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UK Record Store Day To Release PiL Album Breakout Of 2LP Concert Live At The Brixton Academy 27.5.86

A few years back, Public Image Ltd released Deluxe editions of some of their classic sets including the much loved Album. Contained within the generously  supplied edition was a live set from Brixton Academy circa 1986, the period of time in which Album was released.

The live Brixton Academy recordings consists of fourteen performance tracks. It’s now good news to note that an official release of the May 27, 1986 show will be reissued alone, apart from the Deluxe Edition of Album.

The set is being called – appropriately – Concert (live at the Brixton Academy 27.5.86). Currently, this is being marketed for UK Record Store Day as a 2LP vinyl set. This gatefold edition will include a fold out poster.

Record Store Day (UK) is scheduled for April 21.

Hopefully, a CD set will follow after the RSD promotions end for the PiL faithful and deserving CD adherents.

concert live at the brixton academy 27.5.86PiL

01 Kashmir
02 FFF
03 Low Life
04 Fishing
01 Poptones
02 Pretty Vacant
03 Banging The Door
04 Flowers Of Romance
05 Bags

01 Round
02 Home
01 Public Image
02 Rise
03 Annalisa


Two PiL Albums To Be Remastered and Expanded – Metal Box, Album

After the inevitable demise of the fast-living Sex Pistols, Johnny Lydon (or Johnny Rotten, if you prefer) assembled a much more satisfying and durable band that went by the name of Public Image, Ltd, or PiL, for short. In that band, Johnny recruited bassist, Jah Wobble (who went on to his own measure of success with his Invaders Of The Heart band afterwards), guitarist, Keith Levene, and drummer, Jim Walker. PiL’s first album out the door was First Issue. Released in 1978, First Issue had strong fan acceptance in the UK. By the next album, Metal Box, which came uniquely packaged, even the US had a remote interest pushing that album into the charts in the Top200, still not a bad place to be.

Over time, PiL released ten albums, the last being the 2015 issue, What The World Needs Now… But their most influential and accepted issues were easily their first seven. From First Issue, to Album (1986), to 9 (1989), Public Image, Ltd held sway over the UK fans.

On October 28, Virgin UK will reissue Metal Box, and Album, in remastered and expanded sets that will include a wealth of bonus additions. From b-sides, unreleased mixes, BBC session tracks, demos, outtakes, and live performance tracks, both titles will be welcomed with more material to fully realize their 30th Anniversaries.

Both titles will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP sets.

Metal Box – Public Image, Ltd (PiL)

PiL Metal Box

CD1 (Remastered original album)
01. Albatross
02. Memories
03. Swan Lake (Death Disco)
04. Poptones
05. Careering
06. No Birds Do Sing
07. Graveyard
08. The Suit
09. Bad Baby
10. Socialist
11. Chant
12. Radio 4

CD2 (B-sides, Mixes, Radio Sessions)
01. Death Disco (7” edit)
02. Death Disco 12”
03. Half Mix / Megga Mix (b-side)
04. Death Disco – BBC TV, Top of the Pops July 12.7.72
05. Memories 12”
06. Another (b-side)
07. Poptones – BBCRadio 1, John Peel Sessions 1979
08. Careering – BBC Radio 1, John Peel Sessions 1979
09. Chant – BBC Radio 1, John Peel Sessions 1979
10. Poptones – BBC TV, Old Grey Whistle Test 5/2/80 (audio)
11. Careering – BBC TV, Old Grey Whistle Test 5/2/80 (audio)
12. Pied Piper (rare compilation-only track)

CD3 (Unreleased Mixes)
01. Poptones (version 3) (unreleased)
02. Swan Lake (monitor mix)
03. Albatross (monitor mix) (alternative mix)
04. Swan Lake (“master”) (alternative mix) (unreleased)
05. Unknown INST Jam 1 (“Chant”) (unreleased)
06. Unknown Jam 2 (“Megachant”) (unreleased)
07. Music from an Oven (aka Memories) (unreleased)
08. Radio 4 (“symphony suite”) (unreleased)
09. Home is Where The Heart is (original mix) (unreleased)
10. Unknown INST 2 (unreleased)

CD4 (Live at Manchester, Russell’s Club (The Factory) 18/6/79 – unreleased)
01. Chant
02. Swan Lake (aka Death Disco)
03. Memories
04. Public Image
05. Annalisa
06. No Birds Do Sing

