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A Tribute To Dan Fogelberg Arrives In November

Dan Fogelberg is one of the great singer/songwriters to arise in the young world of Rock and Roll back in the early ’70s. And although Rock music was well under way to becoming a solid base of communication and enjoyment, it was still in development during this period. Dan Fogelberg created a blend of Country and Rock that became an essential to our ears. We grew to love him for his contributions, and we grew more and more enamored of the quality songs he created.  After the release of his second album, Souvenirs, Dan Fogelberg had captured the hearts of a forming fan-base resulting in a strong double platinum award (sales of 2,000,000 units). The fans would backtrack and give his debut, Home Free, a much deserved Platinum award. From Souvenirs (1974), on through his next four releases (Captured Angel – 1975, Nether Lands – 1977, Phoenix – 1979, The Innocent Age – 1981), Dan Fogelberg would enjoy multi-million sales and top-charting singles.

Sadly, Dan Fogelberg would pass away in 2007 from cancer. However, with a legacy of fourteen studio classics, two collaboration albums with Tim Weisberg (Twin Sons of Different Mothers – 1978, No Resemblance Whatsoever – 1995), a handful of compilations and live albums, and twenty-one singles that include “The Power of Gold” (w/ Tim Weisberg), “Longer”, “Same Old Lang Syne”, “Leader Of The Band”, “Part Of The Plan”, and “Love Gone By”.

On November 17, BMG will release a marvelously assembled tribute album to the enduring music of Dan Fogelberg. The fourteen-track collection will feature the songs mentioned plus those memorable ones that weren’t mentioned. (See track list below.) It’s a special tribute when artists of the caliber that are here lovingly assemble to pay respect to one of Rock’s best. And it’s simply called A Tribute To Dan Fogelberg. This project was started and carefully watched over by his widow, Jean Fogelberg.

In addition, a live gathering of many of these contributors has been recorded on video at a show a Red Rocks for an upcoming PBS special.

A Tribute To Dan Fogelberg – Various Artists

01 Phoenix  (Garth Brooks)
02 Nether Lands (Donna Summer)
03 Better Change (Michael McDonald)
04 Longer (Amy Grant/Vince Gill)
05 Same Old Lang Syne  (Train)
06 Don’t Lose Heart (Dobie Gray)
07 Old Tennessee (Fool’s Gold)
08 As The Raven Flies (Casey James)
09 Sutter’s Mill (Randy Owen)
10 Run For The Roses (with Richie Furay/The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
11 Hard To Say (Boz Scaggs)
12 Part Of The Plan (The Eagles)
13 There’s A Place In The World For A Gambler (Jimmy Buffett)
14 Leader Of The Band (Zac Brown)


Newly Discovered Dan Fogelberg Tape Yields Live At Carnegie Hall

Much of Dan Fogelberg’s releases have come to us via Epic Records (or Full Moon, a subsidiary of Epic). And, of course, everyone will have their all-time favorite Dan Fogelberg album. (Mine’s Nether Lands). His last album was Love In Time, released posthumously in 2009 (Fogelberg died in 2007.) If you want the last released during his life, it was Full Circle, issued in 2003. Regardless, he is – and will always be – greatly missed.

On May 12, estate label, Nether Lands Records, will release an exclusive CD release of Live At Carnegie Hall. It is from a show in 1979, when Dan Fogelberg was at his prime. The recorded show was discovered by Jean Fogelberg on a DAT tape. It was a show that had been recorded without the knowledge of Dan Fogelberg to avoid unnecessary jitters during the show. The DAT was discovered during a sorting of photos and tapes. The discovered tracks were eventually mastered by Bob Ludwig, and subsequently turned down by Legacy Recordings for release. Thankfully, Jean Fogelberg insisted that this recording should be released to fans. And with that, Live At Carnegie Hall is soon – very soon – to be in our hands.

Live At Carnegie Hall will contain 26 live performance tracks from this April 17, 1979 show (see tracklist below). With a professional cover, first class mastering, and availability, Live At Carnegie Hall should be a revelatory  experience for many Dan Fogelberg fans.

Live At Carnegie Hall will be released on CD and DD.

