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Discoveries: Wet – Brooklyn (NYC)

I love stumbling across good talent.  The bad thing is that it takes some hours to follow threads, listening to unimaginable junk, all just to look for a track that makes you stop, and start the gears going in your brain. Often, that trail runs cold. But once in a while,…once in a while, there’s one that really catches. You stop. You listen, you look for information and other songs.  This band, or that artist, stands out. Maybe not for everyone, but for some.

Today, that band is Wet. Wet originates from New York City (surprise, surprise), Brooklyn to be exact. Comprised of the VERY vocally talented Kelly Zutrau, whose voice has many things going for it, Joe Valle, and Martin Sulkow, this trio explores electronics, soul, and and other styles to create a Pop stage of music friendly to a lot of people. Even us Rock hardened finicky lovers of music.

The band played at SXSW this 2014 session. NME, the premier UK music magazine has already called Wet‘s eponymous 4-track EP one of the best of 2014.

Wet Band NYC

This band has a four-track self-titled EP out (isn’t that where they all start?) on Neon Gold Records, released on October in 2013. With only four songs to enjoy, you’ll have to move out a bit yourself to discover more from the band.


For me, the last two songs on the EP, “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl”, and “No Lie” showcase the band’s wider accessibility, while the first two (“Dreams”, “You’re The Best”) seem to head right to a select crowd. And for sure, it’s the first two that are generally favored by the younger crowd.

I am supplying links and embeds of their Bandcamp (above), and Soundcloud (below) pages.

I’m also including a video of the band performing “Weak”, a fascinating unreleased tune from their growing catalog. The promise of “Weak” and its maturing style of music is what has me anxious to hear more Wet. If you like what you hear, and you do the Facebook thing, you can “Like” them here.