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Dhani Harrison To Release Solo Album, IN///PARALLEL

Mention the name of George Harrison, and you get instant recognition due to his unparalleled affiliation to a certain influential UK band that were known collectively as The Beatles.  Even after the demise of the Fab Four, George Harrison’s music contributions to the world of Rock is still mentioned in reverential tones. It is therefore inevitable that the offspring of any member of the band would be musically included and prone to creating and releasing original music with the recognizable surname they were blessed with. Some had great acclaim (Julian Lennon did exceptionally well for a period, and still has a ‘must own’ album, Valotte, to his name. Zak Starkey has success as a drummer with other well-known bands (namely The Who). Sean Lennon hasn’t enjoyed much success at all.

Now, we have a new entrant into the arena with Dhani Harrison. Dhani is George Harrison’ only son. Dhani has played with several bands, notably thenewno2, and Fistful of Mercy. Of course, he has engaged in other ventures. Being the son of George Harrison, i would be difficult to not be involved in expression.

On October 6, Dhani Harrison will release his first solo album under his given name. The new album is being called IN///PARALLEL(a stylish title that requires the ALL CAPS to properly give it the justice in titling it’s asking for). There will be a collection of ten original songs. One of the tracks, “All About Waiting” is currently in distribution as a single (hear below). And as you would expect, there is a similarity to dad, just with an updated sound.

IN///PARALLEL will be delivered on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.


Beatles Classic, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Gets 50th Anniversary Treatment

It’s been a while that the rumors of a SUPER Deluxe package of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the universally acknowledged Beatles album that helped to change Rock and Roll in scope and direction, was being released. As of yesterday (04/04/17), that confirmed bit of news literally exploded across the internet with the flash of an incoming comet. And with good reason. Folks just seem to revere this album with the tenacity of a newfound love. And so:

On May 26, Parlophone will offer several editions of this time-honored classic that includes a pricey 6-disc ‘must have’ Box, a 2LP vinyl set, a 2CD edition, and a single CD for those that only need the original in its newly remixed form. While it’s going to be difficult even for uber-fans to jump into the costly multi-disc set, I’ve no doubt that it will sell well. But I’m reasonably sure the sales marks will hit astronomically for the 2CD set.

The original album will be reintroduced with a brand new remix of the essential classic. That’s the best news of all. But, when you need more, there will be:

CD – The original tracks, remixed.

2CD – The original album along with a CD of bonus sessions tracks that include multiple takes of songs that you’re familiar with and which might be great fun to hear against the chosen takes.

CD 1 -Original Album 2017 Stereo Mix

CD 2 – Bonus Tracks
01. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – Take 9
02. With A Little Help From My Friends -Take 1 with false start, Take 2 instrumental
03. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds – Take 1
04. Getting Better – Take 1
05. Fixing A Hole – Take 3
06. She’s Leaving Home – Take 1
07. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! -Take 4
08. Within You Without You – Take 1
09. When I’m Sixty-Four – Take 2
10.  Lovely Rita – Take 9
11.  Good Morning Good Morning – Take 8
12.  Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) – Take 8
13.  A Day In The Life – Take 1
14.  Strawberry Fields Forever – Take 7
15.  Strawberry Fields Forever – Take 26
16.  Strawberry Fields Forever – 2015 Stereo Mix
17.  Penny Lane – Take 6
18.  Penny Lane –  2017 Stereo Mix

6Disc Box – This will include the two CD found on the 2CD set PLUS another CD of more takes, a CD of MONO mixes of the first two CDs, a BD (Blu-ray), and a DVD. The BD, and DVD both contain 5.1 Surround mixes with the BD adding in a Surround mix for DTS Master Audio HD. For the Stereo tracks, the BD adds 96kHz/24-bit files. Both DVD and BD will provide The Making of Sgt Pepper (1992, restored), and 4k Promo videos of “A Day In The Life”, “Strawberry Fields Forever”, and “Penny Lane”.

2LP – Original Album, and Tracks from CD2 on 180g-weight vinyl.

You can expect great books within each packages. The 2CD set offers a 50-page booklet, while the Super Deluxe Box provides a 144-page hardbound book.