Live At Carnegie Hall – Dan Fogelberg
01 – Nether Lands
02 – Once Upon a Time
03 – Stars
04 – Crow
05 – Old Tennessee
06 – Song From Half Mountain
07 – (Someone’s Been) Telling You Stories
08 – To the Morning
09 – Guitar Etude #3
10 – Sketches Summer
11 – Sketches Winter
12- Next Time
13 – Manana Carnival
14 – Lahaina Luna
15 – Moon Over Paris
16 – The Chauvanist Song
17 – Full Moon Mansion
18 – Beggar’s Game
19 – Same Old Lang Syne
20 – All Night Long
21 – Morning Sky
22 – Souvenirs
23 – Illinois
24 – Part of the Plan

25 – There’s a Place in the World for a Gambler
26 – Along the Road

[NOTE]: The CDs were received from the manufacturers with visible defects. As a result, the CDs are being redone and are expected to be completed within four weeks of the official release date. If you are already aware of this release and had pre-ordered, it is advised that you cancel the order so that you can get a fresh and perfect copy. As it is, the CD cover has two notable dents. However, if you opt to stay with your pre-order, the music inside remains the same. It’s only a cover defect that will be issued on May 12.



2CD Dan Fogelberg Set, The Definitive Anthology, Set For May

Dan Fogelberg Definitive AnthologyThe music of Dan Fogelberg was enchanting, even haunting, over the fifteen-plus studio efforts he released over a 35-year period. From his excellent Home Free debut released in 1972 through his final album, Love In Time, released posthumously in 2009, Dan Fogelberg continuously changed the colors on his poetically dipped lyrical brushes. With a handful of serious charting singles, and many of his early albums in the 2-million plus sales category, Dan Fogelberg was heralded and appreciated as one of the finest of his period.

His best singles delivering album was The Innocent Age. Released in 1982, it produced four Top Ten tracks (“Same Old Lang Syne”, “Hard To Say”, “Leader Of The Band”, “Run for The Roses”). But for many, each album had its own charm. For me, that was Nether Lands, released in 1977. That album mixed country, classical, rock, ballads, and literal poetic beauty into one gorgeous set. For others, it’s his work after that album that defined him. And that was so. There was also his successful collaboration with Tim Weisberg that produced two classic albums (Twins Sons Of Different Mothers – 1978, No Resemblance Whatsoever – 1995), and generated two singles, both from the Twin Sons Of Different Mothers album (“The Power Of Gold”, “Tell Me To My Face”)

By the late ’80s, Dan Fogelberg had lost an audience (more or less) to the changes that ran through the ’80s. Nevertheless, he continued to be productive up to his death in 2007 from cancer.

On May 6, the fine personnel over at Real Gone Music will release a 2CD career-spanning collection of 28 tracks. All of the tracks on The Definitive Anthology are newly remastered by Vic Anesini. The set will provide a richly detailed booklet that includes new liner notes. Those notes will attend to each track found within the 2 CDs.

Dan Fogelberg is a classic gem fro an era of Rock and Roll that will never be repeated. And yet, he still feels timeless, certainly influential.

The Definitive Anthology – Dan Fogelberg


01 Phoenix
02 Sweet Magnolia (and the Traveling Salesman)
03 The Language of Love
04 Part of the Plan
05 Same Old Lang Syne
06 Run for the Roses
07 Illinois
08 Nether Lands
09 There’s a Place in the World for a Gambler
10 Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)
11 Beggar’s Game
12 Heart Hotels
13 Believe in Me
14 She Don’t Look Back


01 Nexus
02 Make Love Stay (Single Version)
03 Seeing You Again
04 Hard to Say
05 Missing You (Single Version)
06 As the Raven Flies
07 A Love Like This
08 Longer
09 Rhythm of the Rain
10 Magic Every Moment
11 The Power of Gold
12 Lonely in Love
13 To the Morning
14 Leader of the Band/Washington Post March


TAPSheet: Release Notes – 02/16/2016

Friday Music has a few Deluxe Editions planned for classic albums by important albums, released on several dates. They are as follows:

  • Moments (1971) – Boz Scaggs: This album will feature new remastering with an expanding of the original with bonus tracks that include a 45RPM Mono mixes of “We Were Always Sweethearts”, and “Near You”, as well as live performance cuts of “I Feel So Good”, and “Hollywood Blues” This reissues on March 4 on CD.
  • Exiles (1987) – Dan Fogelberg: This album is being remastered with no bonus track inclusions. Still, a nice album to have. It is the firstfruit of an upcoming collection of Dan Fogelberg remastering reissues. Personally, I’m exited for Nether Lands. Exiles is planned for June 24 on CD.
  • Other Roads (1988) – Boz Scaggs: This album will be remastered and expanded with “You’ll Never Know”, “Soul To Soul”, and a Pettibone 45 remix of “Cool Running”. This reissues on April 29 on CD.

