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Philip Glass To Complete Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy With Lodger: Symphony No. 12

Here’s a bit of Random Notes for you that I thought some of you may be interested in. It’s not an announcement of an album on the calendar, but rather an announcement of an album that will soon be on the calendar. It’s particularly interesting news in that it announces the completion of the Bowie Berlin Trilogy as musically interpreted by the inimitable Philip Glass.

Previously, Philip Glass has released Low: Symphony No. 1 (1992), and Heroes: Symphony No. 4 (1996), both more than twenty years ago, and both based on the Bowie albums of the same name. It has always been on the mind of Philip Glass to complete the Bowie/Eno trilogy with Lodger (1979). Recently, Glass announced the premiere of the new symphony to be played at Southbank Centre in May of 2019. It will be Glass’ twelfth symphony.  It will be performed by the London Contemporary Orchestra (with organist, James McVinnie), and conducted by Hugh Brunt and Robert Ames. The complete work has been co-commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, and will have its World premiere in Los Angeles (after the London performance).


When Lodger: Symphony No. 12 is officially released on CD, LP, and DD, is anyone’s guess. But it is exciting news to tuck into your soul for the time being.

Sidenote but essential is the fact that today is the 81st birthday of Philip Glass. Happy birthday, dear magician!


Bowie Titles From A New Career In A New Town Box To Be Reissued As CD and LP

In September of 2017, Rhino and Parlophone released an 11CD Box featuring newly remastered CD editions of classic David Bowie albums. Those included Low, Lodger, Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps), Stage, and Heroes, along with extra bonus materials on additional CDs. These are recorded works from 1977 through 1982.

For this boxed set, all titles were remastered.

On February 23, Rhino and Parlophone will break into that box to release singular CD and LP copies of those previously mentioned titles all featuring the 2017 remastering.

Stage will be released as 2CD and 2LP sets given their length.


Next David Bowie Picture Disc Single, “Be My Wife”, To Be Issued In June

The recorded music of David Bowie has far surpassed his expectations of his import to the world. Since his passing, the respect laid out for Bowie has been a rich one for fans, who have benefited by reissues of his albums and a steady stream of special 7″ picture disc singles.

The latest to be offered is “Be My Wife“, a song from his 1977 classic album, Low. This single is backed with “Art Decade” (Live Perth – 1978) (not “Speed of Life”, which backs the original single release). “Be My Wife” is newly remastered for this pressing.

The single is a picture disc and is tagged for release on June 16 via Rhino Records and Parlophone.


I Want Low To Be Remastered And Reissued!

DavidBowieLowMy vinyl quest is Low, the 1977 at-rock album from David Bowie that changed how you thought about Mr Bowie.  Of course, i could purchase the LP over the internet but where’s the fun in that? For several years, I sought a good copy of Berlin by Lou Reed. I finally found one. But Low? Nope.  Too elusive. But that’s ok, I can wait.

What I can’t wait for is a reissue and remaster of the album. I know there has to be songs that David Bowie left off the original. Even the demos would be cool to hear. Nevertheless, I would love to hear this album get a good work-over.

I know that this post is short, maybe even sweet for some of you. But I haven’t the oomph to write up a decent post about the upcoming Zephyr Box featuring music from Tommy Bolin when he was in that band. It comes out on May 27 (see how I slipped this in here?).

Still, RCA, I REALLY do want a Low remaster. And a Heroes remaster after that.