Have fun!


Talia’s Notes: Thoughts On The Passing Of Sir George Martin

George MartinThere are those who can make a claim to greatness because of their association with the music industry. And then there are those who are in rarefied air. These are the ones who can be considered Forward Progressives. When your ideas can transcend music itself and become part of the re-shaping of culture itself, you are in rarefied air. George Martin was rarefied air.

George Martin was one who was lucky enough to have had a change in his life when he met four very open-minded Forward Progressives from Liverpool. He went from producing music and comedy which would have provided him with a rather pedestrian living to forever changing the musical landscape of our times. His open-mindedness, along with that of John, Paul, George and Ringo, changed music production values to the point of re-defining them. He took a technician’s feel for studio instruments and machinery and pushed the boundaries of how music could be presented on tape. He was the first person to to re-distribute our minds and make tape looping something so far beyond a novelty-most especially backward looping. He created orchestration that was both grand and completely logical to both the music and the times in which they were produced-whether a precise minimalism was required (as in “Eleanor Rigby”) or mind-blowingly explosive (“A Day In The Life”). He, along with the four lads, made the integration of various instruments from around the world and of genres not only something beyond acceptable. He helped to make it a vital part of throwing music forward on a continual basis. With the exception of The Beach Boys, I can think of nobody who helped to advance harmonies in popular music more than he did in the ’60s.

It is actually very easy to be writing about George Martin this evening. His work with The Beatles is definitive. One can wax poetic about what he did for The Beatles and for all of us. Instead, what George did is cause for people to shorten the length of their words for moments. His achievements are so towering.

He was a product of history. It was a necessary history. The meeting of possibility between himself with the those of John, Paul, George and Ringo created a perfect storm. Our culture would not have been the same if this hadn’t happened. There would have been no ’60s if they had not gotten together.

I am also so very thankful that George Martin and the collective minds of The Beatles were aware of how much competition between themselves and other artists who existed during their time in existence as a band was enough to help propel themselves forward without letting the competition stifle their creativity. In this regard, George Martin went beyond the producer role. He not only thought musically, but he also thought like a second manager to the boys when Brian Epstein was still alive and also in the wake of Epstein’s passing in 1967. After Epstein’s passing, even when things were getting tense between the band members, he still managed to get the guys to keep pushing their boundaries. Even during the hard times of 1968 during the “white album” sessions and clear through the bitterness of the Get Back/Let It Be project of early ’69, he kept things together so that we could get that one last magnificent salvo which became the Abbey Road album. My God! Even Beatles basic backing tracks were forward facing throughout the whole of their existence.

And let’s talk about his mixes. I can’t think of anybody who produced greater in-studio mono mixes than George Martin. The impact of the early singles would not have been as effective in getting people to latch onto the band had it not been for the clarity and punch of the mono singles. Bad mixes would have turned people away from them or they would not have developed the groundswell of fans had they not had the benefit of George’s work in the beginning. A lot of people forget that The Beatles were actually a very mono-centric band. John, Paul, George and Ringo preferred to listen to themselves and their play-backs in the studio in mono. Stereo mixes up to and including 1968, were oftentimes an afterthought. However, we can all be thankful that the stereo album mixes were accurate reflections of their times and a blueprint in logical presentation.

As one listened to Revolver and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, you were hit with the realization that it was no longer a basic wide-stereo gimmick anymore. Martin’s panning sequences and the placements of instruments in the stereo field (especially when listened to with headphones) were the result of experimentation which led into brilliant results. A listener could almost allow themselves to imagine that it wasn’t a two-channel stereo limitation. You felt as if you were surrounded within a fantastic horizon of sound coming at you from different directions. George Martin had great imagination. He was also a further facilitator of what (especially) Paul, John and George were hearing in their heads and made them into reality. I’d like to think that Martin’s stereo mixes, especially on Revolver, made Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Kramer take the creative inspiration of what Martin was doing to create their own brand of pushing musical boundaries and mixes when Jimi first showed up on the landscape in late 1966 and into early 1967 as his first album was in its early stages.