Boz Scaggs - Moments

Dan Fogelberg - Exiles

Boz Scaggs - Other Roads

Barsuk Records will release the next Nada Surf album on March 4. The new album is being called You Know Who You Are. This album will be issued on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Nada Surf - You Know Who You Are

Fire Records will release a 4LP Box with classic Pere Ubu titles on March 18. The titles include New Picnic Time (1979), The Art of Walking (1980), Song Of The Bailing Man (1982), and a bonus LP. The Box, called Architecture Of Language 1979-1982, will add in a poster and a card with download rights to the tracks.

Pere Ubu Architecture Of Language 1979-1982

Napalm Records have the newest by Otep on the calendar for April 15. The new album is called Generation Doom and will be issued on CD, Deluxe CD, DD, and vinyl LP. The LP will include a download card for digital files.

Otep Generation Doom

Yep Roc Records will release new Grant-Lee Phillips music with The Narrows, planned for March 18 on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Grant-Lee Phillips - The Narrows

End Of The Century, the 1980 album by Ramones, Rocket To Russia (1977), Subterranean Jungle (1983), Too Tough To Die (1984), and Leave Home (1977) are on the calendar as new remastered sets (although as imports from the UK). They’re scheduled for April 1.

Ramones Leave Home

Ramones Rocket To Russia

Ramones - End Of The Century

Origins, Volume 1 by KISS alumnus, Ace Frehley is planned on April 15. It is a collection of tracks with notable collaborations that include Paul Stanley (yes, Paul Stanley), Lita Ford, John 5, Slash, and others. It follows up Ace Frehley’s successful Space Invader from 2014.

Ace Frehley Origins Volume 1

Rhino will release a 3LP vinyl set of the 1979/1980 concert tour of Fleetwood Mac as they supported Tusk. In fact, the 3LP gatefold jacket has Tusk cover art. This set, called In Concert, is planned for release on March 4. It will offer 22 performance tracks:

Side A
01 Intro (Wembley, 6/26/80)
02 Say You Love Me (Wembley, 6/26/80)
03 The Chain (Wembley, 6/20/80)
04 Don’t Stop (Wembley, 6/27/80)
05 Dreams (Wembley, 6/20/80)
Side B
01 Oh Well (Wembley, 6/20/80)
02 Rhiannon (Tucson, 8/28/80)
03 Over & Over (St. Louis, 11/5/79)
04 That’s Enough For Me (Wembley, 6/21/80)

Side A
01 Sara (Tucson, 8/28/80)
02 Not That Funny (St. Louis, 11/5/79)
03 Tusk (St. Louis, 11/5/79)
04 Save Me A Place (St. Louis, 11/5/79)
Side B
01 Landslide (Omaha, 8/21/80)
02 What Makes You Think You’re The One (St. Louis, 11/5/79)
03 Angel (St. Louis, 11/5/79)
04 You Make Loving Fun (Wembley, 6/20/80)

Side A
01 I’m So Afraid (St. Louis, 11/5/79)
02 World Turning (Wembley, 6/22/80)
Side B
01 Go Your Own Way (Wembley, 6/22/80)
02 Sisters Of The Moon (Wembley, 6/22/80)
03 Songbird (Wembley, 6/27/80)

Fleetwood Mac Live 3LP

Dualtone Records plan the new – and anticipated – release by The Lumineers for April 8. The new album is called Cleopatra, and will be released widely on CD, DD, Deluxe CD (with four bonus tracks), and vinyl LP.

The Lumineers - Cleopatra

Ben Harper and the long awaited reunion with The Innocent Criminals will result in a new album currently scheduled for April 8 via Stax Records. The new album, called Call It What It Is will feature eleven classic Ben Harper songs.

Ben Harper Call It What It Is

Steamhammer/SPV will release an eleven track collection of previously recorded tracks by Lita Ford that sat in vaults. The collection is called Time Capsule and will be released to fans on April 15.

Lita Ford Time Capsule

Rhino Records will reissue three Captain Beefheart titles on vinyl LP scheduling for April 22. The three titles include The Spotlight Kid (1972), Lick My Decals Off Baby (1970), and Clear Spot (1972).

Capt Beefheart Lick My Decals Off Baby

And finally, an import goodie is Play, the 1999 classic by Moby, will reissue on vinyl LP on May 13. It is a bit pricey eve for high grade classic vinyl. But just in case you’re interested…!

Moby Play