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Two Cocteau Twins Titles – Head Over Heels, Treasure – Remastered For Vinyl LP

When Cocteau Twins arrived in the Post-Punk New Wave trend back in the waning days of the ’70s, it was with an original form that, while attempted, even today, could never be fully and satisfyingly replicated. This is fine for hard-core Cocteau Twins fans who pine for the thrillingly ethereal vocals of Elizabeth Fraser, and the otherworldy guitars of Robin Guthrie, all rounded by, first Will Heggie (for Garland – 1982), then more fully by Simon Raymonde for the rest of the Cocteau Twins catalog. There are no disappointing Cocteau Twins releases. Not in my estimation, at least.

On March 16, the unique and expressive 4AD label will reissue two extraordinary CT titles on vinyl LP, both wih brand new remasters for better sonic purity. And for Cocteau Twins, that can only be appreciated and embraced.

The two CT albums being reissued on vinyl are Treasure (1984), and Head Over Heels (1983).  Both albums will be repressed on 180g-weigh black vinyl. Both will supply download DD codes. As a bonus, both titles will be made available as HD Audio DD for separate purchase.

You’re welcome CT fans.


All Nerve, The New Upcoming Album By The Breeders Classic Lineup

The historic label 4AD is often home to some of the most incredible music since the ’80s. Started in 1980, he label was soon home to Dead Can Dance, The Pixies, Red House Painters, Cocteau Twins, Modern English, Clan of Xymox, This Mortal Coil, and more memorable bands.

One of those memorable bands is The Breeders. The Breeders were formed in 1989 from parts of The Pixies, and Throwing Muses. Since 1990, The Breeders have released four classic albums beginning with Pod. Their slow release pattern simply highlighted their roots as music had to wait while the main bands thrived. Their next was released in 1993, Last Splash. There would be a long wait until their third album, Title TK, released in 2002. Now, eight years after the release of their last album, Mountain Battles, The band line-up features the Deal sisters (Kim and Kelley), with Josephine Wiggs, and Jim Macpherson, all who returns with a new album in hand.

On March 2, 4AD will release All Nerve. It will contain eleven new The Breeders tracks. The first single is “Wait In The Car”. If you’re fond of The Breeders, then you will immediately enjoy the infectious Pop/Punk of the classic sound. It brings you back, as it should!

All Nerve will arrive on CD, DD, and on 180g-weight black vinyl.

All NerveThe Breeders

01 – Nervous Mary
02 – Wait in the Car
03 – All Nerve
04 – MetaGoth
05 – Spacewoman
06 – Walking with a Killer
07 – Howl at the Summit
08 – Archangel’s Thunderbird
09 – Dawn: Making an Effort
10 – Skinhead #2
11 – Blues at the Acropolis

Last Three Remastered Dead Can Dance LPs Slated For March

Last year, 4AD reissued several Dead Can Dance (hereafter DCD) vinyl LP sets for the vinyl collector! The previous release schedules jumped over albums and periods of DCD in a jumbled way. And with the upcoming arrival of more titles on vinyl, the same is being done.

On March 17, 4AD and DCD will issue the remaining three titles that will include The Serpent’s Egg (1988), Aion (a personal favorite) (1990), and Spiritchaser (1996), their last of their first run before their reunion album, Anastasis (2012).  All titles are newly remastered!

Good news for a Friday, I’d say!

Enjoy your weekend!




Pixies’ Doolittle Classic Gets Stereo and Surround Mix On Blu-ray Audio Reissue

pixies-doolittle-bdaudioFans of Pixies, the Black Francis (Frank Black)-fronted band that ended its run in 1993 but eventually reformed, should be pleased with the music the original band left behind. One of those classics is 1989 4AD set, Doolittle. Doolittle is the band’s second album, and is considered one of the greatest albums of all time within the framework of Rock and Roll. It’s even included in the arguable Rolling Stone magazine list of 500 of Rock’s Greatest Albums.

It’s nice to discover that 4AD will reissue Doolittle as a Blu-ray Audio album, a move that will provide it with the best sound the album will boast of for some time (before newer technology performs better).

On December 16, 4AD will release the BD-Audio set of Doolittle that will provide not only the Mobile Fidelity-created Stereo mix, but also a new 5.1 Surround Sound 96kHz/24-bit remix.

Makes for a nice Christmas gift!


Two More Dead Can Dance Titles To Be Reissued On Vinyl LP in November

4AD reissued three classic Dead Can Dance albums on vinyl LP in July of this year. The promise was that the rest of the catalog would see a similar reissue over the course of a year’s time. Previously, Ideal and Spleen (1985), Dead Can Dance (1984), and Into the Labyrinth (1993) were the three initial vinyl offerings. Read our post on those here.

