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Massive 2CD/2DVD/LP Box Set For Fish Out Of Water by Chris Squire

With the release of Fragile, YES became the premier definition of Progressive Rock. With a series of successful and, in some cases, expanded, albums after Fragile (Close To The Edge is considered one of the genre’s finest creations, while Tales From Topographical Oceans is considered its heaviest), the success of Yes allowed the band certain freedoms not usually afforded to most. Individual projects.

During a period of inactivity, each member of Yes released solo works. For Chris Squire, that was Fish Out Of Water. Fish Out Of Water was well-received by fans, charting well in charts.

On April 27, Esoteric Recordings will revisit this classic 1975 solo album with a massive Limited Edition Box of the album filled to the literal brim with a wealth of material including a 5.1 remix of the album, something that Chris Squire was interested in.

The new edition of Fish Out of Water will feature a brand new remix AND remaster of the album, both desired aspects of any reissue. But this one goes even further to make Fish Out Of Water a definitive set worth owning among fans of the work.

This Box will present 2CDs, 2DVDs, a 180g-weight vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve, two 7″ vinyl singles, a fold-out poster (in the LP sleeve), and a 36-page book with new essays, uncovered photos, and plenty of information concerning this classic album.

The Stereo remix is created by Jakko Jakszyk and is found on CD1. The Stereo remaster of the album is found on CD2 along with four bonus inclusions (single mixes of “Lucky Seven” and “Silently Falling”, and two recorded songs with Alan White, “Return With The Fox”, and “Return Of The Fox”).

The included DVDs have gems as well. DVD1 presents both 5.1 and  Hi-resolution Stereo, both at 96kHz/24-bit, and both created by Jakko Jakszyk, In addition, the Paschal Byrne remastered Stereo remaster is also presented in hi-res 96kHz/24-bit clarity. DVD2 provides a collection of visual content including interviews and a Chris Squire audio commentary. The LP is as expected, and the two 7″ singles in picture sleeves. Each of the singles include the bonus tracks found  on CD2.

Personally, I love undertakings such as these that are targeted to the serious fan. Not only do we get definitive sets likely to never be matched in such detail again, but a classic revisited is always a great thing.

Enjoy, fans!

Fish Out Of Water (Super Deluxe Set) – Chris Squire

CD1 (New Stereo Mix of Fish Out of Water by Jakko Jakszyk):

01 – Hold Out Your Hand
02 – You By My Side
03 – Silently Falling
04 – Lucky Seven
05 – Safe (Canon Song)

CD2 (Remastered Original 1975 Stereo Mix by Paschal Byrne):

01 – Hold Out Your Hand
02 – You By My Side
03 – Silently Falling
04 – Lucky Seven
05 – Safe (Canon Song)
— Bonus Tracks —
06 – Lucky Seven (Single Version)
07 – Silently Falling (Single Version)
08 – Run With The Fox (Chris Squire and Alan White)
09 – Return Of The Fox (Chris Squire and Alan White)

DVD1 :

Fish Out of Water Album in:

01 – 5.1 Surround Sound Mix  (96kHz/24-bit) (Jakko Jakszyk)
02 – New Stereo Mix (96kHz/24-bit) (Jakko Jakszyk)
03 – Remastered Original 1975 Stereo Mix (96kHz/24-bit) (Paschal Byrne)

DVD2 (NTSC – Region Free):

01 – 1975 Promo Film
02 – 2006 Squire Interview with Jon Kirkman
03 – 2006   Audio Commentary with Chris Squire

Vinyl LP (180g-weight Black in replica gatefold with poster):

Side 1:
01 – Hold Out Your Hand
02 – You By My Side
03 – Silently Falling

Side 2:

01 – Lucky Seven
02 – Safe (Canon Song)

Singles (7″ Vinyl, Picture Sleeves):

Single 1:
A-side – Lucky Seven (Single Version)
B-side – Silently Falling (Single Version)
Single 2:
A-side – Run With The Fox (Chris Squire and Alan White)
B-side – Return Of The Fox (Chris Squire and Alan White)

New Barclay James Harvest Reissue Of Octoberon Planned For July

One of Rock’s more shamefully underrated bands are Barclay James Harvest. Originating in the late ’60s, when many of the English prog bands were starting to take root, BJH showcased an admirable ability to produce compelling and listenable music. Their first album, the S/T album gave the band their first official foray in recorded music, and helped to establish them with a core of fans. By 1976, BJH had amassed a strong collection of albums that include one of my favorites, Octoberon,

Octoberon was issued between Time Honoured Ghosts (1975), and Gone To Earth (1977). Both of those albums were excellent inclusions and Octoberon was no different. Therefore, it’s great news to discover that Esoteric Records will revisit Octoberon with a new Stereo remaster and 5.1 Surround mix. And let’s not forget the reputation of Esoteric to uncover sessions-based extras to expand on the album.

