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Rare Silverhead Classic Catalog Titles Reissued For August

Some of you might remember a British blues Rock band by the name of Silverhead. Fronted by Michael Des Barres, the band released two excellent albums in the early ’70s. But during the recording of their 3rd album, the band broke up, reforming in 2012 for a series of reunion dates. The two albums, Silverhead (1972), and 16 and Savaged (1973), stand alone. They had a live set released not long after their break-up, Live At The Rainbow, which was released in 1975, Japan only.

Michael Des Barres moved on to Detective, recording two albums with that band. After Detective. he sang for Power Station after Robert Palmer.

Silverhead did not have much success, although, if you kept your ears low to the ground, it was impossible to avoid a song or two from them. If you were intrigued enough, you could easily acquire an album from them.

On August 5, the UK label, Cherry Red Records via their newly resurrected Purple Records will expand and remaster both studio releases as well a the 1975 live set previously mentioned.

Silverhead SilverheadThe eponymous debut from Silverhead was issued by Purple Records in 1972. The album has ten original tracks and will bolster the package with an additional four bonus tracks that include three live tracks, and a 7″ single version edit of “Ace Supreme”. The Purple Records website states in its notes that there is also a 7″ radio edit of “Rolling With My Baby” although it’s not included on their track-list. The included booklet will present memorabilia along with new liner notes and interview pieces with key members of the original band.

Silverhead – Silverhead (1972)

01. Long Legged Lisa
02. Underneath The Light
03. Ace Supreme
04. Johnny
05. In Your Eyes
06. Rolling With My Baby
07. Wounxed Heart
08. Sold Me Down The River
09. Rock ‘N’ Roll Band
10. Silver Boogie

11. Ace Supreme (Live)
12. Rock ‘N’ Roll Band (Live)
13. Sold ME Down The River (Live)
14. Ace Supreme (7” Version)

Silverhead - 16 SavagedThis debut was the album I came in on. It was one that I played over and over. The glam sound that the band adopted was just right up my alley with favored bands like T. Rex, Slade, et. al. After I acquired it, I went back to their debut, and thus I became a fan of Silverhead. I followed Des Barres over to Detective not long afterward. 16 and Savaged sported a daring cover for an album filled with satisfying bluesy Rock and Roll. Tjhis reissue brings together the original eight tracks, merging them with a spacious addition of six live performance tracks, along with two previously unreleased tracks from the third album that never finished before their breakup. To complete this set there are an additional inclusion of two promo 45s tunes from Michael Des Barres recorded as a solo singer. Like the debut reissue, the booklet provides a wealth of memorabilia, photos, liner notes, and interview pieces.

Silverhead – 16 And Savaged (1973)

01. Hello New York
02. More Than Your Mouth Can Hold
03. Only You
04. Bright Light
05. Heavy Hammer
06. Cartoon Princess
07. Rock Out, Claudette, Rock Out
08. This Ain’t A Parody

10. James Dean (Previously unreleased recording from 3rd album, Brutiful)
11. Marilyn (Previously unreleased recording from 3rd album, Brutiful)
12. Leon (Michael Des Barres solo single)
13. New Moon Tonight (Michael Des Barres solo single)
14. Cartoon Princess (Live)
15. More Than Your Mouth Can Hold (Live)
16. Bright Light (Live)
17. Rock Out Claudette, Rock Out (Live)
18. 16 and Savaged (Live)
19. Hello New York(Live)

Tracks 12-19 previously unavailable on CD outside of Japan

Silverhead Live At The Rainbow LondonReleased in 1975, Live At The Rainbow London was a live document of the band’s tour with Nazareth. The performance tracks pulled from this album are from their support performance on November 9, 1973. The band was unaware they were being recorded and so you get the band as they intended with no posturing “for the camera”, as it were. This Japan only album contains the eight original album tracks, plus two bonus live tracks previously unreleased (“James Dean”, a preview live performance song from their unfinished third album, and the obligatory “Roll Over Beethoven”. To strengthen this set further, five additional bonus live performance cuts are included from a BBC In Concert set at the Paris Theatre in London on August 31, 1973.

Silverhead – Live At The Rainbow London

01. Hello New York
02. James Dean
03. Sold Me Down The River
04. Rock Out Claudette, Rock Out
05. Only You
06. Ace Supreme
07. Rolling With My Baby
08. Will You Finance My Rock And Roll Band

Bonus Tracks – BBC in Concert, Paris Theatre London – August 31, 1973 
Previously Unreleased
09. Hello New York
10. Rock Out Claudette, Rock Out
11. Rolling With My Baby
12. Bright Light
13. 16 and Savaged

Additional Bonus Tracks- Japan Only Tracks
14. James Dean (Live)
15. Roll Over Beethoven (Live)