On November 11, 4AD will unleash two more DCD titles on limited edition vinyl LP, the live Toward The Within (1994), and studio set, Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun. Only the release date is known for these two (for now). When I get the LP information and artwork (other than the stock art included here), I’ll update this information. But you now know they’re coming.


DCD Toward The Within LP   DCD Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun

Dead Can Dance Titles Reissued On Vinyl Beginning In July

The unique and unusual duo of Dead Can Dance has created a strong and enduring body of work that started with their self-titled debut back in 1984, and terminated with their beautiful comeback set, Anastasis (2012). Before Anastasis was their last 4AD album, Spiritchaser, the album that we had all feared was their last. It was released as early as 1996, a full 17 years before their next (Anastasis). Dead Can Dance is comprised of Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard.

Much of Dead Can Dance albums were released in the post-LP world, when CDs were gaining in popularity.Whatever releases that were issued in vinyl have long gone out of print. Now that vinyl is becoming – once again – a medium of choice for many, we’re starting to see many old classics being remastered and reissued on heavy 180g vinyl (standard weight; some are as heavy as 200g). With that in mind, it’s great news to find that 4AD will revisit the extraordinary Dead Can Dance catalog of eight titles with a mind to reissue them in unique fashion.

On July 8, 4AD will reissue three of the eight titles. Those include:

Into The Labyrinth (1993)

DCD - Into The Labyrinth 2LP

This will be a 2LP set with an altered track listing, as well as new cover artwork.

Side A:
01 – Yulunga (Spirit Dance)
02 – The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
03 – The Wind That Shakes The Barley

Side B:
01 – The Carnival Is Over
02 – Ariadne
03 – Saldek
04 – Towards The Within

Side A:
01 – Tell Me about The Forest
02 – The Spider’s Stratagem
03 – Emmeleia
04 – How Fortunate The Man With None

Side B:
01 – Bird
02 – Spirit

Spleen And Ideal (1985)

DCD Spleen And Ideal LP

This 1LP title will be a repress of the original release.

Side A:
01 – De Profundis (Out Of The Depths Of Sorrow)
02 – Ascension
03 – Circumradiant Dawn
04 – The Cardinal Sin
05 – Mesmerism

Side B:
01 – Enigma Of The Absolute
02 – Advent
03 – Avatar
04 – Indoctrination (A Design For Living)

Dead Can Dance (1984)

DCD - Dead Can Dance

This 1LP title is a repress of the original release.

Side A:
01 – The Fatal Impact
02 – The Trial
03 – Frontier
04 – Fortune
05 – Ocean

Side B:
01 – East Of Eden
02 – Threshold
03 – A Passage In Time
04 – Wild In The Woods
05 – Musica Eternal

You can pre-order titles at this link. The rest will show up over the course of the year,


TAPSheet: Release Notes – 10/01/15

Beggars Banquet plan the reissue of three classic Gary Numan titles on vinyl LP which will include The Pleasure Principle (1979), Telekon (2LP, 1980), and Replicas (with Tubeway Army, 1979). These three vinyl reissues will be released on December 11.

Gary Numan The Pleasure Principle

Surfdog Records will reissue a yellow vinyl LP press for Everything You Need (2003) by Slightly Stoopid. It is scheduled for December 11.

Reprise Records will release a 2LP red, white, and black colored vinyl set for American Idiot (2004) by Green Day. It’s on the calendar for November 27.

Mute Records have Saturdays=Youth (2008) , and Digital Shades, Volume 1 (2007), by M83, on reissued CD, planned for November 20.

Provogue Records plan a CD and LP offering for a new Leslie West set, Soundcheck. Soundcheck is the newest album from the celebrated guitarist that will contain eleven tracks. Exciting is the fact that there are big contributors to this new West album that include Peter Frampton, Brian May, Bonnie Bramlett, and the late Jack Bruce. Soundcheck is scheduled for November 20.

Leslie West Soundcheck

Eagle Rock Entertainment will release a Blu-ray edition of A Night At The Odeon featuring Queen. This BD set goes to shelves on November 20.

Eagle Rock Entertainment also has several other good offerings that include 2CD/BD, and 2CD/DVD editions of Live In Hyde Park featuring The Who, and 2CD/BD and 2CD/DVD editions of From The Vault: Live At Leeds 1982 featuring The Rolling Stones, (see how they did that? Leeds a well known Who title now affixed to The Stones, and Hyde, once attached to The Stones, now a Who set). All sets are pegged for release on November 20.

UDR will release Guilty As Sin by Girlschool on CD and vinyl LP, both on November 13. Nice to hear these UK girls once again.

Girlschool Guilty As Sin

4AD Records will release the new album by Daughter. The new album, called Not To Disappear, is planned for January 15, 2016. The album is being preceded by a single, “Doing The Right Thing” (see video below). The new album will offer ten tracks!