Album – Public Image, Ltd (PiL)

PiL - Album

CD1 (Remastered Original Album)
01. FFF
02. Rise
03. Fishing
04. Round
05. Bags
06. Home
07. Ease

CD2 (Live at Brixton Academy 27.5.86 – unreleased)
01. Kashmir
02. FFF
03. Low Life
04. Fishing
05. Poptones
06. Pretty Vacant
07. Banging the Door
08. Flowers of Romance
09. Bags
10. Round
11. Home
12. Public Image
13. Rise
14. Annalisa

CD3: (Mixes, Outtakes)
01. Things in E (aka Ease) (alternative Laswell mix) (1986) (unreleased)
02. Rise (7” edit)
03. Rise (instrumental)
04. Home (7” edit)
05. Rise (Bob Clearmountain remix)
06. Home – BBC TV, Old Grey Whistle Test 20/5/86 (audio)
07. Round – BBC TV, Old Grey Whistle Test 20/5/86 (audio)
Bonus Tracks
01. Time Zone – World Destruction (12”)
02. Time Zone – World Destruction (Industrial Remix)

CD4 (Original 1985 Album demos)
01. Animal (unreleased)
02. Black Rubber Bags (aka Bags) (unreleased)
03. European Cars (aka Round) (unreleased)
04. Fairwell Fairweather Friend (aka FFF) (unreleased)
05. Pearls Before Swine (aka Fishing) (unreleased)
06. Things in E (aka Ease) (instrumental) (unreleased)
07. Ben Hur (unreleased) (instrumental) (unreleased)
08. Cats (unreleased) (instrumental) (unreleased)
09. Have a Nice Day (unreleased) (instrumental) (unreleased)
10. Untitled 3 (unreleased) (instrumental) (unreleased)
11. Pearls Before Swine (aka Fishing) (alternate mix (incomplete) (unreleased)

For me, I will never forget the chaos that Johnny Lydon created on American Bandstand. He effectively pissed off Dick Clark, something that I didn;t think could possibly happen. But Johnny Lydon pulled it off effortlessly. Plus, I loved these albums!


TAPSheet: Release Notes – 10/07/2014 (US Report)

Cracker will release Berkeley To Bakersfield via Savoy Records, planned for December 9.

Frontiers Records will release a CD/DVD Deluxe Edition featuring YES, called Like It Is – YES At The Bristol Hippodrome. It’s planned for December 9.

Concord Jazz will release Live: Barefoot At The Symphony, featuring performances of Idina Menzel, who, many may know, sang the immensely popular “Let It Go” from Frozen (Disney). The CD/DVD combo set is scheduled for November 10.

Idina Menzel Live

Universal Music Latino will release a Jose Feliciano title, Lo Mejor De…, scheduling the album for November 4.

Geffen Records will release new The Tragically Hip music with Fully Completely, which is being scheduled for November 17 on CD, 2CD Deluxe Edition, and vinyl LP.

Interscope Records will release The Inevitable End, by Röyksopp, on 2CD, and 2LP sets, both planned for November 17.

Blackheart Records will reissue Bad Reputation (1980, 1981), Album (1983), and Glorious Results Of a Misspent Youth (1984) on vinyl LP. These three Joan Jett & The Blackhearts titles are slated for November 10.

Joan Jett Glorious Results Of A Misspent Youth

I certainly hope you caught yesterday’s announcement of the reissuing of Neil Diamond Columbia-era albums, planned for November 24. If not, read here.

Show Dog Universal Music will release 35mph by Toby Keith, on December 9.

Toby Keith 35 MPH

Atlantic Records will reissue  CD versions of old Genesis classics, Selling England By the Pound, Foxtrot, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (2CD), and Nursery Cryme, all of which are being scheduled for November 17. This is interesting to me considering that, as a youth, all of these titles were often found in the cut-out bin. No respect then!

XL Records will release a collection of Basement Jaxx songs, The Singles, on November 4.

Classic Music Vault will release a 3CD, 43-track collection featuring Michael Stanley, called Michael Stanley: The Solo Years 1995-2014, on November 4.

Michael Stanley The Solo Years 1995-2014

And finally, let me take this moment to say that we, as a collective bunch of fans, will miss Paul Revere (of Paul Revere & the Raiders fame), who passed away on Saturday, October 4, at the age of 76.

Paul Revere RIPPaul Revere