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Porcupine Tree Reissues Arriving Somewhere on 2CD/BD Deluxe Edition

Steve Wilson started the Porcupine Tree band back in the late ’80s to help further his vast musical mindsets.  By the ’90s, Porcupine Tree was more fully realized as a band with members helping to collectively create the music that we, as fans, have come to fervently enjoy. Signing to Lava Records, a division of Atlantic Records, Porcupine Tree released 5.1 versions of In Absentia (2002), and Deadwing (2005).

In 2005, Porcupine Tree toured the release of Deadwing to an adoring audience. It was their Park West show (October 11, 12, 2005) in Chicago that was filmed for the eventual DVD release. This became known as Arriving Somewhere. It was made available in downloadable audio formats as well but was never released outside the confines of the DVD and DD realms.

On March 23, KSCOPE will reissue a 2CD/BD edition of Arriving Somewhere. This will be the title’s first appearance on CD AND Blu-ray (BD). And it’s quite a package sure to please all fans of Porcupine Tree. In addition to the audio and film, a 24-page booklet will be included. The discs and booklet (along with a postcard until depleted) will be housed in a media book package.

The BD will provide the filmed set in 5.1 Surround, and will be the same show as previously seen on the DVD, just better quality. The adds to the Blu-ray will include live performances from Rockpalast of “Radioactive Toy” and “Futile”, projections of “Start of Something Beautiful”, “Halo”, and “Mother and Child Divided”, a video of “”Lazarus”, Gavin Harrison’s “Cymbal Song” video, and a photo gallery. Again, this is the same content as provided on the DVD package originally.

As an additional bonus to the BD, the audio will be provided as DTS-HD Master Audio, PCM Surround, and the 2006 Stereo PCM master mixed by Darcy Proper.

Arriving SomewherePorcupine Tree

CD1 (Live at Park West, Chicago, October 2005):
01. Revenant
02. Open Car
03. Blackest Eyes
04. Lazarus 05. Hatesong
06. Don’t Hate Me
07. Mother And Child Divided
08. Buying New Soul
09. So Called Friend

CD2 (Live at Park West, Chicago, October 2005):
01. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
02. Heartattack In A Layby
03. Start Of Something Beautiful
04. Halo
05. The Sound Of Muzak
06. Even Less
07. Trains
08. End Credits (Mother And Child Divided)

BD (Live at Park West, Chicago, October 2005 5.1 Surround Mix):
01. Revenant
02. Open Car
03. Blackest Eyes
04. Lazarus
05. Hatesong
06. Don’t Hate Me
07. Mother And Child Divided
08. Buying New Soul
09. So Called Friend
10. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
11. Heartattack In A Layby
12. Start Of Something Beautiful
13. Halo
14. The Sound Of Muzak
15. Even Less
16. Trains
17. End Credits (Mother And Child Divided)

Bonus Materials (see body of text for details)


Upcoming UK 2CD Live Set Of Two Lou Reed Shows During 1978 Street Hassle Tour, Waltzing Matilda

Lou Reed Waltzing Matilda (Love Has Gone Away)Lou Reed fans have been wondering when we’d start to get some nice Lou Reed product. Now with the arrival in October of the Legacy Recordings box, we can appreciatively look for other, more obscure Lou Reed content in the music sphere. One such new offering is the upcoming Waltzing Matilda (Love Has Gone Away). It will highlight several dates from Lou Reed’s awesome 1978 tour in support of his masterpiece (one of his masterpieces), Street Hassle, released via Arista Records back in early 1978.

(I saw this tour in Chicago at Park West. Lou Reed’s set was supported by Ian Dury & The Blockheads. I’m a tad disappointed that none of those performance tracks made it onto this set. There were two performances the night I was there, April 14, second show.)

Waltzing Matilda (love has gone away) is a sixteen-track, 2CD Live collection culled from two shows that include San Francisco (March 22 – Old Waldorf Theatre), and Cleveland (April 26 -Music Hall) (see track-list for the selections from each locale). The album will feature a twelve-page booklet with liner notes and photos. The CDs will be housed in a deluxe packaging.

Waltzing Matilda will be released on July 22 via the UK label, Easy Action Records. And yes, I’m quite excited to have this one. This set completes an intended trilogy of Lou Reed releases that were planned by Easy Action Records. The first two are: American Poet Live (1CD Live in New York – 1972), and Lou Reed: Thinking Of Another Place (2CD Rock and Roll Heart tour set).

Waltzing Matilda (love has gone away)

CD1: Cleveland Music Hall – April 26, 1978
01 – Gimme Some Good Times (Cleveland 1978) – 2:51
02 – Satellite Of Love (Cleveland 1978) – 6:37
03 – Leave Me Alone medley (Cleveland 1978) – 8:24
04 – I Wanna Be Black (Cleveland 1978) – 5:01
05 – Walk On The Wild Side (Cleveland 1978) – 4:36
06 – Coney Island Baby (Cleveland 1978) – 4:39
07 – Street Hassle (Cleveland 1978) – 12:50
08 – Sweet Jane (Cleveland 1978) – 4:47
09 – Rock N Roll (Cleveland 1978) – 5:20

CD2: Old Waldorf Theatre – March 22, 1978
10 – Gimme Some Good Times (San Francisco 1978) -3:20
11 – Satellite Of Love (San Francisco 1978) – 6:42
12 – Leave Me Alone medley (San Francisco 1978) – 13:32
13 – Lisa Says (San Francisco 1978) – 7:10
14 – Coney Island Baby (San Francisco 1978) – 9:38
15 – Sweet Jane (San Francisco 1978) – 4:07
16 – Rock N Roll (San Francisco 1978) – 7:29


Review: Stay Gold – First Aid Kit

FirstAidKit Stay GoldFirst Aid Kit, or, as most people know, the sister duo from Sweden who has been making some waves these days, have their latest album on the calendar. Stay Gold follows the band’s immensely popular The Lion’s Roar from 2012. The Lion’s Roar has “Emmylou”, the band’s biggest hit. that song is easily a deserving attention-getter. You don’t even have to know the band to be attracted to the song when you first hear it. it just has that charm.

Scheduled for June 10, Stay Gold is the band’s first foray on a major label. The album is tied to Columbia Records, which means that it will get plenty of distribution muscle, although really, that’s not as important too much any more. I picked up my copy on June 4 at the band’s show at Park West in Chicago.  Previous to that, First Aid Kit had streamed the entire ten-track album via NPR Radio.

On first listen, the beauty and near perfection of The Lion’s Roar interferes with the ten tracks on Stay Gold. But not for long. Stay Gold is a photo-finish to The Lion’s Roar that could even surpass it once the music from The Lion’s Roar clears out. Stay Gold brings a deeper richness to their song-writing talent. Their ages dictate that they should be writing songs about being a youngster in this grand world of ours. But they opt to introspectively look at the themes of loss, sadness, departure, and other such mature topics. With the magic of their music, they approach those themes with class and depth.

The pre-release single, “My Silver Lining” is great. It has radio written all over it. At this point, there is no need to explore the album’s songs because every one is a gem. I do prefer the last song, “A Long Time Ago”. But in no way does that *slight* preference dictate that I skip ahead to it , or listen to it one more time than the rest. Stay Gold is so good that it can be listened to from track one to track ten.

Going from an upload to YouTube at their start to this Columbia Records album is – all by itself – a testament to the girls’ talents. Me? I cannot recommend Stay Gold enough to you.

Release Date: June 10, 2014
Label: Columbia Records
Availability: CD, DD, LP   

–Matt Rowe