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Last Three Remastered Dead Can Dance LPs Slated For March

Last year, 4AD reissued several Dead Can Dance (hereafter DCD) vinyl LP sets for the vinyl collector! The previous release schedules jumped over albums and periods of DCD in a jumbled way. And with the upcoming arrival of more titles on vinyl, the same is being done.

On March 17, 4AD and DCD will issue the remaining three titles that will include The Serpent’s Egg (1988), Aion (a personal favorite) (1990), and Spiritchaser (1996), their last of their first run before their reunion album, Anastasis (2012).  All titles are newly remastered!

Good news for a Friday, I’d say!

Enjoy your weekend!




Two More Dead Can Dance Titles To Be Reissued On Vinyl LP in November

4AD reissued three classic Dead Can Dance albums on vinyl LP in July of this year. The promise was that the rest of the catalog would see a similar reissue over the course of a year’s time. Previously, Ideal and Spleen (1985), Dead Can Dance (1984), and Into the Labyrinth (1993) were the three initial vinyl offerings. Read our post on those here.

On November 11, 4AD will unleash two more DCD titles on limited edition vinyl LP, the live Toward The Within (1994), and studio set, Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun. Only the release date is known for these two (for now). When I get the LP information and artwork (other than the stock art included here), I’ll update this information. But you now know they’re coming.


DCD Toward The Within LP   DCD Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun