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Yoko Ono Reissue Project To Deliver Eleven Albums

yoko-ono-plastic-ono-bandOne of my favorite labels, Secretly Canadian, along with Chimera Music, will be reissuing a series of Yoko Ono albums, and Yoko Ono-related collaborations with her late husband, John Lennon. With this news, it is great to recognize the fact that there are interested parties that enjoy what Yoko Ono has done on a solo basis, but also what she has done on an experimental basis with John Lennon.

Beginning on November 11, there will be newly remastered from original tapes titles that will include the infamous Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins from 1968, Unfinished Music, No. 2: Life With The Lions from 1969, and Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band from 1970. These three albums were recorded with John Lennon although Yoko’s recognizable stamp is all over them. Nevertheless, all Unfinished Music albums were a part of Lennon’s engagement with the artistic influence of his wife.

Over the course of 2017, Secretly Canadian and Chimera Music will reissue eight more Yoko Ono solo works including the other John Lennon collaborated Unfinished Music No. 3: Wedding Album (1969), the all-star contributed Fly (1971), the 2LP Elephant’s Memory-assisted Approximately Infinite Universe (1973), Feeling The Space (1973), the 1981 Season of Glass, released after the death of John Lennon, It’s Alright (I See Rainbows) from 1982, her fascinating and intriguing New Wave-styled Starpeace (1985) with the MTV-aired video of  the album’s “Hell In Paradise” single, and the early recorded A Story (1997).

There are a few other releases not mentioned (likely due to their newness) and that include the Chimera Records issues, Between My Head And The Sky (2009), Yokokimthurston (2012) with Kim Gordon, and Thurston Moore, both of Sonic Youth, and Take Me To The Land Of Hell (2013). Capitol Records released Rising in 1996, also not a part of this restoration campaign.

All of the eleven albums within the Yoko Ono Reissue Project will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. All will include bonus tracks (B-side track “Remember Love” for Two Virgins, “Song For John”, “Mulberry” for Life With the Lions). Those bonus tracks were included in the 1997 Rykodisc reissues. It’s likely that all the 1997 Rykodisc bonus tracks on reissues up to and including Starpeace will also find their way on the upcoming 2017 reissues. For the LP reissues, a download card will be packed in that will included the album plus bonus tracks.

The included booklets will be great showpieces with rare photos, credits, and liner notes.


TAPSheet: Release Notes – 04/23/2015

There are a series of interesting things being released on both vinyl LP and CD, enough that they bear mentioning in a post.

On the LP side there will be:

Apple Records will release a John Lennon vinyl LP box that will include all eight albums. The entire collection has been remastered for vinyl and cut to 180-weight. All artwork will adhere to the original UK releases. The Box, Lennon, will release on June 9, with each album being made available individually on August 21.

Lennon Vinyl Box


Friday Music, who creates spectacular vinyl LP reissues, with plans for Limited Edition gatefold , 180g-weight gems for Hotcakes (1974) by Carly Simon, and the St Elmo’s Fire sounstrack (1985). Both are scheduled for June 23.

Carly Simon - Hotcakes

Also scheduled for June 23 is a reissued vinyl LP for Americana (1998) by The Offspring, coming via ORG Music.

Beggar’s Banquet will reissue The Fall titles on vinyl LP with This Nation’s Saving Grace (1985), The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall (1984), The Wonderful And Frightening Escape Route To The Fall, and Schtick – Yarbles Revisited. These titles are planned for June 16.

On June 16, Atlantic Records will re-release an LP edition of 4 by Foreigner.

Foreigner 4

Rhino and Parlophone will re-release two vinyl 180g LP sets for Beth Orton, of Comfort Of Strangers (2006), and Daybreakers (2002). these are on the calendar for June 9.

Also scheduled for June 9, via Friday Music, is a vinyl LP edition of Always On My Mind (1982) by Willie Nelson.

Reprise Records will re-release Crack The Skye (2009) by Mastodon, on Baby Blue colored vinyl. It is planned for June 2.

Mastodon Crack The Skye

Friday Music will reissue Two For The Show, the 1978 live set by Kansas scheduling for May 26.

Friday Music will revisit The Yes Album (1971) in a unique way that includes 180g vinyl in a 2LP box set with the album remixed to 45RPM. It’s planned for May 26. The label will also add Sweetnighter (1973) by Weather Report to the list of their titles coming back to LP, same date.

Also on May 26, Rhino Vinyl plans a 2LP Deluxe Edition of Tutu (1986) by Miles Davis.

