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New Judas Priest Album, FirePower, In March

The band known as Judas Priest has been with us since the late ’60s. Formed in 1969, this original iteration of Judas Priest contained Ian Hill, the band’s bassist who is still with them. The rest of the original members have long since retired. However, the band that was part of the first recordings including Rocka Rolla (1974) is STILL much of the band as you see them now with the exception of founding member, K. K. Downing, who was with the band for most of their career, bu is no longer a member due to disagreements.

An ongoing campaign of expanded and remastered reissues have been part of the legacy of this classic metal band. In 2014, the band released their last studio set, Redeemer of Souls. Not only did the album enter high on the charts, it became their first Top10 album in the US landing at 6. Over time, the album has sold 100,000+ copies of the album.

On March 9, Judas Priest will issue their eighteenth studio set. The new album, called Firepower, will be filled with fourteen new songs.  The band will showcase the new album with a tour that starts shorly after the release of Firepower.

Firepower, like most albums these days, was financed by PledgeMusic crowdfunding, and is being distributed via Epic Records. A single (“Lightning Strike”) from the new album is now available and can be heard below.

Firepower can be acquired on CD, DD, and several limited edition color options of vinyl LP (go here for those) as well as standard black vinyl. There are also bundle options being made available with shirts, and signed guitars.

FirepowerJudas Priest

01. Firepower
02. Lightning Strike
03. Evil Never Dies
04. Never The Heroes
05. Necromancer
06. Children of the Sun
07. Guardians
08. Rising From Ruins
09. Flame Thrower
10. Spectre
11. Traitors Gate
12. No Surrender
13. Lone Wolf
14. Sea of Red


Review: Turbo 30 – Judas Priest (3CD Reissue)

Firmly cemented as one of the top-listed go-to bands where Heavy Metal is concerned, Judas Priest effortlessly moved from their mid ’70s recorded years with their debut, Rocka Rolla (1974), on up to the last album to feature Rob Halford before his departure. In between, their dominance of the widening genre was second to none. (This does NOT mean that the band faltered post-Halford, but it’s certainly nice to have him back!)

Their albums with Columbia Records were classics in every way beginning with Sin After Sin (1977). They gained greater success with singles that broadened their audience. And while their UK fan base was massive, generating hits after hits, their fan base in the US slowly grew wider. It was the band’s release of “Turbo Lover” that increased their worldwide success further. That song anchored their tenth studio set, Turbo.

On February 3rd, Columbia Records reissued Turbo in an ongoing re-release campaign. The reissue of Turbo (Turbo 30) is a 3CD super set that joyfully girds up the remastered original classic with 2CDs of a period-centric live set from their Turbo support tour. The complete show from their Kemper Arena (Kansas City) is enjoyed here with over 20 performance tracks. With the newly remastered Turbo original, the entire set becomes a begging entrance to any serious Judas Priest library.

Turbo 30 is housed in an eight-panel sturdy cardboard that reveals the band on cycles as you unfold the package. The three CDs are slipped into wallet-styled holders with a 12-page booklet in a pocket of its own. Judas Priest is shown in all their ’80s metal preeminence in the photos. The lyrics are included as well as a complete list of credits.

Turbo is classic Judas Priest.

For Judas Priest fans, it’s good to know that the band is currently working on their next album. After all, world Heavy Metal dominance isn’t just easily maintained; it has to be reinforced!


Judas Priest to Release 3CD 30th Anniversary Edition of Turbo

Judas Priest has slowly but consistently been updating their catalog releases with new remastering and extended sets. Their last update was Defenders Of The Faith (1984), reissued as a 3CD Deluxe Edition.

On February 3. Legacy will revisit the catalog of Judas Priest with a 3CD Deluxe Edition of Turbo. Turbo was the band’s tenth studio album released in 1986 making 2016 the 30th Anniversary. This new edition of Turbo will feature not only newly remastered audio, but will add in two CDs covering the full live show from the 1986 support tour, Fuel For Life. The show represented is from the Kemper Arena date in Kansas City.

If you head over to the Judas Priest webstore, you can get your hands on any one of a number of cool bundles that include CDs, LPs, tee-shirts, patches, etc.

The 30th Anniversary Edition of Turbo will also be released on 150g-weight vinyl LP.

Turbo – Judas Priest

CD1: TURBO (original album remastered)
01 – Turbo Lover
02 – Locked In
03 – Private Property
04 – Parental Guidance
05 – Rock You All Around The World
06 – Out In The Cold
07 – Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days
08 – Hot For Love
09 – Reckless

01 – Out In the Cold
02 – Locked In
03 – Heading Out To The Highway
04 – Metal Gods
05 – Breaking The Law
06 – Love Bites
07 – Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
08 – The Sentinel
09 – Private Property
10 – Desert Plains
11 – Rock You All Around The World

12 – The Hellion
13 – Electric Eye
14 – Turbo Lover
15 – Freewheel Burning
16 – Victim Of Changes
17 – The Green Manalishi (With The Two -Pronged Crown)
18 – Living After Midnight
19 – You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
20 – Hell Bent For Leather


Judas Priest To Release Battle Cry, Their 2015 Live Set From Wacken Open Air Festival

Judas Priest Battle CryJudas Priest has had a wildly successful career. Since the release of their first album, Rocka Rolla in 1974, they have steadily captured attention as the years passed. After only two albums (Rocka Rolla, Sad Wings of Destiny – 1976), the band signed a long-running deal with Columbia Records which exists to this day. Many of their albums are considered classic metal sets that stand a strong test of time.

