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New Snakecharmer Album, Second Skin, Planned For May

Snakecharmer is a current supergroup of recognizable names from bands that were ascendant during the Golden years of Rock. Those include Micky Moody, and Neil Murray (bass), both from Whitesnake and the David Coverdale band (with Murray having logged time with Black Sabbath). There’s also Harry James (drums) from Magnum, and Thunder, Adam Wakeman (keyboards), who played with Ozzy Osbourne, Chris Ousey (vocals), previously with Heartland, and Laurie Wisefield, who played guitar for Home, and Wishbone Ash. Micky Moody is no longer with the band was replaced Simon McBride (guitar).

Their first release was their self-titled set, originally issued in 2013. The music is easily reminiscent of the early periods that these musicians played in so there’s a bonus for the older audiences looking for some authenticity. Snakecharmer earned a strong showing in the charts and in the live settings that they’ve played in. They have a strong Foreigner sound. Laurie Wisefield has also introduced his twin lead guitars effect learned from his years with Wishbone Ash to great effect.

On May 12, Frontiers Music will release the band’s second album, Second Skin. The new album contains eleven new tracks. Snakecharmer will be supporting the new album with a series of live shows in the UK beginning in May. Some shows are already near sell-out.


[UPDATE] New Ozzy-era Black Sabbath Set – The Ultimate Collection

[UPDATE: This CD and LP set commemorating the Ozzy-era Black Sabbath was previously scheduled for November 18 but is now on the calendar for February 3, 2017. Also, an unboxing video found at the end of this article.]

black-sabbath-the-ultimate-collectionFor many of us, we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 4CD Paranoid Box set of the classic 1970 Black Sabbath album. But before that arrives, BMG will be releasing a nice 2CD ‘best of’ for the band, filled with songs that you know and love. All of the songs found on this collection are representative of the Ozzy-era ONLY! That means the set collects from the 1970 eponymous debut on through the last to feature Ozzy, Never Say Die! from 1978.

The new Ozzy-era Anthology is being called The Ultimate Collection. It is planned for CD, DD, hi-res HD DD, and a cool 1980g-weight vinyl LP set with 4LPs.

The 2CD sett is now planned for February 3, 2017.

The four LPs will be housed in a uniquely designed ‘crucifold’ jacket hat folds outward into a crucifix shape. Each end of the cross will house an LP. The 4LP set will arrive on February 3.

All tracks are newly remastered!


The Ultimate Collection – Black Sabbath


01 Paranoid
02 Never Say Die
03 Iron Man
04 Black Sabbath
05 Children Of The Grave
06 Fairies Wear Boots
07 Changes
08 Rat Salad
09 Sweet Leaf
10 War Pigs
11 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
12 Hole In The Sky
13 Symptom Of The Universe
14 Spiral Architect
15 Rock ‘N’ Roll Doctor


01.Dirty Women
02 Evil Woman, Don’t Play Your Games With Me
03 A Hard Road
04 Lord Of This World
05 Into The Void
06 Behind The Wall Of Sleep
07 Snowblind
08 Tomorrow’s Dream
09 The Wizard
10 N.I.B.
11 Electric Funeral
12 Embryo
13 Killing Yourself To Live
14 Am I Going Insane
15 Wicked World
16 It’s Alright




TAPSheet: Vinyl Release Notes – 08/29/2014 (US Report)

There’s a ton of vinyl releases on the calendar. I thought I’d better brig some of them to your attention (for the vinyl lover, in any case). Here we go:

With the light of the end of year holidays starting to show a the horizon, there are not only holiday CDs coming but plenty of holiday LPs as well. Listed, we have the following:

  • Hanukkah RocksThe LeeVees
  • Come On ChristmasDwight Yoakim
  • Christmas With Boystown ChoirThe Everly Brothers

Yoakim Come On Christmas

Those above listed LPs are slated for November 4 via the fine folks of Rhino Records.

