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[UPDATE] 5CD Who Classic Super Deluxe Box, My Generation

the-who-sde-my-generation-5cdWe all know that the upcoming Who reissue of My Generation is on its way. And many of us of are pleased as can be with the content that the five CDs will contain. If you haven’t discovered them already, well, I’ll recount them here for you:

The five CDs will offer 79 tracks including a newly remastered version of the original twelve mono tracks. The other four bonus discs include one with a stereo remix of the classic 1965 album. The next two combine to present forty-four alternate tracks, some previously unavailable. The third disc handles those in Mono, while the 4th explores the Stereo mixes. The remaining fifth disc is filled with eleven re-discovered demos tracks.

The set will add in an 80-page hard bound book that will appeal to fans with its filled treasure chest of photos, essays, notes, credits, and memorabilia from the classic period that surrounds the original album.

The 5CD Super Deluxe Box will be released on November 18.


CD1: Original Mono Remaster
01. Out In The Street
02. I Don’t Mind
03. The Good’s Gone
04. La – La
05. Much Too Much
06. My Generation
07. The Kids Are Alright
08. Please, Please, Please
09. It’s Not True
10. I’m A Man
11. A Legal Matter
12. The Ox

CD2: 2014 Stereo Remix
01. Out In The Street
02. I Don’t Mind
03. The Good’s Gone
04. La – La
05. Much Too Much
06. My Generation
07. The Kids Are Alright
08. Please, Please, Please
09. It’s Not True
10. I’m A Man
11. A Legal Matter
12. The Ox

CD3: Bonus Alternate Tracks – Mono
01. I Can’t Explain
02. Bald Headed Woman
03. Daddy Rolling Stone
04. Leaving Here
05. Lubie, Come Back Home
06. Shout And Shimmy
07. (Love Is Like A) Heatwave
08. Motoring
09. Anytime You Want Me
10. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
11. Instant Party Mixture
12. Circles
13. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (French EP Mix)
14. Out In the Street (Alt guitar break)
15. Out In the Street (Alt early vocal)
16. I Don’t Mind (Full Length)
17. The Good’s Gone (Full Length)
18. My Generation (Alt version)
19. I’m A Man (V2 – Early vocal)
20. Daddy Rolling Stone (alt. take)
21. Lubie (Alt Mix)
22. Shout And Shimmy (Alt mix)
23. Circles (Alt Mix)

CD4:  Bonus Alternate Tracks – Stereo
01. Out In The Street (Alt – Take 1)
02. I Don’t Mind (Full Length Version)
03. The Good’s Gone (Full Length Version)
04. My Generation (Instrumental Version)
05. The Kids Are Alright (Alt – Take 1)
06. I Can’t Explain
07. Bald Headed Woman
08. Daddy Rolling Stone
09. Daddy Rolling Stone (Alt version)
10. Leaving Here
11. Lubie, Come Back Home
12. Shout And Shimmy
13. (Love Is Like A) Heatwave
14. Motoring
15. Anytime You Want Me
16. Instant Party Mixture
17. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
18. Circles (New Mix)
19. Daddy Rolling Stone (Alt Take B – New Mix)
20. Out In The Street (Alt Take 2)
21. I’m A Man (Alt – New Mix)

CD5: Demos
01. My Generation (V 3)
02. My Generation (V 2 – fragment)
03. The Girls I Could’ve Had
04. It’s Not True
05. As Children We Grew
06. Legal Matter
07. Sunrise (V 1)
08. Much Too Much
09. My Own Love
10. La – La
11. The Good’s Gone


A 5-Disc Super Deluxe Edition The Who Box Is Coming For My Generation

thewho_mygener_coverar_500dpi300rgb1000160228For many of the heavy hitters in Rock and Roll history, there has been multiple editions of classic albums. For The Who, that’s especially true. However, in this day and age of classic albums, in order to get people newly interested in a new acquisition of an old and oft reissued title, you have to offer an increasingly better and better product. That seems to be the way most reissues of classics are going with affordable Super Deluxe Editions.

On November 18, in the UK for now, there will be a 5-disc Super Deluxe Edition of the classic 1965 Who set, My Generation. Currently, there is no insider info to be had as of yet. The general assumption is that the set will contain the original Mono mix, a 2014 Stereo remix, along with a collection of demos and singles, b-sides, etc, etc. And while five CDs seem a bit much, it will be interesting to see just what will be in the box.

Certainly, a hard-bound book is an inevitable inclusion.

I’ll update as I get more info.


Who Classics Reissues On Vinyl LP

If you like vinyl, and you’re a fan of The Who, then this post should be to your liking.

On March 24, Geffen Records will release a large array of Who albums on vinyl LP. These albums will include:

  • My Generation
  • A Quick One
  • The Who Sell Out
  • Who’s Next
  • The Who By Numbers
  • Who Are You
  • Face Dances
  • It’s Hard
  • Endless Wire
  • The Who Hits 50!