George Martin’s mixes also greatly enhanced the emotional impact of what you were listening to. The emotional value of the songwriting of Lennon/McCartney and of Harrison and Starr was never cheapened by bad or gimmicky mixes. If there are people out there who look back upon the ’60s and think that all of the Psychedelic movement within music was just a throwaway, listen to something like “It’s All Too Much”. All of the good which can be encapsulated about great music of the ’67 and early ’68 period can be found within that song. It’s a beautiful example from before the back to the roots movement among musicians took hold as ’68 marched forward. There’s the stunning impact of the sheer force of the loudness of the music and its sense of joyful abandon. And then there’s the playfulness contained within the song.

George also had a hand in creating what possibly may be the defining song of the ’60s. It was the one which may have been at the very peak of when The Beatles and their fans around the world had their greatest moment of oneness. “Hey Jude” might possibly be the perfect single. It may be the greatest single of the entire ’60s. Who but George Martin could have taken a song and defied radio programmers by producing a long single with an extended fade-out which only drew all people of all kinds closer together? Who could have given us a song which bound us all together amid the terrible storms of 1968 in the manner in which Martin and The Beatles did?

George Martin was a great blessing to us all. He was a great blessing to John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.

Long live George Martin!

–Steve Talia

TAPSheet: Vinyl Release Notes – 06/25/2014 (US Report)

Zappa Records will reissue Apostrophe (‘) (1974) by Frank Zappa, on September 2.

Zappa Apostrophe

Separate Mono versions of Beatles albums will be sold individually from Please, Please Me (1963) through The Beatles White Album (1968), and including the newer Mono Masters. As with the Boxed set, these are expected on September 9.

Smithsonian Folkways will release vinyl LP versions of Union Train (1975), Garbage And Other Songs Of Our Times (1980), and Old Folks Ain’t All the Same (1987), all by Joe Glazer, on August 12.

Joe Glazer Union Train

Alternative Distribution Alliance will release a 2014 re-recording of the 1974 classic Journey To The Centre Of The Earth by Rick Wakeman, on July 15. It will be a 40th Anniversary issue of the title.

Kscope will reissue Stupid Dream (2009) by Porcupine Tree on vinyl, slated for July 8.

Ghostly International is releasing a 2LP set of In Decay, the 2012 electronic music set from Com Truise. It’s planned for August 19.

Com Truise In Decay

Geffen Records have The Eels‘ 1996 classic Beautiful Freak, ready for 180g-weight vinyl, and scheduled for August 19. “Novocaine For The Soul” came from this album.

Milan Records will release an LP version of the soundtrack for Chef on August 26.

Merge Records have Shadows (2010), and Man-Made (2005) by Teenage Fanclub planned for vinyl LP on August 5. These reissues include download cards, and will also include bonus download tracks (“Secret Heart”, “Dark And Lonely” with Shadows, and “Please Stay”, “Falling Leaf” with Man-Made).

Teenage Fanclub ManMade   Teenage Fanclub Shadows

Knitting Factory Records have three classic Fela Kuti albums slated for vinyl LP on August 19. The titles included will be Teacher, Don’t Teach Me Nonsense (1986), Confusion (1975), and Sorrow, Tears and Blood (1977).

Epitaph Records will release a 20th Anniversary LP Edition of Smash by Offspring on August 19. The remastered LP will be released in a die-cut box, and will contain a CD of the full album inside.

Offspring Smash

Friday Music will reissue Inner Secrets, the 1978 Columbia set by Santana. It is slated for remastered 180g reissue on August 19.

Plastic Head Records have two Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe sets scheduled for LP issue on September 23. Those will be An Evening Of Yes Music, Volume 1, and An Evening Of Yes Music, Volume 2.

Aida/Surfdog Records will release a vinyl LP set of the latest by Brian Setzer (CD too) called Rockabilly Riot! All Original, on August 12. The LP set will also feature a DD rights card.

Setzer Rockabilly Riot

Highnote Records have three jazz offerings in 180g remastered vinyl LP with Monk, Trane, Miles & Me (1999) by Larry Coryell, Joey Defrancesco Plays Sinatra His Way (2004) by Joey Defrancesco, and Special Requests (and Other Favorites) (2013) from Kenny Burrell. These are planned for August 12.