Miles Davis Tutu

Rhino plans two LP re-releases on May 26, both for a-ha. The titles include Scoundrel Days (1986), and Hunting High and Low (1984). Hunting High And Low, of course, contained the band’s big hit, “Take On Me”.

Atlantic Records will re-release Loaded by The Velvet Underground on vinyl LP planning for My 26.

On May 19, Rhino will re-release This Is The Sea by The Waterboys on 180g-weight vinyl.

Waterboys This Is the Sea

Now…since you made it through the vinyl, here’s the CD pay-off for those that waited for it:

On May 26, Rhino and Parlophone will offer the Steven Wilson remix of Aqualung by Jethro Tull, on both a standard issue CD (all by its lonesome), and a vinyl LP edition.  Also planned for CD only release is the Steven Wilson remix of Benefit, by Jethro Tull.

Aqualung Jethro Tull

Fantasy Records will deliver a 3CD collection for Little Richard, highlighting Specialty Records, and Vee-Jay Records. The set is called Directly From My Heart: The Best Of The Specialty and Vee-Jay Years. It’s scheduled for My 26.


Digital High Resolution John Lennon Audio Here And Coming

Gimme-some-truthJohn Lennon left behind a wonderful legacy of music that include his partnership with The Beatles, as well as his own fruitful solo career. There’s never been a question as to how wide ranging his daring musical experimentations were (Two Virgins – 1968, Life With the Lions – 1969). But once he got his groove going, he created masterful albums that included his best-selling Double Fantasy (1980), as well as his defining Imagine (1971), his interim set, Walls And Bridges (1974), and, for me, his most beautiful, Mind Games (1973).

Of course, Lennon’s output included more than those listed. In their own way, all of them are masterpieces that reveal the core spirit of the John Lennon. Lennon was never one to shy away from his feelings, and each of his releases underscore that in their own way.

On October 28, two 2010 compilations, the 15-track Power To The People, and the 72-track Gimme Some Truth box, will be released in high resolution audio in 44.1kHz/24-bit remastered quality. On November 4, The John Lennon Signature Box will follow with new remasters in 96kHz/24-bit audio. The 2010 set will contain eight of his best (Double Fantasy, Mind Games, Imagine, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Walls And Bridges, Plastic Ono Band, Sometime In New York City, Milk And Honey), along with several rarities included exclusively within the Box recorded at 44.1kHz/24-bit.

All albums in the Signature Box have already been individually released in high definition audio (96kHz/24-bit): Imagine, and Rock ‘n’ Roll were released on October 7, with Mind Games, Double Fantasy, and Walls And Bridges following on October 14, and Plastic Ono Band, Sometime In New York City, and Milk And Honey closing the gap on October 21, all via HD Tracks.

TAPSheet: Vinyl Release Notes – 06/25/2014 (US Report)

Zappa Records will reissue Apostrophe (‘) (1974) by Frank Zappa, on September 2.

Zappa Apostrophe

Separate Mono versions of Beatles albums will be sold individually from Please, Please Me (1963) through The Beatles White Album (1968), and including the newer Mono Masters. As with the Boxed set, these are expected on September 9.

Smithsonian Folkways will release vinyl LP versions of Union Train (1975), Garbage And Other Songs Of Our Times (1980), and Old Folks Ain’t All the Same (1987), all by Joe Glazer, on August 12.

Joe Glazer Union Train

Alternative Distribution Alliance will release a 2014 re-recording of the 1974 classic Journey To The Centre Of The Earth by Rick Wakeman, on July 15. It will be a 40th Anniversary issue of the title.

Kscope will reissue Stupid Dream (2009) by Porcupine Tree on vinyl, slated for July 8.

Ghostly International is releasing a 2LP set of In Decay, the 2012 electronic music set from Com Truise. It’s planned for August 19.

Com Truise In Decay

Geffen Records have The Eels‘ 1996 classic Beautiful Freak, ready for 180g-weight vinyl, and scheduled for August 19. “Novocaine For The Soul” came from this album.

Milan Records will release an LP version of the soundtrack for Chef on August 26.

Merge Records have Shadows (2010), and Man-Made (2005) by Teenage Fanclub planned for vinyl LP on August 5. These reissues include download cards, and will also include bonus download tracks (“Secret Heart”, “Dark And Lonely” with Shadows, and “Please Stay”, “Falling Leaf” with Man-Made).

