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Pixies’ Doolittle Classic Gets Stereo and Surround Mix On Blu-ray Audio Reissue

pixies-doolittle-bdaudioFans of Pixies, the Black Francis (Frank Black)-fronted band that ended its run in 1993 but eventually reformed, should be pleased with the music the original band left behind. One of those classics is 1989 4AD set, Doolittle. Doolittle is the band’s second album, and is considered one of the greatest albums of all time within the framework of Rock and Roll. It’s even included in the arguable Rolling Stone magazine list of 500 of Rock’s Greatest Albums.

It’s nice to discover that 4AD will reissue Doolittle as a Blu-ray Audio album, a move that will provide it with the best sound the album will boast of for some time (before newer technology performs better).

On December 16, 4AD will release the BD-Audio set of Doolittle that will provide not only the Mobile Fidelity-created Stereo mix, but also a new 5.1 Surround Sound 96kHz/24-bit remix.

Makes for a nice Christmas gift!


Nirvana 2002 Compilation To Issue On Blu-ray Audio In August

Nirvana NirvanaNirvana is considered one of the great bands from the ’90s. Although its end was brief and tragic, they left behind a wealth of great songs that are still relevant today. Their brief legacy also includes two best-selling releases, Nevermind (1991), and In Utero (1993). My favorite Nirvana track is “All Apologies” from their In Utero set (that’s me).

Nirvana did release an album on Sub Pop called Bleach. It was originally issued in 1989, and, after the blow up success of the Geffen Records follow-ups, it elevated to Platinum sales worldwide.

After the unfortunate death of Kurt Cobain, Geffen issued a compilation set called, simply, Nirvana, to represent their short career. It was issued in 2002. It followed the release of Incesticide. Nirvana reached into all of the available Nirvana albums and live sets and included a “new” track (at the time), “You Know You’re Right”.

On August 28, Geffen will update the Nirvana compilation by releasing it on upgraded audio, in the Blu-ray Audio format.

Legacy Recordings To Reissue Roger Waters Solo Classic, Amused To Death, In July

Roger Waters Amused To DeathIt seems as if we have waited forever for the promise of Amused To Death by Roger Waters on SACD (it’s still in the plans). But just as we might have been giving up some hope, Sony comes around with a magnificent plan to reissue the solo classic from 1992 in a variety of upgrades that include 5.1 remixes and Blu-ray Audio discs, 200g vinyl 2LP, and a variety of DD availability.

On July 24, Legacy Recordings will reissue Amused To Death with a 5.1 remix, and Stereo remaster by James Guthrie. The availability will include standard CD, a CD/BD-Audio Deluxe Edition (with the 5.1 Surround mix), 2LP (black vinyl), 2LP (Limited Edition picture), and DD.

The sets will come with new artwork, no doubt an expansive booklet (lyrics, pictures, notes), and perhaps even more.

Roger Waters Amused To Death New CD


Southern Surroundings, The 2012 Lynyrd Skynyrd Collection To Be Reissued On Blu-ray Audio

Lynyrd Skynyrd Southern Surroundings BDAudioWith excellent Blu-ray Audio titles trickling out, it’s nice to see a collection of great songs come along in the previously released Lynyrd Skynyrd set, Southern Surroundings. Southern Surroundings was an superior set released in 2012, and featured not only the band’s classic big hits in an Elliott Scheiner remix, but also 5.1 Surround Sound tracks on a DVD-Audio disc along with hi-quality Stereo versions (96k/24-bit).

On May 12, Geffen will revisit that collection in an AUDIO ONLY Blu-ray Audio disc. The original contained an added DVD-Video of their Old Grey Whistle Test appearance. (I’m not sure if the audio from that show will be here.) But the fourteen classic tracks, including the 10+ minute extended song of “Free Bird” will be here.

The tracks here are likely the Scheiner tracks. As more details creep in, I’ll update for those that like this bit of news.

