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Philip Glass To Complete Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy With Lodger: Symphony No. 12

Here’s a bit of Random Notes for you that I thought some of you may be interested in. It’s not an announcement of an album on the calendar, but rather an announcement of an album that will soon be on the calendar. It’s particularly interesting news in that it announces the completion of the Bowie Berlin Trilogy as musically interpreted by the inimitable Philip Glass.

Previously, Philip Glass has released Low: Symphony No. 1 (1992), and Heroes: Symphony No. 4 (1996), both more than twenty years ago, and both based on the Bowie albums of the same name. It has always been on the mind of Philip Glass to complete the Bowie/Eno trilogy with Lodger (1979). Recently, Glass announced the premiere of the new symphony to be played at Southbank Centre in May of 2019. It will be Glass’ twelfth symphony.  It will be performed by the London Contemporary Orchestra (with organist, James McVinnie), and conducted by Hugh Brunt and Robert Ames. The complete work has been co-commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, and will have its World premiere in Los Angeles (after the London performance).


When Lodger: Symphony No. 12 is officially released on CD, LP, and DD, is anyone’s guess. But it is exciting news to tuck into your soul for the time being.

Sidenote but essential is the fact that today is the 81st birthday of Philip Glass. Happy birthday, dear magician!


The Ambient Series: New Collaborative Work With Tom Rogerson and Brian Eno, Finding Shore

Brian Eno never really seems too far away from our musical consciousness. He may not sell music into the hundreds of thousands like his work as a producer typically did. But he has a solid fan-base that enjoys his varied methods of music creations, some as different from the last as is humanly possible.  Another thing that Brian Eno is well known for is his collaborations, of which are many. His most popular collaborative effort was with David Byrne of Talking Heads, My Life In The Bush of Ghosts. That album explored quite a display of music that could not be effectively replicated or influential.

On December 8, Dead Oceans (a strong and influential label) will release a collaboration between Tom Rogerson and Brian Eno. Tom Rogerson is considered a classically trained improviser with the piano.  His musical history includes time spent with Three Trapped Tigers, a UK experimental Rock band, and some recording with The Bad Plus.  The album is being called Finding Shore and will contain thirteen tracks. It will be released on CD, DD, and as an initial limited edition run of 1500 blue opaque vinyl LP. After the clear blue vinyl sell out, the represses will be black vinyl.

Finding ShoreTom Rogerson with Brian Eno

01. Idea of Order at Kyson Point
02. Motion in Field
03. On-ness
04. March Awa
05. Eastern Stack
06. Minor Rift
07. The Gabbard
08. Red Slip
09. Quoit Blue
10. Marsh Chorus
11.An Iken Loop
12. Chain Home
13. Rest

First Four Eno Solo Albums To Be Reissued As Remastered 45RPM Vinyl 2LP Sets

If you’re an Eno fan, especially of his early run of solo works, AND you love vinyl, then this piece is for you.

Consider the brilliance of Another Green World. Released in 1975, this was Eno’s third set. Issued after the stunningly different but beautifully independent Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) (1974), It stepped above much. And then, of course, we’re also including Here Come The Warm Jets (1974), Eno’s warmly received debut album, and Before And After Science (1977). Essentially, these four album represent the first four in Eno’s massive catalog (not including Discreet Music, which is decidedly more ambient in nature than these four releases that are mentioned).

The good news is that Astralwerks will be reissuing these four titles on vinyl LP. All albums are Half Speed remastered, and cut at 45RPM. They are being presented as 2LP sets. Personally, anything being released on vinyl these days (that I love…And I LOVE Eno!), should be considered for repurchase if you’re a vinyl fan. I say this because the vinyl craze won’t last forever. When it dissipates, so will these releases. And if you did finally decide you wanted one (after the craze ended), it will cost you half your life’s fortunes to acquire, and maybe more.

These four albums will be reissued on August 4.



New Brian Eno Album, Reflection, Arrives In January

reflection-brian-enoThe last album from Brian Eno was The Ship, released earlier in 2016. It featured vocals and was an extraordinary album that many of us fans knew he was capable of. However, vocalized albums, or musically ambient, Brian Eno’s body of work is always mesmerizing. To date, we have over 25 solo sets that include Here Come The Warm Jets (1974), Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) (1974), Discreet Music (1975), Music For Airports (Ambient 1) (1978), Thursday Afternoon(1985), and the previously mentioned The Ship (2016). That doesn’t even incllude his list of brilliant collaborative sets that add in classics like No Pussyfooting (with Robert Fripp – 1973), High Life (with Karl Hyde – 2014, and not to ever forget My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts (with David Byrne – 1981) and their follow-up in Everything That Will Happen Will Happen Today (2008). But Brian Eno is never done.

On January 1, via Warp Records, Brian Eno will release a single track ambient album called Reflection. Eno equates it to his decades ago album, Thursday Afternoon, which also contained a single ambient track. To date, there are no snippets to get a feel of what’s going through his musical mind.

