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New Mary Chapin Carpenter Album, Sometimes Just The Sky, With Re-Recorded MCC Songs

Mary Chapin Carpenter surprised me with the information about this release.  The reason is that I was still enjoying the previous album, forgetting that it was released back in 2016.  But nevertheless, a new Mary Chapin Carpenter is on its way. To push that point closer to home, two new singles from the new album have already dropped (“Heroes and Heroines”, “This Shirt”). Both newly recorded tracks offer a different MCC experience. But good experiences!

Mary Chapin Carpenter has been on radar since her arrival back in 1987 with the release of her debut Columbia album, Hometown Girl. She ramped up awareness with State Of The Art (1989), and gradually climbed higher with each subsequent release. After eight albums with Columbia, MCC signed with Rounder’s Rock imprint label, Zöe Records, where she released another five excellent sets. Her last album was released on Lambent Light Records.

On March 30, Lambent Light Records will resume with the release of Sometimes Just The Sky. This album will contain thirteen ‘new’songs, Of those, twelve are selected Mary Chapin Carpenter tracks that have been newly re-recorded in a live setting. (I’ve listed the tracks original album placements in the tracklist below,)  Only one is an original new track, “Sometimes Just The Sky”.

Sometimes Just The Sky will be issued on CD, DD, and 180g-weight black vinyl 2LP with included DD card.

Sometimes Just The SkyMary Chapin Carpenter

01 – Heroes and Heroines (Hometown Girl – 1987)
02 – What Does It Mean To Travel (The Things We Are Made Of – 2016)
03 – I Have A Need For Solitude (The Age of Miracles – 2010)
04 – One Small Heart
05 – The Moon and St. Christopher (Shooting Straight In The Dark – 1990)
06 – Superman (Where Time Stands Still: A Special Collection – 2001)
07 – Naked To The Eye (A Place In The World – 1996)
08 – Rhythm Of The Blues (Come On Come On – 1992)
09 – This Is Love (Stones In The Road – 1994)
10 – Jericho (Ashes and Roses – 2012)
11 – The Calling (The Calling – 2007)
12 – This Shirt (State Of The Heart – 1989)
13 – Sometime Just The Sky (New)

Review: The Things That We Are Made Of – Mary Chapin Carpenter

Mary Chapin Carpenter The Things That We Are Made OfWhat separates a Mary Chapin Carpenter album from others of her style (folk/country) is the simple ability to haunt us with her words and musical arrangements. Certainly she has had some serious practice having been releasing albums since 1987. But it is without question that she just gets better and better as she releases each album. Her previous works with Rounder Records are some of the best of her career.

The Things That We Are Made Of is a strong collection of songs. Weaving through all eleven tracks, there is the usual natural tenderness that Mary Chapin Carpenter employs when musically presenting her songs to you. With an embracing display of supporting music that complements her acoustic guitar work, the shivering coolness that you experience is not that of the air; it’s the quality of an ethereal beauty that frames each song.

The opening track, “Something Tamed Something Wild” tells a story of remembrance of times in your life that were special to us, recognizable as we review them. We are defined to ourselves by the intense moments of our lives, and Mary Chapin Carpenter showcases a brilliant understanding of those memories with this song.

She closes a fantastic album with a ‘close to the heart’ title track, reminding us that we are more than what we seem. The music that frames this song is expansively haunting and echoing. In between the opening song and the closer, we are held close. This is not an easy feat with artists but Mary Chapin Carpenter seems to know the formula.

Using songs that remind us of our oft-visited past, Mary Chapin Carpenter gift to listeners is her ability to sit with us, to help us sift through our past with her entrancing voice, her ‘put us at ease’ guitar work. Along with the production’s use of other essential instruments that are relegated to the background to give Mary Chapin Carpenter the room that she needs to spin her magical spells, all eleven of them, she has engineered a must have album.

As far as I’m concerned, Mary Chapin Carpenter is as beautiful an artist as those others that we hold dear to us. The Things That We Are Made Of is another classic.

Even the cover is haunting.


New Mary Chapin Carpenter Album Planned For May

Mary Chapin Carpenter The Things That We Are Made OfMary Chapin Carpenter has a rich history of great music. With a wealth of awards including five Grammy Awards, one for her 1994 Columbia Records album, Stones In The Road, it’s no secret that Mary Chapin Carpenter is synonymous with great releases and emotionally compelling songs. After her time with Columbia Records for whom she released eight studio sets, she signed with historic Rounder Records for their rock-oriented Zöe imprint. She released five studio albums with them, one a collected set of Christmas tunes. Every one of those albums were phenomenal leaving fans with no doubt as to her ability to continue as one of the great singer-songwriters of our era.

On May 13, the new Mary Chapin Carpenter album will be issued. It’s called The Things That We Are Made Of. It has a brilliant cover that I find cool and attractive. It’s a release that I’m awaiting anxiously.

The Things That We Are Made Of will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

The Things That We Are Made Of – Mary Chapin Carpenter

01 – Something Tamed Something Wild
02 – The Middle Ages
03 – What Does It Mean To Travel
04 – Livingston
05 – Map Of My Heart
06 – Oh Rosetta
07 – Deep Deep Down Heart
08 – Hand On My Back
09 – The Blue Distance
10 – Note On A Windshield
11 – The Things That We Are Made Of


Review: Songs From A Movie – Mary Chapin Carpenter

Cover__300RGB (4)From album to album, there is an anticipation that Mary Chapin Carpenter might not do as good as her last one. Well, it was just too damn good. How does one top it?  If there is one thing I’ve learned over time, it’s that Mary Chapin Carpenter does not disappoint with her warmly crafted works of gold. It may be that she CAN’T disappoint.

With a rich library of songs already in place beginning with music from her Columbia Records debut, Hometown Girls from 1987, Ms Carpenter has kept an audience in thrall to her sensitivity, her craft of song, and her many levels of love that even include love of the human race.  After her lengthy tenure at Columbia Records, where she left a legacy of some eight beautiful albums, she joined the family at Rounder Records under their Zöe imprint.  Her debut album, The Calling, released in 2007, provided a collection of guitar and piano oriented songs, with her usual blend and depth of her philosophy of life and love.

Last year’s Ashes And Roses was an album difficult to put away for many of the same reasons previously noted.  However, Ashes And Roses seemed to elevate her craft just a little higher.  That’s not surprising given her talents and ability to look deeper into this thing we call life than others do.

With the recent release of her newest album, Songs From The Movie, I’m more than surprised that she was amply able to top her previous works.  But that is what she’s done.  The album begins with a love song to humanity on her beautiful “On And On It Goes”. With her belief that a stranger’s life could be changed by our own fearless living, she wins not only by her music compositions, but by her lyrical depth.

With “I Am A Town”, she explores what makes up a life in a town. Her songs are accompanied by the occasional guitar and piano, but is elevated by their musical orchestral components, movie-like. In reality, each of her songs are little movies, or at least, all a part of a single movie, as the title of her album would have you think. With ten full songs, the listener is carried away by the stories of Songs From The Movie.

Mary Chapin Carpenter is a conduit into the world’s goodness. She understands hard roads.  She understands the nostalgia of our lives. She understands the magic of a breath.  And she understands our inherent goodness.  Songs From The Movie is a beautiful success! Mary Chapin Carpenter is still a powerful force in our everyday music.

–Matt Rowe

Release Date: January 14, 2014
Label: Rounder Records/Zöe Records

Availability: CD, LP