Hymn” and the rest of the album.

Then Patti dropped from sight until nine years later when she released Dream Of Life in 1988. From there, it’s a fairly steady stream of excellence (in my book) until after Banga (2012), in which she stopped releasing albums.

I get that anything after Wave will have to remain a casual interest forever for fans. For nine important years, she had effectively let the prime music years of her life dissipate before returning with a different Patti on Dream of Life. So, ok.

But those next three albums after Horses are still there.


I’m somewhat shocked that there aren’t remastered Anniversary Editions for those three. With 2017 rapidly drawing to an close and the 40th Anniversary passed on Radio Ethiopia, there is still 2018 for Easter, and 2019 for Wave.

I certainly hope I’m not disappointed. But it’s likely I will be.



I Need A New Album From Patti Smith

When Patti Smith released her ground-breaking Horses album back in 1975, I was in love. Not only with Horses and every incredible song on it, but also with her. Needless to say, I picked up every album she has released since then including her covers set, twelve (2007). The only album that didn’t thrill me as much as anytbing else she’s made was Dream of Life. (These days, I’ve come to appreciate it more as we’re in a PS drought.) For some reason it didn’t resonate with me as much as her previous albums had, or anything since.

And now it’s been five years since Banga. I know that’s slightly over the halfway mark between Dream of Life, and her powerful Gone Again album. That expanse represents eight years of hibernation of one of our great artists!

The other day I was listening to Outside Society, her 2011 retrospective (not perfectly compiled). It was then that I realized that we’re without some Patti Smith. Like a junkie, I began to seriously miss what I could/should be hearing.

During her ascension, I saw her several times in concert. One time was at Park West. She was delayed at the start time. I sat at a table up close. I certainly didn’t want to miss her introduction but nature was calling hard. So, I chanced a quick run. It would become a lucky chance.

While doing my business, she walked into the restroom, apologized to the occupants, and moved into a stall. Stunt, of course, but I loved it. I waited at the door until she came out and touched a hero (to me) as she walked past. So, one of my tales of closeness to an artist I loved.

It’s time for Patti to issue another album. I need it. I recognize the need of retirement. I do. But I also recognize my need to be intellectually stimulated. With her kind of artistic delivery, a new Patti Smith album would be welcomed, indeed!


U2 – INNOCENCE +eXPERIENCE – Live In Paris Planned For June

PrintAs expected, once the U2 machinery got up to speed, the video and audio from their Paris appearance (original appearance was disrupted by the November tragedy) would become commercially available.

That happens on June 10. The December shows are planned for Blu-ray (BD), DVD, 2DVD, and a 2DVD/BD Super Deluxe Box with lots of extras. The set is being called INNOCENCE +eXPERIENCE – Live in Paris.

The overview of the video is a 2 and a half hour film with 30 performance tracks including the appearance by Eagles Of Death Metal.

The DVD will be limited to just those performances. The 2DVD set will offer an additional 15 performance tracks, and will feature the Patti Smith performance as well as Gavin Friday’s guide to “Cedarwood Road”. There will also be a ‘behind the scenes’ documentary filmed by the director, Hamish Hamilton. Additionally, the bonus DVD will contain several on-stage tour films, and some music videos.

The BD will contain all of the content found over the two DVD offerings.

The Super Deluxe Box will bundle both the 2DVD set and the BD together. But the Super Deluxe Box goes beyond (of course!) with the addition of an exclusive USB lightbulb, 64-page page hard-bound book, individually numbered dog tags, stencil set, postcard set, sticker set, and pin badges (I resisted the line from Blazing Saddles).

U2 Super Deluxe Box

The set will also be made available as a video download.

Pre-order here.


TAPSheet: Release Notes – 04/17/2015

Curb Records will release several 2CD collections in a series titled 35 Biggest Hits. There will be one for Tim McGraw, and one for Hank Williams Jr. Both are expected on June 16.

Friday Music will be issuing a Limited Edition 180g vinyl upgrade for classic Al Stewart Arista debut, Time Passages on June 9. The album jacket will be gatefold.

Sonic Boom Records will release a chronicling 21-track CD featuring live radio broadcast recordings from The Cramps. The CD will be called Coast To Coast. It is planned for June 9.

Cramps Coast To Coast

For other LP reissues, look to Rhino and Parlophone, who will re-release a 180g vinyl version of Thick As A Brick by Jethro Tull on June 9.

Grateful Dead Productions will release a 2LP set of The Best Of The Grateful Dead: 1967-1977, on June 9. On the same date, the two labels will join to release a 180g vinyl edition of Fisherman’s Blues by The Waterboys. This Is The Sea (The Waterboys) is slated sooner on May 19.

Anti Records will release a Limited Edition 10″ vinyl edition of the new Mavis Staples set, Your Good Fortune, on June 9.