On July 21, Esoteric will release a 2CD/1DVD Deluxe Edition of Octoberon that will feature music worked on from the original masters. To further the definitive nature of this album, another in the long list of revisited BJH titles undertaken by the label, the DVD will feature films from this important timeframe as well as new Stereo mixes and high audio upgrades (see list below).

Along with this set will be a booklet with new liner notes, more photos, and restored classic artwork.

Octoberon – Barclay James Harvest

CD1 (24-bit remastered STEREO)
01. The World Goes On
02. May Day
03. Ra
04. Rock N’ Roll Star
05. Polk Street Rag
06. Believe In Me
07. Suicide?
Bonus Tracks
08. Ra (1st Mix)
09. Rock N’ Roll Star (1st Mix)
10. Polk Street Rag (1st Mix)
11.Suicide? (1st Mix)

CD2: (New STEREO Mix)

01. The World Goes On
02. May Day
03. Ra
04. Rock N’ Roll Star
05. Polk Street Rag
06. Believe In Me
07. Suicide?
Bonus Tracks
08. Rock N’ Roll Star (Marquee Studios Version)
09. May Day (Version with Alternate Intro)

DVD (New 5.1 Surround Mix / 96kHz-24-bit STEREO Mix / 96kHz/24-bit Original Mix)

01. The World Goes On
02. May Day
03. Ra
04. Rock N’ Roll Star
05. Polk Street Rag
06. Believe In Me
07. Suicide?
Bonus Track
08 – May Day (Version with Alternate Intro)

Two Octoberon Promo BBC Old Grey Whistle Test videos:
09. Rock N’ Roll Star
10.The World Goes On


Esoteric Recordings To Release 2CD Quintessence Set, Move Into The Light – The Complete Island Recordings 1969-1971

In the late ’60s, just as progressive Rock was laying hold of me beyond the Top 40 list (that I enjoyed on WLS and WCFL AM radio in Chicago), I listened intently for hours on strange FM bands for bands like extended Yes, and others. One band that struck my interest was Quintessence. This band was a strange blend of Folk, Jazz, and Rock that reminded me of bands, It’s A Beautiful Day, and Renaissance, whom I had already discovered and enjoyed.

Quintessence was not long in the world from a recording standpoint. Their only recorded output were three albums with Island Records (which, at the time was a risk-taking label, and two with RCA.

On April 28, Esoteric Recordings will release a 2CD set, Move Into The Light – The Complete Island Recordings 1969-1971. This set will feature 28 tracks including live selections, and a single edit of “Notting Hill Gate”, a song from their 1969 Island debut, In Blissful Company. The songs will be newly remastered, and the booklet should be informative, and filled with photos, and new notes, including interviews with Phil Jones, and Dave Codling.

Quintessence’s music is mesmerizing and pretty timeless. Their lyrics are spiritual in nature but they make it all work perfectly. I’m looking forward to this new set.

Move Into The Light – The Complete Island Recordings 1969-1971 – Quintessence

01. Giants
02. Maco Capac
03. Body
04. Ganga Mai
05. Chant
06. Pearl and Bird
07. Notting Hill Gate
08. Midnight Mode
09. Move Into The Light
10. Notting Hill Gate (Single Edit)
11. Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Guaranga
12. Sea of Immortality
13. High on Mount Kailash (Excerpt from Opera)
14. Burning Bush (Live)
15. Shiva’s Chant

01. Prisms
02. Twilight Zones
03. Maha Mantra
04. Only Love
05. St. Pancras (Live)
06. Infinitum
07. Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Guaranga (Live)
08. Dive Deep
09. Dance For The One
10. Brahman
11. The Seer
12. Epitaph For Tomorrow
13. Sri Ram Chant


Can I Have My Money Back, the 1971 Solo Album by Gerry Rafferty To be Remastered and Expanded

Gerry Rafferty is known by his haunting “Baker Street” song, along with its memorable and vibrant saxophone. But he is not defined by that song. In fact, he had his first recognition with “Stuck In The Middle With You”, a song he recorded during his time with the Stealer’s Wheel band. It was after the Stealer’s Wheel stint that Gerry Rafferty drew serious attention to his solo music starting with his magnificent City To City album. That 1978 release rose up the charts after “Baker Street”, “Right Down The Line”, and to a lesser extent, “Home And Dry”, drew world-wide attention to the album.

