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Discoveries: Blackberry Smoke (Atlanta, GA)

In the spirit of bringing excellent (or what I would consider excellent) bands to your attention, I do have one that I have been a fan of for a bit. I have mentioned their upcoming release elsewhere but now think that I should shine a brighter light. The band is Blackberry Smoke.

Blackberry Smoke is cut from the same Southern cloth as those Southern bands from the ’70s were. Bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, .38 Special, The Outlaws, Marshall Tucker, and a host of others, including the Southern California bands like Poco, and The Eagles. Blackberry Smoke originates from Atlanta, Georgia. They possess a fiery blend of Rock and Roll that draws a close correlation to Lynyrd Skynyrd more than most.

Blackberry Smoke - Photo: Ross Halfin

This five man crew has been around honing their craft for over ten years. From a looks perspective, they come at you just like the ’70s. Musically, they are as equal to any of the bands from that era. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself. Blackberry Smoke is some kind of band that acts as if the ’70s was just one long stretched out period that isn’t even close to being over. I kinda like that sentimentality.

On February 10, Rounder Records will release the band’s latest album, the twelve-track Holding All The Roses. This new albums follow the excellent 2012 release of The Whippoorill, and a host of other studio and live sets that include Little Piece Of Dixie (2009), Bad Luck Ain’t No Crime (2004), and the energetic 2014 live set, Leave A Scar, Live: North Carolina.

Blackberry Smoke Holding All The Roses

Give a listen to a track from their upcoming album below, and if you want a track for free, you can download “Rock And Roll Again” at this link (on the right side, signing up for the Rounder newsletter).


TAPSheet: Release Notes – November 20, 2014 (US Report)

We are apparently in our annual industry slowdown, where the labels hang their hats on the albums already announced, and sit in boardrooms to discuss the potential upcoming year’s packages. News comes trickling down. Not a pretty sight. But we’re used to it. So, while we may be a bit truncated in available news, we do try to make up the difference in other things. Long time readers already know what I’m talking about. And so it goes…

Capitol Records will release the next The Decemberists album, What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World, on January 20 of 2015. The title will be issued in CD, LP, and DD formats.

The Decemberists What A Terrible World

Verve Music will release the new Diana Krall album, Wallflower, on CD, LP, and DD, with a 16-track Deluxe Edition planned as well. All are scheduled for February 3.

Audio Fidelity will reissue a Guess Who ‘best of’ title, The Best Of The Guess Who (1971), in SACD featuring a remix of the Quadrophonic 4-channel. The set is Hybrid and will offer 2-channel stereo as well. It is scheduled for December 30.

Sleater-Kinney will release new music with their upcoming title, No Cities To Love. The new album, which will feature Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker, and Janet Weiss, will be released in several formats that include CD, LP, a limited edition white vinyl 2LP set, and DD. The vinyl sets will include download cards for the DD versions of the songs. No Cities To Love is expected on January 20 via Sub-Pop Records. The label will release the new album internationally on January 19.

Sleater - Kinney No Cities To Love

Rounder Records will release the new Blackberry Smoke album, Holding All The Roses, on February 10 on CD, LP, and DD. This is their latest since 2012’s The Whippoorwill. If you have never heard of Blackberry Smoke, well, shades of the ’70s on ya. They bear an uncanny resemblance to the style produced by ’70s era, California-based Rock and Roll, as well as the classic southern sounds. Think Eagles, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, and go from there.

Blackberry Smoke Holding All The Roses

Hostess Entertainment will release new Belle And Sebastian music with their upcoming Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance, scheduling the set for January 20. It’s planned for CD, DD, and a Limited Edition vinyl LP set.

If you missed our Deep PurpleMade in Europe post from yesterday, a recap for you: Early in 2015, Universal will release a remixed Box set of Made in Europe (1976) featuring all of the shows, as well as a documentary. We’ll keep you posted with any updates on that set.

Deep Purple Made in Europe

Suzanne Vega will have her Live At The Speakeasy (1985), a radio broadcast show, made available on CD, scheduled for January 13.

While The Waterboys are essentially Mike Scott, and Steve Wickham (mainly Mike Scott), it is still an interesting event to have a new recording by the band whenever they release one. On January 19, The Waterboys will release Modern Blues, scheduled for CD, LP, and DD. Like Simple Minds, what this band produces is usually very listenable and equally enjoyable.

Waterboys Modern Blues

Leftfield Media will release a live KSAN radio broadcast of the October 4, 1970 Jefferson Airplane appearance at Winterland. The set is called Last Stand At Winterland, and will issue on LP (as an import) on December 2, and as a CD on January 13.

Jefferson Airplane Last Stand At Winterland