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Ornette Coleman Atlantic Years Preserved Within 10LP Box

Ornette Coleman is considered one of Jazz’s great saxophonists. Over the expanse of his storied career, he released well over thirty albums for a number of great labels. Ornette Coleman lived a long life before passing away at the age of 85.

On May 11, Atlantic will reissue its catalog of Ornette Coleman albums on 180g-weight black vinyl LPs, all housed in a box named The Atlantic Years. Included are a collection of outtakes. The albums here are:

  • The Shape Of Jazz To Come (1959)
  • Change Of The Century (1959)
  • This Is Our Music (1960)
  • Free Jazz (1960)
  • Ornette! (1961)
  • Ornette On Tenor (1961)
  • The Art of The Improvisors (1970)
  • Twins (1971)
  • To Whom Keeps A Record (1975)
  • The Ornette Coleman Legacy

If you’re an Ornette Coleman fan as well as a purveyor of fine vinyl releases, then this Box (although pricey) can be the great way to enjoy the music of one of free-form Jazz’s masters!

Out Of Print Ornette Coleman 6CD Rhino Records Box, Beauty Is A Rare Thing, Re-released In March

Beauty Is A Rare Thing Ornette ColemanThe name Ornette Coleman brings with it the gargantuan visitation into the world of Jazz expression. With his saxophone, Ornette Coleman helped to usher in new definitions on what Jazz should be, how it was to be perceived, and, most importantly, to expand on the enjoying of Jazz in its many burgeoning forms.

Ornette Coleman left his mark on Jazz music on various labels. One of the earliest labels (but not his first), was Atlantic Records. Atlantic Records did its part to help bring Coleman to the attention of fans world-wide. Ornette Coleman recorded six classic albums for Atlantic Records including Free Jazz from 1961.

On March 17, Atlantic Records will re-release the out-of-print 6CD Rhino Records issue of Beauty Is A Rare Thing – The Complete Atlantic Recordings. This set contains the same content that the original 1993 Box contained. The new set will offer a glossy 70-page book, and will be presented in a hard clamshell box, each CD inserted in card sleeves.

If you have missed out on acquiring the original Rhino issue, don’t hesitate on this re-release as we may never see it again.