The track-list of the original release of Southern Surroundings is:


01: Sweet Home Alabama
02: Gimme Three Steps
03: Simple Man
04: Saturday Night Special
05: Swamp Music
06: The Ballad Of Curtis Loew
07: Call Me The Breeze
08: Comin’ Home
09: Gimme Back My Bullets
10: What’s your Name?
11: You Got That Right
12: All I Can Do Is Write About It (Acoustic Version)
13: That Smell
14: Free Bird (Live)

DVD: Live on Old Grey Whistle Test – BBC Television

01: Double Trouble
02: I Ain’t The One
03: Call Me The Breeze
04: I Got The Same Old Blues
05: Every Mother’s Son
06: Sweet Home Alabama
07: Free Bird


01: Saturday Night Special
02: Gimme Three Steps
03: Swamp Music
04: Gimme Back My Bullets
05: The Ballad Of Curtis Loew
06: You Got That Right
07: That Smell
08: All I Can Do Is Write About It
09: Simple Man
10: Free Bird (Extended Version)

BD-Audio For A Farewell To Kings (RUSH) Due In April

Rush A Farewell To KingsAfter the issue and growing success of 2112, Rush began to create waves of excitement with their sci-fi peppered prog music. At that point, other than fans who had already been there, a backtrack of the small but musically potent catalog of Rush was quickly revisited. And the fan-base of Rush began to accelerate at an astounding rate.

2112 arrived in 1976. But it was A Farewell To Kings that had a legion of fans excited for its arrival. On September 1, 1977, A Farewell To Kings released with a big single, “Closer To The Heart”. A Farewell To Kings became the band’s first Platinum album in the US.

On April 21, Mercury Records will revisit this fan favorite with an expected audio update that will include high resolution (96k/24-bit) Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound versions.

On this date, the remastered LP version of the album will also be made available.

And there are more to come throughout the year.

[UPDATE] New Release Date For Beach Boys Classic, Pet Sounds, on BD-Audio (Stereo/Mono/5.1 Surround)


Beach Boys Pet Sounds BDAudioThe post below was originally posted in October with a planned BD-Audio release date for Pet Sounds, the album classic by The Beach Boys, scheduled for December 9. That date came and went with nary a peep about the updated set that many are anxious to hear. Today, I find that the BD-Audio version of Pet Sounds will be releasing on April 28. And for that, the old adage applies, “Better late than never”!

Additional new info includes the fact that this Blu-ray-Audio edition of Pet Sounds will contain three audio selections. Those will be Stereo, Mono, and a 5.1 Surround mix.

“Blu-ray Audio (BD-Audio) is an up and coming premium audio package loved by the audiophiles that are willing to go the extra mile to relive their favorites.  and I support it highly. And while I’m a Stereo purist, I do love the 5.1 for my friends that love it. And there are many of you. Of course, not all BD-Audios boast of 5.1.

[UPDATE] Today, I’m told that Pet Sounds, the 1966 Beach Boys classic that delivered “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, and “God Only Knows” to a generation of appreciative  fans, will be reissued as a BD-Audio come December 9 via Capitol Records. There is not enough information to determine whether there will be a 5.1 mix, but at least we know that this album in Stereo purity will be ours.

Lucky fans!”

Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye To Be Released on BD-Audio (Stereo/5.1 Surround) In April

Marvin Gaye Let's Get it OnWe’ll just forget that OTHER Marvin Gaye post. I received erroneous info, and with it being a slow news day, I went with something that I would not have otherwise. On the other hand, what this post references (and corrects) is something that I would definitely have gone with! As I will now.

Marvin Gaye is no stranger to fans of R&B, particularly to those of us who remember the music as it played out on the radio. After the success of What’s Going On, and not counting the excellent Trouble Man soundtrack (which we’ll talk about in a few), Marvin Gaye released Let’s Get It On. That album was issued in 1973, generating three singles, one of them the massive Number One title track. The other two singles, “Come Get To This” (not as successful as “Let’s Get It On”, but still flirted with the Top 20 on Pop hits), and “You Sure Like To Ball”, the last single, which heralded the charting power of Let’s Get It On.

Over time, Let’s Get It On continues to be one of the stronger sets in Marvin Gaye‘s catalog.

On April 28, Motown Records will release Let’s Get It On on Blu-ray Audio. The music will be 96k/24-bit audio, and yes, there WILL be a 5.1 Surround mix, which was supervised by the album’s original producer, Cal Harris.

So, there’s that! I apologize for the confusion. Thanks to Robbert van D for the assist!

Also, Motown Records released a vinyl LP version of Trouble Man on March 10! If you wanted something like that, here’s your chance.


And finally, for those that may not know about it, Motown released three hi-resolution digital audio sets of Live At the London Palladium that includes 96k/24-bit, 192k/24-bit, and DSD mixes. Those are readily available having been released back in 2014 on August 5.



Blue Note To Reissue BD-Audio Titles By Coltrane, Hancock, And Davis In March

John_Coltrane_-_Blue_TrainIf you’re a fan of Jazz from the late ’50s, early ’60s, then Blue Note has some releases coming for you. With the ongoing development of BD-Audio (Blu-ray Audio), we have been getting rewarding audio updates on the new format.

