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New Tor Lundvall Vocal Album, A Dark Place

From the first time I heard Tor Lundvall, I was hooked. His use of atmospheric electronics in an ethereal soundscape had created a sense of uniqueness. It was his 2006 Yule release, based on the holiday season, that made me a lifelong fan. (You can read my 2013 introduction to the ambient artist here. Since Yule, Tor Lundvall has released two additional instrumental sets. In 2009, Lundvall released a previously recorded vocal album, Sleeping And Hiding, a vinyl-only issue currently out of print. It’s been almost ten years since that vocal album, but it appears that a new one is on the horizon!

On February 23, Dais Records will deliver a limited edition vinyl LP run of the next Tor Lundvall release. It will be called A Dark Place. The vinyl run will consist of 400 black vinyl sets, and 100 transparent purple vinyl sets.  It will also be available digitally via Bandcamp (here).

A Dark Place will contain eight complete compositions including the currently available track, “Quiet Room”, which can be streamed and/or digitally purchased now (here).

You can pre-order A Dark Place on vinyl a this Dais Records link (here).

Discovery: Bent Knee (Boston) – Releases New Album, Land Animal, In June

Rock and Roll certainly hasn’t stayed static as a music style during its still rampant run. In fact (Don’t throw things!), it could be said that music these days is far more expansive in a million more ways than they were during Rock’s younger years. Of course, the music of the ’60s and ’70s, the ’80s and ’90s, were vastly different than each other, and definitely different than what the new century has brought us in its 17 years! But these days, there are great bands pushing the envelope as much as the envelope was pushed back in the those previously mentioned decades. I’ll always love the music of those earlier time frames. But I easily fall in love with excellent new bands as well. One of them is a band known as Bent Knees.

I don’t recall how I stumbled across this band. But I know that once I heard their “Leak Water” track (hear below) from their Say So album, issued in 2016, almost a year ago (May 20), I was hooked. Unlike a lot of bands, this one employs the use of several genres of musical styles like Prog Rock, Pop, Avant-Garde, blended with traditionally classical influence with the use of violins, cellos, and others. As a result, they are tough to classify as a specific band producing a specific type of music. You’ll be challenged…but you like challenges, right?!

Bent Knee is a six-member band, They were formed in the famed Berklee College of Music in 2009. They self-released their first two, both of which I am enjoying on Spotify (Bent Knee – 2011, Shiny Eyed Babies – 2014). Their Say So album is hosted on Bandcamp only (here). The songs are excellent. I’m particularly fond of the vocal work of Courtney Swain, who also works the keyboards for the band.

On June 23, the busy Bent Knee band will release their next album, Land Animal. This new album will feature ten new songs with a bonus of two remixed tracks, both included on the standard CD release. The album will also be released on white vinyl LP (with CD), and several formats of Digital (FLAC, MP3, WAV, and other high quality digital issues). If you go to their Bandcamp page (here), you can even find a CD/Tee bundle as well as a limited edition digipak CD.