But it wasn’t his first solo offering. That was Can I Have My Money Back?, issued before his Stealer’s Wheel years. It was released in 1971 and didn’t make much of an initial dent but drew more interest after his success.

On February 24, UK label Esoteric Recordings will reissue Can I Have My Money Back? with a newly remastered sound, and a slightly expanded set with one bonus track. The extra song is “So Bad Thinking”, which was a B-side to the single featuring “Can I Have My Money Back?”. The artwork to the album has been restored from the original album. The new booklet will include a new essay and liner notes.

Yay, Cherry Red!

New Deluxe Editions Of No Earthly Connection (Wakeman), and XII (Barclay James Harvest)

There are two albums being revisited in 2CD Deluxe Editions, although the details are sparse. I decided to post them as bits of news to get fans aware of the upcoming titles (Christmas lists, saving of pennies, etc).

On October 28, Esoteric Recordings will continue their definitive approach to Barclay James Harvest titles with the release of a 3CD Edition of XII from 1979, a year after their Gone To Earth album. XII also represents the last album from the original lineup of the band. Of course, this new reissue will feature brand new remastering in the way of previous BJH reissues by Esoteric. And with 3CDs, the expansion should be as impressive as the previous reissues of earlier BJH titles.


On November 11, watch for a 2CD Deluxe Edition of No Earthly Connection, the loved seven track A&M issue by Rick Wakeman from 1976. With new remastering and a live set.

Rick Wakeman No Earthly Connection

When more details arrive, I’ll get an update out on both of these reissues.


Two (More) The Move Reissues From Esoteric In May

Esoteric Recordings will continue to update The Move catalog with new announcements of two more titles. The upcoming Move sets to be remastered and expanded by the brilliant and innovative UK record label offshoot of Cherry Red will be Looking On, released in 1970, just mere months past its predecessor, Shazam, also released in 1970. The other title is the live EP Move package released in 1968. That Move set is called Something Else From The Move and featured five live tracks including a great cover of “So You Want To Be A Rock n Roll Star”.

On May 27, both Move albums will be reissued in 2CD packages and bursting with bonus tracks, posters, expanded booklets with restored original artwork, essays, and new remastering.

Looking On will add in fourteen extra tracks that include BBC interview segments, alternate takes, a B-side track (“Lightnin’ Never Strikes Twice”), and more.

The Move Looking OnLooking On – The Move

01. Looking On
02. Turkish Tram Conductor Blues
03. What?
04. When Alice Comes Back To The Farm
05. Open Up Said The World At The Door
06. Brontosaurus
07. Feel Too Good
08. Lightning Never Strikes Twice

01. The Duke Of Edinburg’s Lettuce
02. Looking On (Pt 1, Take 3 – Part Two)
03. Brontosaurus (US Radio Promo Edit – Mono Version)
04. Turkish Tram Conductor Blues (Take 5 – Rough Mix)
BBC Sessions – March 23, 1970 (Previously Unreleased)
05. She’s A Woman
06. Bev Bevan Interview – BBC
07. Brontosaurus
08. Falling Forever
09. Lightnin’ Never Strikes Twice
BBC Sessions – July 28, 1970 (Previously Unreleased)
10. Looking On
11. When Alice Comes Back To The Farm
12. Bev Bevan and Roy Wood BBC Interview
13. She’s A Woman

Something Else From The Move will provide the original five live cover tunes found in the original Marquee Club show EP, but will beef up the set with a piecework assembly remix of the show but keeping the original five tracks in their Mono reproduction for bonus tracks. This set is remastered and will be presented in a 1CD digipak house that will include a great new booklet with restored artwork and new liner notes.

The Move - Something Else EPSomething Else From The Move – The Move

01. Move Bolero
02. It’ll Be Me
03. Too Much In Love
04. Flowers In The Rain
05. Fire Brigade
06. Stephanie Knows Who
07. Somethin’ Else
08. So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star
09. The Price Of Love
10. Piece Of My Heart
11. (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher
12. Sunshine Help Me

Something Else From The Move – Remastered Original Mono EP 

13. So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star
14. Stephanie Knows Who
15. Somethin’ Else
16. It’ll Be Me
17. Sunshine Help Me