On March 25, Columbia Records will release a live set from the band, Battle Cry. Battle Cry was recorded from the UK band’s August 1, 2015 performance set at the Wacken Open Air Festival in Wacken, Germany. This Festival is considered the largest Heavy Metal show in the world. It originally started in 1980, and has since attracted around 80,000 visitors per year. It has gone from single stage shows to multiple stage shows over as many as four days. The 2015 Wacken Open Air Festival attracted many Metal fans who wanted to see Judas Priest in this unique setting.

Battle Cry will release on CD, DVD, and BD (Blu-ray) and will contain a generous helping of Judas Priest with plenty of loved Judas Priest tunes. The CD will provide fifteen performance songs (see list below). The BD and DVD will add in three bonus performance video tracks from the set.

Battle Cry – Judas Priest:

01. (Intro) Battle Cry (Live from Battle Cry) – Judas Priest (0:32)
02. Dragonaut (Live from Battle Cry) – Judas Priest (4:12)
03. Metal Gods (Live from Battle Cry) – Judas Priest (4:13)
04. Devil’s Child (Live from Battle Cry) – Judas Priest (5:18)
05. Victim of Changes (Live from Battle Cry) – Judas Priest (8:58)
06. Halls of Valhalla (Live from Battle Cry) – Judas Priest (6:07)
07. Redeemer of Souls (Live from Battle Cry) – Judas Priest (4:10)
08. Beyond the Realms of Death (Live from Battle Cry) – Judas Priest (7:01)
09. Jawbreaker (Live from Battle Cry) – Judas Priest (4:05)
10. Breaking the Law (Live from Battle Cry) – Judas Priest (2:47)
11. Hell Bent for Leather (Live from Battle Cry) – Judas Priest (4:26)
12. The Hellion (Live from Battle Cry) – Judas Priest (0:36)
13. Electric Eye (Live from Battle Cry) – Judas Priest (4:36)
14. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ (Live from Battle Cry) – Judas Priest (11:02)
15. Painkiller (Live from Battle Cry) – Judas Priest (7:25)


TAPSheet: Release Notes – 02/11/2015 (US Report)

Columbia Records, with Legacy Recordings, will release several Essential series titles that will include sets for Coheed And Cambria (26 tracks), Rob Halford (30 tracks), and Judas Priest (34 tracks). All three 2CD sets are planned for March 31.

Essential Judas Priest  Essential Rob Halford   Essential Coheed And Cambria

Curb Records will release the new Hank Williams III album, Take As Needed For Pain, on April 14. This set will be issued on CD, and Gold-colored vinyl LP.

Hank Williams III Take As Needed For Pain

RCA Records will release four 5 Original Album Classic series titles for John Denver, Paul Simon, Kansas, and for Janis Joplin, with 5 CDs containing 65 songs for the John Denver set, 72 songs for the Paul Simon set, 49 tunes for the Kansas collection, and 49 tracks for the Janis Joplin set. They’re all scheduled for March 24.

Merge Records will release The Champ by The Mountain Goats planned for April 7 on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Warner Brothers will release Second Hand Heart by Dwight Yoakam on April 14.

Dwight Yoakam Second Hand Heart

XL Records have Von from Sigur Ros planned for release on March 31.

Epic Records will release Strangers To Ourselves, the new album by Modest Mouse, on March 17. the new album will be available on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.


Real Gone Music has slated two new Dick’s Picks titles from the live vaults featuring The Grateful Dead. These two titles are Dick’s Picks Volume 9: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY  9/16/90, and Dick’s Picks Volume 11: Stanley Theatre, Jersey City, NJ 9/27/72. these two volumes are planned for March 31.

84806400346_66_3336777   84806400345_66_3336773

Legacy Recordings have The Centennial Collection featuring Billie Holiday on the calendar for March 31. It will offer 20 tracks from the Holiday catalog, with some tracks from her 78RPM singles.

Provogue/Mascot Records have Into The Sun by Robben Ford arriving on March 31, CD and LP.

Legacy Recordings plan a new album by Steve Vai for April 7. The album is called Stillness In Motion.

Fans of The Sound Of Music will be pleased to note that Legacy Recordings have a 50th Anniversary Legacy Edition planned for March 10. The Legacy CD will contain the original soundtrack score and expand on that with additional pieces.

Sound Of Music Score 50th Anniversary Legacy Edition


Rhino Records will release several Pogues titles on vinyl LP, 180g style! The titles are Red Roses For Me, Poguetry In Motion, Peace And Love, and Hell’s Ditch. These sets are expected on March 17.

Ringo Starr will release his next studio effort, Postcards From Paradise, on March 31. the new album will be presented on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Ringo Postcards From Paradise

Overcoat Records will release a new Glen Hansard album, It Was Triumph We Once Proposed…Songs Of Jason Molina, on March 17.



New Judas Priest Album Planned For 2014

Judas PriestSince 1974, the heavy metal genre has been thoroughly rocked by the recorded music of Judas Priest.  With their first album, Rocka Rolla, released in 1974, followed by Sad Wings Of Destiny in 1976, the team of twin guitars, Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing, vocalist Rob Halford, and the rhythm section of Ian Hill (bass), and a few drummers looking for “the fit” (Alan Moore, John Hinch) made Rock history with a short series of post-independent , and a hefty batch of increasingly successful Columbia Records issues that began with Sin After Sin (1977).

The line-ups of Judas Priest have fluctuated over time, with current members Rob Halford (who left for a time), Glenn Tipton, and Ian Hill being the remaining original members (not bad!). Nevertheless, all lineups have created memorable albums.  The last studio album from Judas Priest, Nostradamus, arrived in 2008. And folks, that’s nearly five years ago (the album released on Epic Records in June of that year).

While there is no set date, no cover shot, no listing of tracks, and no word other than “it’s coming”, it is good to know that the next Judas Priest album is scheduled for some point in 2014. When more details are released, I will update this article. I’m betting not too far from now.

I just thought that you’d like to know this.