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The Cars Get Complete Albums Box and ‘Best Of’ This Year

CARS The Elektra Years 1978-1987When the late ’70s arrived and bands were beginning to usher into the world a new generation of style, one of the bands that led the way was The Cars. Their first album, simply titled The Cars, produced three essential songs (“Good Times Roll”, “My Best Friend’s Girl”, “Just What I Needed”). While The Cars went on to produced a wealth of singles, it is those three that are representative of not only that band but that period.

The Cars released seven excellent albums that include their most recent, Move Like This, released in 2011. After the band’s sixth album, Door To Door, released in 1987, they disbanded.  But the band left behind a legacy of music and a representation of the times. In short, they became an integral part of history.

On March 11, Rhino and Elektra Records will team to release a 6CD Box of their first six, all with Benjamin Orr in the mix. The Box is being called The Elektra Years: 1978-1987. All of the albums will be remastered and, no doubt, a richly designed booklet included (I hope!).

The Cars Box Layout

Later in the year, an eighteen-track ‘best of’ will arrive (see track-list below). That single disc album is being called Moving In Stereo – The Best Of The Cars. It’s scheduled for May 6. Sadly, it will contain a variation of a track from the Move Like This set, which was released by Hear Music. It’s too bad Rhino didn’t acquire the rights to a song or two off The Cars’ last album, Move Like This, considering the unlikely chance of another coming from the band. Move Like This is a fine album!

Moving In Stereo The Best Of The Cars

Moving In Stereo: The Best Of The Cars – The Cars

01 – Just What I Needed
02 – Since You re Gone
03 – Let s Go
04 – You Might Think
05 – Shake It Up
06 – Drive
07 – Tonight She Comes
08 – My Best Friend s Girl
09 – Don t Tell Me No
10 – You re All I ve Got Tonight
11 – I m Not The One (Single Mix)
12 – Candy-O
13 – Heartbeat City
14 – Touch And Go
15 – Moving In Stereo
16 – Dangerous Type
17 – Sad Song (new Zdar Mix)
18 – Everything You Say (Live)

Both sets will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP versions.

It’s Time For The Cars To Give Us A New Album

TheCarsMoveLikeThisIn just a few weeks, it will be three years since the reformed The Cars band produced their 2011 classic – AND WORTHY – Move Like This album.  With abortive attempts to replicate the classic late ’70s band, with Todd Rundgren at the vocal helm, it was incredible news to hear that Ric Ocasek would regroup, and help produce songs with The Cars’ name attached. And what a wonderful album it was.

Move Like This was a familiar batch of Cars goodness that slotted so perfectly with their previous efforts that it was extremely easy to say, “Welcome back, boys!”. For me, this album is in continuous replay. Yes, it is that good. (If you haven’t heard it , I’m quite surprised…unless you’re not a Cars fan. But even then, it works in a fantastically contemporary way!)

Well, I’m not writing this to be a nostalgic nuisance. Although I could be called that because I am consistently guilty of that nostalgic crime, I am coming here for a different reason.  I’m asking The Cars where their new album is.

Ric and the boys, listen to me, please. With Move Like This, you easily showed that The Cars magic was still in full bloom. All of the songs found on that album were extraordinary compositions. For me, I LOVED – and still do – “Soon”, “Take Another Look”, and that nostalgic opener, “Blue Tip”. But those were only three of a brilliant ten tracks.

I’m saying that The Cars should be readying a new album for those of us that loved Move Like This.

It’s time!