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Suede Celebrates Anniversary of Debut Album With 4CD/DVD 25th Anniversary Silver Edition Box

Suede entered the Rock world with a classic offering in their self-titled debut album back in 1993.  The band stood out from many of their peers, and steadily gained a strong fan-base that exists to this day. To date, Suede has seven released titles including their most recent, Night Thoughts (2016). The best part is that the band is still largely intact.

On March 30, Edsel Records will present a 25th Anniversary multi-disc box of Suede’s first album, pegged as 25th Anniversary Silver Edition. Planned are 4CDs filled with the remastered original album, a collection of previously unreleased demos and single B-sides, a series of BBC sessions, and a live performance from 1993. A DVD (or BD) will offer TV segments, as well as a film discussing the creation of the debut set.

Suede 25th Anniversary Silver EditionSuede

CD1 (Original Album):

01 – So Young
02 – Animal Nitrate
03 – She’s Not Dead
04 – Moving
05 – Pantomime Horse
06 – The Drowners
07 – Sleeping Pills
08 – Breakdown
09 – Metal Mickey
10 – Animal Lover
11 – The Next Life

CD2 (B-sides):

01 – My Insatiable One
02 – To The Birds
03 – He’s Dead
04 – Where The Pigs Don’t Fly
05 – Painted People
06 – The Big Time
07 – High Rising
08 – Dolly
09 – My Insatiable One [piano version]
10 – Brass In Pocket

CD3 (Demos, BBC Sessions):

01 – The Drowners
02 – He’s Dead
03 – Moving
04 – To The Birds
05 – Metal Mickey
06 – Pantomime Horse
07 – High Wire (My Insatiable One)
08 – The Drowners
09 – To The Birds
10 – Sleeping Pills
11 – The Drowners
12 – To The Birds
13 – My Insatiable One
14 – Metal Mickey
15 – The Drowners
16 – Sleeping Pills
17 – Moving
18 – Diesel [instrumental] [studio outtake]
19 – Stars On 45 [rehearsal room recording]
20 – Sleeping Pills [strings]

CD4 (Live – 1993)

01 – Metal Mickey
02 – Moving
03 – My Insatiable One
04 – Animal Nitrate
05 – Pantomime Horse
06 – The Drowners
07 – Painted People
08 – So Young
09 – Animal Lover
10 – Sleeping Pills
11 – To The Birds


TV Appearances:
01 – The Drowners
02 – Metal Mickey
03 – So Young
04 – So Young
05 – The Next Life / Brett and Jools
06 – My Insatiable One

07 – Interview Documentary


Ian Dury’s New Boots And Panties!! Get 4CD/1LP 40th Anniversary Edition

Back in 1977, when I bought my first copy of the Ian Dury debut, New Boots and Panties!!, never once did I figure to this extraordinary album to be remembered as well as it has been. In seeing Lou Reed on his tour for Street Hassle at Chicago’s Park West, I enjoyed Ian Dury and The Blockheads as an opening act. From that time to this writing, this album is never far from my mind. Therefore, I’m always pleased to see it recognized for what it is, an enduring document of the changing late ’70s that transitioned into the New Wave of the ’80s. Make no mistake, New Boots And Panties is a classic.

On October 27, Edsel Records will revisit New Boots And Panties!! with a 4CD/1LP 40th Anniversary Edition. Besides the new remaster of the original ten-track album, this box will cram a definitive revue of this album with a wide range of demos, a few outtakes, a few live tracks, a selection of John Peel Sessions, as well as a complete live set from Dury’s Paris Theater (London) on 01/07/1978. Topping this all off with a vinyl LP of the original album, this 40th Anniversary Edition should seal a deal for any serious fan of Ian Dury. The Paris Theater show has never been available on CD until now.

This set will include a 12″ by 12″ hard cover book (where the CDs and LP are housed). Inside, a pull-out 8-page booklet will highlight the album and the era it was released in by photos, liner notes, and other things.

Looking forward to this UK import in a big way!

New Boots And Panties!! – Ian Dury

CD1 (Original Album):
01. Wake Up And Make Love With Me
02. Sweet Gene Vincent
03. I’m Partial To Your Abracadabra
04. My Old Man
05. Billericay Dickie
06. Clevor Trever
07. If I Was With A Woman
08. Blockheads
09. Plaistow Patricia
10. Blackmail Man

CD2 (Bonus, Outtakes, Live, John Peel Sessions):
01. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
02. Razzle In My Pocket
03. You’re More Than Fair
04. England’s Glory [live]
05. Close To Home
06. Two Steep Hills
07. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (BBC John Peel Session)
08. Clevor Trever (BBC John Peel Session)
09. Sweet Gene Vincent (BBC John Peel Session)
10. Blockheads (BBC John Peel Session)

CD3 (Demos):
01. Wake Up And Make Love With Me
02. Sink My Boats
03. Apples
04. England’s Glory
05. Tell The Children
06. I Made Mary Cry
07. Sweet Gene Vincent [backing track]
08. Blackmail Man
09. My Old Man
10. Something’s Going To Happen In The Winter
11. Wifey
12. Sink My Boats [alternate version]
13. I’m Partial To Your Abracadabra
14. If I Was With A Woman
15. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
16. Clevor Trever
17. Blockheads

CD4 (Live at The Paris Theatre – London – 01/07/1978):
01. Sex & Drugs And Rock And Roll
02. Wake Up And Make Love With Me
03. Clevor Trever
04. Plaistow Patricia
05. I Made Mary Cry
06. What A Waste
07. Blockheads
08. If I Was With A Woman
09. Upminster Kid
10. Sweet Gene Vincent
11. Sex & Drugs And Rock And Roll (Reprise)

LP (Original Album):
01. Wake Up And Make Love With Me
02. Sweet Gene Vincent
03. I’m Partial To Your Abracadabra
04. My Old Man
05. Billericay Dickie
06. Clevor Trever
07. If I Was With A Woman
08. Blockheads
09. Plaistow Patricia
10. Blackmail Man