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Debut Album By Lawrence Rothman, The Book Of Law

Music today is a whole different beast. So some say. But not really. In fact, much of the music heard these days are derivative in a good way. We’re truly ensconced in a world that has pretty much seen and done everything, although levels of outrageous art has differed by societal allowance. One of the more interesting artists in today’s indie world is Lawrence Rothman.

Lawrence Rothman sang for The Living Things. The Living Things was a hard rock, glam unit that kept music at a fever pitch (hear “I Owe” here. And since you’re there, check out their other videos.) After a time, Lawrence decided to do his own compositions. Influenced by the unique lens view of his wife, famed photographer, artist, and indie director, Floria Sigismondi (she’s directed videos for David Bowie, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, The Cure, Katy Perry, and Marilyn Manson (the edgy “Beautiful People” video), among others, and has directed the movie, The Runaways, as well as a series of commercials for television ), Lawrence Rothman has adopted an edgy style for his new solo music. She also directed the Leonard Cohen video for “In My Secret Life” (here). Yes, she’s that exciting.

The noticeable artistic departure from his Living Things days is more than evident in his solo string of music videos. All shot by Floria, they are as different as night is to day. And the songs that Lawrence Rothman provides are as extraordinary as the visual art (see “Wolves Still Cry”, and his latest, “Ain’t Afraid Of Dying” below). “Ain’t Afraid of Dying” has a hint of Lou Reed vibe to it. The music is decadent, but edgy!

On October 13, the debut solo issue from Lawrence Rothman called The Book Of Law, will release. The album will feature twelve songs including the previously mentioned “Ain’t Afraid Of Dying”, with Marissa Nadler, “and Wolves Sill Cry”. Both songs are stunning and memorable. But keep your mind open. While there are other available songs, I have a feeling this will be a stunner of an album.

Ain’t Afraid Of Dying

Wolves Still Cry