I just feel lucky to to soon be able to immerse within the confines of his imaginative music palate. In this case, Eno says that the sounds are making themselves, after which he becomes the proprietor of their mix. He refers to this next step in his musical evolution as “generative”. He has also hinted that the captured by recording sounds were mixed in various ways, or generations of mixes, one making way for a better one until he arrived at the most satisfying mix to be presented in Reflection.

Reflection will be delivered on CD, and vinyl LP.


New Brian Eno Album, The Ship, To Arrive In April

Brian Eno - The ShipBrian Eno has certainly set the standards for much of our Rock and Roll enjoyment. Not only was he an important member of Roxy Music, and a very successful solo artist, he also produced some of our most enduring albums by bands of extreme import like Talking Heads, and U2.

His last solo effort was Lux, released in 2012. As with his previous efforts, Eno experimented and released an album that stood alone as a prize in the ambient world. Once again, Brian Eno is going to the next level with the upcoming issue of his next album.

On April 29, Warp Records will release The Ship. The Ship is an ambient album with experimentation in three dimensional recording techniques. The Ship will offer two suites that are connected to each other. This is expected to enhance and further the Ambient craft that is proliferating these days.

The Ship is being presented in a standard CD wallet Edition, a Deluxe Edition with extraordinary packaging that has the wallet case with a cloth bound spine and a UV gloss cover, and a vinyl 2LP gatefold Edition. The two CD sets will come with an 8-page booklet. The Deluxe Editon and the 2LP set will be added to with four art prints.


20th Anniversary Expansion Of Second Toughest In The Infants, By Underworld, Planned For November

Underworld- Second Toughest In The InfantsUnderworld, a UK electronics music team, entered the music mainstream in the ’80s with a splendid debut set, Underneath The Radar (1988). Primarily the work of Karl Hyde, and Rick Smith. After a time, they were joined by Darren Emerson (who no longer is with the band). Their techno-based style of electronic dance music has been influential.

The music of Underworld has been heard not only by the band’s numerous album releases, but also in films, and found on subsequent soundtrack releases. Karl Hyde, Rick Smith, along with Darren Price, still perform exciting live shows today.

On November 20, UMe will mark the 20th Anniversary of the excellent Second Toughest In The Infants (1996) issue by Underworld by reissuing the album in several configurations, along with a new 2015 remaster. The new album is planned to be reissued on standard CD, a 2CD Deluxe Edition, a 4CD Super Deluxe Edition, and a 2LP vinyl set.

The extra CDs found on the Deluxe and Super Deluxe sets will pack in bonuses of remixed tracks, live performance tracks, non-album b-sides, and previously unreleased songs. The Super Deluxe Edition’s fourth CD provides an extended exploration of their famed Born Slippy (Nuxx), and features unreleased demos, live recordings, and alternate mixes (see track-list below).

While all of the editions will have informative booklets, the 4CD Super Deluxe Edition will provide a 60-page book of notes, credits, photos, and artwork related to this remarkable album title.

For those that may not know, Karl Hyde has worked with Brian Eno, releasing two albums in the process (High Life, 2014; Someday World, 2014). Get more here.

Second Toughest In The Infants – Underworld
Super Deluxe 4CD Tracklisting:

01. Juanita: Kiteless: To Dream Of Love
02. Banstyle / Sappys Curry
03. Confusion the Waitress
04. Rowla
05. Pearl’s Girl
06. Air Towel
07. Blueski
08. Stagger

CD2: (singles, B sides, remixes)
01. Cherry Pie
02. Oich Oich
03. Puppies
04. Mosaic
05. Deep Arch
06. Pearl’s Girl (Tin There)
07. Pearl’s Girl (14996 Version)
08. Born Slippy (Original Instrumental Version)
09. Born Slippy.Nuxx (Deep Pan)

CD3: (previously unreleased material)
01. Bug
02. Confusion The Waitress (She Said)
03. D+B Thing
04. D’Arbly St
05. 4 Crowns
06. Rowla A1806
07. Bing Here
08. Techno Thang
09. Pearls Ver2
10. Bloody 1

CD4: Born Slippy (Nuxx) – previously unreleased demos, live recordings, mixes
01. Nuxx A1796
02. Nuxx A2221 UW live (2 sets) Leicester M Dog 94
03. Nuxx A4712 Live @ Zap club Brighton Feb94
04. Nuxx A4733 UW live Amsterdam Apr94
05. Nuxx Liquid Room 94 A2254 UW Live Liquid Room 2 Tokyo
06. Nuxx from A1825
07. Born Slippy (Nuxx)


TAPSheet: Release Notes – October 28, 2014 (US Report)

On November 24, Rhino Records, in conjunction with Ryko, will re-release the 4CD, 98-song career Big Star retrospective originally released back in 2009. This represents a reformat of the title, and will make, once again, a collectible set newly available to the public. You may know this set as Keep An Eye On The Sky.

Atlantic and Parlophone will release the Coldplay live set, Ghost Stories Live 2014 on a CD/DVD edition, on the calendar for November 24.

Coldplay Ghost Stories Live 2014

Rhino Records, and Warner Brothers will also supply a reformat of the 2007 release of the 4CD, 78-track Songbird:Rare Tracks And Forgotten Gems, the richly packed career retrospective of Emmylou Harris. It is scheduled for a re-release on November 17.

