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Three Classic Stones Titles In Limited Edition LP/Lithograph Sets To Be Re-Released In November

In June of this year (2015), I posted this announcement of three Rolling Stones albums that were being offered by several top-shelf art galleries as classy 16″ x 16″ lithographs (in addition to the album). They were exclusive, limited edition sets that had the plates expected to be destroyed at their their 2500 (each title) run. (Read here.)

On November 17, Abkco Records and Time/Life will re-release these lithograph titles (while I don’t know the actual specs of the lithograph, I’m betting that they will NOT be the 16″ x 16″ sized ones offered by the galleries. Instead – I’m guessing – they will be re-released as replica 12″ x 12″ sized lithographs).

The titles were Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out (1970), 12×5 (1964), and Let It Bleed (1969). These will be the same titles being re-released on November 17. Each LP will be pressed on clear vinyl.

Stones Lithograph LPs


Three Classic Stones Titles In Limited Edition LP/Lithograph Sets

Time/Life, in conjunction with Abkco Records, will release three collectible vinyl sets of classic Rolling Stones titles. Those will include 12 x 5 (1964), a US release that combined the UK 5-track (5 x 5). adding more songs like “Time Is On My Side”, and “It’s All Over Now” to make a full LP; the classic tracks rich Let It Bleed (1969); and one of the great live albums of Rock and Roll history found in Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! (1970). These sets go beyond being just mere vinyl reissues, though.

The three titles will be offered as a Limited Edition clear vinyl LP, accompanied by a lithograph of the album cover (image measures 16″ x 16″). After the run of 2500 copies of each title, the plates are going to be destroyed, which means no possibility of future reproduction.

Stones LPs and Lithographs

In addition to being made available for purchase now (they run around $200 ea) via the Spotlight Gallery website (here), they will be sold at an on-site LA gallery location (Mr Musichead Gallery / Hollywood) on June 18, and in NYC at The ARChive of Contemporary Music (Soho) on July 9.

If you’re interested, get your order in before they’re gone.


The Rough Guide To Blues Legends: Blind Boy Fuller – Reborn And Remastered Releases In March

Blind Boy Fuller Rough GuideIf you ever wondered where the phrase “Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out” originated, well, wonder no more. The term was used as the title of the Rolling Stones‘ excellent 1970 live set. However, the phrase originated in a song recorded by Blind Boy Fuller way back in 1938. Back then, Blind Boy Fuller was a well-respected bluesman of his time on the east coast.

With just over 120 songs to his recorded career, Blind Boy Fuller left behind much to sustain his legacy. Blind Boy Fuller died at the young age of 33, likely due to excessive drinking (as is surmised). But with the songs he left behind, he helped to influence generations of Rock and Roll. In fact, his music was an influence to the likes of Bob Dylan, Donovan, Ry Cooder, The Rolling Stones, and others.

On March 30, UK label, World Music Network, will release a brilliantly collected set of the best by Blind Boy Fuller. The album is called The Rough Guide To Blues Legends: Blind Boy Fuller – Reborn and Remastered. This set will contain 25 great tunes, just slightly over 70 minutes of Blues, gospel, Hokum, ragtime, and Soul influenced music.

This set features a few of his most popular songs including “Truckin’ My Blues Away”, “Step It Up And Go”, and “Mama Let Me Lay It On You.”

If you’re a Blues aficionado, then do not ignore this installment of The Rough Guide To Blues Legends, which previously have highlighted the works of Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Blake, and Blind Willie Johnson.

Track-List – The Rough Guide To Blues Legends: Blind Boy Fuller – Reborn and Remastered

01 Truckin’ My Blues Away No. 2 (Take 2)
02 Thousand Woman Blues
03 Mama Let Me Lay It On You
04 Corrine What Makes You Treat Me So
05 Get Your Yas Ya’s Out
06 Flyin’ Airplane Blues
07 Weeping Willow
08 Jivin’ Woman Blues
09 Bulldog Blues
10 Twelve Gates To The City
11 Step It Up And Go
12 Baby Quit Your Low Down Ways
13 Piccolo Rag
14 You Never Can Tell
15 Lost Lover Blues
16 Baby You Gotta Change Your Mind
17 Screaming And Crying Blues
18 Tom Cat Blues
19 Rag, Mama, Rag (Take 2)
20 Walking My Troubles Away (Take 2)
21 Untrue Blues
22 Jitterbug Rag
23 Homesick And Lonesome Blues
24 (I Got A Woman Crazy For Me) She’s Funny That Way
25 Bye Bye Baby Blues