Mavis Staples Your Good Fortune


Frontiers Records have Indestructible by House of Lords coming on June 9.

Sharon Van Etten I Don't Want To Let You Down

Jagjaguwar Records have a 5-track Sharon Van Etten EP slated for June 9. The EP, called  will contain four songs, and a live version of “Tell Me” (demo’d on Tramp -2012), will be called I Don’t Want To Let You Down. Good news, indeed! Planned for CD, DD, and vinyl.

Also on June 9, Chrome Dreams will release a 2DVD set featuring Patti Smith from the formative NYC years. The set is called Hell Hath No Fury. Seems like a ‘must view’ set of films.

Patti Smith Hell Hath No Fury 2DVD


Rhino Records will release Jeff Beck Live + on May 4 on CD form. The live cuts here were taken from performances in 2014. The album will include two studio songs as well.

Next week, Rockbeat Records will release Irishman In New York, a 2CD Live set from 1979 featuring one of the greatest Rock guitarists in our history, Rory Gallagher. It’s planned for April 28.

Rory Gallagher Irishman In New York

Nonesuch Records will release The Traveling Kind by Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell on May 12.

And if you’re intrigued by the thought of a blend of old school dance disco, jazz, and Top 40, then this girl, Roisin Murphy might do the trick. I have to say that she can put it together. Her newest album, her first in eight years, Hairless Toys, is planned for May 12.

Roisin Murphy Hairless Toys

And DO NOT forget that the long awaited audio upgrade of Emerson, Lake, & Palmer‘s classic, Trilogy, is scheduled for May 5.

ELP Trilogy


Poll: Best Female Artists of This Time Worthy Of Remembrance

Florence WelchPoll time again!

We have so many female artists that have legitimately gained our love and respect. A look through the ’60s, we have Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Laura Nyro, Barbra Streisand, while the ’70s plump up with even more.  For the ’70s, there are Carly Simon, Bette Midler, Helen Reddy, Karen Carpenter, Linda Ronstadt, Carole King, Patti Smith, and a whole bunch more.  The ’80s delivered Kate Bush, Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks, to name a few. Even the ’90s had a few icons. Those were Toni Childs, Fiona Apple, Alanis Morrissette, Sarah Maclachlan, and a few others. The interesting thing is that the ’90s produced female artists that are not as memorable as the previous decades (for many).

My poll question is this? Which female artists of the current generation, or since 2000, should be remembered as being extraordinary for their time. I have a few.

My list includes Florence Welch, Lykke Li, St. Vincent (Annie Clark), and Amy Winehouse and Adele (for different reasons). If we forego the usual Pop icons ( I have), we can safely eliminate artists like Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, and others of their kind.

So, what are your choices of era 2000- now artists that should be remembered decades from now?

Lykke Li

Newly Released CD, Depravity, Features Patti Smith Live During Her Most Important Period

Patti Smith DepravityAlthough the foundation of The Patti Smith Group was formed many years before the band actually formed, their coming together at their assigned time was monumental.  At the forefront of the punk movement, Patti Smith gave voice to not only her many concerns and ruminations, but also the thoughts and concerns of the people who would listen to her music and words.

Patti Smith was signed to Arista Records by label head, Clive Davis, as that label began its short-lived run of importance. Their first album, Horses, would become a classic, setting the stage for even those considered to be her peers at the time.  With time spent at CBGB’s, the venue that would introduce most of the important bands of that time to the world, and especially to the denizens of beautiful and timeless New York City, Patti Smith supplied a power that was unmatched.

What is important for you to know, is that Patti Smith was at her best at the beginning of her career. Although she produced many albums of power over her career to date, it was the period that begat Horses that made the most impact. Even more fiery were her legendary concert appearances. In NYC, her home of choice, there are many stories of her many shows. One of them is the May 28, 1975 radio broadcast via WBAI (99.5FM).

On that show, the band performed eleven tracks. And while some of those tracks made it onto Horses, there was also “Space Monkey”, a song that didn’t get released until Easter, Patti Smith’s third album from 1978. Nevertheless, the broadcast show is considered one of the best recorded sets in her early career.

On May 12, the UK-based Applebush Records released a fine remembrance of that historic radio broadcast called Depravity. Along with two bonus tracks that include picks from a 1975 Central Park show, “Piss Factory” (a classic independently released pre-Horses b-side single to the excellent “Hey Joe” song ), and “Horses”, Depravity is a well-rounded set of that period. The set is beautifully designed as you can tell by the package photo below, and the brilliant cover art above.

If you’re a fan of Patti Smith, especially during the most fiery point in her career, then Depravity is an ALL CAPITALIZED ‘must-own’ set that Legacy should have issued under their own label.