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2CD The Essential Eric Anderson Honors The Folk Artist

Eric Anderson is a Folk singer-songwriter who crossed over into the Rock market back in the ’70s by touring with prominent Folk/Rock artists including Bob Dylan. Even so, his start in recorded music is with Vanguard Records back in the mid ’60s. He was a part of the strong and influential Greenwich Village (NYC) back in the ’60s when it was a burgeoning presence. His catalog is extensive with over twenty albums including his popular Columbia classic, Blue River (1972).

On March 30, Real Gone Music will release a 33-track, 2CD The Essential Eric Anderson set. The collection is being drawn from eighteen albums from multiple label affiliations that include Vanguard, Warner Brothers, Columbia, Arista, Appleseed, and others, and will span a period of forty-five years! This set is a collaborative effort with Legacy Recordings. It’s quite nice to see Essential titles returning with classic artists.

All of the songs have been newly remastered. There are new liner notes, and great photos (from Eric Anderson’s collection) for the included booklet.  The song, “Mama Tried” is an unreleased cover take of the Merle Haggard classic, recorded with David Bromberg.

Later in 2018, watch for an Eric Anderson documentary film, The Songpoet.

01. Everything Ain’t Been Said
02. Dusty Box Car Wall
03. (We Were) Foolish Like the Flowers (featuring Bruce Langhorne)
04. Dream to Rimbaud
05. Secrets
06. I Will Wait
07. Waves of Freedom
08. Mama Tried (featuring David Bromberg—previously unreleased)
09. Is It Really Love at All
10. Florentine
11. Blue River (featuring Joni Mitchell)
12. Pearl’s Goodtime Blues
13. Woman, She Was Gentle (featuring Joan Baez and Leon Russell)
14. Moonchild River Song (featuring Dan Fogelberg, Debbie Green
Andersen and Pete Drake)
15. Time Run Like a Freight Train (featuring Dan Fogelberg)
16. Wild Crow Blues (featuring Leon Russell and Pete Drake)

01. The Blues Keep Fallin’ Like the Rain
(featuring Tom Scott and Maria Muldaur)
02. Thirsty Boots (Live at the Bitter End)
03. Close the Door Lightly When You Go
04. Violets of Dawn (Live at the Bitter End)
05. Messiah
06. Belgian Bar
07. Trouble in Paris
08. Hills of Tuscany (featuring Richard Thompson and
Robert Aaron)
09. You Can’t Relive the Past (featuring Lou Reed)
10. Rain Falls Down in Amsterdam
11. Keep This Love Alive
12. Driftin’ Away (featuring Rick Danko)
13. Foghorn
14. Salt on Your Skin (featuring Inge Andersen and
Michele Gakich)
15. Don’t It Make You Wanna Sing the Blues
(Live featuring the Spoonful of Blues Band)
16. Under the Shadows (featuring a duet with Sari Andersen)
17. Plains of Nebrasky-O (Duet with Phil Ochs)


Next Wave Of Pink Floyd 180g Vinyl Remasters In September

PFRLP11_TheWall_3D-1024x790Pink Floyd has enjoyed more than a few years of reissue excitement with their careful handling of their classic album sets as well as the unearthing of extra material for inclusion into larger boxed sets. And their massive base of fans seem to never be satiated with every new reissue of the band’s catalog. Recently, the band announced a massive Box that gather all their early years into a definitive overview. Not to mention that the set is expected to break-out many of the discs for individual sale later in 2017. Great job, guys! (But why the short-shrift on Animals? Always Animals as an afterthought! I don’t get that!)

Also recently, the band has begun to reintroduce their catalog on exquisite vinyl LP editions. On June 3, Columbia Records released four titles (The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn – 1967, A Saucerful Of Secrets – 1968, More (soundtrack) – 1969, Ummagumma – 1969). Now the next batch is expected and has officially been announced by Legacy and Columbia Records.

On September 26, expect the reissued vinyl of Atom Heart Mother (1970), Meddle (1971), and Obscured By Clouds (1972). these albums will feature new remastering from the original analog master tapes. Each titles will be pressed on 180g-weight vinyl.