Fuel Records will release The Final Sessions featuring Elmore James, planned for December 9.

Concord Records plan the release of Brazilian Nights by Kenny G, with a first quarter 2015 release pegged at January 27.

All Saints Records will reissue the 1993 Eno title, Neroli on a 2CD set planned for November 18. Other 2CD sets include Eno’s Shutov Assembly, Drop, and Nerve Net. All titles will also be reissued on vinyl LP.

Eno Neroli

Sanctuary Records have the legendary Spunk by Sex Pistols planned for release on December 9.

Sanctuary Records also plan the vinyl LP reissue of two Spiritualized titles that include Amazing Grace, and Songs in A&E.

A Carrie Underwood hits package, Greatest Hits: Decade #1, will be released on December 9 via Sony Nashville.

Carrie Underwood Greatest Hits

The new Smashing Pumpkins album, one of two expected, will release on December 9. The new title will be Monuments To An Elegy.

Evil Teen Records will release the new Gov’t Mule album, Dark Side Of The Mule, on CD, and vinyl LP scheduled for December 9.

Orange Mountain Music will release a 2CD set featuring Philip Glass called The Complete Piano Etudes. At the piano is Maki Namekawa. This 20-etudes album is slated for release on November 25.

Philip Glass The Complete Piano Etudes

There’s a lot of resistance going on there in fandom land concerning the upcoming ‘best of’ for The Who, The Who Hit Fifty!. And while another ‘best of’ featuring The Who might feel excessive, who can resist the arrival of the title in BD-Audio?! Huh?! Expect the Who Hit Fifty! on Blu-ray Audio on December 9.

The Who Hits 50

TAPSheet: Release Notes – 04/03/2014 (US Report)

Reprise Records have several more 180g-weight vinyl LPs coming with Eric Clapton titles.  On June 10, the label will re-release From the Cradle (2LP), Me And Mr Johnson, and Riding With the King (2LP).

Asthmatic Kitty Records, the label that is home to Lily & Madeleine, will release an album from Half-handed Cloud, called Flying Scroll Flight Control. It’s scheduled for issue on June 10 in CD, DD, and LP.

Warp Records have pinned May 6 set as the date for the Brian Eno/Karl Hyde collaboration album being planned for CD, 2CD Special Edition, and LP. The new album is being called Someday World.

EnoHyde SomedayWorld

Varese Sarabande Records have an Aaron Neville title on the slate with The Allen Toussaint Sessions tagged for May 19.

Friday Music has set June 3 as the release date for the newly remastered 180g vinyl version of Seventh Sojourn by The Moody Blues.

Chrissie Hynde (who needs no introduction, but if you are unaware, she’s from The Pretenders), will release a solo album on her own label (with major label distribution) on June 10. The album, Stockholm, will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Cover__300RGB (5)

UMe/Mercury will re-release KISS Alive 3 on vinyl LP, with a scheduled date of May 27.


Also KISS-related, UMe/Mercury will release the 2CD KISS 40 retrospective on the same date of May 27. Track-list below:

CD 1:
1. Nothin To Lose
2. Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll
3. C’mon and Love Me
4. Rock And Roll All Nite (Live)
5. God Of Thunder (Demo)
6. Beth
7. Hard Luck Woman
8. Reputation (Demo) – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
9. Christine Sixteen
10. Shout It Out Loud (Live)
11. Strutter ‘78
12. You Matter To Me (Peter Criss)
13. Radioactive (Gene Simmons)
14. New York Groove (Ace Frehley)
15. Hold Me, Touch Me (Paul Stanley)
16. I Was Made For Lovin’ You (Single Edit)
17. Shandi
18. A World Without Heroes
19. I Love It Loud
20. Down On Your Knees
21. Lick It Up
22. Heaven’s On Fire

CD 2:
1. Tears Are Falling
2. Reason To Live
3. Let’s Put The X In Sex
4. Forever (Remix)
5. God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll To You II
6. Unholy (Live)
7. Do You Love Me? (MTV Unplugged)
8. Room Service (Live)
9. Jungle (Radio Edit)
10. Psycho Circus
11. Nothing Can Keep Me From You
12. Detroit Rock City (Live)
14. Firehouse (Live – 1999/2000)
15. Modern Day Delilah
16. Cold Gin (Live 2009) – UNRELEASED COMMERCIALLY
17. Crazy Crazy Nights (Live 2010) – UNRELEASED COMMERCIALLY
18. Hell or Hallelujah

Avenue Records will release Evolutionary from War on May 19. Evolutionary is an album of brand new music, and the band’s first release in more than 20 years. The 2CD set will include a bonus CD with newly remastered Greatest Hits from their 1976 collection.


Frontiers Records have the Neal Schon solo album, So U, available on May 19.

Mobile Fidelity will release a Limited Edition remastered vinyl LP edition of Bitches Brew, the 1969 Columbia Records classic from Miles Davis.  The LP will be released on April 29.

And finally, Guided By Voices will release Cool Planet on both CD, and vinyl LP, with a date scheduled for May 13.