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Special Edition Ozzy-Era Black Sabbath Titles Planned for Vinyl (and CD)

Black Sabbath Master Of RealityBlack Sabbath has always been the founding father of all things musically metal. Their arrival on turntables in 1970 with their eponymous debut have set into motion a whole new genre of music, not only in style but in how the music was presented. How’s that for starting the new decade of the ’70s, a decade that saw so many changes in Rock and Roll so as to be literal museum of sound. Black Sabbath helped to form that decade. And while the excesses of the times led to the demise of many bands, and led to the departure of Ozzy Osbourne from the seminal band, Black Sabbath persevered to remain a viable band.

No matter how you shake that tree, Black Sabbath was an integral and distinctive part of the realm of Rock and Roll. Throughout their long, long career, they released nineteen albums. While your choices of relevant BS albums may differ from mine or others, the fact remains, Black Sabbath was as great a band as any of the other great ones.

On August 5, Rhino Records will be revisiting ALL Ozzy-era titles with Black Sabbath (1970) with opaque red vinyl, Paranoid (1970) with black vinyl, Master of Reality (1971) with opaque green vinyl, Vol 4 (1972) with opaque orange vinyl, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1973) with opaque blue vinyl, Sabotage (1975) with translucent purple vinyl, Technical Ecstasy (1976) with white vinyl, and Never Say Die! (1978) with gray vinyl. All vinyl LPs are limited edition releases and will be pressed on 180g-weight vinyl. Get them now if you’ve a mind to refresh your aging Black Sabbath vinyl!

In addition, newly manufactured CDs of each title will also be made available on the same date.

Black Sabbath BS  Black Sabbath Paranoid

Black Sabbath Vol 4  Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Black Sabbath Sabotage  Black Sabbath Technical Ecstasy

Black Sabbath Never Say Die