In addition, Legacy and Columbia will provide vinyl for The Wall, and The Division Bell.  These two titles are expected on August 26.




Lou Reed 17CD Box – The RCA & Arista Album Collection (With Coolness Inside), Planned For October

Lou Reed TThe RCA Arista Album Collecion BoxSince the death of Lou Reed, I’ve been waiting for a nice Box of the catalog, hopefully with new remastering, and additional materials. Perhaps even a nice hard-bound book to make it all nice and stuff.

On October 7, Legacy Recordings may just ameliorate my state of want with an “all-in” Box set that will provide every Lou Reed disc during his RCA and Arista years. (We’ll just have to wait for Warner Brothers to complete that box with their own.)

The Box, The RCA & Arista Album Collection, will contain 17 CDs, all newly remastered. That includes the hard to locate Lou Reed RCA debut, as well as the infamous Metal Machine Music. For this set, there will be an 80-page book filled with photos, and plenty of written word to make the Box desirable just for the book alone. As bonus swag, there will be five 8×10 art prints, and a reproduction of a rare promotional poster (I hope it’s full-sized so that it can go up in my music lair).

This Box will provide CDs beginning with the 1972 debut, Lou Reed, and complete with Mistrial from 1986.

Thank you, Legacy Recordings. And to Lou Reed for providing the material. And to Laurie Anderson for being so easy to work with in providing fans their heart’s desires.

Lou Reed RCA Arista Album Collection Set


Everybody’s In Show-Biz From The Kinks To Get 2CD/3LP Reissue In June

The Kinks Everybody's In Show-BizOn June 3, Legacy Recordings will reissue one of the great Kinks classics, Everybody’s In Show-Biz, originally released back in 1972. The album was a double set with a platter of original tracks, and an LP of live tracks. However it was received by Kinks fans on its release, it remains a subjective experience for them.

The upcoming reissue will provide 38 tracks (see list below). The set will feature remasters from both 2014 and 2016. Original content will be 2014 remasters (as it appears) while bonus inclusions will be 2016 masters.

This new reissue will be made available on 2CD, DD, and vinyl 3LP.

Everybody’s In Show-Biz – The Kinks

1. Here Comes Yet Another Day
2. Maximum Consumption
3. Unreal Reality
4. Hot Potatoes
5. Sitting in My Hotel
6. Motorway
7. You Don’t Know My Name
8. Supersonic Rocket Ship
9. Look a Little on the Sunny Side
10. Celluloid Heroes
11. Top of the Pops (Live)
12. Brainwashed (Live)
13. Mr. Wonderful (Live)
14. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues (Live)
15. Holiday (Live)
16. Muswell Hillbilly (Live)
17. Alcohol (Live)
18. Banana Boat Song (Live)
19. Skin and Bone (Live)
20. Baby Face (Live)
21. Lola (Live)

1. ‘Til the End of the Day (Live)
2. You’re Looking Fine (Live)
3. Get Back in Line (Live)
4. Have a Cuppa Tea (Live)
5. Sunny Afternoon (Live)
6. Muswell Hillbilly (Live)
7. Brainwashed (Live)
8. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues (Live)
9. Holiday (Live)
10. Alcohol (Live)
11. Complicated Life (Live)
12. She’s Bought a Hat Like Princess Marina (Live)
13. Long Tall Shorty (Live)
14. History
15. Supersonic Rocket Ship (Alternate Mix)
16. Unreal Reality (Alternate Mix)
17. Sophisticated Lady (Backing Track)


The Essential Bruce Hornsby Planned For May

Essential Bruce HornsbySince “The Way It Is” brought Bruce Hornsby to the forefront of musicians back in 1986, he has released a steady stream of hits and notable albums. With “Mandolin Rain” doing just as well from that first multi-platinum album (The Way It Is – 1986), Hornsby was settled in as a premier artist to pay attention to. Over the years, he has released over fifteen albums, three with his first ensemble, The Range.

With a wealth of talent that has taken several genre turns, and that has found him sitting in on other artists’ album sessions, Bruce Hornsby has generated a legacy that is strong today.