Teenage Fanclub ManMade   Teenage Fanclub Shadows

Knitting Factory Records have three classic Fela Kuti albums slated for vinyl LP on August 19. The titles included will be Teacher, Don’t Teach Me Nonsense (1986), Confusion (1975), and Sorrow, Tears and Blood (1977).

Epitaph Records will release a 20th Anniversary LP Edition of Smash by Offspring on August 19. The remastered LP will be released in a die-cut box, and will contain a CD of the full album inside.

Offspring Smash

Friday Music will reissue Inner Secrets, the 1978 Columbia set by Santana. It is slated for remastered 180g reissue on August 19.

Plastic Head Records have two Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe sets scheduled for LP issue on September 23. Those will be An Evening Of Yes Music, Volume 1, and An Evening Of Yes Music, Volume 2.

Aida/Surfdog Records will release a vinyl LP set of the latest by Brian Setzer (CD too) called Rockabilly Riot! All Original, on August 12. The LP set will also feature a DD rights card.

Setzer Rockabilly Riot

Highnote Records have three jazz offerings in 180g remastered vinyl LP with Monk, Trane, Miles & Me (1999) by Larry Coryell, Joey Defrancesco Plays Sinatra His Way (2004) by Joey Defrancesco, and Special Requests (and Other Favorites) (2013) from Kenny Burrell. These are planned for August 12.

The classic John Lennon ‘best of’ from 1975, Shaved Fish, is set for vinyl LP reissue on August 19.

Lennon Shaved Fish

Elektra Records will reissue Hejira (1976) from Joni Mitchell on vinyl LP slated for July 22.

Inner Wound Recordings have High Road by Night Ranger arriving on vinyl LP, scheduled for August 5.

Blu-ray Audio – The Trickle Down Effect Anew

LennonImagine BDAudioWell, here we go on the new wild and crazy ride known as hi-res music once again.  After the wave and sudden drops from sight that we experienced with the promise of DVD-Audio, and SACD, we’re about to do it again.  In fact, it’s already started.  In the not too distant past, we’ve heard rumblings of Blu-ray Audio, although any emergence of them on a scale worth noticing had been slim pickings.  Recently, however, especially with the delivery of a high profile YES reissue of Close To The Edge as remixed by Steven Wilson, and with a lot of extras, we’re starting to see titles emerging.

Many of the titles being announced are some that should be quite exciting to own. (If No Secrets by Carly Simon gets reissued in BD-Audio, I’m buying it right away. EBay copies of the DVD-Audio version are selling for a high premium!)

Iamgine by John Lennon is scheduled for February 11 by Capitol Records.  Also on the list  – and already released – are Peel Slowly & See (The Velvet Underground & Nico), Breakfast In America (Supertramp), Sea Change (Beck), Big Band Bossa Nova (Quincy Jones), What’s Going On? (Marvin Gaye), Songs In The Key Of Life (Stevie Wonder), Kaya (Bob Marley & The Wailers), and Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs (Derek And the Dominoes), all issued on October 30 of last year (2013).   There may be more titles joining Lennon‘s Imagine yet.

New titles (besides the high profile John Lennon – Imagine reissue) now include selections from the Classical realm and include Bruckner: Symphony Number 4 ‘Romantic’ (Bohm/Wiener Philharmoniker), 1612: Italian Vespers (I Fagiolini/Hollingworth), Tchaikovsky: Ballet Suites (Karajan/Wiener Philharmoniker), Beethoven & Mendelssohn: Violin Concertos (Mullova/Gardiner/ORR), and Handel: Messiah (Various Artists).  All of these titles are scheduled on the calendar for March 18.

These are Universal titles, all in the first  – and now second – salvos from the label to test the waters of hi-quality audio being referred to as High Fidelity Pure Audio.  We haven’t seen any returns to DSD in Blu-ray Audio discs from Sony, or any Warner (who previously supported DVD-Audio) music.

Supertramp Breakfast In America

Still, I find these issues promising.  I’m sincerely hoping that we continue to see brave ventures out into the waters of these BD-Audio reissues.  The difference between these issues and the previous attempts with SACD, and DVD-Audio is hardware.  All toe-dippers in the past had to pony up for new and exclusive hardware, where Blu-ray players  already have a huge install base.  However, I’m not holding my breath for any adoption other than a few titles trickling out.  The money return expectations will have to be there which will exclude the popular but lower selling titles.

All we can do is to sit and wait it out.

Marvin Gaye Whats Going On