Rhino will release Chicasgo Christmas: What’s It Gonna Be, Santa? The LP on vinyl LP, scheduled for November 11.

Friday Music have several Billy Joel titles planned for 180g-weight, limited editions on October 28. Those include River of Dreams, and Streetlife Serenade. In addition to those two, Friday Music have The 25th Of December by Bobby Darin on the calendar, same date.

Billy Joel River Of Dreams

Friday Music have also made room on the calendar for Reach For The Sky, the 1980 Arista release from The Allman Brothers Band. It is slated for October 28.

Legacy Recordings two releases from Jimi Hendrix are Rainbow Bridge, and The Cry Of Love street on September 16. These include vinyl LP releases.

Also on October 28, and also via Friday Music, is a 180g vinyl reissue for Party, the 1981 Iggy Pop Arista release.


Epic Records’ release of Memoirs Of A Madman, their 17 track ‘best of’ collection featuring the remastered hits of Ozzy Osbourne, will release on vinyl over 2LPs. One batch of LPs will be picture disc, while the others will be 180g-weight black vinyl. It is slated for release on October 14.

OzzyMemoirs Of A Madman

Suicide Squeeze Records will reissue Planet Of Ice, the 2007 best-seller title from Minus The Bear, on three different colors. With a run of 3000, there will be 1000 pressed on purple vinyl, 1000 pressed on ice vinyl, and 1000 pressed on the traditional black color.


On October 21, Warner Brothers Nashville will release Light Of the Stable, by Emmylou Harris, on 180-g vinyl.

Rhino Records promises vinyl for The Hunting Party, the June 2014 release of the new Linkin Park album. The 2LP set will feature D-side etching. It’s slated for October 21.

Rhino Records have several Mike Oldfield titles geared for 180g-weight vinyl. Those include Tubular Bells II, Tubular Bells III, Voyager, and The Songs Of Distant Earth. These are on the calendar for October 21.


Memoirs Of A Madman, An Ozzy Osbourne Collection, Is Pegged For October

OzzyMemoirs Of A MadmanWhen you talk about Ozzy Osbourne, you’re rewarded with a wealth of remembrances. Generally, those warm, fuzzy feelings emanate from his years with the seminal Black Sabbath. That’s especially true if you were Black Sabbath fans early in their career. But then there are his successful years as a solo artist after his dismissal from Black Sabbath.  In many ways, those solo years carried far more success than his Black Sabbath affiliation did even if you can not dismiss his ties with the band.

During his high profile run, Ozzy released six albums (Osbourne has released eleven solo albums thus far) that generated quite a few hits including “Crazy Train”, “Flying High Again”, “Bark At The Moon”, “Shot In The Dark”, and more. With several high profile band mates that included Randy Rhoads, and Zakk Wylde, Ozzy soared like a monster in the clouds. Both Wylde, and Rhoads are highly rated guitarists. Soon, however, drugs and alcohol played their factor cards, and the whole enterprise suffered for it. Nevertheless, Ozzy Osbourne enjoyed quite the ride.

On October 14, Epic Records and Legacy Recordings join to release a collection of 17 of the best tracks from the strong Ozzy period called Memoirs Of A Madman. As a bonus to the album, a live rendition of the Black Sabbath classic track, “Paranoid” is included.

Memoirs Of A Madman will be released on standard CD, an edited PA version, and two 2LP sets that include a traditional black pressing, and a picture disc set.

Track-List of Memoirs Of A Madman

  1. Crazy Train
  2. Mr Crowley
  3. Flying High Again
  4. Over The Mountain
  5. Bark At The Moon
  6. The Ultimate Sin
  7. Miracle Man
  8. No More Tears (Edit)
  9. Mama, I’m Coming Home
  10. Road To Nowhere
  11. Perry Mason
  12. I Just Want You
  13. Get Me Through
  14. Changes (with Kelly Osbourne)
  15. I Don’t Wanna Stop
  16. I Want To Hear You Scream
  17. Paranoid (Live)