On May 26, Legacy Recordings and RCA Records will release a 2CD, 29-track Essential series title, The Essential Bruce Hornsby. The collection will offer a generous supply of hits, live cuts, and an expansive look over his entire music career that includes his time with The Range, The Noisemakers, several sessions tracks, and his excellent solo work.

The Essential Bruce Hornsby


01. The Way It Is (Remastered) Hornsby, Bruce & the Range
02. The Valley Road (Remastered 2003) Hornsby, Bruce & the Range
03. Across the River (Remastered) Hornsby, Bruce & the Range
04. Talk of the Town (Edit) Hornsby, Bruce
05. Rainbow’s Cadillac Hornsby, Bruce
06. White Wheeled Limousine Hornsby, Bruce
07. Resting Place Hornsby, Bruce
08. Preacher In the Ring Pt. I Hornsby, Bruce
09. Shadowland (Edited Version) Hornsby, Bruce
10. Try Anything Once Hornsby, Bruce
11. Halcyon Days (Album Version) Hornsby, Bruce
12. Song F (Album Version) Hornsby, Bruce
13. The Dreaded Spoon Skaggs, Ricky & Bruce Hornsby
14. A Night On the Town Skaggs, Ricky & Bruce Hornsby
15. Camp Meeting Hornsby, Bruce, Christian McBride, & Jack DeJohnette
16. The Black Rats of London Hornsby, Bruce and The Noisemakers
17. Song E (Hymn In Eb) Hornsby, Bruce


01. Mandolin Rain (Live) Hornsby, Bruce
02. The End of the Innocence (Live) Hornsby, Bruce
03. Lost Soul Hornsby, Bruce
04. Jack Straw Hornsby, Bruce & the Range
05. Country Doctor (Live [Edit]) Hornsby, Bruce and The Noisemakers
06. Spider Fingers (Live) Hornsby, Bruce
07. Hop, Skip and Jump Hornsby, Bruce
08. Medley: Fortunate Son / Comfortably Numb; Fortunate Son\ Comfortably Numb (Live [Edit]) Hornsby, Bruce and The Noisemakers
09. Gonna Be Some Changes Made (Live [Edit]) Hornsby, Bruce and The Noisemakers
10. Levitate Hornsby, Bruce and The Noisemakers
11. Darling Corey (Live) Hornsby, Bruce and The Noisemakers
12. Cyclone (Live) Hornsby, Bruce and The Noisemakers


The Essential Kinks Comes Dancing In October

The Essential KinksThe Kinks are a revered band of the old school. Begun way back in the early days of Rock and Roll. The Kinks, with two brothers (Ray, and Dave), along with Mick Avory, Pete Quaife, John Dalton, and John gosling, among some others as replacements forged a legacy that few bands have enjoyed, even to this day. Over the years, their songs have remained in the hearts of fans, as well as the albums they came on.

On October 14, Legacy will look back at the long run that the band had. Legacy has planned a 2CD, 48-track Essential series collection that revisits the Pye/Reprise, RCA, Arista, and Columbia Records years of the band. All of the tracks selected for this set were personally selected by Ray Davies, and approved for their inclusion by the band.

The 2CD The Essential Kinks set will include several live performance tracks, a few US single versions, and a huge selection of career-spanning tracks that measure their greatness from the years that include the ’60s through the ’90s.

The Essential Kinks will contain a booklet that will host new liner notes by David Bowie, vintage photos, and more. This career set will precede a Legacy Edition of Muswell Hilllbillies expected in the Fall.

Remember, The Essential Kinks will be released on October 14, to be followed later by Muswell Hillbillies.


01) You Really Got Me
02) Stop Your Sobbing
03) All Day And All Of The Night
04) Tired Of Waiting For You
05) Nothin’ In This World Can
06) Stop Me Worryin’ ’Bout That Girl
07) Ev’rybody’s Gonna Be Happy
08) A Well Respected Man
09) Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
10) Who’ll Be The Next In Line
11) Set Me Free
12) See My Friends
13) Sunny Afternoon
14) Dead End Street
15) Death Of A Clown
16) Autumn Almanac
17) David Watts
18) Waterloo Sunset
19) Days
20) The Village Green Preservation Society
21) Do You Remember Walter?
22) Picture Book
23) Victoria
24) Apeman
25) Strangers
26) 20th Century Man
27) Supersonic Rocket Ship
28) Celluloid Heroes (U.S. single version)