On March 24, Blue Note will release three separate BD-Audio titles that include Empyrean Isles and Maiden, originally released in 1964 by Herbie Hancock as a quartet album with Freddie Hubbard, Ron Carter, and Anthony Williams, Blue Train, issued in 1957 by John Coltrane, and Take Off: The Complete Blue Note Albums (a reissue of the 2014 2CD Miles Davis Anthology) featuring the inimitable Miles Davis.

Blue Note has a wide catalog of artists that include Freddie Hubbard, Horace Silver, Art Blakey, Thelonius Monk, and many others. Let’s hope that they continue to upgrade many of their popular titles for issue as BD-Audio releases.

Herbie Hancock Empyrean Isles

Rush To Release A Year’s Worth Of Title Upgrades That Include Two More Blu-ray Audio Reissues

Rush A Farewell To KingsIt’s a year of RUSH coming to you. Beginning with the Fly By Night BD-Audio that we mentioned earlier in the week, there will be a monthly release of titles. Now, of course, not ALL of them are planned for BD-Audio (Blu-ray Audio), however, many will receive vinyl reincarnations, and ALL (of announced titles) will be released as Hi-resolution digital audio likely destined for HDTracks. Perhaps, in some time in the future, those hi-res tracks might be blessed with a physical BD-Audio release as well.

Nevertheless, there are two other Rush classics coming to the physical BD-Audio realm that will include A Farewell To Kings, and Signals. Those are still a bit away but along with the Fly By Night listings (when I get them), I will update information on all listings in a new post as they become available.

Here’s the run-down:

  • January 27:  Fly By Night (Vinyl LP w/download rights / BD-Audio / Hi-Res Digital Audio)
  • February: Caress Of Steel (1975) (Vinyl LP w/download rights / Hi-Res Digital Audio)
  • March: 2112 (1976) (Vinyl LP w/download rights / Hi-Res Digital Audio)
  • March: All The World’s A Stage (1976) (Vinyl LP w/download rights / Hi-Res Digital Audio)
  • April: A Farewell To Kings (1977) (Vinyl LP w/download rights / BD-Audio / Hi-Res Digital Audio)
  • May: Hemispheres (1978) (Vinyl LP w/download rights / Hi-Res Digital Audio)
  • June: Permanent Waves (1980) (Vinyl LP w/download rights / Hi-Res Digital Audio)
  • July: Moving Pictures (1981) (Vinyl LP w/download rights / Hi-Res Digital Audio)
  • July: Exit…Stage Left (1981) (Vinyl LP w/download rights / Hi-Res Digital Audio)
  • August: Signals (1982) (Vinyl LP w/download rights / BD-Audio / Hi-Res Digital Audio)
  • September: Grace Under Pressure (1984) (Vinyl LP w/download rights / Hi-Res Digital Audio)
  • October: Power Windows (1985) (Vinyl LP w/download rights / Hi-Res Digital Audio)
  • November: Hold Your Fire (1987) (Vinyl LP w/download rights / Hi-Res Digital Audio)
  • December: A Show Of Hands (1989) (Vinyl LP w/download rights / Hi-Res Digital Audio)

Rush Signals



Fly By Night, The 1975 Classic By Rush, To Be Released In Blu-ray-Audio Format

Rush Fly By NightWith Blu-ray Audio creeping into the audiophile’s world, it is now the time for those adopting bands that have rabid audiences to bring their music out in the new format to assure their fans the best format to enjoy them with.

One band that has always been on the forefront of keeping their fans filled with great stuff is Rush. Since their beginnings way back in the late ’60s (and it’s what, 2014 now?), Rush has kept a steady supply of not only original material flowing through their pipelines, but also up-to-date tech videos, and collections, as well as the updating of their classic titles. And we’re very much appreciative of all of their efforts.

On January 27, Mercury Records will reissue a Blu-ray Audio version of Fly By Night, their 1975 classic that introduced drummer extraordinaire, Neil Peart to an adoring fan-base. The album did fairly well on all charts, eventually gaining platinum status for many markets, especially the US and Canadian ones. But now that you will have access to a high audio resolution version of Fly By Night, well, we’re beginning to hope for the other classic titles, including Caress of Steel, and 2112 (my favorite).

In addition to the BD-Audio remaster, the sophomore album will be reissued as a vinyl LP, same date.

That’s January 27. Get your pre-order buttons ready to push. If there are bonus content, I’ll be back to update this post.