The classic John Lennon ‘best of’ from 1975, Shaved Fish, is set for vinyl LP reissue on August 19.

Lennon Shaved Fish

Elektra Records will reissue Hejira (1976) from Joni Mitchell on vinyl LP slated for July 22.

Inner Wound Recordings have High Road by Night Ranger arriving on vinyl LP, scheduled for August 5.

50th Anniversary Beatles Set, The Japan Box, Arrives In US In July

Capitol Records have set July 15 as the US release date for The Japan Box, a set containing 5CDs that include Japanese versions of Meet the Beatles, The Beatles’ Second Album, A Hard Day’s Night, Help!, and The Beatles No 5, which was a Japanese only compilation album.

The set is a 50th Anniversary Edition, with the albums using 2009 remasters.  Additionally, the set will contain a 100-page booklet. The official Japanese version is being released in Japan on June 25, with the US set coming not long after.

Japan Box Beatles

From my understanding, the set’s Help!, and A Hard Day’s Night will be the UK versions.

Talia’s Overflow Notes – 07/12/2013


The Beatles: Paul McCartney has told Mojo Magazine that the upcoming At The BBC reissue will be a new mastering and not a straight reissue as was first reported. The question among Hoffman Forum readers still remains. Will the new remastering also come from better source materials or the very same ones used for the original set? I’m sure all of you can recall the huge wave the now ancient 9-CD box set from the Great Dane label made quite a few years back.

Jethro Tull: Some word has, apparently, surfaced that the Benefit album will be re-mixed and will include a second disc of a few bonus tracks. It is still possible that it is going to come out in the 4th Quarter of this year. A Passion Play is now slated for 2014. This news originated from the Hoffman Forum.

Tull A Passion Play

The Grateful Dead: For those of you who haven’t heard the news already, the latest installment of the Dave’s Picks series has been announced through their e-mails. Volume 7 will be the April 24, 1978 show from the Horton Fieldhouse at Illinois State in Normal, Illinois. I chuckled when I read this news. Normal and Grateful Dead?

Sly & The Family Stone: People, you are not going to believe this. There is yet another version of the There’s A Riot Goin’ On album that is being offered up at the end of the month. This one is from a company called Get On Down Records and will be presented as a Gold disc. What is different about this particular release is that it is being packed in a very unique way. The highlight of the packaging itself will be the cloth reproduction of the flag that made up the original album cover. This news came by way of the Hoffman Forum.


Emerson, Lake & Palmer: The latest news coming out of the ELP camp is that things are now being reversed.The Trilogy album Deluxe Edition which was slated to come out next has been bumped to early 2014 while the Deluxe Edition of Brain Salad Surgery is now slated for this Fall.This news originated from a Twitter from Jakko. He will be working on the reissues. The Twitter feed was relayed via the Hoffman Forum.


The Band: Rock Of Ages: Deluxe Edition (or Live At The Academy-whichever title you wish to reference it as) will include an expanded version of the show, 2 CDs of rehearsals and a DVD. And don’t forget, people. This set is also re-mixed. If you are someone who likes different mixes, you will want to keep your old 2-CD Deluxe Edition and get this new one at the same time. This news was reported on by a sharp-eyed person at the Hoffman Board who saw this mentioned at the Facebook page of The Band.

Odds & Sods Wonderings: There are a few things that may still be on the radar as us collectors start immersing themselves more into the 4th Quarter pre-order season. We’ll have to see if either one of the two planned Bob Dylan Bootleg Series titles do manage to squeak their way out in the 4th Quarter or not. I can still recall a few years back when a lot of Dylan fans braced themselves for a possible massive Complete Blonde On Blonde Sessions box. I still hope it happens someday.

Though it was only reported on as a rumor (I think at IMWAN), there was word that fans of Miles Davis at a board of his were throwing about a rumor that the next bootleg series set was going to possibly be from 1964.

Oh yes. I would be completely remiss if I didn’t throw in my lot by making my usual plea that I wish The Rolling Stones would release the Brussels Affair ’73 official vault show as an affordable 2-CD reissue along the lines of a standard Deluxe Edition. I’d like to see them do this for the L.A. ’75 show too.