01) Here Comes Yet Another Day
02) You Don’t Know My Name
03) Till The End Of The Day (live 1972)
04) One Of The Survivors
05) Sweet Lady Genevieve
06) Everybody’s A Star (Starmaker)
07) Life On The Road
08) Sleepwalker
09) Life Goes On
10) A Rock ’N’ Roll Fantasy (single version)
11) Father Christmas
12) (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman
13) Lola (live 1979)
14) Where Have All The Good Times Gone (live 1979)
15) Better Things (single version)
16) Destroyer
17) Come Dancing
18) Don’t Forget To Dance
19) Do It Again
20) Living On A Thin Line
21) Scattered

TAPSheet: Release Notes – 06/12/2014 (US Report)

Fuel Records have two title on the calendar for July 29. Those CD releases will be Jesus Is The Answer from Dorothy Norwood, and Para Siempre En Mi Corazón by Freddy Fender.

Captured Tracks has the new album from Naomi Punk on the release calendar on CD, DD, and LP. Their new 10-track album, Television Man, is slated for August 5.

NaomiPunk Television Man

Merge Records have a CD, DD, LP release of Frozen Letter by Spider Bags planned for August 5.

Roadrunner Records have saVages, the new album from Theory Of A Deadman, on the calendar for July 29.  The new album is scheduled for CD (PA and Edited), and vinyl LP (with download rights).

Mute Records will release The Grand Tour from gorgeous sound-crafters, Land Observations, planning releases on CD, DD, and vinyl LP on July 29.

The two previously announced Cocteau Twins 180g LP remasters scheduled by 4AD will find their way to a US release (YAY!). The albums, Blue Bell Knoll, and Heaven Or Las Vegas are slated for July 15 at a very reasonable price point.

I’m very pleased to hear that Mozart’s Sister (Caila Thompson-Hannant) will be release her first full-length album, Being, by the excellent Asthmatic Kitty label (home to Lily & Madeleine). If you have heard her 4-track EP, Hello, then you already know what I mean. Being is slated for August 5.


UDR will release Aftershock – Tour Edition from Motörhead on CD planning for July 29.

Plain Records will reissue Let It Come Down, the 2001 Spiritualized album, on a  Limited Edition 2CD set and a vinyl LP. These are scheduled for July 15.

Caroline Records will reissue The Power And The Glory by Gentle Giant in a new 5.1 Surround DVD-Audio or Blu-ray-Audio remix package, slated for US release on July 22. The packages will include a CD as well.

Gentle Giant Power And TheGlory

Legacy Recordings will reissue That’s the Way It Is (1970) by Elvis Presley in a HUGE 8CD/2DVD Box planned for August 5.

Elvis Presley Thats The Way it Is

Varese Sarabande will prepare for the US release (FINALLY!!!) of Snowpiercer by issuing the Motion Picture Score by Marco Beltrami on July 22.

Astralwerks have an electronic release by Porter Robinson called Worlds. Worlds is scheduled for August 12. Worlds will be made available on limited edition translucent vinyl, black vinyl, CD, and DD. All autographed copies of the title have been sold out.


Dick Hayd Records will release a Slash title on September 16 called World On Fire. The set will feature Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators.

Dead Oceans Records will have a new album from psychedelic band, Bear in Heaven called Time Is Over One Day Old scheduled for CD, DD, and LP release on August 5.

Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley) will release her first solo effort in six years since Acid Tongue (2008) on July 29. The 10-track album is slated for CD, DD, and vinyl LP via Warner Brothers Records. The new album is being called The Voyager.

Jenny The Voyager

Eagle Rock Entertainment will release a Justin Hayward live set called Spirits…Live, Live at the Buckhead Theatre, Atlanta, on August 19.

Mercury Records will release John Mellencamp Performs Trouble No More Live At Town Hall, on July 8, CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Culture Factory will release Beauty And the Beat, and Vacation, both by The Go-Gos on limited edition replica vinyl LP CDs, on September 2.

Republic Records will release They Want My Soul by Spoon on August 5.