Lava Music will release a new Trans-Siberian Orchestra album called Letters From The Labyrinth. This 14-track set is on the calendar for November 13.

Audio Fidelity will release a Christmas SACD classic, The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole. It is scheduled for release on November 13.

And finally, Legacy Recordings will release a 4CD, 97-track collection of newly remastered radio broadcast and rehearsal pieces featuring Frank Sinatra in a package called Frank Sinatra: A Voice On Air  1935-1955. It is expected on November 20.

FS, A Voice On Air


New Deerhunter Album, Fading Frontier, In October

Deerhunter - Fading FrontierDeerhunter, a band originating from Atlanta, GA (ahhh, that impressive Atlanta club), has been in existence for some some fifteen years (as long as TAP! MusicTAP also started in 2001.). After two albums previous albums, the band signed with 4AD, a label that is home to some of the great otherworldly bands like Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, Pixies, Red House Painters, and Throwing Muses (a short example list, believe me). With six full-length albums, two EPs, and a handful of singles, Deerhunter has kept the interest of fans since their emergence.

Their last album, Monomania, was released in mid-2013. It performed well in quite a few markets, gaining a high of 41 on Billboard 200 in the US market during its climb.

The new Deerhunter album is expected to release on October 16. The title is Fading Frontier. This new album will contain – refreshingly – nine tracks (see track-list below). To give description to the sound of Deerhunter, one could say that their affiliation to 4AD is a good indicator of their sound. If you’re a fan of 4AD bands, then this i all the description you need. Otherwise, expect a shoegaze sound, a light Pop/Rock sound that is pleasing to listen to. Deerhunter are also an experimentally cool band. You will hear plenty of influences in their music.

Check out the stylish new video for the single, “Snakeskin”:

Fading Frontier – Deerhunter

01 – All The Same
02 – Living My Life
03 – Breaker
04 – Duplex Planet
05 – Take Care
06 – Leather and Wood
07 – Snakeskin
08 – Ad Astra
09 – Carrion

TAPSheet: Release Notes – 07/28/2015

It’s been a while since I posted a TAPSheet, so it’s time:

Eagle Rock Entertainment will release three cool new titles that include The Unity Sessions by Pat Metheny; a Taste (Rory Gallagher) live set, What’s Going On Taste Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970; and a Jeff Lynne’s ELO release, Live In Hyde Park. These titles are being released in various formats. The Taste set will be released on CD, LP, DD, BD, and DVD, scheduled for September 18. The Pat Metheny set will be released on Blu-ray, also on September 18. The Jeff Lynne’s ELO title is planned for September 11 on Blu-ray, and DVD.

On CD, Eagle Rock will issue Live At Montreux 2011, An Invitation to Illumination. This album features the classic pairing of Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin. This album is planned for September 11.

Rhino will release a 4LP Box of The Replacements classics called The Twin/Tone Years. It’s scheduled for

Replacements The TwinTone Years

Green Hill Productions will release Native Dreams, a new album from David Arkenstone. It’s scheduled for September 11.

The Welk Music Group will release a new Jewel album, Picking Up the Pieces, on September 11.

4AD Records, the famed UK label, will release a 9LP Box featuring The National called A Lot Of Sorrow. This Limited Edition Box is pegged at 1500 sets only.

The National A Lot Of Sorrow 4AD 9LP Box

Dualtone Music will re-release History From Below (2010) by Delta Spirit on vinyl LP planning for September 18.

Capitol Records will release new music from Don Henley with Cass County, expected on September 25.

Don Henley Cass County

Spinefarm Records will release Long Live in both Explicit and Edited versions. The new live set from Atreyu is on the calendar for September 18.

Decca Records will release Another Country by Rod Stewart planned for October 23.

Columbia Records have Rattle That Lock by Pink Floyd alumni, David Gilmour, planned for September 18 in a number of varieties that include CD, 2CD, DD, LP, and expansive BD/CD and DVD/CD sets.

David Gilmour Rattle That Lock

On September 11, the cool folks over at Eagle Rock will release Live at Montreux 1997 featuring resurrected Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

Nusic Sounds plan an album featuring The 30th Anniversary Mixes of 19, by Paul Hardcastle.

Audio Fidelity will release a Multi-channel, and Stereo SACD of John McLaughlin and Mahavishnu Orchestra classic, Birds of Fire (1973). The reissue is planned for August 21.

Mahavishnu Orchestra Birds Of Fire

On September 18, Omnivore Records will release The Atco/Atlantic Singles 1968-1974 featuring the music of Max Rebennack, better known as Dr John. The new set will offer twenty-two tracks that include “Right Place Wrong Time”, “Iko Iko”,and “Such A Night”.