 — Steven Talia

Talia’s Overflow Notes- 06/25/2013

Matt has asked me to do a column where I mention music releases that slip by him and also about speculation and rumors that have been popping up online and in print media.  I will be citing the sources of my information.  Matt and I wanted to put this together for the readers of MusicTAP because not everybody has the time to scour music sites and pick up information.  There are two music boards I get a ton of my information from.  They are invaluable to me.  Realistically speaking though, not everybody has the patience to sift through the many threads at these boards.
 I am distilling this down into a one-stop place for you to find out the information.  I am also doing this because I am a firm believer that there should be no such thing as having a monopoly on music release information and speculation.  A lot of huge music fans don’t get to visit music sites.  This is for you so that you can save time.  Please note that what I report is just me cherry-picking based on my interests.  It is not meant to be definitive or all-encompassing.  Mistakes inevitably get made from time to time.
–Steve Talia
Jimi Hendrix – As I mentioned over at the comments section of MusicTAP,  Experience Hendrix/Sony via the official bootleg label, Dagger, will be releasing the previously vinyl/bonus download-only Jimi Hendrix-Live In Cologne 1969 on CD for an expected July 9th release.  It is available at AuthenticHendrix.com  This came courtesy of an Experience Hendrix e-mail.
Also for Hendrix fans who missed out on it the first time around and having since gone out of print, Experience Hendrix/Sony is reissuing the 4-CD box set commonly referred to as The Purple Box on August 20.
In the rumored source department, courtesy of the Hoffman Board, the future game plan for Hendrix releases may be as follows: two live shows of which both were recorded and filmed (my speculation is Miami Pop ’68 and Royal Albert Hall ’69).  The old Stages box set (which is long out of print) of four individual shows will be reissued as individual releases.  Whether these come out as widely distributed general Sony releases or on the Dagger label remains to be seen.  After that, more unspecified live shows will be released.
The Kinks – In Kinks news, Muswell Hillbillies: Deluxe Edition will be available from Ume (U.K.) for release on July 15th.  This news is courtesy of both the Hoffman Board and IMWAN.
Elton John – Elton John‘s latest work, The Diving Board, will be available in multiple formats which include vinyl and Super Deluxe Editions will be available on September 16 in the U.K. and on September 24 in the United States on Capitol.  For those of you who can’t wait, pre-orders are already being taken at Elton John’s official website.
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – In Emerson Lake & Palmer speculation, a Tweet from Chris Welch indicates that we should expect to hear an announcement in the near future for a (my speculation) 2-CD/1-DVD disc of audio of the Trilogy album.  This news comes from IMWAN.
Led Zeppelin – In high anticipation of the upcoming Led Zeppelin individual album box sets, one tiny bit of word has slipped out that Jimmy Page has been keeping his sound engineer very busy with all of the unreleased live material being included in these sets.  One early round of speculation was that these box sets of each individual album were to likely contain a CD of the re-mastered album, another CD of unreleased studio material appropriate to each album and live tracks and then a potential disc of a 5.1 mix of the album and unreleased film.  No date has been set in stone for these boxes.  The last word was that a chunk of the albums would come out this year, but not all of them.  This news comes from Rolling Stone, the Hoffman Board and IMWAN.
The Beatles – There will also be an upcoming reissue of The Beatles-Live At The BBC on Capitol which is being targeted for September.  It will be a straight reissue.  There will be no new re-mastering.  This comes from the Hoffman Board and IMWAN.
Fleetwood Mac – As it concerns the upcoming Fleetwood MacThen Play On reissue coming from Rhino that Matt reported on first, there is speculation on whether two different versions will be released or not.  The one up for pre-order at Amazon U.K. is the English track lineup with (“Oh Well Parts 1 & 2”) put together.  If it gets put up for pre-order at the domestic U.S., people are wondering if it will be the same track lineup as the one for the one at Amazon U.K. or if the U.S. will get the original U.S. track order.  My guess is that if it does come out in the U.S. as well, it will likely retain the U.K. running order and songs.  This speculation comes from the Hoffman Board.