Track Listing – The Atco/Atlantic Singles 1968-1974 
01.The Patriotic Flag Waver
02.Mama Roux
03.Jump Steady
04.I Walk On Gilded Splinters
05.I Walk On Gilded Splinters
06.Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya
07.Loop Garoo
08.Wash Mama Wash
09.Iko Iko
10.Huey Smith Medley
11.Wang Dang Doodle
12.Big Chief
13.A Man Of Many Words
14.Right Place Wrong Time
15.I Been Hoodood
16.Such A Night
17.Cold Cold Cold
19.Let’s Make A Better World
20.Me – You = Loneliness
21.(Everybody Wanna Get Rich) Rite Away
22.Mos’ Scocious

Dr John Atco Atlantic Singles 1968-1974


TAPSheet: LP Release Notes – 06/05/2015

Another new edition of the upcoming vinyl that’s being prepped. And there are some great ones coming:

ORG Music will release London Collection, Volume One (1988) featuring Thelonius Monk on vinyl. This first installment (there are three volumes) has been remastered, and pressed on high-grade 180g-weight vinyl. It is expected on July 10.

Monk London collection

A&M Records will release Paradise Theater (1981), Pieces Of Eight (1978),and Equinox (1975), by Styx on vinyl LP on July 17.

Styx Paradise Theater

Friday Music will reissue a newly remastered 180g-weight pressing of Stand By Me, the VA period piece soundtrack to the magnificent coming of age film by Rob Reiner. It is scheduled for July 10.

Stand By Me LP

Scheduled for July 31, Reprise Records have the 2LP, 180g vinyl of Forever Man, which features 19 tracks over four sides by Eric Clapton The CD versions were issued on April 28.Side A Side B

Side A – LP 1
01 Gotta Get Over
02 I’ve Got A Rock ‘N’ Roll Heart
03 Anyway The Wind Blows – By J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton
04 My Father’s Eyes
05 Motherless Child

Side B – LP1
01 Pretending
02 Little Queen Of Spades
03 Bad Love
04 Behind The Mask

Side A – LP2
01 Tears In Heaven
02 Change The World
03 Call Me The Breeze
04 Forever Man
05 Riding With The King – By Eric Clapton & B.B. King

Side B – LP2:
01 It’s In The Way That You Use It
02 Circus
03 Got You On My Mind
04 Travelin’ Alone
05 Revolution

Clapton Forever Man

Rhino Records will release Live + by Jeff Beck in a 2LP, 180g Edition planned for July 31.

Chapter Music will release vinyl for How Far Will You Go?: The S&M Recordings 1973-81 by Smokey. It’s planned for June 23.

Rounder Records will release a 2LP, 16 performance track live set for Gregg Allman called Live: Back To Macon, GA January 14, 2014. It is set for release on August 7 (same date as CD issue).

Gregg Allman Live

Lost Highway will reissue the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack on a Limited Edition 2LP Picture disc set. It’s scheduled for June 23.

O Brother Where Art Thou LP   Picture Front


Picture 1  Picture 3

4AD plan to separately release four of the classic Red House Painters albums including one that will incorporate an EP. The titles include Down Colorful Hill (1992), Red House Painters (Roller Coaster) (1993), Red House Painters (Bridge) (1993), and Ocean Beach (1995). Ocean Beach will be reformatted to be a 2LP set that will include the band’s 4-track Shock Me EP from 1994). All LPs are planned for August 14.

Red House Painters Down Colorful Hill LP

Modern Classics will reissue the 1989 classic The Stone Roses album in remastered form. The reissue will be issued on 2LPs and will be pressed in lemon yellow 180g-weight vinyl. It’s on the calendar for June 16.

The Stone Roses

Rhino Records will have a vinyl LP reissue of Fontanelle, the 1992 album by Babes In Toyland, planned for August 14.

BAbes In Toyland fontanelle

ATO Records will release Live At Red Rocks With The Colorado Symphony featuring Amos Lee from his 2014 set at the famed amphitheater. This album is scheduled for release on July 24.

Slash Live at The Roxy 09.25.14 (featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators) will be released in a 3LP Limited Edition set on June 30 via Armoury Records.

Slash Roxy

Legacy Recordings will release a 6LP Box collecting the catalog output in vinyl form for Simon & Garfunkel. The Box, The Complete Columbia Album Collection, is scheduled for July 24. The original collection was released on CD form back in November of 2014.

Simon And Garfunkel Complete Album Collection

Real Gone Music will reissue the 1973 classic, The Adventures Of Panama Red from New Riders Of The Purple Sage, on vinyl LP planned for July 10. This album will be pressed on purple vinyl and be limited to only 1000 copies. The artwork, including the lyric sheet, will be just as the original was released.


The newly remastered Amused To Death by Roger Waters will be available on picture disc vinyl 2LP on July 24.

Roger Waters Amused To Death LP